Hitchhiking: Missing Morgan Harrington sought a ride

news-findmorgan-bridge-memorial-insetMorganMorgan Harrington is a 20-year-old junior majoring in education at Virginia Tech. FILE PHOTO BY HAWES SPENCER

The young woman who disappeared after leaving a Metallica concert on October 17, was last seen seeking a ride on the Copeley Road bridge, according to Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller, who also released an image of a necklace Morgan Harrington was wearing the night she disappeared.

"We now can confirm that she was hitchhiking," says Geller, noting that Harrington, who had been stuck outside the John Paul Jones Arena after she was denied reentry and had told friends by cellphone that she'd find her own way home, was allegedly seen by multiple witnesses on both sides of the bridge.

In a massive three-day search last weekend, approximately 1,600 volunteers scoured woods, roads, and fields in a radius around the bridge searching for clues. Despite locating numerous articles of clothing and other artifacts, police determined nothing found was related to the disappearance.

news-findmorgan-necklacePolice released this image of a necklace similar to the one Morgan Harrington was wearing. PHOTO COURTESY VIRGINIA STATE POLICE

Geller says police also want to hear from anyone who may have allowed a young woman to borrow their cell phone to make a call the night of the concert.

"We don't have any evidence she made other calls," Geller says, "but we'd like to know."

Harrington's purse and battery-less cell phone were found Sunday morning, October 18 in the Lannigan Field overflow parking lot, also known as the RV Lot, which is used by athletes when large events are held in the Arena.

According to several sources, members of UVA's men's basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the grassy, tree-shrouded parking area. Emails sent to numerous team members were forwarded to UVA spokesperson Carol Wood, who directed the inquiry to State Police, but Geller declines comment on the identity of any witnesses.

"We leave it to them whether they want to speak publicly," she says.

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Does anyone think she may have intentionally disappeared? I just find it odd that you'd leave your friends, phone, purse and car behind. I don't think other than having seen her that the UVA basketball team plays into this. Plus, you also have that lady who says she's near positive she saw Morgan at the Sheetz in Orange the next morning. She was in the same clothes and appeared to be okay. This lady sounds quite credible and has also contacted authorities. Anyway, it's a really strange case. Whatever took place, I do hope she is alive. If she is, she needs to step forward and let her loved ones know she's okay.

Belle - that's what I want to know, especially since this is the same LE agency that "confirmed" the group drove Morgan's car to the area. And that was wrong.

Was Morgan seen talking with the B-ball players before or after she was seen on the bridge?

This whole case makes little sense. Any reasonable person would have gotten the keys to the car and sat and waited for their friends. Angry and upset, probably. But still they'd have sat and waited.

I strongly believe Morgan may have been lured away by someone who promised her entry into the arena or a warm, safe place to wait for her friends. I believe she may have dropped her purse and cell phone in a struggle, or purposefully as a clue she was in trouble.

Whats so shocking that she would hitch hike when her car was near by? This is UVA there kids stay drunk 24/7. UVA is a party school thats all they freaking do.

I just want to take the time to say "thank you" to The Hook, for being the only news media in the Charlottesville area that seems to actually be seriously pursuing this case. The Daily Progress' lack of coverage of this case is embarrassing. The Progress should be the media entity taking the lead in reporting this case (you remember actual reporting, right guys?: e.g. asking tough, pointed questions of LE, etc.) Instead....nothing.
I agree that this story gets stranger by the day. I think LE should just dump all, or most, of the facts they have out to the public. After a month, I think it's time to try anything and everything.
Hopefully it's not too late for Morgan to come home safely.

I just want to remind people that conjecture about a specific group of people when there is no information suggesting they were anything other than potential witnesses may lead to deletion of comments.

Thanks for keeping it on subject.

Courteney Stuart


haha jumped a train ... are you kidding me?
you've seriously lost your mind

Hitchhiking on the bridge???

I think UVA should be sued for not having a full time troll there to protect potential hitchikers from danger.

They need to change their policies right away. No one should ever have to hitchike on a bridge without an armed guard present.

You people who are jumping to conclusions about the basketball players are NUTS! And beyond rude to speculate they way you are.

Any real fan would realize that these young men have a very legitimate reason for being in the area. During concerts, athletes have to park in the RV lot, U-Hall is their practice facility. Makes sense that they would have been in the lot. Very easy to confirm, was there a practice session scheduled for that night or were the facilities open for use of exercise equipment, etc.? I do agree though, not a distraction that needs to be added with the season just getting ready to start. I would hope that like all concerned for Morgan and what might have happened to her, they have welcomed any questions in order to help with the investigation. Someone asked why they didn't offer her a ride. It's not like she was asking for a ride across town, she was asking for a ride at least 1-1/2 to 2 hours away depending on whether she wanted to return home or to where her car has been reported to have been left at JMU. That's why it seems so odd to many that she would have thought she could just get a ride to either Harrisonburg (JMU) or Blacksburg/Roanoke (VT.)

BelleBoyd, suppose some guy gave his girlfriend a necklace like this one a few weeks ago. And suppose he had been to the Metallica concert?

Good chance the girl might call the State Police. You think this girl would be dumb enough to stay with the boyfriend after Morgan disappeared and she ended up wearing Morgan's necklace?

Or suppose some girl has gone to work and shown off the new necklace (like above) that her boyfriend had given her a few weeks ago. I would hope the fellow employees would call the State Police. They don't have to leave their names when doing so.

-They wait to release details on hitchhiking so as not to discourage community search efforts(which are less about evidence gathering than awareness and community involvement). If people knew she was hitchhiking, LE knows there would be little chance of evidence being found near JPJ and some may see that as how she disappeared--the result of one final bad judgement.

-The Sheetz sighting does not seem credible--uncorroborated eyewitness accounts are notoriously difficult to confirm.

-Intoxication is suggested by multiple factors--any one of which doesn't lead there, but together they do. Injury inside arena, accidentally leaving the arena(I have NEVER heard of that), claiming to get a ride home with her car there, her friends hiding from media to avoid the issue, lost purse, hitchhiking(the piece that convinced me). A very intoxicated person, angry and frustrated at her situation, could just say heck with it(I would use a different term) and start hitchhiking. Her state of mind is relevant only to possible scenarios surrounding how this happened to her.

-I am increasingly thinking someone may have picked her up hitchhiking and there may have been an accidental overdose or alcohol poisoning after some more partying. It seems less likely(but entirely possible) that someone could have been trawling for a victim in that area, at that time. Not enough information to really form a solid opinion on it--just speculation.

-If she really hitchhiked--this may be all we ever know--she could be anywhere.

Lannie , JPJA has a seating capacity of 16,000 alone ,I believe the est. alone for concert goers was 14,900 something this does not include the arena support personnel and those traveling with the bands . Now add the general area populations alone and Morgan was in the company of no less than 20,000 people on a Sat night on UVA campus and JPJA . I feel that is a fair assumption . Now the conspiracy starts in my opinion with the "friends" !

Let's not forget that people whom had footage from that evening that were inclined to turn it over , turned it over to investigators . Can we wonder if the information was handed to a fox guarding the hen house ?

I can most certainly say with confidence that UVA , JPJA and those affiliated from day one started damage control as I would expect from any large business. Just like those in charge of this investigation . ONLY AFTER information broke online did the VASP then come up with this absurd idea Morgan was hitch hiking .


It seems highly unlikely to me that Morgan would ever have been alone on that bridge, and is more likely that her departure from the area happened where her purse was found.

IMO the 'hitchhiking' idea could be to remove the idea of her from the area. I hope. Because, again, where would she tell the driver she was headed? Through the mts. to outside Roanoke? I guess other VT students could have been at the concert...but they would still be at the concert, likely not passing by on the bridge. It could be she realized she was too drunk to drive or to find her car; could be she lost her purse in the field and then thought well, there go my keys. But I'm hoping she didn't really hitchhike because of the vast forest land and fields and streams and all the geographic nooks and crannies around.
There was certainly a lot more info found out (albeit so strange and horrible) on the heavy metal goth young people in the Farmville case.

I thought her father had clarified the issue of her car, that it was at JMU and not in the arena parking lot. Didn't he also say that one of her friends brought the car back to Roanoke/Blacksburg?

I think it is time for the Hook to publish an update article with facts and a timeline and dispell all the inaccuracies about the car and whether or not she was intoxicated or usng drugs. Whether she had had an argument with the friends, how many times she called from outside the arena, how many times she tried to get back in etc. The sheetz tape etc.

