Missing pieces: Witnesses share their tales of Morgan sightings

cover-map-webVarious witnesses reported awkward encounters with a blonde woman near the Arena.

Amid a new police report that the woman who disappeared during the October 17 Metallica concert was seen hitchhiking shortly before she vanished, various witnesses in and around John Paul Jones Arena say a young, blond woman was causing concern before they ever heard that 20-year-old Morgan Harrington was missing.

Among the several witnesses who reported seeing Morgan injured both inside and outside the Arena, one Metallica fan inside says she seemed "upset" with blood on her chin but declined his offer to help.

Outside the Arena, another concertgoer says, he was on the southeast side of the building waiting for late-arriving friends to meet him around 9pm when he heard a "commotion" at an entrance.

"It was some shouting," says the 44-year-old man who'd traveled from Fredericksburg to Charlottesville and who asked not to be identified because of the high profile nature of the case. Moments after the shouting stopped, he says that a young woman with long blond hair and dressed all in black–- including, he says, a black Pantera t-shirt like the one Morgan was reportedly wearing–- approached him, put her arm out, bent, as though to walk arm in arm with him, and said, "Let's go."

"It seemed somewhat aggressive," he says.

Waiting for his friends and concerned that her behavior seemed "unusual," he says, he declined and turned to walk away. The young woman responded, he says, by cursing at him and kicking him.

"It wasn't that hard," he says of the kick, but it was disturbing enough that he immediately called his girlfriend to relate the encounter.

"She told me I should call the police and report her," he says. "Now I wish I had." The concertgoer, who now believes the commotion he heard was Morgan being denied re-entry to the Arena, says he reported the encounter to police on Monday, October 19, when he learned of the disappearance. Police have confirmed that Morgan ended up outside the Arena sometime around 8:20pm and made multiple attempts to re-enter. Security at the 16,000-seat facility is outsourced to RMC Events, a Richmond-based firm with a Charlottesville office. Company President Dan Schmitt has declined comment, referring questions to Arena management, who have also declined comment.

Minutes after the concertgoer's encounter, another witness says, a woman resembling Morgan was walking across the street with several companions.

"It was right about 9pm when we were driving down Massie Road with JPJ to left," says a Richmond bookkeeper/musician whose late arrival prevented her from hearing opening acts Gojira and Lamb of God–- but got her there in time to spot a "wobbly" blonde woman step in front of the car.

With the blonde were four young, white men–- a conspicuous group, says the witness, because of the direction they were headed: away from the Arena.

In addition to a black miniskirt, tights, and a black shirt, the young blonde was wearing distinctive high-heeled boots, says the witness, a mother of two who spoke on condition of anonymity over concern for getting "pulled into the fray."

Until now, the missing woman's boots have been described as "knee high," but this witness insists they were "over the knee." (Through a spokesperson with the Harrington's recently hired PR firm, Gil Harrington says the boots she saw Morgan try on prior to the concert were not above the knee.)

The men, says the witness, were allegedly laughing.

"I thought, 'That girl should have no business going off with those guys, walking into an empty parking lot when the concert is getting ready to start."

The blonde, however, did not allegedly seem distressed and even, seemingly as a joke, shook one leg at the men, also clad in black. The witness estimates the time at 9:05pm since she placed a phone call to a friend a minute later while still on Massie Road.

news-findmorgan-bridge-memorial-insetMorganPolice say the last confirmed sightings were on both sides of this bridge around 9:30pm.

It wasn't the last time the Richmond woman saw the young blonde. After she, her husband, and friend parked near U-Hall, she says, she saw the same group of five gathered around a vehicle in the RV Lot, or Lannigan Field overflow parking lot–- the spot where Morgan's purse and phone were found and one of the last places police have officially placed her.

"I figured, 'They're going to party before they go into JPJ," says the woman, who estimates the RV Lot sighting as 9:15pm. When she learned about the disappearance on Monday, October 19, she says, she immediately relayed her information to police, who have interviewed her as many as five times in the past three weeks.

Two weeks ago, police released a timeline that placed Morgan at various locations immediately outside the Arena from approximately 8:20pm until after she spoke to her friends by phone at 8:48pm. According to police, in that phone call, Morgan told her friends she was stuck outside the Arena (which, even with a ticket stub, does not allow reentry) and that she would find her own way home. Police have confirmed that a friend inside the concert had driven Morgan's car and still had her keys.

news-findmorgan-necklacePolice released this image of a necklace similar to the one Morgan Harrington was wearing.

Those friends, her Blacksburg roommate Amy Melvin and JMU student Sarah Snead, have declined comment to media including the Hook; however Snead spoke with a Roanoke television station during a massive November 6-8 search. She offered no details of the night Morgan disappeared, but defended her and another friend's decision to leave Charlottesville in Morgan's car–- but without Morgan.

"We wouldn't have done it if we didn't think it was okay," she said. "Obviously, we wish things had taken place differently."  A male who traveled to the concert with the three women from Harrisonburg has never been publicly identified, and while police and the Harrington family have declined to name him, he is not considered a suspect, says Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller, who said on November 13 that Morgan had her thumb out to hitch a ride.

Gil and Dan Harrington have encouraged a national media blitz to keep focus on their missing daughter, appearing on shows including NBC's Today and CBS's The Early Show, as well as Dr. Phil, and Nancy Grace. In addition, Morgan was one of several missing people featured on the cover of an early November People magazine. Appearing on CNN Headline News channel's Prime News program on Monday, November 16, Gil Harrington expressed shock that her daughter might have hitchhiked or willingly left her purse and phone. She wondered if Morgan might have been "given something or taken something" that would have altered her normal behavior.

"None of it adds up to the girl I know," said her mother. "Who would give up their purse voluntarily?"

By 9:20pm–- about 10 minutes before she was last seen on the bridge–- according to the police timeline, Morgan was spotted in the RV Lot, directly across Copeley Road from the U-Hall lot and adjacent to the UVA track. Her black purse, which could also be worn as a backpack, and battery-less cell phone were spotted by a passerby the morning of Sunday, October 18. Geller says the battery cover was also recovered and that Morgan's family says the "condition of the phone" meant the battery could come out easily if the phone was dropped. Geller says there was no sign of a struggle.

According to several sources, members of UVA's men's basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the grassy, tree-shrouded parking area before she was seen with her thumb out, hitching a ride on the bridge. Emails sent to numerous team members were forwarded to UVA spokesperson Carol Wood, who directed the inquiry to State Police, but Geller declines comment on the identity of any witnesses.

"We leave it to them whether they want to speak publicly," she says.

One possible witness has been speaking publicly, in part, she says, because she doesn't believe investigators have fully followed her lead.

"I know what I saw," says Norma Parson, a newspaper delivery woman who believes she saw Morgan– or an incredible lookalike–- coming out of a room on UVA's West Lawn at 3:45am October 18, six hours after the last confirmed sighting on Copeley Bridge.

"She was tall and thin," says Parson, who says the woman's high black boots had heels making her appear taller than Morgan's reported height of 5'6" and that she wasn't wearing the black hose or tights police have described.

Because the woman also was wearing a jacket that was fastened shut, Parson says, she couldn't determine whether the woman's blonde hair, which was tucked inside, was long or short. But as the blond woman–- accompanied by three young men, two shorter, one taller–- passed by her in the well-lit brick walkway along the Lawn, she says, she got a clear look at her face, and her heavily made-up eyes, in particular. She says the woman's presence in the wee hours of a chilly night–- and her bare legs–- seized her attention.

"I thought, 'What's she doing out here dressed like that,'" Parson recalls. When she learned of Harrington's disappearance two days later and saw photographs of heavy mascara- and eyeliner-wearing Morgan, "I knew immediately it was the same girl I saw," says Parson, who credits art training for teaching her to examine facial details–- even those she sees in passing. "I never had a moment's doubt," she insists.

Evidence experts, however, say that even the most earnest and certain witnesses can err.

"It's well established that confidence and accuracy are not clearly correlated," says UCLA Law Professor Jennifer Mnookin, an evidence expert. Mnookin says that's the reason police confirm every alleged sighting and look for multiple witnesses or surveillance tapes before releasing new reports.

"The mind isn't a camera," she says. "Recollections can be affected in all kinds of ways by other information, by what we want to believe, by other biases."

The female student who lives in the room Parson identified did not respond to repeated inquiries from a reporter, but a neighboring student says police interviewed him and his neighbors following Parson's tip.

"There is no blond girl who lives along this stretch," says John Griffin, a Fourth Year engineering student, who lives next door, near Pavilion VII.

Griffin says these rooms are among the quietest on the Lawn and that neither he nor the woman whose room the Morgan lookalike was allegedly seen exiting were home on concert night. In fact, he notes, the Colonnade Club, which occupies Pavilion VII, was busy that night, and Griffin wonders if Parson may have simply seen wedding guests. "There were people from that party all up and down here that weekend," he recalls.

Parson says she remains frustrated that police have not allowed her to identify the men she saw with the woman–- particularly because she saw one on a subsequent night on the Lawn.

"I just want them to let me identify who I saw," says Parsons, who now fears that her status as a potential witness may have put her in danger as she makes her middle-of-the-night newspaper rounds. But law expert Mnookin points out that police are limited when it comes to identifying people who haven't committed a crime.

"You can't arrest someone for no reason, and can't make someone be in a line-up," she says. If there were an already existing photo or if Parson could point one out in a public place, police could question him.

Parson acknowledges there's a possibility the woman she saw wasn't Morgan, but without knowing who it was–- or who the men with that woman are–- she says, there's no way to rule it out.

Two doors down from the room Parson identified, Fourth Year student Declan Tansey says he was not interviewed by police and hadn't heard anything about the case except what he's read in news accounts. He, however, agrees with Griffin's assessment that his room and the rooms around it are not the "party rooms" on the Lawn.

According to police spokesperson Corinne Geller, police have "thoroughly vetted" Parson's lead but have not found anything connecting it to Morgan's disappearance.

And Parson's is far from the only lead police are following.

In the early days of the investigation, Geller says, police reviewed hours of surveillance footage from the Arena and from area businesses but found no images of Morgan. According to the owner of the closest convenience store to John Paul Jones Arena, the 7-Eleven on Ivy Road, it was several days before investigators reviewed her store’s tapes.

“I believe it was Wednesday, October 21,” says 7-Eleven franchise owner Sabiha Raja.

Asked why it took so long, Geller said at a press conference, “It depends when that information might have come in.”

An employee of nearby BB&T bank declined comment on investigators reviewing surveillance at the bank, and the manager of the Cavalier Inn on Emmet Street did not return the Hook’s call.

Since Morgan's disappearance, police have received approximately 500 tips, Geller says, many of them reports of Morgan sightings after the official timeline ends; but so far, none have been confirmed.

Among several leads police haven't been able to rule out, says Geller, is a possible sighting of Morgan around 10am on Sunday morning, October 18, at the Sheetz gas station in Orange. An online poster using the name Karen55 on blogs dedicated to Morgan's disappearance describes seeing a slightly disheveled young woman with long blond hair, dressed in all black, exiting the store and then standing outside near a trash can. Notably, she says online, the young woman's t-shirt bore the name of the band Pantera–- she noticed, she wrote, because her daughter wanted a Pantech Matrix phone and she initially looked closer to see if those were the words.

Reached by phone, Karen55 requested that her full name not be used and says she remains "haunted" by the sight. "I don't know if it was Morgan," she says, "but I know she fit the description." She says the word Pantera was spelled plainly across the black t-shirt and that there were no images accompanying the letters.

Sheetz is a bustling gas station and convenience store in downtown Orange, and on a recent visit a reporter counted no less than 20 surveillance cameras inside and outside the store, including an interior camera trained at the door Karen55 says both she and the Pantera-shirt-wearing woman passed through. A Sheetz manager confirms police reviewed surveillance at the store, and spokesperson Geller says that police dispatched an agent the same day they got that tip. While there was no sign of Morgan on the video police reviewed, Gellar admits they can't rule it out and are waiting for further information that would confirm that sighting or any others that seem plausible.

"We deal in absolutes," says Geller. "We need to be sure that what we put out there is 100 percent accurate."


Correction: Newspaper delivery person Norma Parson's name was misspelled once. It has been corrected online.

Former headline: Concerned witnesses: Before hitching, Morgan Harrington caused worry

Story last updated Tuesday, November 17 at 5:04pm: battery cover, purse details, 500 tips called in

Story updated Tuesday, November 17 at 11:02am: Gil Harrington's response to boots, 7-11 surveillance, Sarah Snead's interview, Harringtons' media appearances, Sheetz description



It's uncanny to me that mothers and fathers do not know their
kids as well as they think they do when the child is away from them especially in a partying mood. You see it all the time. They have no idea what their child will do, so their information
about how morgan would react should be taken with a grain of salt.
It sounds that this girl was maybe not as innocent as they all thought. The cops will never solve this case, they solve very few cases and you can see why when they ignore witnesses or dismiss them because it doesn't fit with their own preconcieved ideas about the case. that is what is sad.

I think perhaps her purse was stolen from her inside of the concert area..I also believe that she did not sit in her seats...she moved down into the front section to see the band better...perhaps, in this large crowd someone stole her backpack purse, she ran after them..perhaps she had drugs in her purse, credit cards, etc..leaving her to go outside..and at that time she meet someone..telling them, she had no phone, no purse, and needed help..but she asked the wrong person.

I also think that Ms. Parsons story is very important..any woman who delivers papers that time of the morning is going to notice everything around them...I believe she is a strong link, to the disappearance of Morgan.

I'm so sorry the parents have to deal with this Nightmare. I'm a parent and I can't imagine what the parents are going through. I'm happy Morgan's case is getting so much coverage. I wish every missing case received this coverage.
Bring Morgan Home!!

i will venture to guess that a couple of these girls were drunk & high and elected a designated driver. morgan was probably so drunk she told them to drive her car home without her. but the thing that gets me is that ive been to many concerts and i couldnt feel my phone vibrate let alone hear a darn thing....not even in the hallways or bathroom. what kind of friends does she have that would allow her to hitch a ride? they didnt ask questions? and who is this unidentified male with them? they didnt opt to leave with her...being her BFFs of course?!?! they shouldve been inseperable. something in the milk aint clean

I went to sleep last night thinking of Morgan and the Harringtons. I hoped that today there would be news. Even if its bad news.. They need to know.I just want her family to know that people havent forgotten her.

If you read the article carefully not every witness believing they sighted Morgan has the full description. The cut on her face is important. That's how witnesses distinguished her that night from the other similarly dressed girls.

Go to the family site and read the first post on their forum. The fall that caused the facial injury was witnessed.

There is no evidence that she had drugs or alcohol that night.

At any time there are several college students missing under similar circumstances. They don't all have the wealth of detail about the incident but all of them seem to stop what they were doing and walk or ride away. These stories go back fifty years to Ron Tammen, Miami of Ohio. His disappearance was so strange the school maintains a website about it.

Mental illness is probably not involved. There is no history of that for Morgan. But there is something that cannot be distinguished from mental illness that could be to blame here.

This problem was discovered and solved forty years ago. But no school is aware it exists and no school warns students about it.

VisionAndPsychosis.Net explains the problem in the first 400 words of introduction. Morgan's case as well as another missing student from FIU are detailed on the Missing Students page.

Do you remember Brian Shaffer, Maura Murray, Michael Negrete, Justin Gains, or Josh Guimond? They all disappeared like this. They are all still missing.


(** **** *)

Hello- First, Most psychics, only take advantage of the weakened”Š. That being said, I, to an extent, an able to ââ?¬Å?get” information”Š I don’t like to call myself ââ?¬Å?psychic” though because of the label it brings. I have never charged, or really gone public”Š.except in the rare occasions I have tried helping the Police in cases like this, where I get strong visions, feelings, and words. I did get a lot of information though, whether completely accurate or not, in regards to Morgans disappearance”Š.I would like to post it and get any feedback / comments”Š”Š I am not one of those ââ?¬Å?psychics” who demands they’re right”Šin fact, many times I have been way off”Š.and then on other occasions, I have gotten everything, down to the last detail correct”Š. Never-the-less, this is what I ââ?¬Å?got” and sent to the VA State Police”Š

Morgan had been drinking and high when she exited the arena. She went outside to actually see if someone was around that she thought might either be (or was going to) meet her there, or working there”Š..I think she actually talked to this person in the parking lot”Š.And he smooth talked her into going with him instead of back into the concert”Š.He either told him that he’d drive her home or back to the arena before the concert ended so she could catch back up with her friends”Š.She did try to go back in to inform her friends of her new plans and couldn’t get in. He did tell her that she had to be shhhhh about their little ââ?¬Å?get together” because if his girlfriend found out he’d be dead. But at least one of her friends know the truth and for some reason are not talking. He also told her that a lot of his GF’s friends were there around the concert and if they saw her get into his car, they’d tell her and the arrangement was to meet up near the bridge out of site. This avoids anyone seeing her get into his car. - He drives off, alone”Š.and she walks off alone”Š..Maybe she did see and talk to some of the BB players I've read about, but when she got to that bridge, she was alone. She wasn’t carelessly hitch-hiking”Šshe had an agenda”Š..with someone she’d seen and possibly talked to before, and felt safe, for the most part. She attempted reentry into the arena to give her friends a heads up and couldn’t. When she (Morgan) left the JPJ lot and was walking, she had her purse with her. Soon after she arrived at the Bridge, the guy she was meeting drove up in a sports car (I want to say a mustang) But it was at least a sporty type looking car.....A male in his 20’s, non-threatening in appearance, rather bold and cocky, not sure if he’s a student on her campus or maybe some kind of worker?? His girlfriend, I believe IS or WAS on Campus. I get the name Asheley or close to that , but an "A" name and another female name of Jena or close to that also. She did not ââ?¬Å?know” him, but get the feeling she has seen him around and even talked a time or two......I am not sure if this girl smoked pot on a reg. basis, but I ââ?¬Å?see” it being passed back and forth and he offered her a drink as well both were laced. He pretend to smoked and she was a bit intoxicated and didn’t pay attention. After only a few mins. she was very disorientated”Š..but she did notice he was heading in the wrong directions and began telling him to just let her out. He told her to shut up etc.etc. She reached for her phone and he knocked it out of her hand, causing it to come apart- which is when I believe the battery fell out. He may have even hit her. Never the less, they ended up at a place that is very wooded and there is also creeks / water / rivers? around”Š”ŠAbout 10 mins. from the bridge location she was last seen at. I hear the word ââ?¬Å?Ivy”. I am ââ?¬Å?thinking” that she carried her purse with her outside, well, because you don’t just leave your purse lying down at a concert”Šand also, I believe the she did go to the restroom, And ââ?¬Å?freshened” up while in there. Her phone was in the purse, but her friend had the keys, because my feelings are that her friend drove the car to the concert. Next..

