Snap: Find Morgan

news-findmorgan-pizza This is what's arriving with pizza orders these days as Charlottesville businesses do what they can to find Morgan Dana Harrington, the 20-year-old who disappeared from the October 17 Metallica concert. The latest on the search.


Not only pizza boxes--these posters are everywhere you look.

I am just wondering, it seems that they are highly focused on the area where she they think she is still in the area? I know no leaf can go unturned but maybe the LE know more??? If she were to run away or if she was abducted...wouldn't she be far away as possible?? I am in indiana and I have been following since it made news but would like to see more coverage nationally! Prayers to the Harrington family and hope she is found alive and well... soon!

My dear freind drove me to Charlottesville, Va. to put my gift/ability to consult on the Morgan Harrington disappearance. I am a working psychic for 35+ yrs. who worked on other cases. My input was positive to find the lost and a crime victim. I met briefly Dr. Harrington, who looked ashen and ill, like a feather could blow him away. I am concerned he might have a stroke from the stress. Who would believe his beautiful daughter would go missing from a concert outing? In such a nice city such things are shocking. Lost is the feeling of safety for all.
There are thousans missing in the US who never surface again. They don't have the resources or community power to organize 1,660 volunteers to search. Remember them, and be aware of your surrounding.
The hope is this family will have their beloved daughter returned to them. God bles all who gave time for Morgan. She is everybodys' daughter. May God grant serenity to her family.
My 4 pages of notes given to Laura Recovery rep to be reviewed by police/family. It remains to be seen what is validated. I will be available to assist on this case until Morgan is found.

My husband was on the search team yesterday that was below the bridge where she was last seen. They were told it had been searched twice before, but was so dense with brambles that it was not adequately covered. They continued the search all along the railroad tracks in that area and every inch was searched. At one point he popped his head up at the bridge, around 1pm, and there were the Harringtons with 5 friends laying a wreath on the bridge.

please change rule about letting people back into jpj!!!!!!!!

I was on the search team Saturday morning. My mind was into the search but my heart was with Morgan's Mother & Father. I helped search an area to which I felt was a waste of my time, I wanted to be searching closer where she was last seen but I understand why we were there. I PRAY and HOPE that wherever she is that she will be returned or found safely.If the PERSON or PERSON'S who know something read this,PLEASE understand what HER PARENTS ARE GOING THROUGH AND HAVE A HEART.

While all the concerntration is focased on this one case,,please America dont forget about the rest of the victims out there that are missing and have been missing alot longer than Morgan Harrington and have families out there desperate for news of their disapearence and where abouts.Alot of these missing persons are small vunerable tiny children that dident have a choice in their destiny unlike Morgan who is an adult and capable of making decisions and choices which she decided to make that night that has now resulted in her now becoming a missing persons statistic..

If you are alive Morgan which i pray you are and that you just decided to leave on your on accord...Then please think of the people you love most in this world and make contact with them because your family are going through hell and back and they do not deserve to be suffering in silence.
If you are alive and not restrained then for gods sake pick up a phone and call them.They will not be angry but relieved because they love you with all their heart and soul and what they want more than anything in the world right now is confirmation their beautiful baby girl is alive and well.All you have to do is call them,thats it,no pressure to come back just a phone.
No bodys going to be angry with you,,nobody..we all know what its like to be young and do things in the heat of the moment.I ran away three times at fifteen and looking back i cant believe what i put my family through but at the time i had my reasons just like you have if this turns out to be the case which i pray it is.