Snap: Who is calling?

news-snap-phones Rugby Road pedestrians walking above Mad Bowl in the heart of the University of Virginia's fraternity and sorority zone find out who is calling shortly after noon on Monday, November 9. (As tomorrow's Hook cover story may show, this terrain was less welcoming at 2:26am on August 7.)

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Who is calling ?--this is a tough one, but don't think it was their parents.

So now the secret is out--what a fabulous story and how ridiculous to think that it is a good idea, under any circumstance, to go 80mph down this road--I don't care what month it is or time of day. Can you imagine the fall-out if the officer had killed a pedestrian or other motorist, and he is just lucky he didn't. Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of our officials. Why would they allow this policy to persist ? After this story came out they should immediately have changed the policy to prohibit this type of police behavior. Who is protecting the citizens of Charlottesville and anyone visiting our city for that matter ?