That would make all of this speculation on here .. some of which is a little crazy be put into proper context.

Oh, and I forgot to add, the Virginia State Police would have to be involved in any cover up. By comments posted here, we're getting a prime example of why so many today would rather keep their mouths shut when something like this happens and not become "involved."

I wonder why none of the authorities have mentioned looking at ATM video footage from the banks located on the corner of Ivy and Copeley Rds. Also, why didn't the State Police call the railroad and get the train schedule to see if a train travelled through there after that time. The reason I know they didn't is because I contacted the railroad for the schedule, and was informed by them that they hadn't been contacted, and had them contact the SP if there was a train passing through. I can understand that they(SP) didn't want to treat this as an endangered missing as she is over 18 but her stabile history should have proved otherwise.

And, let’s see”Š..how many WISD do you think there are? Come on”Š.

I'm using my psychic gifts now - I see "Wax"-something. Something to do with a metro area. Maybe even a Metroplex. I'm seeing teenagers - maybe around 15 years old. September might be your birth month. I see a 5 in the year. I see some form of cancer in your past.

Per the recommendation of some of my friends on the PD, (those who've been keeping up on this blog) I am posting again. They pointed out something to me, that was very careless, thoughtless, and down right vindictive.
I would like to say that you crossed the line with your comments this time. Those of you who thrive on putting me down for my original post, go ahead. But YOU took it to a completely different level when you referenced, on a blog that is about a missing girl, the area in which I live and the sex and age group of my children......for every mad, psychopathic, pedophile to read. As it was also pointed out to me, but I already knew- Revenge is a very powerful motivator - Especially against anyone in LE or that industry, period. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when you start outting personal information regarding someones home and family members, especially minor children- you’ve gone to far.
If any harm comes to my children, in any way, I can promise one thing, I won’t need psychic abilities to track the source- I am also reporting abuse of the site to the Admin. Whether you are removed or not it is up to them- You turned this site into a battle ground because you didn’t believe in something. I don’t believe in many things, but I don’t put people down whose opinion differs from mine. That’s the difference in maturity and immaturity. Don’t reference me, or my family again in your postings.

cat, these are comments about a story in the hook. some high security guard in texas is claiming to be a psychic and promoting her abilities. apparently she views this tragedy as an opportunity for her to be better known.

you shouldn't expect more on an open internet message board, frankly.

What happened here? Isnt this supposed to be about finding Morgan? Why is eveyone fighting and posting their bios? And their complete names????? What good does this do to the investigation. Please if you can refrain for hissy fits, it would be appreciated. I am in another stae and was looking to this site for information. If you have info fine, even if you have opinions fine, but this is just not helpful!!!

But YOU took it to a completely different level when you referenced, on a blog that is about a missing girl, the area in which I live and the sex and age group of my children”Š”Šfor every mad, psychopathic, pedophile to read.

This from an "Officer" who posted both her name and a photo of herself at her school and also said that she had three children.

I don't see any point in a long post to answer your comment. The information that she fell and could not communicate when she stood is in the first post on her family site forum. That person reported the observation to the police. The police only confirmed a facial injury consistent with a fall. But you point out, as have others, the police release only part of the information they receive.

If you want the information I amassed you should have set a Google Alert for "Morgan Harrington" early on in the series of events.I have Google Alerts worded so that I can begin following any 'student disappearance' within a few hours of the original story posting on the Internet.

Another witness claimed she dropped the purse several times. But the conclusion that it was abandoned is from the knowledge that she was ALONE. No one took it from her. That would have been seen and reported by those in the parking lot.

People who have these mental breaks appear normal to outsiders. Except for the brief period around the sudden onset they would not be different from anyone else you see. The crying episode is another mark of this event. It was the first indicator for Maura Murray, UMass Amherst. She is still missing.

Quit being such a Tucker.

joining the chorus . . . something ain't right here. don't know if it was Morgan's mental state at the time or unreliable witnesses. of all the places to be trying to snag a ride, that bridge seems like the most unlikely in that area. can't believe the traffic was that heavy 9:20ish. would have made more sense to head down the bridge to the busier intersection or go back to the arena.

Hopefully the pawn shops were aware of this necklace before the "public" was.

It would appear that the necklace being shown is new, tags still attached. Is it possible that authorities have just gotten their hands on a duplicate? Brings into question again, why no pictures of Morgan and her friends at the concert? Had there been pictures of this necklace,it could been out there in front of the public weeks ago. Or, is it possible authorities have been monitoring local and surrounding pawn shops hoping it would show up? Since it hasn't, could be they decided to bring it forward in the hope of generating other clues.

Amazing, after a month we hear details that should have been released weeks ago . The Harrington's have got to scream foul, the concerned public has been doing this for weeks .

Below are my thoughts of how I would handle public relations for UVA , JPJA .

If I were the UVA police , JPJA ,or UVA considering the entangled affiliation I too would wait until a month later to "confirm" Morgan was hitchhiking on the Copeley Road bridge . Throw in the allegations some members of the UVA Basketball team were the last to have contact with Morgan ,Absolutely , Morgan can now be "confirmed" of last being seen hitchhiking on the Copeley Road bridge . Just for the record please note Morgan was not on UVA property nor does she show up on the state of the art post 9/11 surveillance system or the many of thousands of camera phones and camera's that accompanied up to 20,000 people in the general area . Please also note JPJA has a no re-admitance policy that looks good on paper but is NOT always followed but since Morgan was last seen off of UVA property this should not come into play even if JPJA turned away an injured and possibly drugged/intoxicated /disoriented young girl and not to forget a paying customer into the cold dark of night to VANISH !

Yep that's what I would say - just saying :)


It's not that hard to hop a train in C-ville.

Now,do you have anything truly constructive to add?

Courteney, I hope that I did not post anything unacceptable.

quoting from the cav daily

Virginia men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett announced yesterday that forward Jamil Tucker will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the team’s games and practices. The news comes less than a week after sophomore center Assane Sene has been suspended for the first three games of the season for detrimental conduct.

bad timing or some connection?

Anybody else want to help me guess why the press release was done the way it was ?



Rob-Bad timing for these two men, yes given some people's propensity for jumping to conclusions. Coincidence, probably not. I say this, just like I am sure you did, from my complete lack of knowledge as to who the players were, and whether Ms. Harrington was seen interacting with them. The report here merely says the players, whoever they are, were among the last "to see" her in the RV lot.

I would think that specific details and image of the necklace were withheld to assist verifying possible sightings of Morgan Harrington by eyewitnesses. This distinctive necklace would lend credibility to eyewitness accounts who in addition to describing seeing a girl with long blond hair might also mention her wearing a conspicuous silver necklace, distinguishing the actual sightings from the false. This sounds like a helpful and strategic decision by LE. Releasing the image of the necklace prior to now would likely not be beneficial and perhaps even detrimental.

To only the truth: where do you get "this is going to lead to a girl who was not able to think right and make good choices (intoxicated or drugs). What right do you have to say that about Morgan. Were YOU there? Did you talk to her. No of course not. Until we know something it is not only unappropriate for you to comment like this--it comes across as both sanctimonous and mean-spirited. Lets stop blaming UVA players and yes, lets stop blaming Morgan. If you want to blame someone, blame whoever has her. Again the facts people are that a girl is missing. That is a fact.

Also, it is really not fair to put the players' names out there and imply a connection. As we have certainly seen, once you are in the public domain, absolutely anyone can make comments about you or your family--with no foundation. These players do not deserve that ---just like Morgan does not.

Re the vehicle, crozet, etc. I heard something in the early stages of all this that I didn't hear thereafter. It was a report on the news that Morgan's friends said they came out of the concert and were surprised to not find her anywhere and surprised that she had left them there as she was their ride. The reporter said the friends said, "She was our ride and she wouldn't haave done this to us." At that time it was reported the car was in the parking lot. It was also reported the purse was found in the parking lot...although, now it seems it was more specifically the overflow or RV parking lot.

Oh great, just what everyone wanted to hear - the U.Va. men's basketball team is involved.

Bill, why is that so creepy? Do you realize the volume of talk time and texting young kids do nowadays?

Looking at my daughter's cell phone right now from this past month, 1,543 minutes and 1,994 text messages.

