Jefferson Theater to open November 27

The Jefferson Theater, the historic downtown theater sold by Hook editor and former owner Hawes Spencer to local music magnate Coran Capshaw in 2006, has announced a re-opening date of November 27, closely following the abrupt closing of IS Venue at the end of September, the strong simultaneous opening of the Southern, and the imperiled-Outback rumblings of the week, as well the somewhat more distant closings of other beloved music venues like Starr Hill, Gravity Lounge, and the Satellite Ballroom.

Since the theater changed hands in April '06, it has undergone drastic and much-needed renovations–- bars, bathrooms, balconies–- and work is expected to continue after the opening on the basement and second balcony.

Nonetheless, Capshaw's events company Starr Hill Presents has already booked a strong opening schedule, clearly anchored by the December 12 performance by funky soul diva Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings and the undoubtedly epic New Year's Eve ruckus provided by gypsy-punk lunatics Gogol Bordello.

Tickets to the following go on sale at 10am this Friday. Check out all the details in our music calendar, and be sure to buy as many Bordello tickets as you can.


I think the downstairs does not have seats, like the National in Richmond or the State in Falls Church--with the balcony retaining the seating--though I have not seen it yet.

I may have to come back to Charlottesville to see Tea Leaf Green... that will be a great show!

I would expect that we will start to get some of the same types of bands that roll through the National in Richmond or the Norva or some weekday gigs of bands playing the 9:30 as well as a steady diet of RLM bands and bands that have a history of playing here. I bet we'll see They Might Be Giants, Sam Bush, GWAR, Badfish(that would be an interesting single bill) and many, many more I am leaving out.

Nice to have the Jefferson and the Southern open or opening--will fill for the loss of the Outback Lodge as a music venue and much more. Speaking of the National--they got Snoop Dogg earlier in the year and either had or have coming Lady Gaga(among many others)--alot of variety there and a beautiful venue for those who haven't been.

Welcome back. When do the good bands start playing there?

Agreed. This place will only improve the music selection currently available.

What's the capacity going to be?

They're not bad bands - it's exactly what I expected. Starr Hill 3.0. I'm glad they got Jason Isbell back to town and I can't wait to hear Decoration Day and The Day John Henry Died if he's still playing DBT songs.

Jim: 750

I think they kept the balcony--so even a 400 person show will seem full if they close off the balcony--guessing a little on that.

Are there going to be seats downstairs or standing? Nobody wants to sit during N. Mississippi Allstars!!

The village needs more slightly below mediocre music (and more cowbell). Glad to have it back.

It sounds like it's not going to show movies anymore?

I think it is a pretty good start--SJ and the Dap Kings are a 3 hour dance party--Gogol Bordello is always fun., Jason Isbell will get a crowd, Tea Leaf Green are fantastic--best guitar player under 40 alive for my money in Josh Clark and great songwriting--and the North Mississippi All-Stars are top notch. Also a decent amount of variety--Toubab Krewe aren't my cup of tea always--but they have a following and are great at what they do.

I am sure they will fill in more--but I like the variety so far.

"ââ?¬â??best guitar player under 40 alive for my money in Josh Clark"

you misspelled "Sam Wilson"

SOB fan: best comment of the day, at least so far...

No misspelling--and certainly no hating to be done on Wilson or SOB--love them and what a great way to open the venue.

I REALLY like Clark. You can listen to whole shows of TLG on the archive and it is great to hear how he pays homage to Zappa, Jeff Beck, and more and makes them his own. He has been touring with TLG for a decade--so they have a pretty tight thing going.

So-- I'll keep my money on Clark--but it is great to get recognition out for young guitar players. Start making a list and let's get 'em all here!

gogol bordello is the show to see and the place to be nye. we are fortunate to have them back for the third time.

Sam Wilson? please. Fifth best guitarist in charlottesville under age 40, maybe. no great shakes.