He proceeded to drag her from the car and she put up very little fight- she was raped and killed by a blow to the head. I see her in a wooded type location. I do not see her in water, but that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t in the water and is now on the bank.

When he left, he gathered her phone (but not the battery) and her purse and drove them back to the Arena that she told him she had been at, and he then left. I am not getting his name, but am thinking it may start with a B.
- This person knew she’d be at the concert and may have even said he was ââ?¬Å?working” it and that if she got a chance, to come outside and talk to him”ŠWhile he watched and lurked around”Š.. I don’t know all the details, but do believe that I am in the right directions”Š.. What about the name Ashley or something along those line? Does she have any close friends with that name? If so, I believe that I ââ?¬Å?got” that name because she knows much more than she is saying.

And again, When he comes back (before the concert is even over) to ââ?¬Å?drop off” her items, again, he’s alone. I know that this may all seem far fetched, but why wouldn’t he take her things back to the lot? He don’t want them”Š..He don’t want to dump them on the road”Š..He want’s it to appear as if she herself, left them there. But this guy isn’t too smart, and WILL get caught, by his own stupidity. In fact, I don't think he even knows the battery fell out, under his seat..........

Im not crazy- only trying to help make sense out of something that makes absolutely no sense to anyone.
That’s about all I’ve got”Š. I hope that in some way, it helps to bring a close to this case, Justice for Morgan, Peace to her Family, and JAIL to her attacker!

Thanks for reading!

CJ, LE probably didn't release the information about her injury for the same reason they didn't mention her necklace. it's a good way to sort out which witnesses really saw her, and who only saw dee or one of the other girls at the concert who looked like morgan.
seriously, it was a metallica concert. how many girls do you think were there wearing similar clothes as morgan? probably the majority of them. how many of them had long blonde hair? quite a few, i would say. the cut on her face is a good way to distinguish who actually saw morgan, and who only saw one of the other girls there who looked similar.

from roanoke -EXCELLENT points !!!

Kat and John, what makes you say that the basketball players have not spoken to the police? The UVa spokeswoman said ââ?¬Å?we leave it to them whether they want to speak publicly,” but that quote followed a sentence suggesting that the Hook was sending emails to the players to ask them questions -- thus it's pretty clear Carol Wood meant that "speak publicly" means "make statements to the public via the Hook."

It seems you're just assuming that the players have not spoken to the police, with no evidence that they have not.

Are you also complaining that Morgan's friends have not made public statements?

I never said it was appropriate to plaster their pictures all over town. What I did say was, " if it were four random guys last seen with a missing girl, their pictures would be all over town, with people wanting to know their every turn that night." Appropriate, no. But it happens time and time again. These guys last seen with Morgan, no one even knows their name.. Just seems odd to me. It's obviously a bigger issue for me than you Hoolarious, no big deal. I just cant get over the fact, that if she was with them, why did they let her go on her own, what kind of condition did they leave her in? Is there any accountability?

quit feeding the trolls

This terrible event happened at the Metallica concert,unfortunately certain events can sometimes bring out a lowlife element....notice this didn't happen at the U2/Scott Stadium show 2 weeks earlier.
I hope the poor girl is found alive..sooner rather than later.

Yes, because even abductors find U2's music to be pompous and mediocre. Snap!

It's not personal..it's an advertisement on the internet.

I am not bashing... I am exposing.

The space here is limitless..until the 15th, skip my post's if you don't like them. I will NOT turn away from posting the truth about those that attempt victimize the families of the missing.

I will stop now, As you wish.. I have made my point.

(and btw) it "IS" a hacking site, I am sorry your pc didn't recognize it.

Bravo, Kaching!

Interesting read . Note the conflict of interest the writer is referring to is an employee of ââ?¬Å?the Hook” and is also one of the witnesses in this case . Now ,delivery person does not meet STAFF requirements in my book , but I understand the concern .

Doesn't it say that the delivery person has a relative on staff at the Hook? That doesn't seem to be much of a conflict of interest to me. Sometimes it seems as though half of Central Virginia is related to one another. I'm assuming that a newspaper delivery person on U.Va.'s grounds at 4 am is delivering the Washington Post.




































NOV 17TH 2009

YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES....I am Steph A's sister. I have read these bloggs and kept quiet, but I sat up with her lastnight while she was in tears. She regrets that she ever posted on ANY blogg. The "Internet Advertisment" You posted above wasn't even created by her, personally. Our Family has encouraged her to use, what WE believe is a gift - publically - and she has always denied. I FOUND THE WEB PAGE that allowed you to set up a FREE website trial for 30 days, and tried creating one for her... When I showed the page to her, she was furious with me....For one, she said she absolutely no time with her F/T job and Family to devote or commit herself to the public AND Secondly, that's not what it's about....making money. She has always maintained and believed that if she had something of value she could give away for free, that would or could help someone else, she would do it...and not just in doing readings, but she applies this standard to all aspects of her life. I convinced her to just leave the site up for the free 30 day trial. Whether she did or deleted it before then, I don't know....I just know that she deleted it pretty quickly after I created it.

You - NONE OF YOU - have a clue as to her true motives here - only speculation as to YOUR beliefs. There was no motive, other than to try and present her view on the events surrounding Morgan Harrington, with hopes that maybe someone reading it would regognize something familular in it.....Nothing more, nothing less. We (her family) encouraged her to post, and wish we hadn't. This entire "missing person's" situation, and her desire to help has so, so much more to do with her own personal experiences than you have a clue to. Her husbands brother's (two of them) have been missing now, for 4 years. It has torn his Family apart. He also encouraged her to try and help other's - so that they will not suffer as he and his family continue to suffer today. She has spent many sleepless nights over posting her comments and has even asked the Admins of the site to remove all of her postings, with out luck.

She will overcome this - She is strong and has overcome much tougher situations, including Cancer....I know she can and will get through this. She just wants Morgan found and for her Family to be at peace. That's all. I ask you all, please - please, leave her alone. And if the admin. to this site are reading, she really just wants her name, postings, etc..etc..removed and to be free from the harrassment, name calling, and threats she has and continues to receive. Thank you

reality check (and others on the same page)

The national media exposure given to this case is not afforded to every missing person...This exposure can be of benefit but at the same time the exposure opens the door for "scrutiny and criticism" ....The "scrutiny and criticism" will come with the territory, especially with the dynamics involved. The national media attention will go away if the games continue. Shows like Nancy Grace etc will not continue to have the Harringtons on if they continue with the vagueness. Public interest in general will fade if LE continues the hitchhike theories and the friends continue to try to avoid "scrutiny and criticism"...National media exposure or the lack of can make the difference in a missing persons case...If you don't believe me ask Shanya Davis' family...Details, videos were released, the perp was caught. I think if the friends come out and tell who Morgan was meeting instead of this "I'll get a ride" nonsense, it could be a step in the right direction.

Everyone here has the right to voice their opinion on this and I for one, will continue to do so.

I didn't know it was removed. - I have only been trying to post my thoughts on a couple of blogs to get it out there and may have re-posted again. However, don't put me down or criticize my efforts, please. I work as an Officer for a school district during the day and have 3 children of my own. One of my greatest fears is having one of my own children taken....which is why I have dedicated, what little free time I have, in helping parents and/or LE find missing children. I wrote what I saw - Have a good day and good luck to Morgan's Family.

I believe that the girl that kicked the guy was the girl "Dee" that got kicked out of the concert who looks like Morgan.
I also believe Morgan went to meet someone and left voluntarily. I don't believe she was the one trying to get back in. (again probably "Dee")
Also I wonder who she was texting or on the phone with prior to the concert and possibly right before she left the arena.

I believe they already have their suspect and releasing mis-info to throw him off.

That's basically what I meant when I said things never play out precisely the way you imagine. Life is more random, so possibilities are more complex (tho not every aspect necessarily extraordinary or mysterious), than theorists who want to dot every "i" and cross every "t" imaginations may allow.

The basic knowns are that a college student who, for all we know, does what many, many college students do, was locked out of a concert. No reentry policy was confirmed. She called her friends and told them what happened. So far the most credible id seems to be a siting on a bridge. And yeah the police likely ruled out ids and suspects based on various factors... essential descriptions, time-frame, witness reliability, etc... We hear some bare bone facts, likely not all of them, for the already stated reasons. Very frightening and heartbreaking.

Who is "Dee" and where can I find reference to her?

ahh thank you Kat for explaining.
my daughter Kelli is dead, so i'm not too worried about anyone harming her. i'm well known on the interwebz as Kelli's mom. thats just how everyone knows me. google "kelli laine lewis"

I know Trentons dad from helping to search for him & i'm really good friends with Lisa, who runs Trentons missing page. i've been involved with many searches through the years.

I promise you i wasnt trying to tell you what to say.
just trying to being the comic relief to a painful situation
& thread. if i didnt hang on to my humor after losing my daughter, i would 100 insane instead of 90.

xo Pam, still Kelli's mom <3


Very interesting post. I do not consider myself "psychic" but I have had deja vu a couple of times in my life as well as having had premonitions in dreams a couple of times, which I view now as warnings. Some came true, some did not. In hindsight I wish I would have heeded my dreams more, but I digress as those matters have nothing to do with this case. If I did not have these dream experiences personally I probably would not think much of your post.

I find it very interesting two points in your post, one of them regarding the battery under the seat. I saw on another site (not sure which, maybe facebook?) where a gentleman purportedly with psychic abilities noted something "left behind under the seat" in a car. He is a psychic who autowrites I believe because I remember him posting pictures of his scribbling notes and that was what one of them said.

The second point was regarding someone in an authority capacity that Morgan may have felt comfortable trusting. On the blinkoncrime website there were some postings about regarding certain myspace dialogue and certain myspace profiles that individuals noted seemed to be of a suspicious nature. I looked myself and one of them has raised some concerns in my mind. Perhaps if you have the time you can take a look and see what thoughts come to mind.

I am still praying for Morgan and her safe return to her family, but sadly your scenario does not seem entirely implausible. This is an infuriating case for myself personally. I do not know Morgan but I empathize as a fellow Metallica fan and a decent human being. Whomever could have hurt or taken her deserves punishment. Justice for Morgan, and Justice for All!

CJ, you are guessing that she wasn't hitchhiking, and that she was meeting someone she knew. What's your proof? Why is your speculation more valid, and of greater importance, than eye-witness sightings of Morgan that the police have deemed credible? How do you KNOW that the call to her friends was a story they made up? It is what it is. There's no reason for the investigators and Morgan's friends to make up exciting new stories so that the case will fit your ridiculous theories and be more titillating to Nancy Grace.

Reality check - (YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK !!)

1. Morgan had the tickets to the concert posted on the fridge for 6 months prior to the concert.

2. The "friends" said Morgan told them she was going to the bathroom. There are bathrooms INSIDE the arena. There are smoke areas INSIDE the arena.

3. By all accounts Morgan "wound up" OUTSIDE the arena. There are signs and personnel that warn you that there is a no reentry policy.

Are we supposed to believe that Morgan "wound up" OUTSIDE of a concert she had been looking forward to for 6 MONTHS ? Are we supposed to believe that she wandered through security personnel, warning signs, 2 parking lots 1/4 mile away from the arena to hitchhike on a bridge ?!

4. Let's assume the friends are telling the TRUTH...(Big assumption)-They took MORGAN'S car home and didn't confirm her arrival. The father called the friends to ask THEM about Morgan's wherabouts... then he had to call the police....

I didn't make these things up...I'm not speculating...this is what THEY would have us to believe...When there is a fishy smell, "arm chair" detectives will comment on it...DEAL WITH IT !

The relevance is that if she was defeinetly very intoxicated then we should absolutely suspect serious foul play. If she was stone cold sober than we shouldmenterain a 20% possibility that she ran off.

Just my opinion.

The other reason is that JPJ has been blasted. If she was 100% sober then she might have some room to complain about making the case for being outside by mistake. If she was wasted then they did the right thing by not letting her back in and endangering other people with her stumbling up to the 300 level seats.

Her being intoxicated does not make anything her fault and no one is judging her for that. We all know kids imbibe. We are seeking context.

If we are bringing to light misinformation..then I have to point another out..from further up this board.

LE is NOT following psychic information. That poster back up a ways said.. in water, near water.. might have been in water.. on land. That about covers all area's.. doesn't it.

I would still like to know if there are camera's on corners..in that area, anyone know?

I do not believe Morgan wanted to disappear. That would be far better than what may have happened though. The friends total lack of help is that of immaturity and not wanting to say they were all using drugs or completely intoxicated. They need to know that telling on themselves may HELP Morgan. It's okay. We have all been in trouble over something. People will consider it to be nothing more than young adults acting as young adults. If you know something, please don't keep it to yourself.

@Kathy it's not the media's fault that the story dropped...It's law enforcement..The media can only report what is released...If they stop with the games, release relevant information..the media will get back on it...

Kathy, what can they say "day 30 -Morgan Harrington still missing" ? Why would they do that when there are other missing people out there where the public is being actively engaged with meaningful details ?

The police, the parents and the friends need to start talking or this case will go cold...That has been my concern from the outset. It's been over 30 days, we still don't have rock solid proof that Morgan was in the arean -no video. Days went by before we heard about the cut on Morgan's face. The conflict about whose car was driven to the show, the friends are talking, the parents are defending the friends, the parents won't even name the "young gentleman" she was texting...I could go on and on...I empathize with the parents...really I do...I want Morgan found but at this rate, I don't see it happening. They've got to stop the games.

There are 1 types of people in this world.

1. People who totally believe in psychics
- psychic themselves & pple who've seen it work

2. Everyone else. Please dont take offense to this. BUT MOST OF US WILL ALWAYS TAKE ANYTHING YOU SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. It's nothing against you personally- it's just a fact that we cant help.

We appreciate any time you devote to solving this case & others. But I think many would agree that we dont need a detailed tutorial about how psychics work. We just want answers.

As for everyone else:
Veracity- Can we get an update on ONLY what we know for certain again?

Also, I know this doesnt fit the profile bc she's a female- but any similarities between this and the Smiley Face?

Someone mentioned Justin Gaines above- his case has always been mentioned in conjunction with another- Kyle Fleischmann
here's a link: thekff.org

Similar circumstances.

sorry- I meant 2 types of people

Kathy- my last post was not in response to yours. It wasnt there before I posted. My comments were for Psychic works and others.

Kathy- I am not sure how easy it would be to do this- but we should maybe look into getting you hooked up with a sketch artist. Who knows if the police would even look at it- but for the shear chance they would and it would work- is more than enough reason to try. And even if it doesnt end up being connected- you'll still have been able to release those images and thoughts from your head.

Just a suggestion- by the way- Im a Christian and I believe that God can speak to us in many ways. This could have been one.

I guess that means.. you don't know where she is...

I guess I am psychic..as I 'knew you didn't know'

Have Faith
I am a Christian, too. I am ashamed to admit it, but the people that bash people for having these feelings or things pop in their mind, scare me. Like I said, I have had plenty of feelings about my children, family, and friends. And, something was happening when I had the panic feeling that something was happening. I have smelled flowers in a funeral home numerous times and always someone would soon die. I can often know what someone is getting ready to say or what they are thinking. But, this has been with family and friends.
I really, really do not like the image of this man in my mind. It makes me very scared and I do not know why. There is just something about his eyes/eyelashes.
I would be willing to try to help in any way. But, you know the police would just blow me off.

Don't the people on here wonder if the jerk or jerks are reading all these post? They could even be posting. This makes me feel creepy.

Did you all know..

Stephanie A went from here, and put her graphic psychic rant on Morgan's families message board.. 'directly' for them to read! They took it down, so she re-wrote it and posted it yet 'again'...


Isle 7- Steph A's posting wasn't removed.FYI.....SHE edited it in order to not be so detailed..(graphic)..Get your facts straight before posting, Please.

Roanoke.... If You are "Done" posting.. Then BE DONE!!!!


I found two facebook profiles that could both be Morgan, one is the one we know Morgan Harrington, and the other is Alex Jordan Harrington.. any clue's to the alternate name?

Think it is her brother's name

Ivy is a town 20 minutes North East of Charlottesville.

Correction, that is North WEST of Charlottesville.

Charlottesville, VA
1. Head north on 7th St NE toward Market St E 141 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Market St E 0.3 mi
3. Turn left at 1st St N 0.1 mi
4. Turn right at Water St W 0.1 mi
5. Continue onto W Main St 0.9 mi
6. Continue onto University Ave/US-250 BUS W
Continue to follow US-250 BUS W 1.8 mi
7. Continue onto Ivy Rd/US-250 W 5.4 mi
8. Turn right at Co Rd 676/Tilman Rd 144 ft
9. Take the 1st left onto Allendale Dr/Co Rd 853 0.2 mi
10. Take the 2nd right to stay on Allendale Dr/Co Rd 853 0.3 mi
11. Turn left at Co Rd 771/Glenaire Dr 0.3 mi
Ivy, VA

People please stop this needless ranting. If you want to advertise your psycic ability or your incredible Chrititianity that gives you the right to preach at people, fine, build your own website. Morgan missing isn't your own reality show--it is a horrible possible tragedy. I keep looking for info here and all I see is self aggrandising bombastic rudeness. What does any of this have to do with the search for a missing girl? To those of you who do care and are not self promoting zealots, have a happy Thanksgiving.

from roanoke...I agreed with you until your last paragraph. Not everyone on here is negative and pointing the blame finger. In fact, with fewer words, I said the same as you.

I do agree that if the friends felt less scrutinized they might be able to help more, or be more open in the public eye about what happened. I too, have gone to the restroom in a public arena alone, and would not have asked my friends to go with me in the first place.

The trouble with some of the posts here are that they assume too much, as if it is reality. We probably don't have all the facts. LE has not come forth with all the details, because this would make the guilty person invincible as far as alluding LE, and not ever getting caught. If this were a serial killer, you don't want to "stoke the fire."

Thanks :)

I feel that in their own time, regardless of how you all feel, the police will give a statement about what the UVA basketball players saw. Other witnesses gave their testimony days before any of this information was revealed. This will probably be the case with the basketball players once the police have had time to process their information. If you find your patience dwindling and you feel there is nothing you can do, then pray to God. Pray hard. With all of us sending up heart felt prayers, God will answer. It may not be the answer we wanted, but it will bring us some peace, and some understanding. It could also bring Morgan home safely.