I'm sorry, but it is unreasonable and ridiculous to assume Morgan had absolutely no reason to run from her life based on a few photos and an affectionate letter written to her father on a holiday. I am certainly not saying she did have a reason or suggesting that she did but to feel like you know how happy someone was with their life from this is what defies logic. Sure, she looks happy in the few photographs released and her letter appears content at all but this is hardly a foundation to make the assertion that she had no reason to run from her life.

I don't know...it is all baffling. I couldn't imagine in this day and time, that this young lady would have been hitchhiking. I also wonder why there is no image of her at the concert hall or surrounding areas. Her friends or someone have/has to know a little more than is being shared? Back to that woman at Sheetz. She did say she saw someone she felt almost certain was Morgan. She also stated that she contacted LE re said. They reviewed surveillance tape said they saw her getting into her whatever car and no Morgan. However, the woman said LE was not looking at correct tape. That that was not her or her car? Could LE have botched this whole thing from the get go? I guess like many, I'm just grasping at straws because I can't understand how noone could have not seen anything. Morgan appears to be lovely, had on a noticeable outfit and would have certainly stood out - especially hanging around alone.

well, I don't believe it. I think they are witholding this

Again- Rob, with his negative, condisending, know it all comments. I repeat on this board.....To each there own- Judge less be judged. At this point, I am over any comments you or anyone else have to say about me, or anyone else like me. (or even the theories written above) Again, What I do has to do with believing in something bigger than you or I. The same way many of us believe in God. Simple minds can often not grasp what they can not see, hear or feel, physically. I became an Officer for the same reasons, basically. Believing that I could help make a difference”Šand I know that I have or I wouldn’t continue. I honestly believe, what comes around, goes around”Š.Whether it be our action or our words. I know and believe in everything I say and do and hold very high moral standards. I hope that you can say the same. I have been extremely honest in each post, and very patient with the criticism. From what I can tell, most on here have stuck to giving advise and comments on they believe may have happened to Morgan, but after a review of your postings, you just seem to want comment or criticize. I can guarantee that the suspect in this case is keeping tabs also”Š..probably someone like you, criticizing me”Š.and that’s not a psychic statement,but a COP statement- Hummmmm”Š?

It does sound strange but it is first semester psychology, the physiology of human sight, subliminal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes.

Go to your school psyche department and have them explain it to you. Ask someone you trust.

Stephanie, someone calls you on some hokey psychic crap, so he's now a suspect?!?? Some "gift" you've got there! I really feel sorry for the police receptionists that have to play nice when they get nut jobs who "see" things on the line. Isn't there anything in Ovilla or maybe Waxahachie that needs your attention? I'm seeing daughters, young girls, I see a need for parenting, the rest is fuzzy, someone with the letter "e" in a name...wait, an "n" too....

Way to go cookieJar!

You stand out as a shining example of jack@ssery in the world.

Hats off to you.


IF we are to believe Morgan hitchhiked...why is this information being released so late in the game ?

Could it believe it was the players that lured an intoxicated Morgan OUTSIDE of the arena ? What's the best way to throw suspicion off of them ? "She was HITCHHIKING" ! Her car was there. Her brother was available to pick her up...yet she hitchhikes ?

Note to law enforcement: Stop treating the public like we're idiots...Morgan will not be found if you keep playing games....

WestBerkeley, I cannot believe you. It has been reported that this young woman was seen hitchiking, and the first thing you pick up on is that she might have talked to members of of the men’s basketball team in the parking lot.

Any real Hoo fan would prefer that members of any athletic team would not have to be involved as potential witnesses in a criminal investigation during the academic semester and basketball season.

Wow, Arianna, logic is not your strong suit. Why couldn't it simply have been that this young woman, whom I'm convinced was falling-down drunk (explains the minor cut and her leaving the arena despite being warned she wouldn't be readmitted), approached the basketball players, and they brushed her off? I mean a drunk girl who's a stranger can be quite a nuisance. Which is not to say that anything bad should have happened to her--it shouldn't have. Period. No matter what condition she was in. To make the mental leap, though, to the basketball players' having raped and murdered her is absurd.

My theory has long been that she was picked up by someone or jumped a train and ended up who knows where but far from C'ville. I think the police's releasing the photo of the necklace is probably to alert pawnbrokers, etc., in case someone comes in with her necklace.

I still hope she miraculously turns up alive and safe somewhere. I feel so awful for her parents. Not knowing must be tearing them up inside.

The necklace being shown is indeed a duplicate, presumably purchased with the intention of giving everyone an idea of what Morgan's necklace looked like. And this isn't entirely new info; the same picture was shown to the searchers last weekend. Why the police waited until now to release it to the media I don't know. I got the idea at the search last weekend that this wasn't an exact replica of Morgan's necklace, but the news release indicates that it is.

This article possibly contains a mis-quote from C. Geller.
I do not believe Morgan was hitch-hiking.

We need to listen to video of that press conference before making a judgement.


If you can believe that Morgan Harrington Was at JPJA both inside and outside of a state of the art facility that included 20,000+ people in the area with what 19,999 cell phone cameras, digital cameras, FRIENDS with phones cameras and a month later we haven't seen the first single frame of footage of MORGAN Harrington on any properly affiliated with UVA .........If you can believe that I can believe in a conspiracy .

Police in NC have clear surveillance photos of a 5 year old missing girl in under three days from a swanky motel 40 miles away from the abduction site . JPJA I remind you a 131 MILLION dollar facility doesn't have a snap shot of Morgan and Company ?



Ok, Say she was hitchhiking (which I don't buy), why on earth is LE releasing this information now? What good will this serve now when the perp could by anywhere by now. The only thing I can think is they may have felt that she wouldn't have received the attention if people thought she may have brought this on herself - which is odd thinking, but just the same, a possibility.

As far as the basketball players, I don't any of them came forward to say they spoke to her. If they are UVA BB players many people on campus probably know them and someone probably reported seeing them talking to a girl that looked like Morgan.

This entire investigation seems back ass to me. Is that how they do it in the south? I can only imagine how frustrated her family is and what they are going through.

I have not read... have any of her friends said whether or not she had been drinking or doing drugs, sober intoxicated and to what level?

For anyone to make the leap that would be required to think that the article is implicating some members of the basketball team in this girl's disappearance is astounding. As someone posted earlier, it is probable that members of the team were leaving either a practice or a film session at about the time this girl was making the terrible decision to hitchhike. For anyone to think that the team would gangrape this girl and then dispose of her body is simpleminded. Do those of you who make that assumption do so because most of the team members are black? have a hard time figuring out how anyone could come to that conclusion given the information that has been made public. Shameful.

If she was picked up hitchhiking--it increases the likelihood that we may never know the end of this story. There would be just too many possibilities to even begin to know where to look.

Alot of really unfortunate decisions leading to a tragic chain of events.

WestBerkeley, I cannot believe you. It has been reported that this young woman was seen hitchiking, and the first thing you pick up on is that she might have talked to members of of the men's basketball team in the parking lot. The good news here is that at least the authorities know the names of some who saw her, the bad news is that it has now been confirmed, she was in a very dangerous situation. Hitchiking is never safe. If Morgan was hitchiking on that bridge, she could have been picked up by anyone leaving the arena or just passing through, Copeley Road is a public road. She could have made it to Ivy Road/250W and been picked up by who knows what lunatic. Not only is 250 a major highway, but it connects easily with I64. From I64, it's an easy transition to I84. I hope (and am confident) EVERYONE she is known to have talked to that night has been thorougly questioned, beginning with the people who brought her to the concert and should have taken her home, and including all who had contact with her in the parking lot. If any of their answers cannot be verified, are inconsistent or evasive, then that person(s) should be considered a person of interest. If she was hitchiking and was abducted, the perpetrator could be anyone from anywhere, and heading anywhere that 250/64/81 and any number of backroads could have taken them.

You guys might want to read this article one more time! That overflow lot is a stones throw away from U Hall...where the team practices!

Bill, that's a rediculous thing to say!

wow - I wonder how much swarovski paid paid for that ad??

This keeps getting stranger and stranger. Exactly how intoxicated/angry/disoriented or whatever do you have to be to try to hitchhike somewhere when your car is a few hundred feet away. Wait around another hour or so and you go back with your friends.

I am not sure what to think--it makes me think that not only was she very intoxicated(I am not going to dance around it anymore--it is about the only thing that explains much of the behavior of Morgan and her friends that night) but also in some way possibly angry at her friends--which would explain why she might just walk away in anger rather than wait around for them. It is very sad and senseless.

