Trees On Fire

Jammy local rock quintet with various unexpected influences for your ears, prevailing eco-consciences for your heart, and music degrees all around for your head. They'll be playing with a string section – appropriately grandiose for the Jeff's maiden voyage, no doubt – as well as debuting new songs from a new LP they're aiming to release in early 2010.

Trees On Fire - In The Middle [via WXJM Live!]

Space-obsessed local indie rockers Astronomers open, still riding high from the recent release of their debut EP, and if that's still not enough for you, you'd better show up to catch guitar wizard Brian Chenault's guest spot with Lance Brenner's organic ambient goo-rock band Thrum; each says he's more excited about it than the other.

Astronomers - Or Maybe It's Nothing
Astronomers - Perpetual Emotion
Astronomers - Stratagem
Astronomers - The Singularity
Astronomers - Shoes
Astronomers - My Hologram
Astronomers - Fermata

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Also, Thrum's debut Orsus is finally available. Stream it all you want beforehand, then name your own price for the downloads in your choice of audio formats, albeit with a $5 minimum.