Like many others on here, I've said it before and I'll say it again... WHY arent those friends talking? WHY arent they on tv talking? WHY dont they want to talk? I wouldve left that concert,, even if was Elvis if my friend was stuck outside.. You dont just say "o.k. see ya later" and then drive her car home the next day??!! Couldnt they have gone to the exit door and handed her the keys, so she could sit in her OWN car?? Shame on Amy and Sarah, you are so right.. if those girls hadnt acted the way she did.. we wouldnt be on her talking about MORGAN. Im 48, I was young once and did some stupid/crazy things., but friends stick together, unfortunately, these didnt. I agree we dont need to hear about Tiger. Why cover it? Lets find the missing people!!!

I've read some of the psychic work above, and also some of the attacks on psychic work. I've also worked on this case a little psychically, just as a test or practice of using traditional psychic work instead of remote viewing to try to solve missing persons cases. (I was hoping that traditional psychic work would be faster, but wow was I wrong!) Long story short, it takes SO MUCH TIME to solve a case like this. I did map divination, some pendulum work, several Tarot readings, and was given many other clues over time (some of which were validated in witness accounts above), but it has taken DAYS. And I didn't mean to spend that much time on it -- I'd originally meant to spend maybe 2 hours to see what I could see. But after that, the clues just kept coming, and strong intuition, and spiritual urgings to do more, etc. The girl seemed to connect with me and other psychics, would like to see this case resolved before she moves on. I think it's interesting that the girl was spotted along the Highway 20 corridor, because my work indicated that areas northeast of there were of interest. To the serious psychics above, I've talked to 2 other psychics about this case, one is VERY good (the best I've found in one of the largest US cities, she just doesn't charge a lot like the famous ones). All 3 of us see WOODS just as you do, and 2 of us were pretty sure it was near water. However all 3 of us have also seen her as having multiple male attackers. None of us think it turned out well for her. Anyway, thanks to everyone who donated their psychic abilities. Sometimes psychic work actually does solve cases -- you can just google it. But law enforcement has to know how to work with them, and also they have to compare notes between various psychics and real tips to see which ones confirm each other. It's a lot to do, but as with most tasks, hard work pays off.

So did anyone every find out if that was Morgan ex working security that night? I just can not beleive this girl has just vanished? I hope and pray they find her!

Could the reason that there is no video of Morgan be because these cameras are continually looping the film and it self erases all images within a certain narrow timeframe? If her disappeance was not reported for more than 24 hours, could not this have happened? I know this is how the tapes inside the "black boxes" on airlines operate.

This SHOULD NOT be a forum to debate the psychic profession...The goal is to discuss the facts of Morgan's case.

The reason it's so easy for things to get off track is because there are so few confirmed facts being released to the public. I've said it before and I'll say it again...The games have got to stop or the case will go cold....freezing cold.

If law enforcement, the parents and Morgan's friends are reading these posts, psychic debates are of no value whatsoever...If they are reading this particular post, I wish to encourage them to start talking.

Police: It looks like all of the info you have is "eyewitness", do you have anything substantial ? Did you rule out or confirm Morgan's appearance at the convience store the next day ? Have you cleared the basketball players ? Stop with the ridiculus hitchhike theory.

Parents: If Nancy Grace or other media outlets will allow you to come back their on the show, don't dance around specific questions such as "who was Morgan texting that night ?" Don't continue to excuse Morgan's "friends". They should be making the media rounds like you have. They should be answering questions like "why didn't you confirm that Morgan made it home safely ?"

Friends: Stop withholding information. Go on the networks and tell what you know. If Morgan was drunk/drugged that night -put it out there. Who was Morgan meeting outside of the areana ? Did you take pictures with Morgan inside the arena ? If so, did you turn the photos over to law enforcement ? If she never made it inside the concert, for goodness sake say so !!!

I'm not trying to be harsh. I'm being practical.

Read Your Bible
I did not post anything bad on here and I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I have been troubled by what I wrote and thought someone could make me feel better about it. Of course, your hell, fire, and damnation did not. You really should not be judging me or anyone else. I know all about being saved and accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, it happened when I was a young teen. You do not know me and you really have no right to bash me. I am not a psychic and I am not taking my feelings to the family. But, I have always had feelings when something bad was going to happen to someone in my family or close friends before it happened. I may not know who exactly it is, I just know something is going to happen. And, no my smelling funeral flowers is not to be compared to your ER theory. When I smell them I know someone close to me is going to die and they do. I think that this is something that God put in me and He certainly does not condemn me, after all, He made me. And, I do read my Bible and devotions. I attend church and I put no one above God. But, I do have these feelings. I do not like it at all. A few weeks before my sweet Daddy died I had a feeling come over me at work that he was going to die and I went all to pieces. My boss tried to comfort me, but to no avail. One day I came in my parents house and my Daddy gave me my original birth certificate. When I looked at it the first thing I saw was that he was 44 when I was born and I went all to pieces because the feeling hit me hard that he would die while I was 44, and he did. Years ago my son went on a long trip and I suddenly got this horrible feeling that something was wrong with him. My minister was with me. I became upset and said that something was wrong. My minister (we are Methodist) knew me well and he told me that if I said it was so, then he knew it was so. I got on the phone trying to reach my son. I got his girlfriends roommate who told me that they were on the way to the hospital. My son got hurt at the train station.
Now you blast away, but blast someone else. And, remember that it is not for you to judge. That is God's job. Have a blessed day.

Thank you Brother TK and Read Your Bible. I think I know why some people shy away from church and God. Do you think you would be good leaders for God? You really are not showing a loving spirit. God loves everyone. And, I do mean everyone.
I only asked one person a question on here because the incident was bothering me. You do no need to climb up in the altar and preach.
I am God's child. He has an Eternal Home for me in Heaven. Maybe I will see you there.

I think your last line says a lot about you. You are one of those mightier than thou, so called christians. Shoving your word down others throats. Believing only in your way. And JUDGING OTHERS.
Please do not respond to me again. I find you to be causing God to frown.

I feel the same about 'psychics' shoving their words down the mouths of the families of the missing.

There are.. fire and brimstone teachers.. soft spoken ones.. complacent.. the list goes on..

Who I am or the manner which I speak..is irrelevant, what's important is if what I say is 'true'

Look it up in your bible.. don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself.

And while your at it.. do a Google on the Missing.. and psychic's.. check it out.. read for yourself.

I think my brimstone cookies are done.. gonna go watch TV :)

Be Blessed :)

kat - i didn't mean to generalize. you're right, not EVERY post is negative. but the majority are. when i think of this thread, i think of the negativity and the blame placing. yes, there are a few posters here who are more positive (including you, as well as a few others).

but, honestly, what if you (not you specifically, kat. just everyone) were morgan's friends or parents, living this nightmare day after day and never getting a break from the emptiness because that precious someone is missing? how would you feel if you read what some of the people have said on this board? their friend is already missing, that's enough to make anyone feel like crap for a lifetime, and the negativity and blame placed on them probably doesn't lift their spirits at all.

FYI: i know i said i was done with this thread, but when i made my last post, i clicked the "notify me of future comments" box out of habit and was curious as to what the new reply was about. so don't hate on me for replying even though i said i was done.

cat - I believe that the "psychics" on here DO believe they are helping and that is fine. I keep seeing this old broken doll in my mind, but I'm not sure if that's because I watch too many movies or what. My question to you is...how come you keep telling everyone that you come to this site to find facts, but at the same time you do not leave any facts? All you do is bash on the people who may not have any facts, but who think they are helping. If any of the posts here are considered needless ranting, it is yours. Because all you do is tell others that their posts are unfounded. There is also no person who has posted on this board who does not deserve to have a Happy Thanksgiving, including you.

I prayed hard the other night that Morgan will be home for Thanksgiving. There is still time. Have faith.

I think, she hitched a ride with the wrong person. I don't think her friends had anything to do with it, and they are not responsible for a grown woman's choices.

As far as Morgan taken drugs, or drinking. It is impossible to know, unless one of her friends witnessed it. In which case, they may have been instructed to not give a statement to the public. Which is understandable. Why not? Well.. let's say there is a perp. In his defense he can say.. I gave her a ride, and she was higher than a kite (witness accounts verify). The perp. would/could use that information for defense.

Oh, I just cannot wait to see what the next arguments will be. This is really getting to be worse than stupid.

Mr Dred,

That is not helpful and I do not believe that you want to get into an argument re safety at UVa vs VT. There are bad people everywhere. Now, do you have any insight into how we can help find Morgan? I certainly wish that I did.

She was seen in a parking lot by the bb players, I do not recall if these 'defined' spots of seeing her have been plotted on a map for us to compare to where her purse was found.

Perhaps someone else knows?

Here is what we "know" - in this case, over 98 percent is EXCLUSIVELY WHAT POLICE HAVE TOLD US, with the lone exception of the concert goer from MD who came forward. He explained he spoke to Morgan as "her party" arrived at the concert. Everyone else is staying in the shadows.

Morgan -

We were told she dressed in Roanoke- her attire was a black "Pantera" T-shirt/black mini skirt/black tights/black boots, drove her car to Harrisonburg- we do not know exactly where, met with four friends - three girlfriends and a boy friend (not Morgan's beau). We do not know where or if the party ate before the concert. The timeline is very vague. We don't know exactly where Morgan's party parked in Charlottesville, but according to the recent UVA grad who returned for the concert, Morgan (and maybe others of her party?) was/were let out while someone parked her car. There was initial confusion that Morgan's car was not in Charlottesville at all but left in Harrisonburg. There is no security footage showing her car. Morgan spoke to this man and his friends close to the entrance. It was not a long conversation. Morgan was very excited about the concertand did not appear drunk to this man and according to him asked who the opening bands were and then said WHO CARES WE'RE HERE TO SEE METALLICA right! The witness did notice when the concert ended Morgan was NOT with her party in the parking lot.

Morgan became "separated from her friends and FOUND HERSELF on the outside of JPJ and refused re-entry" according to Lt Rader. We don't know the specifics of when, where exactly she found herself on the outside or WHY!

Authorities claimed initially Morgan only tried one door one time to gain re-entry. They did not say which door. They later admitted she tried multi-locations BUT THEY DID NOT DETAIL or UPDATE the TIMELINE. So we don't know where she moved when around the outside of the arena.

At the moment LE provided a timeline, LE provided new information. LE explained Morgan was injured. They explained they knew it all along. They dismissed this detail and did not share it because they concluded "her injuries were not the result of an assault" and therefore not pertinent to her disappearance. We do not know the specifics as the where, how, when she was injured. LE did not say whether she received any first aid inside or why since she was injured she was not transported to UVA hospital for evaluation. We do not know if an incidence report was taken or when UVA police became aware of the injury. We do not know who that night evaluated her or if any medically trained person did at all. And again, we have no security footage of Morgan inside JPJ either.

LE claims Morgan spoke to various folks in various lots surrounding JPJ. Again no DETAIL OR UPDATE TIMELINE to show her actual movements. LE does say she was near the ticket booth at one point. We don't know what doors she tried or what she actually said to anyone. Noone has come forward. LE claims she is on ZERO security footage inside and outside of JPJ.

LE claims Morgan crossed Copley, spoke to x number of UVA B-Ball players for ? time between 9 - 9:? PM in the RV lot, the players left "in their cars", and Morgan was seen by ? witnesses hitchhiking along the Copley Bridge. We do not have any information she actually made it inside a vehicle. We were told she was seen hitchhiking in BOTH DIRECTIONS???

Morgan was texting a male friend who did not live in Charlottesville and the texting stopped at 9:20 PM. We do not know what she texted (is that a word?). Her text history and her phone history have not been released by her parents or LE.

Her purse, with a broken strap and ID inside, was found in the THE CAGE Parking LOT (exactly where we do not know) and turned into UVA Police, according to UVA POLICE log, around 8 AM by whom we do not know. The specifics are murky - where exactly includes the lot being debatable because LE's released TIME LINE put her found purse in the RV lot across the street, not in the CAGE LOT AT ALL. Who found it and where, who turned it in, who received it, how the strap was broken, if the cell phone, and its battery was in her purse, all are mysteries. What UVA POLICE DID from 8AM after getting the purse and id remain a mystery too. These are all open ended questions. There is no footage of the purse either? OF NOTE, it would have been daylight at 8 AM on Sunday. No one from UVA has explained their lost and found policy or specifically who found Morgans belongings, who received it, and what exactly happened with Morgan's purse between 8 AM and 1:40 PM when her father reported her missing. Remember there was a missing male UVA student whose wallet was found years ago. That student remains missing. Begs the question what UVA did to improve their handling of missing purses/wallets? And there is a 5 + hour time delay between the discovered purse and the missing person report.

The missing person report DID NOT include anything about her purse or cell. We do not know if Morgan's belongings contained her parents contact information, if Va Tech was notified. Her cell phone sans its battery was also found. We don't know IF it was with the purse, in addition to the purse, at the same location as the purse, or if the battery was nearby or missing altogether. We do not know what UVA did after the cellphone was found much like the purse. We do not know the model of phone. We do not know if Morgan's house key was among her belongings found.

Morgan was late arriving at her parents (Roanoke) home at Noon on Sunday. Her dad phoned her concert going friends. Learned Morgan had become separated from them DURING the concert. Dr. Harrington contacted authorities at UVA and a missing person report was issued around 1:40 PM on Sunday afternoon. It is not clear if he contacted UVA POLICE directly or if he called Roanoke or Blacksburg police first.

UVA Campus POlice held the lead from Sunday, Oct. 18 afternoon to ??? The Virginia State Police joined the case and assisted and within a day or so was also leading.

Not sure if a campus wide alert went out on Sunday? The Missing person report drafted and released by UVA POLICE did not include her movements leading up to her disappearance or immediately following her disappearance. There was no mention of the concert. No mention of Harrisonburg, where she arrived from and where she was supposed to be going after the concert. There is no description of her car, what lot it was parked, or any other vehicle Morgan entered or exited. No specifics at all. There is only a vague statement Morgan was last seen "NEAR JPJ ARENA". There is no mention of her injury. Her description is incomplete - we still don't know what sort of sleeves her shirt had or how her hair was fixed. Her necklace was omitted from the description and released weeks later. No idea if she had earrings, bracelets, or a watch still.

During the first news conference, Lt Rader, from the Appomattox Region 3 office spoke. He did not complete the description, provided misinformation - claimed her t-shirt said PANERA (think restaurant) NOT PANTERA (METAL BAND). Does not explain she was injured. He gives his contact info 434-352-3435, and claims he 'checks that number throughout the day", "asks her friends to take an interest" and claims "the information we receive is about as good as we get". During that news conference, Lt. Rader also explains Dr. and Mrs. Harrington will speak BUT he has told them not to speak of certain things and he warns the press he will be monitoring their questions.

The press release provided to the media actually has a different contact number on it,434-352-3457, though who belongs to that number remains a mystery as far as VSP community notification goes.

There is no Charlottesville Task Force formed nor is there a Command Center set up in Charlottesville. A grid search of sorts is done though the specifics remain a mystery. We have no idea what kinds of dogs were used or what specific areas were searched. We were told, LE did the search based on tips.

There is a search in the Pantop area of Charlottesville during the last week of October.

UVA police Chief and Investigative Lietenaunt to date have no interest in Morgan's case or explaining their policies and procedures.

The FBI was called into the case after 48+ hours passed and ONLY to follow up on leads OUTSIDE of VA according to VSP Rader.

UVA POLICE site has never updated their Morgan Harrington information to include CRIMESTOPPER CONTACT NUMBER AND REWARD AMOUNT or the 1-800-843-5678, Center for Missing contact number or even the VSP 434-352-3457 number. No idea if UVA or UVA POLICE sent a campus wide alert to educate folks about the reward and Crimestopper contact number.

The VSP brought a PR rep, Corrine Geller, into this case in late October, claimed there was a "TASK" FORCE, yet did not provide any contact information for anyone inside of Regions 2 (Harrisonburg) and 6 (Roanoke) for their own agency nor any names or contact information for any other member of this task force and none were present at the news conference. VSP continues to NOT disclose what trooper was actually assigned to work this case. A new "task force" phone number 804-263-5547 was provided. This number happens to be Corrine Geller's contact number, not a number for an investigator, at least according to their own website. The VSP has not changed their main page to include Morgan as a MISSING ADULT and her bulletin can only be opened if one clicks MISSING CHILDREN. When it is opened, the "task force" number is not present. (However, various news reports have carried that new number including the Richmond Times Dispatch because T. Strong keeps using it!) The VSP bulletin does not include the REWARD or CRIMESTOPPER CONTACT NUMBER, or a physical command center location. The numbers to date have belonged to Appomattox VA and Richmond Va.

I think that is all we know. There is some chatter on the internet about various aspects of this case and it should be noted the Lead investigator whoever he or she is, is not attempting to contain or dispell inaccurate speculative information. In fact, the VSP has actually created or continued inaccurate community notification.

the more i read about the timeline and the friends actions i think she may have wanted to disappear, at first i thought there was a zero chance of this,,,,,the friends total lack of help after and their actions that night

Yes, I agree, it is very possible that she met foul play in the parking lot, and that the witness account of her hitchhiking was inaccurate.
In fact, it is much more logical, than her intentionally walking away from her purse and phone. (Which us gal's never do)

I am sure that LE is checking all vehicles, RV's and also those that attended the concert.

"There is not one proven case in which a psychic, using special powers or abilities not given to the typical person, has located a missing person, whether dead or alive. It may be possible that some persons have an ability that defies science and logic, but there is no known scientific evidence of this. These persons re-victimize families by taking away hope where it should stand, and giving hope where there is none. No person has the right to do this to another. "


The psychic discussion turns the focus away from Morgan and jumpstarts the crusade to either prove or disprove the usefulness or ineffectiveness of psychics....

...I know how we got here. We have law enforcement releasing droplets of unconfirmed information weeks after the disappearance, coupled the deafning silence of her "friends", plus the overall vagueness of the parents and their inexplicable support of Morgans "friends".

We cannot allow these factors to put us on the psychic vs Christianity bus. Getting on that bus only increases the likelihood the case will be frozen by Chistmas. The case already has ice sickles.

veracity -excellent summarization of what we know, or should I say DON'T KNOW...

Dakota-excellent summarization of what law enforcement has created..a COLD CASE !

Everyone- I was saddened to read the article posted by JTF..The parents visiting the bridge where Morgan was last seen...What if the "bridge sighting" was misinformation as well ?

(SIGH)..Still praying Morgan comes home safe and sound -in spite of LE's handling of the case.

I made a mistake. The phone number is 434-352-3467! Need to find out WHO BELONGS TO THAT NUMBER. Very sorry.

Amen Peanut! Amen. Prayers for Morgan!!