Did this just come to light for the authorities, or are they letting information out in drips and drabs on purpose to keep coverage going? We are almost a month past when she was last seen--I am assuming that everything they want to make public has been made public by now.

Is this whole case getting weirder or what?

Gang raped by the basketball team is the most logical explanation??!?!?

Sometimes a lack of information, combined with time going by, can lead to frustration and a desire to come up with an answer---but let's try to get a little more information before making accusations of rape and murder regarding specific people. I understand it is a discussion board and speculation is the stock in trade--but the facts about the b-ball players contact are just coming out and nothing untoward has been even hinted at by authorities in regard to these folks should lead us to at least get a few more facts in before that kind of speculation is made.

My heart sank when I read this. I won't go so far as to say she was intoxicated, but why would she have made such a dangerous decision, whether or not it was her car, when her friends were close by and transporation was right there at the arena? I can't help but think that there is a lot more to the story than we know, beyond being denied readmittance to the arena.

Virginia sports has had a thugs-only clause in their recruiting plan for some years now. I bet the players are involved.

Finding her purse and battery - less cell phone - doesn't mean a thing.....in other words, it certainly doesn't mean that somebody removed the cell phone battery from Morgan's cell phone. A lot of girls I know carry extra cell phone batteries in their purse. Especially young girls. One battery won't last from sunrise to midnight, 1:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. the next morning.

Notwithstanding the above, finding the purse does mean something. And it's not good.

Tim - I think your comments are totally inappropriate. A lot of kids at every university/college and lots of high school kids drink. UVA is not unique, nor is VA Tech. Regardless of Morgan Harrington's condition that evening, nothing warrants what has happened to her.

Jane ,

The investigators followed up on the Sheetz sighting . Surveillance video was available with no one matching Morgan's description was seen in the footage . Ironically nobody matching the person making this claim was in the footage either . But if you want to really dig deep , go back to the article of the accounts you read at the Sheetz . Look very very very close at the women's wording about the sighting . Want my opinion ....ALL LIES :) ...another person looking for 15 min of fame .

Come on people, Morgan planned to go to this concert(right). Ok now listen. My thought is that she met someone on line, made plans to meet him.Lord knows how long she has been talking to this person on line, probably forever. She went to meet him, I know in the JPJA you can not make a mistake and go outside trying to go to the restroom. No way possible. Then she call her friends to tell them that she was going to find a ride home. NO WAY. I am from Charlottesville, me and a couple of friends can go to a local bar and one of us has to use the restroom, guess what all of us is going. Period. I think Morgan planned this whole thing. She wanted to get away from her parents because they were smothering her, no matter how good your life is your parents can give you the world, but thats only so they can think that they can control you. But the matter of the fact is I hope what I am saying is so much true, I want this child to be alive like everyone else do. SO MORGAN IF THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR PARENTS BECAUSE THEY DO LOVE YOU, STOP SENDING THEM TO A EARLY GRAVE.

A beautiful young lady is missing and her parents are beside themselves. I doubt they've slept or eaten since it was discovered she was missing; if we all use our energy to pray for her and her family, who knows what could come of it? I do know for sure that being mean-spirited won't cause anything but hurtful feelings, and we all know good, positive thoughts need to be sent to her parents and hopeful for Morgan's safe return. If any of you who are mean-spirited could possibly imagine it was your child missing, perhaps you can see there doesn't need to be any more hurt; there's all the hurt her parents could ever have right now. I feel so sad for them and can't imagine what life would be like if my son were to go missing. I sure wouldn't want to read people express things like they have been saying here, and other places. When Natalee Holloway went missing in Aruba, her parents were treated horribly and for what purpose, as well as nasty things were said about her? There are an awful lot of angry people who want to make others angry; however, each of us have control of ourselves and won't allow those people affect us. Pray for Morgan and her family and friends.

About the phone battery missing. I wonder where the 'pings' were coming from...if the police researched it? Since the phone wasn't hidden, apparently hiding the phone was not the issue. Was just having that extra battery an issue for a thief?
So I wonder about that 'first concert' thing. Her parents just said on Dr. Phil that they went to great lengths picking out all her clothing till it was agreed the outfit was perfect and just the right purse that could be worn as a back pack when dancing at the concert...the mom said they went to such special effort since this was her first concert.


Please take the time to look at Morgan's pictures , Listen to her family and most of all read Morgan's word's to her Father in this link.http://www.findmorgan.com/letter.pdf

Morgan Harrington had absolutely no reason to run from her life .

It defies LOGIC .


I still can't believe there are no securitiy films anywhere in the area that show Morgan at some point in time.

I don't get it. Where was she hitchhiking to? She's from Roanoke area, goes to school at Va. Tech and had no purse with her so I'm thinking no keys to anything. Her parents said this was her first concert.
If Morgan had been the driver and still had her purse and supposedly spoke with friends by phone when she coudn't get back in the Arena, why did she tell her friends she would get a ride home from friends around Charlottesville. Didn't she have her car or not?

Dakota-First a correction, the arena, I do not believe, holds anywhere close to 20,000 and it was not a sell out. The point I was making though was that even if there was a grand conspiracy to protect the arena by law enforcement, do you think that everyone in that arena would have been involved? Were you implying that every image of Morgan, from every security camera and every cell phone near her seating area has been erased. Or do you think there is a conspiracy to protect her friends or someone who saw her in the parking lot? I don't think any of us know what to think, but to start seeing a conspiracy involving 4 or 5 law enforcement agencies, and anyone who possibly caught a picture of Morgan is ridiculous.

Why is it so absurd that Morgan would be seen hitchhiking. It wouldn't have been a wise decision on her part, but she supposedly had already told her friends that she would get a ride home, even though transportation whether her car or not, was right in the parking lot. Just that seems to indicate she was either angry at them or so angry that she was going to miss the concert that she had no intention of sticking around. If she didn't want to wait for her friends, and didn't contact anyone she knew in Charlottesville for a ride, what were her other alternatives. She either had to find someone in the parking lots who was going to Tech, was willing to drive 2 hours, to JMU or VT, or she had to find someone at least going in that direction. I think we want to think that all of us are too smart to hitchhike, but we all know that's not true. Anyone, at any given time, is capable of making a very unsafe decision. Sadly, there are people in the world just waiting to take advantage of just such a situation.

Another thought. I understand that there are things that aren't being released to the public for many reasons. I do wonder though, have any of the people who came into contact with Morgan (or a Morgan look alike) in the parking lot said that she was trying to get a ride? If so, that would go a long way toward confirming that she was trying to hitch a ride.

The comment that this disappearance is getting stranger and stranger is correct. College student disappearances happen around the world. Unfortunately some turn out to be suicides with no previous warning of depression or other problems.

A clue to what is happening to produce the facts in cases like this lie in the very few students that recover and return in altered mental states. Ahmad Arain, UCLA, Matthew Wilson, Rice, and Hannah Upp, high school teacher grad student from New York, are examples. Upp was rescued while attempting suicide.

Dan Compton and Joseph Morse, Georgia Tech, are two suicide examples.

Forty years ago a group of designers and engineers found that normal features in the human physiology of sight could cause what it still believed to be a harmless temporary mental break. The cubicle was designed to deal with it. Today no one remembers why the cubicle was created.

Although a library carrel is full Cubicle Level Protection no school deliberately provides it in study areas or warns students.

The facts as reported show that Harrington began to have some type mental event when she fell inside the concert then could not communicate when she stood. Observers thought she was drunk or stoned.

Why was her purse left in the parking lot? Why was the battery removed from the cell phone? She had to do both. No one accosted her.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net is a seven year investigation of Subliminal Distracton and the problems it has caused. The Missing Students, Dissociative Fugue, and Mysterious Disappearances pages have other cases.

In reference to the above comment, no observers mentioned that she was intoxicated. This is pure speculation that some are assuming to be fact. I have been hearing that the UVA basketball players (who were the last ones to see her) were totally wasted out of their minds.

