J. Tillman

As a member of harmonizing-heavy 2008 indie-folk mega-smash Fleet Foxes, fuzzy-faced drummer J. Tillman seemingly had quite a lot to do with setting in motion indie rock's current well-documented predilection toward beards. And everyone was all "WTF" when he dropped a solo album, precisely the sort of moody and sometimes-depressed singer-songwriter deal that probably all too often results from trying to be creative under the gloomy grey skies of the Pacific Northwest. Thing is, it's his eighth – he's been at it for years, since even before the Foxes, spurred on in the earliest days by fellow Seattle folk singer and 2006 flavor-du-jour Damien Jurado. This should probably end with a Nick Drake comparison or something, but that's mostly a foregone conclusion these days.

J. Tillman - Though I Have Wronged You

Pearly Gate opens, by which we mean that there's a band by that name performing, and certainly not that your entrance to heaven is assured.

Check out Stephanie Garcia's interview with Tillman and Tillman's subsequent response


Ha! Man, three days earlier and that might well have won you some free tickets to the show. Hope you enjoy it anyway, though.

I think it will take more that Ben and Jerries to ruin you!

J's beard is sublime, birds could live there.
His music is transcendent, hearts could live there.