This is a very high profile case, and LE 'is' doing all they can and following 'every lead'.
In my opinion, she 'was' on the bridge, trying to hitch a ride, and she got one. I hope 'all' the camera's in that part of town are checked 'all of them' and also nearby cities.

She may very well be alive and held against her will, if that is the case.. I hope the public looks over their fence at their neighbors.. and keeps an eye out for any odd activity, noises.. etc.

Silence..Because the public is not updated by LE, does not mean they are not actively searching/pursuing/investigating.

It's not a cold case :)

quote: "... I know from my own daughter’s death, how badly LE can screw up a case."

You certainly got that right!

Nowadays you see 3, 4 and 5 year rookies being promoted to the detective divisions. Most of them don't have a clue what they're doing. And some of them have a clearance rate as low as 5% of the cases assigned to them.

I know a patrol division rookie who decided to take a misdemeanor case and investigate it herself. After screwing the case up very badly, getting herself and her captain sued, and after having to pay out large sums of money to the person they falsely arrested during her sloppy investigation..... she was recently promoted to the detective division.

There's no rhyme or reason to what actually goes on in cop shoppes nowadays.

Notwithstanding all of the above, Lt Rader is a very experienced and intelligent cop of many years service. The Morgans are very fortunate to have him on this case.

There's no real incentive for the accomplice(s) to roll over...Why should they ? The case is frozen, nobody's talking, the parents are not putting pressure on the friends/LE...The LE is clinging to far out hitchiking theories and failing to confirm or disprove the types of facts found in "Detective Work 101"...The best we can hope for is the "magic tip".

i would just like to point out that the law enforcement working on this case are TRAINED and KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING! there's a reason they're not giving all the information they have to the public...it could be very harmful to the progress of the case. stop feeling "betrayed" because you don't know all the information. it isn't your job to solve this case, it's the job of the law enforcement and they're handling it the way their trained to handle it.

I guess I'm in the minority, but I'm a woman, and I'd go to the bathroom by myself at a JPJ concert. Particularly if the main attraction was supposed to take the stage at any minute and I didn't want my friends to miss it, and particularly if I'd been drinking a lot and this was not my first time needing to get up for the bathroom. It's a huge, clean, secure-feeling arena, not some poorly lit small venue, and there would always be tons of other people in the bathroom, so why not go by yourself? However, I do agree that it's odd that the friends just left her outside once she called to say she was out. But if they were under the influence that would have affected their judgement.

I also don't think it's odd that her friends haven't spoken out. They probably have been told by investigators not to speak to media.

Gas Bag Self Ordained Expert:

I PRAY you are right ! It's just that I dont see the first scenario you listed being in effect...If I was the criminal, after watching this case freeze with the help of LE, the friends and the parents I would RELAX and take option one -and no, I would not be looking over my shoulder, because I would not be afaid...But again I PRAY your're right -I PRAY I'm WRONG !!

I hadnt thought about the investigators telling them not to speak. thats a good idea. but what I meant to say is , that normally when one person says that they have to go to the bathroom, someone else will go too.. but if she was effected in some way, she might have just wandered off by herself. If I had waited 6 mos to see my favorite band, I wouldve at least stood there to see them come on stage. I just wonder if she ever was even at the concert or C'ville at all. Was she texting some guy and had met up with him along the way and the friends at first didnt want to admit that to her parents? Just a thought. I hope she is found safe.

Good people (and I do hope that you are all well-intentioned) First, and last, let's keep these posts about trying to find Morgan OK? Everyone is entitled to their own views but at this point it seems as though a majority of these posts are about people talking about themselves without even bothering to get the facts correct. Fact, Morgan is missing. Fact she went to the concert with friends and her roommate. FACT the police have talked to her roommate and her friends. At this point presenting yourself on a blog as a incredibly talented investigator or any other type of missing person expert is a waste of resources. Contact the police with your observations.
Morgan is still missing. That is the important thing. Your opinion of your abilities isn't.

People live in their own little boxes and if something is said that does not fit into their boxes all crap breaks loose.
I am afraid that I am the one that caused these attacks because I stated to someone that I saw a face when I was concentrating on Morgan one night. I also stated that most of my life I have had feelings when something was going to happen to someone close to me. I am not a psychic! I never said that I was. I am a very loving and caring person and I carry deep emotions. You cannot tell me that other people have not had a feeling about something and then that something happens. This is normal. I just have never seen anything and I wondered if there was something to it or was it just that I am so overwhelmed over Morgan and her family. People bashes me straight to hell. I am a Christian and I am a devoted Christian. I do not need people to tell me anything about how I need to read my Bible, go to church, or that I am associated with satan. These people are hurtful and very self righteous. I would never intentionally hurt anyone or say hurtful things to people, even if I was positive I was right and they were wrong.
I doubt very seriously that the Harrington's are reading The Hook. And, if they are, I did not say anything that would upset them.
I know from personal experience how you function during severe trauma, and you do not read magazines.
I want all of you people to keep your opinions to yourselves. Your posting and creating drama because something does not abide by your golden rules is what causes turmoil on here and takes away from focusing on Morgan. You are rude and it appears just waiting to attack anyone.
Take your concerns about people on here to the Lord in prayer. That is what you are supposed to do. And, judge not lest you be judged does not make you the JUDGE!
May God hold the Harrington's close especially during this holiday season. God is in control and He always has the perfect plan. We may not see it and we may not understand it, but we will one day.

Hey, psychics�raise your hand if you've won the lottery.

That's what I thought.

So many people want to help find Morgan. The woman who saw Morgan on Campus , Ms. Parsons is anxious to identify the male she saw with Morgan to the police , but they say there is no photo & you cannot just arrest someone . I did not think that a composite sketch would be too much to ask for. Any person seen with Morgan that night would certainly be a "person of Interest" wouldn't they?
They would need to be questioned. The police are uncertain if Ms. Parson actually saw Morgan , but Ms.Parson has art training & her reliability as far as facial recognition would be much better than most. Morgan is a beautiful girl & her facial features are unique, she stands out.
If possible sightings of Morgan are not taken more seriously , people with information will be discouraged & not want to have to " push " their way into the Police Station to try to get someone to believe them. All of the small leads should be listened to , & acted on quickly. The dots need to be connected on this one , instead it feels like the dots are being erased before the interview even takes place.

I agree with you, Frances. This is the most information that I've seen released to date. There are a lot more witnesses mentioned in this article. I would assume each one attributes to a small piece of a very large puzzle. Yes, I would think Ms. Parsons help would be appreciated/needed. If these men are innocent, they should just step forward to clear things up and let it be known where Morgan was headed when they left her. I just hope all these witnesses don't get too discouraged. From what I am now reading, maybe Ms. Harrington was hitchhiking. It sounds as though she was either very intoxicated or drugged and obviously physically/mentally impaired. Why her friends weren't keeping a better eye on her is beyond me.

The article says that the police interviewed the residents in response to the allegations, according to those neighbors. I trust the police here. Not only is this a high profile case but these officers are human and plenty have kids of their own. Using just about every similar past case as an indication, there must be a number of officers pulling unpaid overtime on this case and having a hard time sleeping at night. Despite professionalism, you know there are investigators on this case who are as obsessed or more than all of us watching the case and praying for her recovery. They're not going to let credible evidence go sliding by.

As a high profile case, though, a lot of people are going to skew events in their minds and unintentionally falsely relate them- and there are also going to be a (much smaller, but still significant) number of sickos looing for attention who just plain make things up. I can't imagine trying to sort through all of that, but that's what these investigators are trained to do and experienced at doing.

As for her friends, I'm sure their sharpest critics right now are themselves- and that will be with them until the day they die. But honestly, few kids are going to leave an expensive concert before it starts for a friend who is telling them they're alright- because few people can imagine something like this actually happening. Not to say that this excuses their lack of action, but if Morgan's parents are refraining from finger pointing, I'll do the same.

I do, however, wonder about the people who barred her reentry. That's policy everywhere, but concert workers should be taught to take some responsibility when this leads to the likely possibility of kids being stuck outside alone with no transportation. They should arrange to call parents, taxi, whatever- or allow a friend to come take care of the ind. and then gain reentry. It sounds like Morgan was possibly being aggressive to them- but of course she was. She was being told she'd lost a 50$ ticket and the concert she'd looked forward to for some time- that would make anyone angry, and should be expected. It would also make you prone to impulsive behavior.

I'm stunned though, as I know we all are, by the dignity and restraint of her parents, when their love and pain is so obvious... it makes the lack of progress in the case just that much more painful for all of us anonymous bystanders, all over the country, following it.

Jane, Again, Thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't claim I am right on this and the worse part is, if I am off, I will only be criticized more......However, I had rather be wrong and her found alive then right on this one. I think that my post was just too graphic and not what readers want to read and really apologize for that. I originally posted at like 2am.....I had posted for the Police the similar post several days ago, knowing that it wouldn't go public and cause me ridicule.....and it took several days for me to get my nerve up to post on blogs for others to read. I didn't know it had been removed from this blog nor did I realize I was posting again on the same blog. I had just wanted to post it out there and maybe it would trigger someones memory? On another blog, it was to me that another psychic, I can't remember where she said she saw it, posted VERY similar facts as I did, including the battery under the attackers seat, etc....Because I did re post on this site by accident, it may still be here, I am not sure.....it is several post up.....If you can't find it due to it being removed again, I will let you know another blog it is posted on. Thanks for your post.

I was once a good looking blonde college student (about 100 years ago!) and I went to alot of concerts.... some I was very excited to see. But I can tell you, the prospect of some good looking, smooth talking guy would trump any band. (It's so unfortunate that wisdom usual only comes with age). Maybe she went outside to meet up with someone - she did leave between acts - because she didn't REALIZE she wasn't going to be able to get back in! The Police have not released any info from the sec. guards they interviewed - they may NOT have told her she wasn't going to be able to get back in. Then she's out there totally pissed, calls her friends, friend probably say they aren't bring her keys to her bc then they won't have ride, and then she's out there vulnerable.

Also, I don't think it's necessary for us to speculate on her mental health. I could easily see that she was probably drunk before, thinking she's looking hot (bc she was), and then, when she didn't get her way back in JPJ, when the guy she kicked rejected her, she was pissed! Haven't we all felt angry at some rejection - esp when drunk.

As to the relevance of her intoxication, one would think that if she were sober : Perhaps if some stranger/half-stranger stopped to give her a ride she would have said no if sober - then if forced inside she would have possibly made a scene for someone to notice and report. If she were drunk her guard is obviously let down maybe more willing to take a chance - wouldn't make that much of a scene.

I don't know where I'm going with this except to say I really really really hope whoever was behind this was someone she knew. To think that it's a "predator" scares the hell out of me.

I think about this poor girl constantly.


Your version of events has Morgan voluntarily leaving the concert that she had, by numerous accounts, been extremely excited about and looking forward to for quite a long time...........

Sorry, but I don't buy that.

Kat, I know what you are trying to say, but if someone did something to Morgan, "jerk" is not the word. If there is anyone who has knowledge of what happened, keep in mind the terms accessory before or after the fact. If you know something, come forward. I'm no legal expert, not by a long shot, but I would think you have a much better chance of receiving a lesser sentence or perhaps even immunity if you come forward voluntarily. If you know Morgan and care for her, and are aware that she left voluntarily (seems very unlikely, but who knows for sure) consider, are you really doing her a favor? Life is not that easy under the best of conditions, but what would it be like for a 20 year old, constantly having to hide her identity.

Right on, John.

And -if- she was even drunk, right? I mean certainly more than likely, but like John said we're all just speculating and I think we shouldn't forget that.

At any rate, I hope my kids can go to concerts, get wasted, and have fun without being victimized by some subhuman creep in the process.

Hello Fellow Bloggers, I have been gone all afternoon. Are there any updates on Morgan?
I am not going to post anything, anymore, about anybody. I do apologize for any interruptions that I have caused.
I want to hear updates and opinions. Maybe an opinion will be right and someone may see it and think it is worth checking out.
I am in the hopes that if Morgan is dead that maybe a hunter will find her before a long time span passes.
I continue to pray for Morgan, her family, and her friends.
God Bless All Of Us.

Stephanie, you're full of it :)

Sylvia Browne has a track record of....0 crimes solved. In fact much of the information she puts out is so far off as to be ridiculous. Read up on her:


rather than just believing what you see on Montel.

This is such a sad story. But unfortunately, one that happens a lot. Everyone is attempting to speculate all these things about her from the reports. Fact is, the behaviour points to one thing: the fact that shes a 20 year old KID. I'm 23 and a rock fan and have been to countless concerts since I was like 15 and this crap happens at every single one of them. Every concert, every bar thru college, even now. Its called being you. Yeah maybe she was drinking, maybe she got mad at a guy when he denied her arm, and im sure she WAS mad she couldnt get back in. Her friends probably ditched her and she wanted to go HOME. She talked to, or got approached, by a group of guys because she was alone and she stuck with them because she had no one else around. There are no crazy or secretive behaviours here... these are the behaviours of a good majority of 16-25 year old kids who go out, drink, have fun etc. Its just unfortunate that someone, or a group of someone's, took advantage of her being ALONE. Everyone involved could have been more responsible, but hey, they are KIDS. My prayers go out to her family.

Very nice article, Courteney Stuart. Please keep up the good work! I have been following this case closely. My husband took my teenage son to that same Metallica concert. They had been so excited for months waiting for the day to finally get here. When I heard about Morgan's disappearance and how she had been so excited for 6 months, I couldn't imagine her doing anything that would get her locked out of the arena - unable to see the band she had waited so long to see. I guess I don't understand why she wouldn't have called her parents to see if they could do anything to get her back in. Her father worked at UVA in the past. There is so much about the case that doesn't make sense.
I have been upset with LE, too. I’ve seen many cases covered by the media where law enforcement seems so strong and knowledgeable, asking for help from the public, and being a little more forthcoming. Whenever I've seen a news conference with Lt. Rader or heard comments by phone on Nancy Grace by Corinne Geller, they just seem like they are stonewalling - imo. I remember the DC sniper case where Montgomery County police chief Charles Moose was someone who everyone looked to for help/answers. He always came across as if he were "taking the bull by the horns." Not so with the LE officials I've seen on this case. I hope I'm wrong. I just want Morgan to be found/rescued, wherever she is.
Another thing I find so frustrating is there has not been even one picture released of Morgan from that night. It cannot be possible that she is not on any surveillance tapes. It can't be possible that she and her friends didn't take pictures of each other at the concert, or on the way to the concert. In this day and age, EVERYONE takes pictures with their cell phones of friends and special occasions. Blur the faces of her friends if they have to, but at least let people see how Morgan looked that night!
When people say that LE is just keeping everything close to the vest, well hopefully, that is the case. But, I can't get it out of my mind that maybe this type of LE is the reason there are still so many unsolved missing persons cases in VA. Just my opinion...I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

Courtney Stuart I look at this blog for updates rather than for gripefests. Do YOU have any updates? You seem to be writing about this more than most other newspeople. Any news would be appreciated. Thank you.

I don't think we're any closer today than a month ago. There appear to be no new leads. I'd suggest returning to known timeline, pounding away at it and KNOWN facts. Also, I hope the Newspaper lady with art training may have worked up some sketches as soon as she realized what was going on. They could eventually be of significence to the case.

I agree with Osama. I am sorry but it is not none of our business because this girl has disappeared without a trace. What if it was your sister or your daughter who is gone, would you still think it's no one's business?

Shame is right, can't accuse the "friends" but they certainly dropped the ball..btw CC sounds like another "friend"

I'm sorry but the whole thing is shady. Who tells their friend "go ahead and get a ride home, sure we will drive your car home while you find your own way back." Doesn't make any sense..

Steph A. - You may be able to post as a guest (without logging in and possibly under a second email).

Did UVA make a statement about the basketball players' involvement in Harrington's disappearance?

Sorry for the off topic post. Steph A: I suggest writing to the admin and seeing if they will facilitate an email exchange with someone in particular-- or you could set up a generic dummy email, make that account public, and then either carry on all correspondence from that account or screen it until you are sure the person you are interacting with is someone you trust. Just be extremely careful, because people are obviously going to try to mess with you. I suggest one other thing, humbly. Don't let yourself get baited. No matter how mean/unfair someone is, ignore it-- you can't let yourself be affected. They don't know you so it can't be personal. Resist all urge to respond. They're not interested in dialogue, it's vampiric. If you can't resist, don't do a dummy account, because it is going to get flooded. The internet is always gloves off, Steph A. It's the power of anonymity. Don't get baited.

CC- I am refering to graphic details / words, not actually graphics. Sorry, I wasn't too clear.

Kat, I realize I could change name and email to post....but I would just like to edit some existing post. It's probably not possible...but thats ok. Thanks

Oh, Please, "Shame on Amy and Sarah". It is always convenient to blame people who just made bad decisions. No, they are not adults. They can't legally purchase alcohol because they are not considered mature enough to handle it. I do not know them, but I have actually been their age and have 3 kids their ages. No, they have not gotten into trouble, but I can see that their thought processes and decision makings are not like someone with more worldly experience. (Backed up by neuro science) I am glad that you are perfect and come from a perfect family. There are so few of you in the world. Some of us mortals make mistakes. Now, just accept that and go ahead and live perfectly. I would like to hear how you can be proactive to bring MH home. Isn't that the point, or do you have another?

From the article above:

In the early days of the investigation, Geller says, police reviewed hours of surveillance footage from the Arena and from area businesses but found no images of Morgan. According to the owner of the closest convenience store to John Paul Jones Arena, the 7-Eleven on Ivy Road, it was several days before investigators reviewed her store’s tapes.


Hello- First, being close to the Harrington Family, I am sure you are seeing, or at least hearing first hand the complete anguish they must be going through....It is unimaginable to me.......

That being said, I also read the post by the Steph A lady, and granted she could have posted with a little more "discretion"... I too have heard around that this is what they believe to have happened and are following it as an active lead....even searching the area(s) indicated....this weekend, I believe....(I heard this on other boards, etc...from those keeping close tabs.....not sure if they are privy to inside info. or not??)

So, I was wondering, where did you hear that it is believed that this was the probability of the circumstances revolving her disappearance? I was wondering if you heard it from other boards also, or if it is something that you are aware of being closer to the Family,than obviously most, if not all of us are here on this blog?

My heart just goes out and hurts for everyone involved. I say and will continue to say a prayer each night until this is resolved....one way or another-

u are so right the silence of the "friends" speaks volumes

y did they act so not like friends

I also wanted to make a comment about her purse. Her mother said that it was chosen because she could carry it in her back like a packpack and that she would not loose it while dancing at the concert. If she was wearing it in that fashion it would have been hard to remove accept in a struggle.