Emerald- First, I am not a detective, but I am an Officer for the School District. I work full time and then have 3 children at home, therefore not a lot of time to watch detective shows. That being said, I hope that I am wrong also- And I have no desire ââ?¬Å?to prove” my ability- my only argument has been that I didn’t want to be put down or ridiculed for only trying to help. Don't put down what you can't or don't understand. That is what this site is for, correct?
I would like to try and explain how I get information and what lead me post what I did, where I did”Š.. First, they don’t come from dreams. I usually don’t even remember my dreams. I discovered some time ago that for some reason, I was able to communicate with those who have passed away. Not like, sitting and talking to them, but it’s as if I could feel what they felt, ââ?¬Å?hear” what they had to say, and see what they wanted to show. I do not call that a psychic. I kept this to myself for a long time (well, myself, family, and friends) But the more it got out (by family and friends, who were amazed at the things I could tell them and knew about those that have passed away- that I’d never met before) the more I was asked by mere acquaintances if I could contact their grandmother, or daughter, etc”Š.Most of the time, I was hesitant to do so, but usually I would. However, when someone would start asking me things like, ââ?¬Å?When will I get married” and stuff like that, I wouldn’t have a clue and who am I to answer such questions re: the future anyhow. Therefore, I came to realize, that when I began getting info. on a particular person or subject that I was concentrating on, it was because death was involved. Does that make sense?

Anyway, as I stated”Š”Š.I decided to try and see if I could put this to use for the greater good and see how it would go”Š.and believe me, I was very hesitant. But knew in my heart, that what I would be doing was for nothing more than to TRY and help”Š..I decided on giving it a shot on trying to help locate Missing Children”Š”Š.Unfortunately, when children go missing, 9 times out of 10 - They will be found dead. As I stated in my original post, ââ?¬Å?One of my greatest fears is my children being missing”
I do believe the devastation from that would be more than I could handle. And dead or alive, I had rather know then be in the dark. I also indicated that I actually work full time as an Officer for a School District and am around teens all day”Š”Š.I am dedicated to serving and protecting and would NEVER intentionally give out the wrong or misleading information regarding anyone, on purpose.

That being said, I decided to just go to the Missing and Exploited Childrens website and start there”Š.which is where I found Morgans missing persons poster. It was one of the first ones I saw and I was drawn to it, along with 3 others I have been working on. I simply printed a few of the missing childrens ââ?¬Å?posters” and concentrated on only one missing child, including Morgan, one day at a time. I investigated nothing, googled nothing, etc”Š.etc”Š.(I didn’t want anything I may read or see to enter or jade my thoughts) until I had completed my ââ?¬Å?reading” in full. The other’s I only sent my information to the Police Department handling the cases. But with Morgan’s, I saw all the blogs and just all the un-answered questions, and persons who really cared, etc”Šand against my better judgment, after emailing my info. to the VA State Police, decided to post on a couple of blogs. If Morgan wasn’t dead, I do not believe I would have picked up on anything at all. HOWEVER, that being said”Š”Š”Š..I did, ONE time, have a Detective from NJ get my name and number from another women who actually does this kind of stuff for a living (not missing persons, but readings) He was having a difficult time locating a missing college student and was open to anything at that point. I gave him all the info. I could get on the case, including directions to where I could see the girls body, wrapped up in what looked like a carpet, etc..etc”Š Anyway, long story short”Š.directions were followed (and I have never been to NJ”Š”Šor even 1 state further away from my home state for that matter) and what I described to him was found, BUT, it wasn’t the missing college student he was searching for, but the body of another women. Why that happened, I don’t know. Maybe his missing student isn’t dead, but this women came through instead -to be finally found. Yes, I know it sound crazy and I can’t explain how or why I can get what I get.

But I will tell you, I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart, that Morgan is found alive and well and myself called a fraud or fake, rather than have to have her parents go through anymore pain and suffering by having to identify her remains.

All I ask, is please do not put me down for trying. Whether you believe in what I can do, or you don’t believe, you can at least believe that I am only trying to help, as everyone else is. I defend not my abilities, but my right to speak (or write) my thoughts - as everyone else here does - no matter they arrived at their thought or idea. Thanks-

The comment that she was seen to fall and was unable to communicate when she got up is the first comment on her family site forum.

That witness believed she was drunk or stoned. But it is evident she had no drugs or alcohol that night from other witnesses. So what was her mental state that she could not communicate?

Can you explain the events reported? I have been working on this project seven years after I found that a common problem, capable of causing a mental break, is unknown by anyone in mental health services.

Subliminal Distraction is explained in first semester psychology under the physiology of human sight. In a few courses the instructor will mention that, "subliminal sight caused a problem in the early days of modern office design."

Common sense tells us that people have mental events not office desks and chairs. If you create the same circumstances for the problem you will have similar outcomes.

Today college students are the majority of the victims. But very few admit having the mental event. Ahmad Arain, UCLA, did.

I was an engineering student forty years ago when the discovery was made. That's why I know about it. My wife had this mental event in 2002 in the payroll office of the University of Alabama. I have seen it first hand. I know what it can do.

Harrington might be a crime victim but it is just as likely she is a Dissociative Fugue victim.

One last thing.....CookieJar made reference to my employment as being "iffy" also...please see the link below- Thanks


I think this is the correct link....

Wasn't calling him a suspect - I am just frustrated that I posted my findings on a blog of any sort. And do not, for one minute comment on my skills as a parent, officer, or such for you haven't got a clue. For you're information, I am a working, married- mother of 3 and a cancer survivor. I treat everyday like it could be my last and I seriously don't have time for this. I am seriously shocked over the lack of maturity I have encountered on this board along with the judmental, higher than mighty attitudes. Just because myself or anyone else has experience something different than you, doesn't mean they are crazy or such. I am very busy and done with the blogs- I have actually been contacted by a family friend of the harringtons, and will only deal directly with them from here on out. Any comment you return will be frivalous, for I will not be back to this blog. Good day

If a group of basketball players did anything to this girl.... trust me.... the case WILL be solved!!!

Sooner or later one of them will seek immunity for stepping forward and spilling the beans on the others. Be interesting to see which one steps forward first! :)

@ Arianna:

"My feeling is maybe these basketball players said they’d give her a ride..raped her and then after realizing what they did.. got rid of her body.. it seems the most logical explanation..

that's the lamest, most pathetic excuse for critical thought i've ever seen.

Why aren't the police looking into the cellphone with the missing battery?

Who would carry a cellphone without a battery?

That seems pretty suspcious to me.

Also, a woman won't usually go anywhere without their purse and belongings, why would she just leave it in the middle of her parking lot? She must've been really intoxicated if she just dropped it by accident & forgot it there....but if she just FORGOT it there, or accidentally dropped it, why would she go all the way to the bridge and hitch hike and be coherently able to hitch hike or use a cell phone instead of going back and looking or retrieving her cellphone?

I think the police really need to come up with more than this...I'm surprised there hasn't been any more evidence or theories or they don't even have any suspects 'cause it doesn't seem like she meant on dissappearing. It sure seems like she was abducted. Possibly by a group of 4 men, which makes a lot more sense if you go with that lead.

The Hook has been a good source for reading blogs, but I came to this site today because I heard part of the story about the necklace on a local TV station. The report was 1/2 over, so I came here to see if there was more to the story. That's when I learned that possibly she was hitchiking. Please, please all, whether it's true or not that Morgan was hitchiking, NEVER, NEVER use this as a form of transportation. Once you're in a car, you've put yourself in the hands of and at the mercy of someone you know absolutely nothing about.

1. Bill is a moron.

2. GSOE: "A lot of girls I know carry extra cell phone batteries in their purse. Especially young girls." - Seriously. That's creepy.

Ok please stop putting speculation on top of speculation about the men's basketball players or anything else about this case for that matter! First of all, those boys have every reason to be in that area at that time of night and frequently walk from athletics buildings to their dorms, etc. Second, for the love of God stop it with your theories! That's what we have law enforcement for. Quit making all this noise and putting craziness out there so that they can focus in REAL leads instead of fielding crazy crap like this! You are entitled to your theories but talk about them at the dinner table and not here.

And let us get this straight - the article said that members of the basketball team were among the last to see her - it does not say they were involved (so it's beyond me that it was placed in the article). Does this also implicate other people in the parking lots who saw her around that time? Also, if you consider our team to be 'thugs' please review sports news for that past couple of weeks and tell me how many division one athletes have been arrested or had run-ins with the law and then tell me how many were uva kids?

I won't let my fellow students be blasted like this.
I hope they find her and I pray for her family.

M-The information about Morgan talking to some members of the basketball team also isn't completely new information. I don't remember where, but I know I've read it somewhere before. There was a post several days ago stating that there had been a rumor that her car had been parked in Crozet (not verified and I would think doubtful.) I believe one of those posts had the link to another site, and that could be where I saw reference to the basketball players.

Not a comforting thought when worried about the safety of Morgan, but this fits in with what she told her friends, that she was going to get a ride home. If not with someone she knew, then how else was she going to find that ride other than approaching strangers in the hope that someone was heading either to Harrisonburg or Blacksburg. Whether done from the RV lot, or on the bridge, the result would be the same, she would have been trying to hitch a ride.

Dakota, just because you have not seen anyone hitchhiking in years does not mean that it does not happen. It's not suppose to happen, but I've even seen it on the interstate (around here, that's 64.) Being beautiful and college educated does not mean that you are incapable of making a tragically bad mistake in judgment. Do you really believe that a grand conspiracy is happening which would have to involve not only the University Police Department, but the Albemarle County Police Department, the Charlottesville Police Department, and possibly the FBI and oh yes, every person within the arena who might possibly have caught Morgan on camera. If Morgan has been kidnapped, which is sadly probably true, then the person(s) responsible are the one(s) who took her, not the unfortunates people, including the basketball players, who some want to taint with suspicion just because it's been reported that they saw her, not even that they spoke to her. And we wonder why people aren't more likely in cases like this to come forward with information.

all of this is going to lead to a girl who was not able to think right and make good choices (intoxicated or drugs), as well as bad decisions on whoever took advantage of her.
it's sad and should be an example to all.

Question as to how it would have been known that she was hitchiking. Perhaps she was displaying the universal sign of hitchiking, thumb in the air. At that time of night, on a regular night, Copeley Road probably isn't heavily traveled even though lots of locals cut through by U-Hall and the arena just to miss the intersection at Cavalier Inn.

quote: "A lot of really unfortunate decisions leading to a tragic chain of events."

And it started right at the JPJ entance door when they refused to let Morgan back in.

so sorry Hoolarious I have a good theory & all you can do is sit back and twiddle your thumbs and criticize...

And who actually spotted her hitchhiking, and why wasn't this mentioned earlier on? And what about the necklace? Why all of a sudden are we seeing a picture of the necklace after almost 1 month?

How does LE actually know for a fact that she was hitchhiking? Did someone see her with her thumb out on the side of the road? Or...did someone say that to hide what really happened and to throw LE off track?

Some of the things said on here just baffles me, and the almost arguing back and forth. It is ridiculous! This young and beautiful girl is missing. She has family and friends that cannot sleep and cannot eat. It is extremely sad. I would hope that if the security people at the arena came across someone that was way too intoxicated or appeared in any way to not be in control of themselves that they would not leave them stranded outside, especially a young girl, but they would escort them to a room to wait for the concert to be over. Undoubtedly, this did not happen and it is a real shame. It is very confusing to me that she was going to the restroom and ended up outside. You can clearly tell what doors lead outside. There are usually security people outside, too. Very strange that they saw nothing. And, the necklace being shown is a good idea. I had a necklace stolen out from under the Christmas Tree many years ago. A detective friend told me to just bide my time. He said that a kid in Junior High probably took it and after a few weeks of being back in school it would most likely show up on his girlfriend's neck. It did! The girl was very cooperative when questioned. So, maybe the necklace was stolen from Morgan and given to a lady. This certainly would help if she is keeping up with this story. There are so many questions and so little answers. I hope and pray that they do find Morgan, dead or alive. Her family and friends need to have a closing. May God Hold Them In His Loving Arms and Give Them Strength, Courage, and Comfort today and always.

While people is talking about the letter Morgan written her dad, look at the year. 2005. This is 2009, That has been 4yrs ago, a whole lot of attitude and growing up changes in 4 long years.

Now lets make another leap . When is the last time anyone has seen a 20 something , college educated , beautiful , blue eyed blonde hitchhiking on a misty cold evening during an event she has waited for 6 months ?

Actually I haven't seen a hitchhiker in YEARS !




I would not think the young lady has any reason to run from her life either. However, how do you explain her sighting at the Sheetz? That witness pegged her outfit and everything.

relax bill.

ââ?¬Å?We now can confirm that she was hitchhiking,” says Geller, noting that Harrington, who had been stuck outside the John Paul Jones Arena after she was denied reentry and had told friends by cellphone that she’d find her own way home, was allegedly seen by multiple witnesses on both sides of the bridge.

Confirmed by whom? Seeing her on the bridge does not necessarily mean she was hitching. Did one of these witnesses actually stop and ask her what she was doing on the bridge?

I don't believe she was hitching.

Lannie, I wonder too what 'out of hand' means to them. They seemed from the beginning to be very careful people...or people who had very careful ordered lives. Have no idea of them personally. I imagine the parents to have had a certain amount of safety in their lives; striving for education which brought excellent jobs. They were probably always good people who did good things and saw good results. Most went according to an appropriate plan. They seem to be well spoken and succinct, even to diction. And this now with Morgan must really blow them away. Morgan and her brother seem very free spirited. I wonder if they were rebelling and the disappearance is part of it.
I once was very interested many years ago in a situation where a woman disappeared. I thought it was arranged by someone else at the time. At the time I thought she was dead or alive but it was all against her will. The deciding factor for me...and many many who knew her well...was that she would never have left her children. They were little, she adored them, she was the quintessential mom. It turned out she did leave and was living many miles away in a big city with a 'friend' no one knew she even had. She did indeed leave the children. And didn't speak to them for a long time until I lost track. Whether she felt driven to it or had a breakdown or had something going on behind the scenes, whatever, the thing I learned is that one can never really know a family for sure. So no stone should go unturned in finding out what in the world happened.
The new Hook article is very interesting in this regard.

Interesting comment, Cullen.

I've been following this ever since I saw it on Huffington Post. Being a concert goer always hate it when something like this happens to a fellow music lover.

Like y'all I'm sort of confused. So in one article her Dad talked about her going to Bonaroo.(a huge multi day festival in TN) Then in one of the pictures of her she's wearing a shirt from the All Good Festival(another big music festival in WV) So obviously she's a music head and would know about the no readmittance policy.

Just a bit of speculation here.

From what I have read she took her car but didn't drive?? To me that's a sure sign that she was gonna be partying and was responsible enough not to drive.

The most logical explanation how she ended up outside to me was that she was maybe too high and got ejected. Or was maybe tripping and she was peaking and the crowd and stuff was sensory overload so she went outside.

I guess the possibility she ran off is a possibility as is abduction, but I keep wondering about an OD. Could have hitch hiked and be in a hospital farther away than where they are searching or even got out of a car some where and died and they hadn't found her yet.

Certainly think there's more the police know than they are letting on.I just can't imagine anything but being WAY too high that would lead one to leave an concert, and if it was an OD it's possible you could get a good distance away via walking or hitchiking before whatever it was would reach it's max level in the bloodstream.

The thing I dont' get is if she called her pals on the inside and said she was shut out like they say then why didn't one of her pals come and give her the keys? I'm sure the ushers would have let them pass them out to her. Unless the band was already on and she or they didn't want to miss any.

The whole thing is puzzling. I really hope she turns up OK.