I live in the UK and have been following this story since it was first made public. I thought I'd share my thoughts and I hope this is ok?
I have seen Metallica 15 times in the UK and Ireland and do agree that the 'uniform' of many girls at these shows is a black band tshirt and black skirt or jeans/denims. This may have led to some well intentioned false sightings, like in the girl on the youtube video for example.
I have read so many news reports and speculation on this case and there are so many differing points of view and even differing versions of the facts.
It is strange that there are no photos of the group of friends whilst at the concert or on their way there.
Was anything missing from her purse, like her money or any valuables?
They must have looked at her telephone records for the day and if there was a lot a contact to a particular number (i.e arranging to meet an unidentified person) this would have surely been investigated by the police.
I dont see any harm in people who think they are 'psychic' following their own leads, good luck with that. I imagine there are a lot of wooded areas with water in any region, you may have to cover some distance.
Interestingly the only vague part of the rather disturbing story from the 'psychic' is where Morgan might be right now. Which is strange because the irrelevant parts are highly detailed, what she drank, what she smoked, the guy having a girlfriend etc etc.
Most of the info about is basically useless to a missing person search and the part about her final fate was very insensitive.

I hope every day that there will be some good news for Morgans family and friends and I will continue to follow the story from across the ocean.

Sorry, I try to be accurate, it was a UVa spokesperson as quoted from the Newsplex website. "However, UVa's spokesperson, Carol Wood, confirms that the suspension and leave of absense of two players on the basketball team has nothing to do with the Morgan Harrington case saying in an email, "These actions are in no way connected to Morgan's disappearance."

John, YOU want the basketball players to be ACCOUNTABLE? Accountable for what? Have they been charged? I don't believe so. From what we know some players (have heard 2, 3 or 4) saw/talked to/interacted with someone who looked like Morgan. We do not know whether or not they are the people who reported seeing someone who looked like Morgan on the bridge. Which of the 16 do you want to be accountable? There are 16 young men on the roster for 2009-2010. Two are currently not participating, one for personal reasons, another is suspended for 3 games for violating team rules. Having lived in this college town all my life, I know that this happens every year, both in men and women's sports. A spokesperson for the team has said that the two players currently not participating are not the ones who were in the parking lot. If, and I can't say that strongly enough, if any member of the team or anyone else connected with the UVa community had anything to do with the disappearance of this young woman, I want him/her brought to justice. But to say you want someone held accountable is at the least assuming a connection and at the worst insinuating guilt where none, for now, exists. And we wonder why people hesitate to become involved when something like this happens.

April, you said:

"A spokesperson for the team has said that the two players currently not participating are not the ones who were in the parking lot."

Can you provide a link to this statement, and give us the name of the team spokesperson?

I do believe posting that one claims that a child has been murdered because of what one imagines is libelous as well. I do not think that Morgans friends and family 'enjoy' reading about how their loved one found death in such a horrific manner.

Her descriptive manner of speaking is offensive to most readers, including me.

It is my business, and it does relate to Morgan's case. I will not step down from stopping those who hurt the families of victims..they are hurting enough.

Hey folks, did you miss Courteney's warning above? Stay focused and keep personal junk out of it.This is about helping a family resolve its tragedy, not you or your beliefs. Cool it.

The girl in the burned car is not in West Virginia. It is in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. This is close to South Carolina, also. I am originally from near that area.
Just thought you would like to know if you do not know already.

Your right..Her life is not the topic here..remembering however, she herself posted her own information for the public to read.

Has it been determined if Morgan is in fact the young lady that.. had a flask and prescription drugs in her purse..and a door person removed the flask from her.. I read it somewhere and cannot find an update, or anything that verifies that account.

I think that the fabulous Courteney Stuart should write a piece about those who watch Dateline/Nancy Grace type programs and become excessively connected emotionally to high-profile cases involving attractive and personable young white women.

Then again, that type of piece has been done so often in publications that it's almost a cliche.

i hope you guys are all reading the newest article from The Hook regarding Morgan.

it's very touching
but the "new" information has me banging my head against the wall.

I have discontinued posting, therefore, really shouldn't even be commented on any longer. I am just keeping up with the post and leads in hopes that she is found soon. However, JUST THE FACTS- Yes, my Employer knows and even believe in my "so called" psychic abilities and because of many,many times I have helped to solve things and done things specifically for them, as individuals, they (who were very much the skeptic) Now believe in me, 100%. They know that I don't go around advertising, and in fact warn me against posting here. They know me probably as well as my own family and they know my character and heart and know that I was only trying to be helpful. They have no problem with, for I am top notch on the job. I do agree I was too graphic, which is why I wanted to edit my positing, but couldn't. I don't want to argue or get off topic - so I will end it here. No one has to believe one word I said, just please stay on topic and forget I even posted.....I do have something very interesting for your guys to read though on another discussion board. A Criminal Profiler, profiled the criminal who would have done such a thing....and it matches EXACTLY what and who I believe Morgan got in the car with....There are also some very other interesting subjects on it worth reading....
That is all I will say about That....Now, please- just you guys stay on topic and help the Family find their daughter. And again, my personal life, job and Family have zero to do with this board or finding Morgan. Thanks

Steph A,

You can e-mail me at pistachiogreen57@yahoo.com It is also a temp site that I just set up. I know that you are doing your best to help find Morgan in the way that you know how.

Peanut, I will ASAP- I just got home from work and have dinner, and my own family to take care of right now....As soon as I can, I will get with you...Thanks for everything.

Why are the four Virginia basketball players getting a free pass? They were possibly the last to be seen with her, and it's like everyone skips over that. I've had a bad feeling about them from the start. If they are free to talk, why dont't they.
Anyway, my families prayers are with the Harringtons.


I completely agree with WhiteRaven's post. Is there any PROOF Morgan actually was in Charlottesville that day, let alone the venue?

I am having a hard time understanding why absolutely no pictures, either still shots taken by her friends, or a random shot taken by other concert goers, or any video has surfaced?

I am having a hard time believing none of her friends took any group shots or road trip pictures on the way to the concert, and even more of a hard time believing that she wasn't captured on any video cameras at the venue. If this brand new $131 million dollar JPJ arena doesn't have video cameras recording each and every exit, as well as all the ticket windows during events, they would be setting themselves up for a major heist.

There are only three possibilities that I can think of to explain this:

1) There is something in the pictures that positively id the subject as Morgan, and LE is keeping them from the public to use that to verify sightings from tipsters, as they did with the necklace at first. I know JPJ allows cameras for all UVA events; does anyone know if Metalica allowed cameras at their shows?

2) Morgan never was actually at the venue.

3) Morgan is a ninja and was able to dodge all the cameras.

"And to me, as a father, the last people to ââ?¬Å?talk” to my kid, I would want to know every detail.."

Of course you would. But you're not Morgan's father (as far as I know). And you're lamenting, you're frustrated, that you personally as well as the rest of the public do not know "their every move that night."

I would be interested in seeing a link to the issue of the Charlottesville newspaper that said "speak," not "see." I've only seen "speak" in headlines on sites like scaredmonkeys.com, which is not a news source.

Morgan Harrington's disappearance is frightening and sad. But I'm very suspicious when interest seems to settle so persistently on young black men, especially when those young men appear (in the accounts I've read) not to have done anything more than see her. That includes Frank, above, asking "Did the UVA basketball players do something to Morgan Harrington?", some idiot woman on another thread concluding that the players must have raped and murdered her, "it's the only logical conclusion," and you lamenting the fact that these guys aren't upon a podium being grilled publicly.

Props to The Hook (I don't say that often) for printing details of that night that somehow have avoided the attention of the Cavalier Daily and C-Ville weekly. I challenged the Cav Daily Ombudsman to explain this in a comment I left on their website that I'll copy below. Lets all keep praying that Morgan will be found alive and well asap, and keep our eyes and ears open.


It's really remarkable how many people there are around here that leave insulting remarks about someone, yet somehow forget to attach their own name to their own words, isn't it?

I've just read my two comments here again, and I stand by them. I wasn't insulting Lauren by pointing out a few facts that she obviously was not aware of. Nor was I attacking her by challenging a few of the things she wrote. She's an adult now, and I daresay she can handle a little debate. At least I hope so. Reminding people that nobody is more important than anyone else does not make me the bad guy. And reminding her that she should play well with others and not apply group guilt to her entire surroundings doesn't make me anything other than someone taking on prejudice and elitism.

I don't hate UVA. I'm actually quite thankful it's here. I have dozens of good friends who now or in the recent past have attended or worked at UVA. I have assisted a few UVA organizations with a few projects. I have spilled my blood defending a UVA professor - a close friend - from an attacker on the downtown mall. I share a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with a female UVA undergraduate student. I coach a city Little League team with a UVA professor. I have shared a bed with three female UVA students who were all way over my head in the body, mind, and soul departments. I love the AFC, the JPJ, and all the libraries. I have volunteered hundreds of hours with a UVA fellowship. I attend UVA soccer, hoops, and football games and sing the good ole song with my alumni tailgate buddies. I am not the one being defensive here, folks!

But this is not about me, or Lauren, or some dude saying nasty stuff from his wheelchair. This is about a very nasty cover up that the Cavalier Daily is actively playing a part in. The coverage of this "story" and others is a diversion away from the really big, breaking story of how details of Morgan Harrington's last few sightings the night she vanished have been hushed up so as to not cast "The University" in a bad light. And if I am the only one who finds it revolting, than so be it.

Yes, Mr. anonymous poster above, I DO you think the Cavalier Daily has some sort of agenda in not publishing details about Morgan Harrington because they feel it would damage the University. It isn't a preposterous suggestion, it is a direct accusation. I have challenged the ombudsman to comment on why these details printed in The Hook (props to them) somehow never made it onto the pages of the Cav Daily. He doesn't seem to be as eager to respond to those questions as he was to defend Lauren, now is he?

There is a well established policy at UVA to promote the "The University" as a happy, serene, and elegant place of higher learning. Fair enough. But when that includes covering up things, especially when the cover up involves details of a missing woman's last whereabouts, then I simply say that it is unacceptable. It's not that this is new, of course. A UVA police officer can be assaulted by a drunk student facing multiple felony charges. Not a word of it was printed in the CD. That's bad for UVA's image. A male student committed suicide last semester, but that story was buried in a little blurb article on page 3 or 4. Get it?

Now we have the saturation coverage of a missing woman that somehow has avoided any whisper of the facts that some people clearly do not want others to know:

1. Morgan Harrington was reported by multiple witnesses to have been in the company of UVA basketball players near U-Hall the night she vanished. Since then, one of the players has taken an "indefinite leave of absence," and another has been suspended for three games for "conduct detrimental to the team."

2. A woman who delivers papers on the Lawn has reported seeing Harrington in the company of three men at 3:45 am. Students who live in the area have decided to remain anonymous and not speak publicly about it. None of the three men (nor the woman) spotted that night have come forward to explain anything.

Now then, do I know if these sightings are accurate - or if there is any connection to any of it to Morgan's disappearance? Of course I don't. But what I DO know is this. It took nearly a MONTH for these details to be printed in The Hook, and they have never appeared in the Cav Daily at all - in spite of the great number of articles and OTHER details that they have printed at length that, curiously, did NOT suggest that she interacted with UVA folks that night.


If this isn't a cover up protecting "The University," then what exactly is the reason these very important details were hushed up until now? How on earth could these details ever have been considered "not news" by anyone, anywhere!?

Who wants to bet that this cover up did not emanate from the basement of newcomb? Who wants to bet that the guy up on Carr's Hill has been rather active in keeping things from view? And what the hell are these folks on the Lawn and in the athletics department using for an excuse for not coming forward publicly and explaining every detail they can remember from that night? I don't care what coke and sex party was happening, or whatever else. Nobody will care. THAT is the stuff going on all over the place that is NOT NEWS. All that matters right now is getting every imaginable detail out and about in the hope that one shred of it might help find this poor girl.

TO HELL with keeping a good face on "The University," and to hell with those who are just protecting themselves.

So lets hear it, Mr. Ombudsman. Do your job. Explain to all of us why NONE of this has appeared in the Cavalier Daily in the past month.
Who are you protecting?
On behalf of who?
Has anyone approached the editors and told them not to print these details? Who?

Maybe we need a refresher course here:

"This institution will be based on the illimitable freedom of the human mind. For here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it." Thomas Jefferson.

There. Anybody have any questions? I answer questions. We'll see if the Ombudsman does soon enough. I may be the most defensive, aggressive, contemptuous, acerbic (I had to look that one up, Aaron), uneducated, bitter jerk in Virginia - but I'm still the one asking the questions that need to be answered. And it's long overdue.

Sean Cannan.

Actually what I have read from the Charlottesville newspaper was "the last people to speak with her from 9:10 PM ââ?¬â?? 9:20 PM have been identified as University of Virginia basketball players. Not "see", but "talk" to. So no "slippage" here. If they indeed "talked", how was she? Thats all I want to know..... Like I siad earlier, obviously a more important factor for me than you.....No big deal..

We are all worried about Morgan and her family. As a father of five I want to know every and anything about my kids. And to me, as a father, the last people to "talk" to my kid, I would want to know every detail..

Steph A -

You said the letter "A" rings a bell...I think one of the girls there that night was named Amy.

just saying, it seems quite odd, four guys (last to be seen with her), and they have nothing to say to anyone. Has any one heard them make a statement about that night. Were they with Morgan, and if they were, what did they do? Where did they leave her?
I'm sure the police know these answers, I just wish we did..

Each potential witness, I am certain will be interviewed.. that is faith speaking :)

If you feel you must share..Send your images to the police.. don't post them on boards where the family/friends can read them... please!

Heads Up, I clicked and I did not see that it was a Hack Site.
Kaching, Do you really think your posting a copy of Stephanie's Personal Page was necessary?
Why don't you people leave her alone? It seems that you are more interested in arguing with her than in Morgan Harrington.
This site is open to everyone and their thoughts and opinions. Why bash others? You do not have to agree with them. But, good grief, you sure do not have to take up time and space trying to disprove them. People on here are mature enough to make their own decisions and do their own investigations on another person if that is what they want to do.
And, do not smart mouth me because I really do not care. I am just sick of this ongoing crap.

Oh geez, people are refuting psychics with the Bible.

Wouldn't it just be easier for people to realize that there is no credible evidence of psychic phenomenon? None. Zero. It doesn't existence.

Here's a local connection: Harry Houdini, who performed at the Jefferson Theater, spent his last year debunking psychics and mediums, particularly those who preyed on people grieving lost loved ones and relatives. Here's how Wikipedia describes his actions:

In the 1920s, after the death of his beloved mother, Cecilia, he turned his energies toward debunking self-proclaimed psychics and mediums, a pursuit that would inspire and be followed by later-day conjurers. Houdini's training in magic allowed him to expose frauds who had successfully fooled many scientists and academics. He was a member of a Scientific American committee that offered a cash prize to any medium who could successfully demonstrate supernatural abilities. None were able to do so, and the prize was never collected. The first to be tested was medium George Valentine of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. As his fame as a "ghostbuster" grew, Houdini took to attending s©ances in disguise, accompanied by a reporter and police officer. Possibly the most famous medium whom he debunked was the Boston medium Mina Crandon, also known as "Margery". Houdini chronicled his debunking exploits in his book, A Magician Among the Spirits.

There are a few issues here.

1. The friends took the car back to Roanoke without, as far as we know, permission from Mogran. That's stealing.

2. The friends did not cause this terrible tragedy.

3. The public response from the friends does not seem to square with the facts. Morgan, the victim, wandered outside and told her friends she'd find her way back. The friends did not seem troubled by this, suggesting apathy to any risk. Apathy stems from familiarity with the situation or could be a sign of frustration with it. Either way, the friends abandoned poor Morgan in Charlottesville with no apparent concern. For shame.

I believe no one is condemning the friends, because Morgan's parents asked them not to. Who would know more than them what the friends have done or not done. I feel their help with the Christmas parade was noteable and helpful. Get off their backs. We all know they are not responsible for Morgan's disappearance. Yes, maybe they should have held her hand and not let go, but they are not criminals.

I realize that some of you are making jokes about me, etc....and I don't care....And, I know this isn't directly related to Morgan,,,,,or could it be? considering the threats I've received, on this blog, since posting my visions, etc....My address, work location, and my childrens info. was posted for EVERYONE to see.....Yes,I got upset over it, but have not thought a lot about it again....HOWEVER, my teenage son was out front, sitting at the end of our driveway with a friend who is staying over tonight....it was around 9:30 - 10pm, when a car came rushing down our street, came to a dead stop in front of my house, tore back off and did a quick circle in the road....(and by now, my son and his friend have stood up at the end of the driveway, looking at this car, thinking "What the Hell?".....When it came straight at them full speed....the ran up further into the drive way towards the garage as the car then swerved away in order to not smash my mailbox.........My son is a typical teen...not afraid and can"take on anyone!" But, this ~ well it scared the sh!#@ out of him. What is going on? I asked him what kind of car and he said it was a hummer and had two people in it.....If we see it in the neighborhood tomorrow, I will get a lic.# if time permits....What do you think.......Random or am I just on edge?

Most of them (the threats)were eventually deleted by the Admin. of this blog, but some of them, including the ones stating where I live and "outing" my personal info, such as my children, where I work, etc....as of the other day, were still posted....despite my many, many request to please have them deleted. I did print the threats and even the post that were making fun of me and down right hateful and gave them to my boss...He has someone who is suppose to be trying to get an original IP address from those who posted....I also just got off the phone with my boss and he is going to come out here and take a statement from the boys......I can't imagine who it was, but I know Hummers are not cheap vehicles....Maybe other teens playing a joke in their parents car? School is out all week, which is the only reason my son was even outside still at 9:30 ish...But I can tell you one thing....now he understands why I don't want him and his friends out near the street walking around after dark!


I don't know if the two are related (the incident with your son and the postings), but I wouldn't necessarily connect the two. I am sorry that that happened. I believe that you are a good person and I know that you want to help. Keep believing in yourself and as the saying goes, "don't let the turkeys get you down". This site is supposed to be one where people come together to help find Morgan. As I tell my kids: Manners are free and I expect you to use them. Please, everyone, respect each other.

I know, CJ. But, they could atleast mention her name every day. My heart is just about to burst from sadness knowing that the Harrington's are facing the holidays not knowing where their daughter is. How can people be so darn mean???????????