Hello- First, Most psychics, only take advantage of the weakened”Š. That being said, I, to an extent, an able to ââ?¬Å?get” information”Š I don’t like to call myself ââ?¬Å?psychic” though because of the label it brings. I have never charged, or really gone public”Š.except in the rare occasions I have tried helping the Police in cases like this, where I get strong visions, feelings, and words. I did get a lot of information though, whether completely accurate or not, in regards to Morgans disappearance”Š.I would like to post it and get any feedback / comments”Š”Š I am not one of those ââ?¬Å?psychics” who demands they’re right”Šin fact, many times I have been way off”Š.and then on other occasions, I have gotten everything, down to the last detail correct”Š. Never-the-less, this is what I ââ?¬Å?got” and sent to the VA State Police”Š”ŠThanks, Steph

Morgan had been drinking and high when she exited the arena. She went outside to actually see if someone was around that she thought might either be (or was going to) meet her there, or working there”Š.She had a cigarette, and then attempted reentry into the arena and couldn’t. When she (Morgan) left the JPJ lot and was walking, she had her purse with her. Soon after she arrived at the Bridge, a sports car drove up (I want to say a mustang) But it was at least a sporty type looking car. A male in his 20’s, non-threatening in appearance, rather bold and cocky, not sure if he’s a student on her campus or maybe some kind of worker?? He may have a girlfriend though that IS or WAS on Campus. I get the name Asheley or close to that and another female name of Jena or close to that also. She did not ââ?¬Å?know” him, but get the feeling she has seen him around. (this may have even been who she was looking for? a crush? flirtation?) They talked for a brief moment and he then offered her a ride. I am not sure if this girl smoked pot on a reg. basis, but I ââ?¬Å?see” it being passed back and forth and he offered her a drink as well both were laced. He pretend to smoked and she was a bit intoxicated and didn’t pay attention. After only a few mins. she was very disorientated”Š..but she did notice he was heading in the wrong directions and began telling him to just let her out. He told her to shut up etc.etc. She reached for her phone and he knocked it out of her hand, causing it to come apart- which is when I believe the battery fell out. He may have even hit her. Never the less, they ended up at a place that is very wooded and there is also creeks / water / rivers? around”Š”ŠAbout 10 mins. from the bridge location she was last seen at. I hear the word ââ?¬Å?Ivy”. I am ââ?¬Å?thinking” that she carried her purse with her outside, well, because you don’t just leave your purse lying down at a concert”Šand also, I believe the she did go to the restroom, And ââ?¬Å?freshened” up while in there. Her phone was in the purse, but her friend had the keys, because my feelings are that her friend drove the car to the concert. Next..

He proceeded to drag her from the car and she put up very little fight- she was raped and killed by a blow to the head. I see her in a wooded type location. I do not see her in water, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t in the water and is now on the bank.

When he left, he gathered her phone (but not the battery) and her purse and drove them back to the Arena that she told him she had been at, and he then left. I am not getting his name, but am thinking it may start with a B.
- I believe that she had been watched for a while”Š.this person knew she’d be at the concert and may have even said he was ââ?¬Å?working” it and that if she got a chance, to come outside and talk to him”ŠWhile he watched and lurked around”Š.. I don’t know all the details, but do believe that I am in the right directions”Š.. What about the name Ashley? Does she have any close friends with that name? If so, I believe that I ââ?¬Å?got” that name because she knows much more than she is saying. And that’s about all I’ve got”Š. I hope that in some way, it helps to bring a close to this case, Justice for Morgan, Peace to her Family, and JAIL to her attacker!

Thanks for reading!

(additional thoughts received before submitting post....)
OK- I just got a really strong feeling and vision here”Š.I think she actually talked to this person in the parking lot”Š.And he smooth talked her into going with him instead of back into the concert”Š.He either told him that he’d drive her home or back to the arena before the concert ended so she could catch back up with her friends”Š.She did try to go back in to inform her friends of her new plans and couldn’t get in. He did tell her that she had to be shhhhh about their little ââ?¬Å?get together” because if his girlfriend found out he’d be dead. But at least one of her friends know the truth and for some reason are not talking. He also told her that a lot of his GF’s friends were there around the concert and if they saw her get into his car, they’d tell her and the arrangement was to meet up near the bridge out of site. This avoids anyone seeing her get into his car. - He drives off, alone”Š.and she walks off alone”Š..She wasn’t carelessly hitch-hiking”Šshe had an agenda”Š..with someone she’d seen and possibly talked to before, and felt safe, for the most part. When he comes back (before the concert is even over) to ââ?¬Å?drop off” her items, again, he’s alone. I know that this may all seem far fetched, but why wouldn’t he take her things back to the lot? He don’t want them”Š..He don’t want to dump them on the road”Š..He want’s it to appear as if she herself, left them there. But this guy isn’t too smart, and WILL get caught, by his own stupidity.

Im not crazy- only trying to help make sense out of something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone.


I'm certainly not going to poo poo your post. It makes as much/more sense than everything else I've read. That also takes you back to the friends she was with. I keep thinking they have to know more. What's the deal? What kind of friends would just leave her out in the cold not knowing anything? Morgan must have given them a heads up or surely they would have been extremely concerned or left to reunite with her.

Cullen, I wonder if Morgan's parents meant her first concert at the arena. I think I read before that they previously said she was somewhat familiar with Charlottesville and had attended other concerts, including at the Pavillon. There have been several things the parents have said that seem confusing or not consistent, but I'm sure I wouldn't be thinking straight and coherently if my child had been missing for over a month. One thing that jumped out at me from their Today Show appearance was something to the affect "things have gotten out of hand." I wonder if they too believe or even know that there is more to the story than has been made public. Then again, they could be referring to all the wild speculations about what happened that night. If the authorities are withholding information, then it's probably for a very good reason. I watch the cop shows too, and follow the news. I know that cases are sometimes solved by a careless comment about knowledge of an event that could only be known by the perpetrator or people involved in the investigation.

L K Tucker is tireless in spreading total BS!! Nothing but garbage and pseudoscience at VisionAndPsychosis.Net.

Googling -Snopes Subliminal Peripheral Vision Psychosis -will find you some previous discussions of that website where you will find loads of gems like:

"The author of that page writes in a way that suggests to me he is a victim of paranoia.

There isn't anything of the scientific method showing in the writing. It just seems to be a lot of leaps of "this could be true" to "this must be true." It reads very much the same as many websites devoted to the mind rays put out by our government, alien abductions, and diseases that have somehow completely escaped the notice of medical science."

Thanks Stephanie. One down.

LK Tucker, you've brought your pseudoscience to the wrong town. We know better than this drivel. Take it somewhere else.

I continue to ask: where is Morgan Harrington, and what do the UVA basketball players know about her disappearance? When will the JPJ announce a change in their barbaric lock-out policy?

I doubt that those of us posting on this blog are going to solve the mystery of Ms. Harrington. But as far as theater goes, this is the best venue in town!

I just want to point out... from personal experience, it is possible to be both worldly and naive simultaneously. Aka all-loving, oceanic optimism.

Stephanie,,,,Sorry to sound synical but i think youve been watching to many Inspector cluso movies and reading to many detective novels....This is not fantasy,,this is real and the terrible truth and fate of morgan may or may not ever be uncovered but one thing is for sure...This is no movie and its not going to have a happy outcome so please just lets cool it and stop letting our imaginations run away with us and leave the detective work to the experts.The more i think about this case the more im convinced its just another sad and tragic case of young girl goes missing, young girl is found murdered...Happens everyday,,its a horrible fact of life but it is a fact and untill we as human being start changing the way we act,and the way we think and behave towards one another then the statistics will just keep growing day,by day ,by day..Because our sociaety is not preety and people can be cruel and sadistic and evil to one another and this is just another example of sociaty gone wrong...

I have to say- I just read a post by Morgan's mother on a discussion board and the overwhelming grief I could feel in her every word made me sick to my stomach. I honestly believed that by posting my "psychic" belief in what I "got" in regards to Morgans disappearance, would perhaps be helpful in bringing justice. I can not simply give up on doing something that could possibly help find a missing child and put the "bad man" in jail, but I can promise you this, from today forward, unless I am specifically asked to do so, my version of any further events or cases, will be reserved for LE. I sincerely apologize for anyone I may have offended. I pray for a happy ending.

yes, I spelled condescending wrong- Oh my God, I must not only be a dumb psychic, but dumb Officer as well....

My photo gave no info. on where I worked- Do you know how many schools there are? My 3 children could have been grown - No one knew that...and yes, I did use my full name. My bad- But this was info. I put out there- If someone wants to google me, I could care less. But don't post info. about the age of my children and where they live. When I posted my original posting, I didn't know I was entering a slaughter house. Again, my bad. But I still don't deserve to have my children brought into any of your vindictiveness. Period-

My photo gave no info. on where I worked-

Except that it says WISD.

And, let's see.....how many WISD do you think there are? Come on....

there could be some sort of man or woman figure in her past also.

she may have had a pet when she was a child named..... just escapes me. but the pet died and she was sad. the pet wants her to know that he/she loved her and was thankful to have been fed all those years.

led me to this page: http://ninthgrade.wisd.org/staff2.html

then I was compelled to scroll down to the "support staff" section.

Dear all,

Please limit your comments to constructive criticism or discussion of the article under which you're posting. If anyone engages (or continues to engage) in off-topic posts or personal attacks, we'll delete the posts. If the comment section on this article ceases to serve as a legitimate discussion forum focused on the issue at hand-- Morgan Harrington's disappearance-- we'll turn the comments off.

Carry on, but with civility, please.

Courteney Stuart

Remember, remember- what comes around, goes around....make fun of me and my battle with Cancer. I survived. Let's hope you don't ever have to face that

I think the posts should be about Morgan, but I do not think it should be an opportunity for so called psychics, (whether they have survived cancer or not),to add myths to the already overflowing amount of speculation.
I also believe if the police would release more information the public may be able to help. Her friends must know more about her condition befire she left the arena. And why is the male that was with her and her friends name being with held?
It is very important for the public to know if there is a history of bi polar on mental illness in her family, as that type of illness usually occurs around Morgans age.
It is also very important to realize that this is a serious situation in which women who are blogging especially should maintain anonomity.
As for Morgan and her family, we pray this is resolved, soon.

I just do not understand why the public seems to feel that because this poor girl is missing, they should be privy to all of her past history, mental, physical, and medical. The people who need to know have had full access to her parents and I am certain Dr. and Mrs. Harrington have provided every bit of information to investigators in order to help find their daughter. I don't even know that it would help for the public to know whether or not she was intoxicated or on drugs. I think it's more a desire to get insight into what happened rather than that people seriously think it will bring back a memory. If reports of what she was wearing and the necklace haven't jogged someone's memory, then the possibility she was drinking or doing drugs isn't likely to result in some miraculous recall. IF there are any pictures of Morgan from October 17th, they could certainly bring back some type of memory. I do have to agree with "only the truth", when posting on a site open to anyone and everyone, people, most especially women, should be very careful about giving out too much information.

This is the first missing person case I have followed where I find myself simply not accepting what the police's rep is claiming. I wonder if I am alone or if there are others who have lost confidence in UVA and VSP.

There is such a tight odd veil over this whole case, it defies logic.

I have only witnessed police release very REAL information paying attention to details. At times their information appears vague because they can't take that next step in one specific direction.

So far in this case, police have NOT released legitimate or consistent or relevant information in a timely manner, in my opinion, and they have now released something they claim they CONFIRMED regarding Morgan's actions between 9 and 10 PM. She was hitchhiking.

Unless police have witnesses who put Morgan in a particular vehicle they CAN'T CONFIRM she hitchhiked; at most they can confirm she was ATTEMPTING TO HITCHHIKE.

May seem like a battle of semantics to many but I know the importance of keeping the public engaged when it comes to a missing person case. At every step those leading this investigation seem to be working the case assuming a great deal.

I hope the public will use logic, and demand answers to still outstanding relevant questions about that night so that the fully disclosed series of events can lead to Morgan!

If "confirmed hitchhiking", what is the description of the vehicle/Tag Morgan entered? What direction was it going?

I don't want to be banned for repeating the same thing. But you are assuming Morgan was in a competent, normal, mental state.

The facts verified in part by police are that she had some type mental event, fell, injured he face in that fall; was unable to communicate; was seen crying in the restroom; somehow wandered outside; got a phone call from her friends; disabled her phone then abandoned her purse and cell.

She was ALONE. repeat ALONE, walking across two parking lots. Contrary to her normal actions she was seen hitch hiking.

After this disappearance another one happened in Miami Florida. That student, Ted Daniels - law student at FIU, was picked up and taken to the hospital twice. The second time he had been found sleeping in a parking lot. He evaded authorities by leaving the same hospital both times. He is still hiding in the general area.

This is the same problem. It has happened before. There is a long list of these missing students. Many recover and return. Morgan may phone or email home at any time.

She could be a crime or accident victim but the correct course of action is to search for her alive by getting students going home for the holidays actively looking for her.

But for the "Grace of God" and chance any of them could be in her place. There is a long list of those that are in her place and long term missing students.

I agree with the comments about the confirmation of her hitchhiking. How would anyone know? Maybe she was just walking.. Though being from Roanoke (knowing what that snobbish air does to people who grow up there), and knowing a few of her friends (not her), I would definitely not put it past her to be intoxicated in some way or another. It explains her actions (especially trying to walk off with a stranger then proceeding to kick him..) and the timeline the cops have come up with. Especially considering someone else drove her in her own car. People usually don't do that unless their already drunk or otherwise intoxicated. I'm not for sure saying she was, because I don't know, but I would bet money on it.

LK Tucker- WOW. I am a bit overwhelmed by your post. I do not know of any release by police that would suggest Morgan could not communicate or had an sort of mental event. This assertion in my opinion is akin growing much like an urban myth.

To the contrary, what police have said was that Morgan found herself "separated from her friends and outside of the Arena" -- hummm, doublespeak for ejected?. We still wait for security footage and logs to understand exactly why she was on the outside when she clearly made it clear right to the moment her party was entering the arena according to witnesses, Morgan wanted to see Metallica. And she clearly had the mental aptitude and desire to try and regain entry - initially VSP claimed she only tried once but later remarked she attempted MULTIPLE reentry efforts at MULTIPLE locations - though they refused to be specific as to when or where.

UNCOMMUNICABLE? She spoke to her friend by phone when her friend called her at 8:48 PM right? To the best of our knowledge her friend thought she had gone to the restroom and should have returned by that time. We don't know who else privy to that conversation or where Morgan took the call. The police when asked if she was drunk or possibly high said she was able to move around and talk to various people in different locations and her own dad said she was able to text someone either while inside or possibly even after she was on the outside? We don't know specifically do we.

The VSP released after Morgan had been missing for two weeks that they were aware she had suffered what they called a 'MINOR" injury. They pronounced the injury was "a minor injury,” (while I do wonder about their ability to make such an accessment and NOT have Morgan carried over to the hospital or examined by possible medical staff on duty for the event) - clearly police that night and afterwards considered Morgan to be fine. The injury information was not included right way according to the VSP because the "injury was consistent with what someone would suffer from slipping and falling, not with any kind of assault." The exact specific chain of events that caused the injury, the severity of the injury the VSP leave to our imaginations.

I don't recall police releasing she was seen in a restroom crying. I can see if she took a spill and cut herself she might cry while in the restroom though. She even could have been crying because she was worried she might miss some of the show. WHO KNOWS. Neither necessarily equates to a mental event.

And as far as being alone. She may have been among strangers but she was not far from ALONE. And someone helped her to NO LONGER be at the Arena. We just don't know who or why?

When did the police say they KNOW her battery died? All I can find is her battery was missing from her cell phone! And disabled her phone? News to me. I have looked back over all the Police releases and can't find that either.

And finally and most disturbing - abandoned her purse. POlice have NOT said she abandoned her purse. Yes, Morgan was separated from her purse/cell/id but just like the way she ended up on the outside of the Arena, we don't know the explanations.

I find the assertion she had a mental event or abandoned anything is both lacking in proof and detrimental to finding the truth.

Lannie, I agree with you 100% about absolutely no photos of Morgan being found.

Dakota, I have driven 64 between Louisa and C'Ville at least twice a day for the last 15 years, and the only hitch-hikers I have ever seen are ones who's cars have broken down on 64. It is infact, illegal to hitch-hike on an interstate, and the VSP are pretty good and quick at removing them.

I am having a hard time understanding why absolutely no pictures, either still shots taken by her friends, or a random shot taken by other concert goers, or any video has surfaced?

I am having a hard time believing none of her friends took any group shots or road trip pictures on the way to the concert, and even more of a hard time believing that she wasn't captured on any video cameras at the venue. If this brand new $131 million dollar JPJ arena doesn't have video cameras recording each and every exit, as well as all the ticket windows during events, they would be setting themselves up for a major heist.

There are only three possibilities that I can think of to explain this:

1) There is something in the pictures that positively id the subject as Morgan, and LE is keeping them from the public to use that to verify sightings from tipsters, as they did with the necklace at first. I know JPJ allows cameras for all UVA events; does anyone know if Metalica allowed cameras at their shows?

2) Morgan never was actually at the venue.

3) Morgan is a ninja and was able to dodge all the cameras.

I believe that psychic abilities are real as my father has some capabilitie as well. Our own FBI and CIA departments utilize these natural gifts very often. It's called "remote viewing" research it. Nobody should judge anyone who is trying to help in this case as every little bit of information could be valuable. However, I am unsure why Ms. Almaguer felt the need to post such explicit details on a website that all of Morgan's family and friends can read. Report it to authorities but don't hender the case by making unecessary information public.