See, this is something that people don't understand about psychic work. "The other side" doesn't get chatty with you and tell you details as though it's a person sitting there, or a google search engine. It takes energy on their part, and for the psychic working this side a long time to acquire enough information to put together a larger picture. The map divinations I did and the pendulum work alone took HOURS, and that's not even typing it up. If you look at what other psychics have said about this case, it's usually just a few things (and I've come up with many of the same clues independently, by the way). That's because they're not going to put weeks into this for free, in fact most of them probably only put an hour into it based on what I've seen from them. Some may have put in a few days like me, but I doubt they'd post that stuff here because they would have discovered things too specific to say publicly.

I've put in more time than that and have given what I have so far to police, but am I going to post specific areas and buildings here? No, because I haven't narrowed it down to just one person or building, and anyway I'm not going to accuse anyone publicly without proof. The best I can do is try to help point people in a direction that will prove useful to them.

And here's another thing people don't understand about psychic work -- anyone can do it. It just takes a willingness to learn and practice, like every other skill. Look into how the remote viewing program developed. Yes, some people have a natural talent, but if you want to do this sort of work, just get training and use it yourself. Then I can whine at you when you won't take a few months off of work to find a missing person.

CJ, I understand. You are saying the same things that I have said over and over. There is so much confusion and different stories. But, we do not get info from the people we should. I, too, am afraid the case is going cold and I guess that is why I feel so desparate at her name being mentioned every day. I have my doubts about the friends and no pics. This just is not normal for college girls. I have many doubts, really. And, I just do not have much faith in the police and others. I also find it strange that she does not appear on any cameras inside or outside of the arena.

I do not consider myself in any way psychic, but I have had feelings and dreams, and smells (strange) that threw me in a panic because it involved family and friends. This has been going on most of my life. I have never tried to encourage this. Like I said, I get very upset and in a panic. But, the other night I decided that when I was in bed I was going to focus on Morgan. I could see her clearly in my minds eye because I have seen her pictures so much. Needless to say I was not feeling anything. Yet, suddenly a guys face popped in my mind. I cannot really describe him other than he had a slender face, it seemed red/flushed maybe, but there was something about his eyelashes. I think he had blue eyes, but his eyelashes were not the normal lashes. They were like really thick, maybe, not long, though. I would know this face if I saw it, but that is not going to happen. There was just something significant about his eyes, especially the lashes. But, to be honest, it scared me so much, my heart started racing, and I immediately opened my eyes to stop the image. Yes, I am a chicken! But, the brief minute or maybe even seconds that I saw that face is now embedded in my mind. You know, his face may even be scarred from acne or something like that.
Anyway, like I said, I am not psychic, but I have feelings that come true especially with my kids and family.
Can you help me with this in any way or should I just let it go?

I have not been posting anything because of all the bashing that was going on a while back. But, I need to express something here. I totally agree that something is very strange about Morgan and her friends. Girls usually travel together and friends usually do not let another friend make a bad decision. It is very heart breaking that the friends did not accompany Morgan, nor try to find her later. But, I imagine that they are feeling really bad about this. They will have to live with this the rest of their lives. I hold them responsible in the fact that they were not dependable and responsible friends. It angers me that they are not publicly interviewed. But, we can not control this. However, I think that publicly chatising them is not the right thing to do. They have to face their actions and responsibility every waking moment of every day. And, this will be with them until the die.
Just my opinion.

Dear from Roanoke,
Of course the friends did not CAUSE her disappearance, but they certainly did not help prevent it. The blame they are receiving is for the way they chose to treat their friend and their subsequent behavior the next day. It's not about going to the bathroom with her or monitoring her drinking, it's about having her car keys and not leaving the concert when it became clear she would not be able to get back in. It's about the fact they willfully and knowingly drove this girl's car home without her in it, and had no knowledge of her whereabouts. They did not sound the alarm for their friend the next day. The alarm came from her father.

They might feel terrible, and, frankly, they should. One of them should have left the concert when it became apparent she was separated from them. They should not have left Charlottesville without her. They should have been searching for her all night and into the morning if they really cared about what happened to her. They did none of those things. They deserve all the finger pointing in the world. Their failure as her friends may have contributed to her ultimate demise. Shame.

I'm with you Kathy. God LOVES us ALL. Whether we see, feel, smell something about to happen or has happened does not make us any different then those that don't. Instead of arguing PEOPLE lets come back to the forum. Remember the child who's missing? Let's all put our negative, positive energy into her and find HER!! If one senses something or another saw something WE ARE ALL HEAR FOR THE SAME REASON!! Whether its PI, Psychic, LE, Friends, Family, or WHATEVER lets all throw our beliefs aside and work TOGETHER!!!!!!

It says, Judge not, less ye be judged.

The family and friends 'do read here'.

I posted 'common Christian belief' the fact that you cannot absorb what I said as truth.. say's a lot.

If we have a gift from God, discernment, speaking in tongues, it is because "we claim it" as we 'want' it.

If we do not desire a gift.. we merely disclaim it and it is gone. If you are experiencing a gift..that gives you terrors.. and it won't go away.. then it is 'NOT from God'.

And as TK pointed out, it falls under those that are deceived.

Please..Be Blessed, read your bible..

Merely going to church does not save the soul. Reading, AND Understanding and Wisdom.. are 'also' gifts.

Who is psychic? I never said I was. I have lived a life of feelings and most of the feelings come true. Have you ever thought that maybe this is God's way of preparing me? He lead me to a Christian Chat Room before my parents died (four months apart) and it was the best support group I could have ever been in. I think God knows me best and He knows that I am a very caring and loving person. A person that takes on everyone's troubles. He knows that I am a nervous and worrying kind of person. So, I think that He lets things happen to give me time to become prepared. He knows that I would never hurt anyone. I have never had anything except feelings until I was thinking so hard on Morgan and saw that face. I wanted to know what someone thought about it, so I asked them on here. Maybe it was my imagination. Maybe I am so desparate for them to find Morgan and give them some peace that it was just from that. I honestly do not know, but I did see this face. It is not anyone I know. He was not scary, the episode scared me.
You are talking to someone that lives every day wondering how my two year old grandson walked by someone sitting at a computer and got the door unlocked and got outside and drowned in their pool....or did the 19 year old that took him out to play not bring him back in? We will never know.
I know all too well the constant unanswered questions that are going through the Harrington's minds. Our situations are not the same, but the day in and day out of your brain going over and over with the questions and there are no answers is somewhat the same. It is torture! My heart bursts from sadness for them. It hurts me to know that they have to feel like this. I wish that I could give them some comfort, but the comfort in these type of situations cannot be found in other people. I pray that God will hold them in His loving arms and whisper the comfort that can only come from Him in their ears.

mariemarietx - quoted from a previous post of mine, "and i guess i’m not done with this thread after all." so, as i said, i'm not done although i said i was.

kat - you're exactly right in understanding what i'm saying. i'm glad someone understands my point of view. haha! innocent until PROVEN guilty, and i have yet to see proof of their guilt.

until someone who actually knows what they're doing and is involved in this case tells me they're guilty (with proof), i will defend the innocence of the friends. i share a lot of friends with morgan, and therefore share a lot of friends with the friends who attended the concert with her. this hits close to home for me, i went to high school with these girls. so it's hard for me to believe that people i have probably come in contact with are guilty of a crime such as this just because an armchair detective says so.

guarantee you it was someone she knew and/or someone who was stationed in the RV lot ... that is the only stone left unturned at this point. if she isn't / wasn't in the arena, and not in the searches (radius / etc) then it seems like someone stationed in an RV would have access. anyone?

osama - it could very well have been someone she knew. but she also could have hitched a ride with the wrong person or was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. who knows? i really have no ideas as to which it is. both seem just as likely to me. what makes you think it was someone she knew, though? i'm only curious.

well ... the purse and the cell phone is pretty key though ... so she was either comfortable at first and then surprised by the person(s) she knew, or she was down at the RV parking where the disappearance took place leading me to believe foul play / abduction via RV. the simplest explanation, no matter how improbable or impossible, tends to be the most accurate.

if her car was indeed there, then she was definitely abducted. she would have gotten her keys and/or the friends would have given her the keys even if she was drunk / high, so she go be in the car when the friends got out of the concert.


The intent was to bring the discussion 'back on to Morgan' Away from the psychics by exposing them.

LE uses past case history, along with forensics and criminal psychology, when I see a Missing Person's case get off track by these types (psychics), I also use case history.

The runway is clear...please proceed!

CJ, the magical tip that could bust this case wide open is the best incentive in the world for at least one of those involved to step forward now!

If one of them steps forward and turns state's evidence against the others, they could possibly land a much smaller sentence than the others involved. This is the way our legal system works. In some cases it has to work this way.

As an accomplice, take your pick:
1- Hope the cop shoppes never solve the case. Live in fear for the rest of your life looking over your back every minute of the day.
2- See the cop shoppe crack the case and arrest all involved. Go to jail.
3- Roll over on those involved, turn state's evidence in return for a lighter sentence.

If I was a criminal and involved in whatever happened to Morgan, I would certainly take option #3.

Kathy - well, who is doing nothing but arguing now? Hmmm? I was just trying to be helpful, dear. Some may not know about the box below. I have plenty of sympathy even though I do not know Morgan. I am sensitive to missing cases (due to experience with sexual abuse, etc. myself) and I am very familiar with many of their stories. I have been praying for Morgan, her family, and all other missing persons. I just do not appreciate those who get on here and tell others what they should and should not say. It is none of YOUR business, and you sound like a complete control freak.

Rob, To answer your question, I am not on the city force - The hours are long and you rotate between nights and days...Once I began having children, that wasn't an option for me any longer... I then was diagnosed with Lukemia, and took a two year break all together- I recovered, and decided to go back to work, doing what I knew best- but in a setting without the long hours, which allowed me the freedom to be with my children after school, nights, weekends and all summer....So, I am now an Officer employeed with the ISD. However, my boss is on the force as many, many friends and associates. I could try seeing if they knew anything, but being as though we're Texas and you're there....I am not sure. And CookieJar- Get over yourself. Seriously....
All of that being said- I have decided not to post further on the blogs and wished I had never of done so in the first place. I wish the Harrington family all the best and pray that their daughter is found soon....

I am thankful that Morgan Harrington was not found deceased, but I pray for the person who was found dead and her family/friends. It's tragic for anyone to lose a loved one so senselessly.

Mom_of_Kelli - what did you offer to the discussion other than a sarcastic joke for other posters who just CARE. Well, I care for all the missing so I'm going to give you some advice. Your name for this post is revealing. The murderer (if that is what has happened), may be reading these posts. You might want to come up with a less obvious name for your posts. Just saying.

Have Faith everyone, and hope for a Christmas miracle.

If all that is said by witnesses is true, it's kind of hard to believe that Morgan's mother said her daughter is naive & hasn't been around much. It may be that she was high or intoxicated and her friends don't want to say she was? Just a totally different picture of what witnesses say and what her mother says.

Mr. Pollock, what true info would you put out here - so far. Just curious because this seems to sway so many different directions. The one thing that seems to ring true is that she was definitely under the influence of something which now explains a lot more re the irrational behavior of which we are now reading.

I'd call this case frozen. Confusion and misinformation abound. This late in the day, one can expect the bad guy(s) to be breathing a deep sigh of relief.

The law folks have once again ignored a platinum opportunity to get additional eyes and ears from a very eager to help public.

aww thank you Poppy.

LE has not come out and said they checked out Morgan's car.
so who knows? you would think they would go over it.

about the text: yes they do know who she was texting
all that was said was that the guy was in another area and is not a suspect.

i just wonder where was the area he was in? & is it the same guy that was driving that night?

the driver is one of the "9"'s boyfriend.
as i recall, he is Sarah's boyfriend.

Bulldog, I'm sure you didn't offer your services for free.
I would have turned you down, as well. Now is not the time for you to try and drum up business on others' pain.


QUOTE "Specifically, let’s not even begin to fall into a trap of victim blaming "

Who is doing this Sean ? .

Stephanie Almaguer, I feel sure your earlier reply, a duplicate of your latest at 6:42 p.m., was removed for a reason. Was it a good idea to post it again?

Aaahhh, Cookie Jar, you are oh so wrong. As a psychic, I follow a very stringent code of ethics and law. The FBI knows accurate and useful psychics exist -- though are a rarity. I happen to be an accurate and useful psychic. I am pleased with my gift.

Any given psychic does not know about everything or everything about any given thing. I rarely offer help, because I think things usually work themselves out. I have not offered any help in this case, but could not resist since I read the above postings, which I know are inaccurate.

The little snips you make show you just don't understand how this skill works. That's okay. It is a gift like intelligence, and we don't all have it. I do.

The FBI knows accurate and useful psychics exist

Right. What is it like to live in Fantasy Land?

(Good grief, let's get off the psychic readings and deal with reality and facts).

I've read on several sites, e.g, this one and Blink on Crime, that many think the purse and phone were placed in the RV area after the fact. Why on earth would the abductor(s)/perp return to the spot and place her purse - seems a little risky to me.

I believe th RV area is where she was taken. The strap on her purse was ripped or so I read. This leads me one conclusion - she was attacked THERE. Now perhaps, she ran from her attacker and ran to the bridge and tried to hitch a ride from someone, but that seems unlikely to me.

SmilingGenie, Very well put, and I pray that what I saw is wrong- and yours correct. I didn't ask for this gift, and don't know why I have it....which is why I have always kept it to myself, for the most part. I didn't just pick Morgan Harrington because she is blond either.....I have also picked up on and left my "impressions" to other Police re: missing children, 2 small black boys, one Hispanic female. I actually helped, for the 1st time a NJ Detective who was given my name by another Psychic....I gave him very detailed directions to where I thought the women they were looking for was....(and I have never been to NJ) I told him how and where to find her....He believed me, followed my directions, and found exactly what I had sent him on....Yet, it wasn't the girl they were hunting for, but another that had been unsolved. I can't explain exactly and how and why I get what I get, but I do. I can only relay that to the best of my knowledge. As I said, I too work as an Officer, but for the School District and would never intentionally mislead anyone on anything as important as this. Have a good night-

Now, to write something helpful...please remember what the Sheriff in Sommer Thompson's case said. Look for or try to remember anyone who might have acted differently after Morgan went missing...leaving town, changing their appearance, reacting indifferent to the case, etc.

Only that some murderers enjoy a good game. If a murderer were on here (and again I'm not saying there is and that this is what has happened to Morgan) they might think it is great fun to find their next victim on here. You are obviously a mom, and you have a daughter named Kelli. You have no idea how clever a killer is or is not. I can only speculate that of course, and maybe I've seen way too many crime movies. You just cannot trust anyone these days. When I take my car to get an oil change or whatever, I remove all my keys except the car key. I've heard stories of mechanics copying keys (they already have your address for invoicing purposes) and then raping female customers. There is no break-in to make the crime seem like a crime, because the rapist had a key to the home.

You can NEVER be too careful. In that light, internet names should be very vague and non-revealing. Wouldn't you agree, like Morgan, once you let your guard down, people can and will take advantage of you. I'm from Mississippi by the way. I do not know Morgan or anyone in Virginia for that matter. I am just a person who finds these cases very disturbing. There is nothing I can do, except pray, and maybe have an idea about what happened to said person and even possibly help in some way with my words. Whether it's putting an idea in a reader's head who has a connection or whatever. I have been posting comments since the Trenton Duckett case. There's also Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Sommer Thompson, and poor little Shaniya Davis, etc. My prayers are sent up for "all" the missing or hurting. Being a mom myself, it just breaks my heart. So, with all that being said, "I just don't like it when someone tells me what I can or cannot say. This was my one and only fur ball problem with cat. I'm sure her heart is in the right place as well, and I don't intend on persistently being Catty towards her in any way whatsoever. In fact, there is a BIG difference between fighting and debating with another intellect.

West Berkeley -- Your own ignorance of fact does not mean it is not fact.

How come "psychics" don't get all worked up about the millions of other crimes that happen every year? For some reason blondes seem to send out a strong "message" I guess.

I'm wondering how many of these "psychics" called up the FBI before he got caught to say they saw Bernie Madoff filling his pockets with billions of dollars of other people's money. You'd think that would be sending some psychic signals out too eh?

There really ought to be a law that anyone who calls the police with a "psychic" tip on an active case do mandatory jail time for interfering with an investigation. Who needs that sort of BS added to the already difficult burden of sorting through real evidence and tips that may be reliable.

"In fact, there is a BIG difference between fighting and debating with another intellect."

Please note that no debating between intellects has yet occurred on this thread.

There is a lot of information in that report that I haven't heard anywhere and I have been following this pretty closely. Blood on the chin inside and outside the arena? And the commotion outside the arena story? And the four young men story? What?! It sounds like MAYBE she was on drugs, or buzzed from beer, and had an accident inside the concert arena (probably fell down some stairs, I've nearly done that a few times at concerts without any drugs or alcohol), and then took a wrong turn out of the arena. This happens. Sometimes lines and crowds move fast. If you are buzzed, or not paying attention, you can certainly take a wrong turn. Her behavior outside the concert (if that is really her) suggests drugs and or desperation. Possibly buzzed, and looking for a way home. Sounds like she trusted the wrong person. Some of the above stories suggest (maybe) she was willing to party and/or hang out with some people for a ride home. But who knows. It would be helpful if her "FRIENDS" would come forth and clue in the parents and law enforcement as to her REAL character, attitudes, involvements, etc., things her parents might not know.

As a fellow Metaler and concert goer, I hope she is found safely. Its bad whenever something like this happens, but I know a lot of Metalers like myself who see this and feel bad about this in particular. Its one of us. And it could easily have been one of our friends. I hope people will at least learn form this, and learn to watch each others back a little bit more.

This article doesn't even tell any facts. It's good to get a time-line and know what happened if people are telling the truth but the first part of this article about that 44-year-old man does not sound like what Morgan would do at all. I went to school with Morgan and knew her personally and know that is not her personality.

Why would anyone on here lash out at Stephanie? She's entitled to posting her thoughts just like we are. Just suppose what she is seeing/hearing is actually of help? You may not believe, but some others do.

I start my morning off by checking my email and I find over 50 from this site. I open them one by one hoping that there will be some profound news about Morgan and she has either been found dead or alive. But, most of all I read is people posting arguments between each other. Please, exchange email addresses and have your arguments privately. We do not care what you think about another person. We do not care who has what gift. We do not care about how many whatevers are in the world. All we care about is information and exchanging thoughts about Morgan and her family and friends. If someone thinks they have information about her let them post it. If it is true and helps, good. If it is not true ignore it and ignore them. But, remember that you may never know what is true and what is not. Keep This Site Open For Morgan!

Yeah! We need to talk to people and ask questions and stuff. We need to post lots of blogs. We need to demand things! We need to be nosy and make stupid noises. TH epolice are dumm byteh way! Dum peeple! I demand to know why the psychis aren't all getting together for a psychic meeeting to solve this once and for ever. Lazy scared LE probably FEARS that because it wil make them look dumm and ruin UVAs prescious reputation. IT's the RV we need to lok at where the frineds had a friend who they know who was a roadie basketball player who they kow who did it but aren't talking to protect someone.

My question begins with the security at the door when she was told she could not come back into the building...Why have we not heard any feedback regarding the confrontation between angry Morgan and the door person? I would love to know of that conversation.

Besides that, I know most of us have seen the drunken 20 something that some would view as inappropriately dressed. She staggers through the crowd, people stare at her, guys take advantage of her because she of course is coming on to them, because whatever alcohol or drugs she is doing is messing with her inability to see things straight. I have seen it before. All inhibitions go out the window when people are intoxicated. Lets face it. She was probably wasted before she went into the building to begin with! Was there a little tailgating going on prior to the show? I'm sure! Its freakin Pantera. They are a heavy metal band. Its expected!

What we need to know is who took advantage of her? Where did they leave her? I just hope she is ok.
Come forward and tell what you know.

I believe in free speech and I certainly believe in the discussion of Morgan. But, the arguing over who is psychic and who is not is ridiculous!
I do have filters, but unfortunately it does not filter people who just want to argue or people who just want to make a smart comment to someone that is just trying to keep the focus where it should be.
Probably not a personal preference. Probably shared by many readers.
Have a good day, Sir.

thank God i don't live in Virginia ... this is ridiculous. i am sorry, but this girl is gone. the friends know what happened. if they don't, then they should have and are not really "friends".
definite foul play ... check the RV list / lot / attendance. check the phone and the texts. it has been over a month since she disappeared and there have been absolutely no significant leads regardless of whether or not LE has released details. pathetic. i pray for her and her family.

Kathy, I agree with you. I could care less about all this psychic talk. I'm more interested in knowing what Harrington's interaction with the UVA bball players was. But what can you do? Everyone has a voice.

I'm not quite sure how I feel about psychics or how much merit should be given to them. That being said, I've also has strage premonitions that have in past proved to be accurate. To the other Stephanie.. I also see Morgan near water.. I keep dreaming of her muddy, no tights on, screaming, before being struck from behind. I dismiss these kinds of thoughts as having watched to much TV as a child, however when I read your initial post it gave me chills. I don't claim to have any kind of gift.. and I sincerly hope what you're seeing and what I'm seeing is wrong and that's she's found soon.

I do not care if the psychics post. I personally believe that God does give people gifts. But, I am aware of the Psychic Wannabes and it is, in my opinion, pretty darn low to post fake crap. Most people with this gift are not prone to rattling off in blogs and they normally do not argue with people. So, they should be ignored.
Knowing the interaction with the players undoubtedly is not going to be privy to the public. Atleast, no time soon, it seems.
I would be more interested in her friends and the male whose identity is being hidden. I just cannot imagine a girl leaving all her friends to go to the bathroom. Most girls go together or in pairs. I find it hard to believe that a good friend would just tell her to go on and find a way home when she called. This does not usually happen amongst girlfriends. I truly think that there is more to this than is being said. If Morgan had plans with someone outside of the arena or inside the arena, one of the close friends would know all about it. That, in my opinion, is how girls work. I hope that I am wrong, though. This would be a terrible thing to have to live with.
I just pray for come closure to come about for the family. If it was my daughter missing I would have to know what happened, know if she is dead or alive. It would drive me crazy to have to just let my mind wander. A wandering mind can be so horrible!
My two year old grandson drowned six years ago in NC at some peoples home. We were told two different things about how he got out of the house unsupervised. Our lawyer told us that we would drive ourselves crazy over this and that we would never know what actually happened. It is a horrible way to live! No matter how many years pass there are still times that you have to envision that little boy in the pool and nobody around. Your mind goes over and over the two conflicting stories and you are just haunted. Losing a child is the most devastating thing that can happen to you.
My heart aches for Morgan's family.

...Really don't have a problem with psychics. My problem is with LE. Why is this information being put out there now ? I'm sick of the misinformation and games on thier part. If they handled this investigation appropriately, there would be no door open for the psychics....

Thank you Aug7
you relayed my intentions perfectly & i appreciate you explaining to Kat & i am sorry that Kat or anyone else misunderstood my the lightness of that one post which indeed was meant to disfuse the bickering between Cat & Kat.

Kat i've done a lot to help find Morgan, for i too care very much.
I am totally confused with what you perceive as wrong with my name on here? I have nothing to hide and i could care less if the person that took Morgan knows who i am. please give further insight to what is wrong with being 'mom of Kelli' thats who i am and i dont see what that has to do with anything regarding Morgan or anyone who reads this. thank you.

After watching this story on one of the HLN shows ,I fell asleep and had what was probably just a crazy dream that I was being held prisoner in a house and was going to try to escape but it was very dangerous The word prison kept coming across Anyway the location was very close to a church and school bordering a parkway(not interstate).

Stephanie - Over and over you keep saying that you're not going to post anymore, this is your last post, you're going to bed, goodnight, no more, this is it, no more posting on blogs, good luck, no more, etc. etc. blah blah blah.........but then you turn around and post again. And again. And again. And again. Enough already.

As Rob said, Go back to work. Right now. Do not pass Go. Do not collect your $200. And don't respond to this comment while going back to work.

Buh bye.

What does "Officer" mean? Police officer? Security guard? And why is it always capitalized?

A body appears to have been found in the Roanoke area: http://www.roanoke.com/news/breaking/wb/226638

This is to Kat. Your possibility of someone seeing a picture of Morgan in Dr Harrington's office isn't an issue here. He does not have any pictures of his family in his office. I don't know about the possibility of a stalker, but he wouldnt have come accross Morgan that way. That being said, I am sure that the police have looked at her facebook accout.

mountaineer - I've heard nothing more about the missing cell phone battery since she first went missing other than people speculating here, like me, what could have happened to it. If her purse was thrown by hand, or because it was top of a vehicle, upon impact with the ground the cell phone could have opened up and the battery could fall out. I've actually dropped my phone and had this happened. The battery did not land far from the phone, but if the phone had been thrown in any way the battery could have bounced pretty far away from the phone. Someone from the concert could have found it, and just picked it up just because it was there.

The website internetworldstats.com estimates 1,733,993,741 users of the internet. When you choose to connect your own real name with your posts on a public forum that's a part of the internet, that's how many people you've invited into your life.

Assuming that just 1 in 100,000 would chose to harm a stranger for some reason, thats about 173,399 people who with a few clicks of a mouse can find out more things than you can imagine about your life and do as they please with that information. Needless to say, that's not very security minded behavior.

If anything, this disappearance ought to drive home the importance of taking reasonable precautions in our day to day lives whether virtual or actual.

dear "shame on amy and sarah,"

were you with them the night of the concert? if not, how do you know exactly what was said? for all we know, morgan gave them permission to take her car home because she selflessly wanted her friends to enjoy a concert they had been waiting six months to see. yes, the smart thing to do would be to leave with her, but that didn't happen. all i'm saying is, they're suffering enough from their mistake without the finger pointing and blame placing. when morgan said she would find her own way home, i'm sure amy and sarah immediately thought "morgan might be abducted if she finds a way home. but it doesn't matter because ohmigawd it's METALLICA!" i'm sure they thought nothing of MORGAN'S decision. morgan is the one who made the poor decision, not her friends or family who deserve no blame for any events leading up to or occuring on that night. and although her poor decision is no reason for her to be abducted, it was still her decision to find a way home by herself nonetheless.

Have Faith - How I hope you are right. I recall the Pressly (sorry if I spelled it wrong) murder. So senseless. So horrific! She had such a wonderful promising life ahead of her! In her case though she was never MISSING. Her mom went to her house when she didn't answer her wake up call and found her very quickly. That's key. It is one thing to have a body and a crime scene. It is quite different to have a mystery. Sure where we are sitting the similarity of course could be a predator may be out there and HIS/HER identity is unknown and we could be in harm's way. But really in a missing person case it can be more complex than a murder. LE has a really tough job. They don't know what they have. And we don't know what happened! I think that is why LE needs to be detailed and persistent before the public AS WELL AS WHATEVER THEY MUST DO BEHIND THE CURTAIN as the pieces come together. In a murder they know they have a victim. In a missing person case, they could have an injured person who is lost, they could have a trapped person, they could have someone who wants to disappear, or they could have ...

I have always wondered why LE didn't release the photo they had of that guy and let the community help ID him. It was a terrifying brutal crime! And it was a gamble wasn't it? They had a choice. And it paid off for them. He didn't kill again while they pursued him to the best of our knowledge.

Maybe it's like any war, in the heat of the moment choices are made and it is impossible and wrong imo to look back and try to superimpose qualifiers or alternatives because time doesn't stand still when one is in a war, it is an ever moving target. CRIME is that for our LE. We are the ones they are trying to protect. And we have to help them as best as we can. Maybe they felt someone so capable of such a horrific crime would be MORE DANGEROUS if his identity was put in the light.

And maybe that is the case here?

I find it interesting that no one has mentioned the fact that a witness saw morgan with blood on her chin before she left the arena. Could she and her friends have had a fight and this is why she chose to find a ride home with someone elese even though they had her car and keys.

Yes, Courteney is great!

I am so sad to hear about this young girl and what has happened to her. I am sure her parents, friends, and family are emotionally crushed. I would be, to not know where my daughter is and what has happened. God Bless them in this time of hurt. I am just so confused about all of this,especially the time line of the events. I wonder about the whole being hurt before she left the Arena and why she would leave the Arena without her ticket, considering most people know they can not reenter a concert without it. Why would she have done that? I wonder if her friends are being completely truthful about the events that took place that evening? Why would a young girl of her age be hitch hiking in an area she is not familiar with? Her parents even said that was not in her nature. I am praying for this family and Morgan. God Bless and watch over Morgan.

I am beginning to think it is not random. I think the police, the parents, and the friends likely know who she left with.

The friends are too quiet. They are following police instructions.
The friends communicated with Morgan, she probably said "don't worry about me...I will hitch a ride with ________.

One question, were there RVs in the RV lot???

Quote: "SmilingGenie November 15th, 2009 | 11:10 pm

Hey, I am psychic, too. For real. My readings:

Haleigh Cummings was taken by the absconded sexual predator and he drove up north with her. He has her as his daughter and they are both doing just fine.

Morgan Harrington got into a white pick-up truck, possibly with a winch on the back of it. It was driven by a white man with sandy brown hair, possibly named Dan. They are also doing fine."

Oh really? Both are being held against their will for the apparent perverted use of a sexual predator..... but they are doing "just fine".... *eye rolling*

I hope you are being facetious.

Jane, St.Anger, and CookieJar:

My comments will be "run together" responding to each of your comments.....First, I am not going to quit using my abilities, I will just be more careful in the future where and when they are used. I couldn't stop, even if I wanted....It's just there.

2nd- Saying that there are only 5 people in the US who have psychic abilities, but keep it to themself is absurd... First, if they are keeping it to themself - then how would you know there are only 5? Never~the~less, that comment and any other's putting down or making fun of someone for ANY reason, just shows lack of character and isn't worth commenting on...(but I did)

and 3rd- Please, let's remember what the blog is for in the first place.....

Involved, to the extent that they were witnesses. Is that better?

she did not know the bball players, so therefore someone she did not know could not entice her out of concert. they did not see her until after she left. the bball angle is a dead one and its only brought up as it would add to the drama of this case. if there was strong evidence that those kids did anything, they would be getting worked over pretty good by LE. quite frankly, nobody on the team is that good, and the new coach is certainly not going to ruin his career by helping one of his players stonewall the cops.

there are reports that she was tossed out for being drunk and trying to buy beer. 2 eyewitnesses to this.

i think the friends created this story to prevent all of them from getting nailed for being wasted before and during the concert. they probably never thought she was missing due to foul play but due to finding a local party or sleeping off a hangover somewhere.

y r not these friends telling their story or making any statements or pleas 4 morgan 2 come home/or be safe/or that they miss her


Dave..I also find it curious that the friends have lawyered up....

Her friends took Morgan's car and drove back home without her? These are her friends? I'd be so pissed if my boys took ,y car and left me somewhere.. Its a couple hours between Uva and VT..Hmm

What of the report that when she tried to enter back in, they removed a flask from her purse.. and saw also prescription drugs in her purse..was that account accurate?

When they found her purse was the prescription bottle in it still?

I feel as though..she made it to the bridge, and hitched a ride.. with whom is the answer to her whereabouts. Are their any camera's on stop lights in that area?

Must have been a hallucination. I was in line for beer at JPJ but now I "learn" from someone trying to squelch "misinformation" that JPJ does not sell alcohol.

I must have had one of those "false memories".

To Cat: I, for one, will be with you in lighting a candle at 9EST. A classmate of mine only a little older than Morgan lost her life almost a year ago. This girl was a dynamo, a tireless human rights crusader with parents who remind me of what I've seen of the Harringtons online. I'm going to relight her candle from her reception for Morgan. It seems a fitting honor to both, and who knows, maybe she is still a fighter?

Sean, I have been keeping up with this story from day one. I have been critical of law enforcement and the friends for the withholding important information. I think you have raised EXCELLENT points about the UVA players etc...Normally information about the last individuals to be seen with the missing would have come out from day ONE...but that's just one piece of the puzzle. There are still several unanswered questions. What lured Morgan out of the arena of a concert she had been looking forward to for 6 months ? Was it the players ? Has there been any video footage from the arena ? If not, why ? I could go on...It's like it's "Aruba-Natalie Holloway" in Virginia....

Here's a theory I got frome another website...Makes sense, what do you guys think:

"What if Morgan was intoxicated or on drugs when they arrived at the concert. Friends (and I say that loosely) leave her in the car. They go to concert without Morgan. Maybe even sell her ticket. Morgan wakes up and tries to get in concert, but can’t get in".

This theory would explain a lot...not all but a lot.

okay, that's cool. i'll take your point. but no, stephanie's job and personal life are NOT any of your business. but i'm not going to argue. i'm willing to discuss morgan, because that's what this topic is about. but i'm not going to speak of things that are off topic on this thread.

Just The Facts,

People have asked for prayer or said they will pray for Morgan. No one has opposed the writing of this. Some find prayer effective and powerful, others think that prayer just gives false hope and is a waste of time (it ââ?¬Å?hinders”, in your vernacular).

Please show some respect for differing viewpoints. There are obviously some reading this blog that appreciate the thoughts of a psychic.

Prayer, even if ineffectual, probably provides some emotional benefit for the participant, along the lines of meditation.

"Psychics" are quacks. They make claims that are demonstrably false and have been continually disproven. It is a "differing viewpoint" in the same way that belief in astrology or a flat earth are "differing viewpoints."

Veracity wow thanks for shedding light on those cases. Incredible and scary to think that people can just vanish like that without a trace for so long. I have been following this case being a avid Metallica fan but your post really hits home for me.

Being a newly transplanted Georgia resident I went out with some schoolmates over the summer one night. We went to a sport bar and then ended up at Wild Bills. I am certainly NOT into the country music scene so I ended up leaving and driving myself home after awhile after saying goodbye to my acquaintances.

I recall seeing police on my way into that bar but I don't recall if they were outside on my way out. Either way that place kind of gave me a weird feeling, almost creepy. I figured its just because I dislike country so much but now I wonder, especially since this Justin disappeared only a few years ago.

Certainly not a place I will be returning to but more importantly this is a lesson that anyone who is going somewhere by themselves should be viligant and keep you cell phone in your hand while you are walking to your car!

as an aside I was a bit intoxicated at the time but I don't recall seeing any security camera's at this wild bills. I would not want to work at that place knowing this and knowing about this disappearance, creep-out city!

I hope Morgan Harrington is found soon and I pray and mediate for her and her family every day. These other cases just drive home the point that some people literally disappear and are never heard or seen from again, sad but true. I hope that MH is not one of these cases and I pray that these other missing people are also found.

Sorry all, one more thing to add after looking at the UVA POLICE LOG. Every day the log goes in chronological order, except on Oct. 18th there appears to be an error. The first entry shows a simple assault at JPJ reported at 0018 AM(just after midnight) but the occurence time stamp is for 9:43 PM? How is that possible?

Oh yeah, a more recent article, 11/18, said that they still have not identified the body. I left that out.

Kathy - below is the news article about the burned body. It doesn't prove anything of course. The person could be anyone. It might not even be a crime. It could be someone's car caught on fire and the person could not get out. Tragic, regardless.


You may have already found it. Just trying to help.

Thank you ROB! I will check out the UVA police website. So police had her purse around 8 AM on SUNDAY MORNING and it took her parents filing a missing person report after Morgan didn't show around NOON in Roanoke? Wonder how "found" items are received? I tell you, this case is just a continuing cascade of questions.
Thank you again for your help.

HUMMM- there were a number of arrests at JPJ the night of the concert? I wonder how one would go about figuring out who was actually arrested and for what? I think one occurred just before 8 PM and another just after 9 PM. Wonder where the officers parked their cars for these incidents and if their cars were equipped with dash cams and if so,what they show. Clearly UVA police were at JPJ around the time Morgan was on the outside of the facility and trying to get back inside, weren't they?

The purse found doesn't mention a cell phone does it? Wonder if that was inside? I also noticed there was a purse apparently stolen from a car around THE PARK area around 5:38.

These reports are as VAGUE as everything else with this case!

the police dont owe the public the level of detail many of you are asking for. the police owe the harringtons and this investigation a serious level of detail, but not to any of us.

It's about dadgum time. I knowthe tiger, caylee stuff is good for ratings but jane nancy are throwing away their opportunity to cover so many important stories that simply get mention if at all on any other news show. They both have the platfor. The only show devoted to this type of stuff is Americas most wanted. It's on one hour a week & on a Friday night. Think about how many more cases would be solved by just posting a picture $ a few details. And even crazier....so many are passionate about this- it would bring in ratings.

It's Absurd.

They're covering the same stories someone can watch on any other program.

i'm really just annoyed with people placing the blame on those closest to morgan. those people would NEVER cause her any harm. i guess i get so offended because when my cousin died, his mother was blamed. the newspaper article about the accident mentioned something about charges being placed on her, as if she made him jump out of her car. that really set me off because my aunt loves her children and was already having a hard time dealing with her son because of his destructive behavior. she was trying her hardest to be a good parent, and this is how it ended. in the end, only my cousin can be blamed for his actions. the friends and family of morgan aren't to blame. they are her FRIENDS AND FAMILY! if you think this is what friends and family do to each other, then you might as well stop trusting your own.

i thought i heard it on jane velez,,,i know i read it somewhere too,not only that just look at how crazy they acted,,,hello,,,

CJ - It definitely explains why she is not seen on surveillance cameras inside.

good points Karen & CJ.

also why the confusion with whose car was driven to the venue.

Morgans dad said Morgans car stayed in H-vill
while LE insists is was Morgans car that was driven to the venue.

if you take one thing, action (or lack of) on the part of the friends-- it can be explained away, but when you put all of it together, that is what isnt adding up.

& why isnt the name of the guy (the driver) being released?
we know all the girls names. why is he being protected? especially given that he wasnt inside the concert, yet had Morgans car! when she was outside the venue, i would think he would be the first person she called- he had her car!

if my daughter was missing i would be all over her friends the parents just brush any questions regarding them aside and say it takes away from the investigation?....



Law enforcement 0


Morgan 0

Self-serving people have hijacked the discussion about Morgan. Whether a Christian, psychic, or whatever, I think we can all agree that we have to remember why this story is before the public. Don't use this family's heartache to espouse your own agenda.

well said CJ!!!

when i started reading comments this morning,
i thought i was about to see a Cat/Kat fight.
you know, as in meow.

ok, i know. that was really bad. i apologize.
just needing a tad of comic relief from this painful case.

The whole thing makes me want to throw up. Bring her HOME!!! She deserves it.
Prayers and Love to all!

There is a short update in today's Richmond Times-Dispatch (originally reported by the Culpeper Star exponent). Police say that they did follow up on the tip that Morgan was seen in Orange County the day after she disappeared. However, they haven't been able to find any further information, including video, to back this up. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/state_regional/article/MISS14_200...

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert

With your exp in mind , where do you feel this case stands given the misinformation and lack of updates from those in charge of investigating Morgan's disappearance .

I am of the opinion it's over . I feel until someone produces Morgan's body and hands it to LE this case is COLD .

I respect your opinion of Lt Rader but I must remember he is only as good as those whom answer to him .

Regarding the man who reported that Morgan had kicked him when he refused to walk arm in arm with her...
Personally, I know that I have "pretended" that a stranger was my date before when I felt uncomfortable in a situation. After reading this, my initial reaction is that perhaps Morgan was being hassled by a male/males and felt uncomfortable, so she tried to scare them away by pretending that she was there with another man.

Wow Emerald! Well said. The way I see it- We are all brothers and sisters when the crap hits the fan. I treat others as I know how I would want to be treated. If it was my daughter I would only hope that sooo many great people would come to my aide as well. Yes we may all be grasping straws of different lengths but at least we all have our hands out. America is beautiful but there are some sick twisted souls amongst us. God Bless Morgan and God Bless the USA! ...as well as you in the UK! :) xoxo

Morgan's disappearance has hit a nerve. For anyone, especially Morgan's age, to vanish in Charlottesville VA 2009 and still not be found a month later is so troubling. The way the case has unfolded and crept along has also been difficult and honestly surprising. I would have never expected what I have witnessed with Morgan's case. I have felt at times as if the clock has turned back. And there is a real heaviness on my heart.

It was almost as if the initial release was more concerned with making sure folks understood NOT A UVA student than RED ALERT RED ALERT SOMEONE IS MISSING! The way some very important pertinent facts (the kind that could generate a proper level of community involvement) waited so long go out and was released in such a murky way. The way police have seemed to start and allow speculation. Shame on them! At first I felt they had to know something and Lt. Rader's comments were by design. Now I don't believe that. The inconsistencies by the investigators are as puzzling as Morgan's disappearance. It isn't supposed to be that way. Not now. And not on an US college campus today.

So many opinion camps sprouted and the ones which want to focus on Morgan's attire, choice of music, friends, ... make me think of the days when rape trials allowed victims to be on trial to limit or excuse criminal conduct. SHAME ON ANYONE FOR FEEDING THAT BEAST!

In Morgan's case there seems to be a camp purposefully trying to concoct a scenario where Morgan would be responsible for her own disappearance. If she had, then it would seem like the runaway bride and the young South Carolina athlete who recently created a stir Morgan could only pull this off for so long before she would be discovered. Her parents have done so much to get her information across the airwaves; even if Morgan had used a fake id to get a passport and go to France -- I know, a really fantastical scenario, but just if- she should be able to have been tracked better since homeland security measures were ramped up after 9/11. Yet here we wait.

She wasn't suicidal.

There is no evidence she moved from JPJ Arena area, is there? Even her purse was found there!

This whole hitchhiking angle makes so little sense to me for two reasons: no description of any actual vehicle Morgan got in and where her purse and belongings were found.

I have been waiting to hear from police that those storage buildings where folks actually store cars have been searched. That repair and detail shops have been checked.

The lack of surveillance footage, explanation of when, where, how Morgan "found herself separated from her friends and on the outside of the facility" and also when, where, and how Morgan became injured, and EXACTLY what she allegedly said to specific folks she interacted with in the various parking lots and what doors she tried in what order to regain entry - all of those questions from where I am sitting are important ones that police should have answered by now. But they haven't.

I keep wondering if her aim was to find a way back inside. Even strangers who spoke to her as her group arrived and entered are on the record she wanted to see Metallica! I have wondered if her dark clothes and walking around those lots caused an accident and ...

Most of what has entered my mind comes down to surveillance and security measures on and around JPJ itself and UVA's campus properly working. And I am perplexed why this gaping hole exists.

I would disagree with Mr. Smart about the 5 mile radius. It USED to APPLY and it commonly still is used and there is a critical need to do a grid search and rule out or discover and 5 miles usually is a reasonable start radius. I would argue the 5 Mile rule applies IF the area is locked down in just the right time frame. Even Mr. Smart's daughter was found outside of it. TIME is the critical factor. We have to get TIME working for the GOOD GUYS. The ones trying to find Morgan.

I initially thought this is UVA, they have connections to get the best and much of the town is owned by the University or folks associated with the University. I fully expected Morgan to be found by now.

Now I wish someone(s) with UVA would take some time and get that CRIMESTOPPER TOTAL to EXCEED A quarter or a half a million, make it conditional on Morgan being found and put a time limit on it and then make TOP LE OFFICIAL stand up there before the cameras and get the word out, and send the release to EVERY MEDIA OUTLET and use the CRIMESTOPPER PHONE NUMBER - not the VSP, and CERTAINLY NOT UVA POLICE! It is close to Christmas. UVA produces leaders. Families like the Kennedys are associated with UVA. It is recognized as one of our best Universities. It is fully understandable many hearts may be turned to wanting to help but their demanding schedules prevents them from doing actual work. How much time does it take to write a check to Crimestoppers?

From all that has been released it appears Morgan had ZERO intention of leaving JPJ that night, imo. I wish the police or her family would release a solid time line for her and her text messages. Did they triangulate to determine her exact location when she was texting? And they can definitely put her in that RV lot at 9:20 PM?

I, like her family, can't get past the obvious, calling her brother or someone she knew after she was on the outside IF SHE WAS NOT GOING TO STAY. She and her family have way too many connections in and around Charlottesville and home for Morgan wasn't a cross town sort of trek. And there were taxis and even a bus that ran that night right? I am sure Morgan had money on her that night to take a taxi to somewhere warm and public until she could secure a RIDE.

Articles have circulated about her stepping out for a smoke, yet her parents said she didn't smoke and there were smoking lounges inside? Articles written and news reports stating her purse was found at the RV lot, yet the UVA police log says THE CAGE LOT. Yet no media is digging to set the facts straight and do a computerized map to help generate leads.

Folks commenting on her dead phone battery. Who said? All we know is her last communication (text) was around 9:20PM to a male who was NOT in Charlottesville and her phone was found the next day and the battery was MISSING. Personally I wish her family would release the texts. With the texts happening so close to the last known siting of her I think it could be key. I wonder if it supports this hitchhiking scenario or not? I sure hope the family have seen them!

Police don't seem to step to the podium and put out any fires, do they? They don't seem at all bothered by them in fact. I am.

I can't wrap my brain around why Lt Rader made several of the comments he did during the press conferences. Why he didn't GIVE the number to CRIMESTOPPERS or EVEN HIS OWN as he spoke! And Corrine Geller has been ZERO help in keeping this case ACTIVE and making sure the phone numbers are out there imo. She seems to be only be concerned with running interference or making sure the curtain stays up!

During the first 72+hours the ONLY phone number was UVA's police station,right? (434-924-7166)- by the way UVA has never amended this information to include the CRIMESTOPPER INFORMATION. Isn't it important for all of the players to get that information OUT and be consistent so no one can think it is a trick? I know it isn't... but is there room for confusion! I say OF COURSE THERE IS IN THIS CASE! Around the 21st the VSP number was added, right? BUT Lt Rader WOULDN"T DO IT ON CAMERA! I almost fell off my chair when I heard that! (434)352-3457. And WHEN WAS THE CRIMESTOPPER NUMBER FRONT AND CENTER? You know the one that is well established and recognized in the community AND CURRENTLY AT $150,000?****434)977-4000****.

Bill, think you have an agenda other than Morgan Harrington.

Library, it is law enforcement's job to find Morgan and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice; it is our job to demand accountability for any negligence, however unintended, that may have contributed to her disappearance.


Thank you for raising the most salient points in this investigatory MESS.

According to police logs on the UVA police website, the purse was found and turned into police AT THE CAGE PARKING LOT, NOT LANIGAN FIELD around 8am. Check it yourself.

If we left it up to law enforcement to solve this case, we'd still be looking for someone with PANERA written across her shirt.

That is all.

@Isle7 -- That report has been confirmed false. Flasks as well as prescriptions are allowed at JPJ.

@beer lines -- you are correct. I have purchased beer at JPJ on several occasions. It is expensive but you can have as much as you want. They do check IDs pretty carefully. As I recall there is a special presence of Starr Hill.

JPJ also permits medical marijuana, which is the one policy of theirs that I agree with. See the story in the Hook about the Jimmy Buffet concert, titled "Booze in the Blender". The doctor who wrote the review said it was everywhere. Just as long as you don't use flash photography, you can do whatever you want at the JPJ. Just bring money.

I think it depends on what event is happening at JPJ whether alcohol is served. For basketball, I think no, for certain concerts, I think yes. Actually, selling of alcohol at concerts was news to me until this discussion started. Maybe I've been sitting in the "dry" sections, or just didn't attend the right concerts because I've never seen the beer consumption and haven't observed the drunks that some have posted about. Maybe us rednecks (meaning people who frequent mostly the country concerts) are a more staid crowd. As for Morgan, I don't believe there has been definite confirmation that the person seen trying to buy beer was Morgan. Seems like there were a lot of blonde young women dressed in black that night. Makes it difficult to determine the reliability of eye-witnesses.

You can have a flask..if your out side of the building and not yet 21?

Well, the concerts I've been to, Dave Matthews, the Dead, Eric Clapton, did not have alcohol for sale. I stand corrected if they had alcohol at other concert events. However I have heard many a friend complain about the lack of booze/beer at concerts that I haven't been to, so I thought it was a universal policy.

I looked online and found reference to a no alcohol policy, but it was not from their official site.

Does anyone have confirmation whether the Metallica concert was one with or without alcohol?

I was at the dead and they were definitely selling beer as I purchased more than one.

cvilleLivin' -- I went to the Dead show and bought about a gallon of beer over the course of the night. Marijuana was also permitted at that show, LOL.

I'm the author of the above article. Beer is sold in a specific area at JPJ until 9:30pm. That was the case on the night of the Metallica concert, according to UVA spokesperson Carol Wood.

jpj does not sell alcohol at college sporting events. at others, the beer flows freely. bought about 4 of them at the springsteen concert myself

Saw online that they started selling beer at some events about the time of dead show - 4/15/09 or so. limit to 4 beers. according to random post online. FWIW.

K I'll bite..

Where is she... show us exactly where.

No one is paying anyone..do it for free.

The coordinates..please, by Lat and Long.

When she is found we will know what happened.. so I don't want to know that. Just 'where she is' will be fine..


Havefaith -That is so true. Right now Tiger is the flavor of the month but before that it was the Gosselins, balloon boy, the wife who faked her kidnapping to get 50k from her husband etc....I was a little disappointed in Jane Valez Mitchell's show -you had two missing victims but more time was spent on Tigers foolishness. Nancy Grace is devoting an entire show to Tiger ! To Jane's credit, she vowed not to let these cases go cold and I applaud her for bringing them up more so than the others....

It really bothers me that the newspapers and television just lets this drop. They should mention it everyday!
I am so sorry that the Harringtons will be facing this holiday without their daughter.
Sorry people. I just hope the perp reads this.

Just to be clear, since I've seen misinformation here and elsewhere, John Paul Jones Arena does NOT sell alcohol. No one can buy alcohol in John Paul Jones Arena, therefore no one can be tossed for trying to buy alcohol in the arena.

Now being tossed for being drunk...that is different. But that alcohol would need to originate outside the arena.

This also blows the lid on the theory that the no re-entry policy is to keep people inside buying alcohol from the arena. Not possible, they do not sell alcohol.

So CJ, I suppose you are also blaming her family, who have done everything possible to make their situation as widely known as possible, and her friends who may not want to be subject to the same scrutiny and criticism that you have leveled at the police. Why on earth would her friends feel the need to answer to you or any of the other shrill folk who've jumped into the comment game without having a clue what they are talking about?

How long do you all think a purse in a parking lot would last after a concert without being stolen?

Anyone tried to talk on a cell even before the headlining band started during the break only about 10 minutes before they started? Tuning guitars, checking the drums, mics, people talking, etc.

You really think "I'm going to find another ride" are the words supposedly heard by the friends? How about "I'm going to try another side"? Why does everyone take what these girls say as gospel?

Oh, and I'll believe in psychics when one uses their abilities for free and actually finds someone or a body of a missing person! False hope for desperate families is all the "sensitive" people do and that causes pain not the help they claim to be giving. So stop already.

CC -I am critical of the parents for defending the friends who " may not want to be subject to "scrutiny and criticism"...It's not about what makes the friends comfortable...it's about them helping the parents keep the story out there. It's about FINDING MORGAN !

Once the story hit the public airwaves, it gave me and the "arm chair" detectives to excercise our right to free speech. Just like the friends have exercised their right to remain silent and the parents have exercised the friends right to protect themselves from "scrutiny and criticism"

So Morgan didn't have a boyfriend. What kind of guys did she date? Rockers? Bikers? Computer geeks? Girls....?

Is there a picture anywhere of her with a guy as in boyfriend/girlfriend?

Why have her friends gotten lawyers?


Thank you for your patience and accepting my apology. In truth, my reaction was not only lame, it was selfish.

Do please, keep up your voice, and thank you for your well wishes.


I did not say the basketball players didn't speak with police. I'm sure they have. What I am saying is......... if it were four random guys last seen with a missing girl, their pictures would be all over town, with people wanting to know their every turn that night. It seems to me the public is giving them a pass. I just want to know their every move that night. I want them to tell me what kind of condition they left Morgan in. And I want to know why they left her to fend for herself. And yes, Hoolarious, I would like her friends to say something also.
Just frustrated

but where did you read that she was "with" them? all I've read is that they were the last to *see* her. and honestly, I think that's all you've actually read too--but the difference is that you are reading more into it. it's just like Frank (above) asking about their "involvement." people are assuming that if four basketball players were the last to see her, then they were "with" her and "involved." I think this kind of slippage is coming disturbingly easy to some people.

i too wonder if she ever made it to the concert

look at the friends.............girls know everything their friends are doing

@Hoolarious, no, I hadn't heard the term before. Thanks for your didactic revelation.

John - I feel the same. They should be treated as any other witness. Some witnesses answered questions for hours. Why is "up to them" to go and answer police questions. By their actions so far, I think they should be hooked up to a lie detector.

Also Steph A and Steph A's sister. Not everyone is against her/you. You need to know that it is just not is some people's nature to trust anything but what seems more logical or tangible. If you think you have a gift then use it. I know you were just trying to help, and you seem to have a good heart.

poppy, i'm glad to know that this story has gone overseas. the more who know, the better, even if morgan isn't likely to be in their region. exposure is a big key to bringing her home.

april and hoolarious, well said, kudos, and i agree completely. i think if the basketball team is involved in anyway, LE are all over it. just because it isn't public doesn't mean nothing is being done.

I go to bed every night thinking about the living hades the Harrington family has to endure right now. I worry every night until my 17-year-old daughter gets home from work or pleasure. Last night it was 11:30 p.m. and I worried about her safe return and whether she would even make it home after what happened to Morgan. I can't chain my daughter to the house, I can't lock her in a closet, she has a life to live. Just like we all did.

Most of us like to think we know exactly how the Harringtons feel. We don't. Even with the most vivid imagination in the world, we can't imagine the pain and agony they are currently suffering.

For the Harringtons, my strongest prayer at this time is that this case does not remain unsolved.

Gasbag Self Ordained Expert

Agreed ! This is one of those painful situations where an answer is absolutely necessary !

Sadly I feel there is NO direction to even head into and it eats at my soul. I cannot fathom what the Harrington's are going through .

I am holding onto your word GSOE that Lt. Rader knows what he is doing , my faith is fading fast bro .

Something is just not adding up in this case .

The thing is, for most of these armchair investigators, a statement from the players won't dispel any speculation. There are people here who see cover-up and conspiracy everywhere. Carol Wood makes a statement saying the suspension & the leave of absence are in no way related to the disapppearance, and people who want to believe what they want to believe dismiss that as part of the cover-up.

Moreover, I think there's a world of difference between the public's desire to know all the details and the public's right/need to know. Desire is not the same as right. There are things people can do to help the investigation, but sitting at a computer expounding theories with other armchair investigators does not constitute helping to find Morgan. I don't see the privacy rights of people who have not been charged with a crime being trumped by a stranger's curiosity. And I would point out that none of the nosy parkers here have answered the question of "what if it were your child who was the last to have seen Morgan." They're not answering it because I think they'd have to answer that they would NOT support the public interrogation of their child (John even conceded that it would not be appropriate, even though he wishes it were happening), and that would point up their hypocrisy in hungering for the public interrogation of someone else's child.

I think if you keep the public in reach - posters, fliers, billboards, media coverage that you might get a break. People forget the smallest of details could be a critical piece of information. If anyone in the concert hall, grounds, parking areas, neighborhood or town saw anything they need to contact a website or someone in law enforcement to make it known.

@ shesells. . ..im w/ you. . . they need to start the path at JMU. May be some answers there. After all, there was a group from there that met up with Morgan's group after the concert as well. . .http://www.whsv.com/home/headlines/66764102.html. . .Maybe someone from a JMU has some answers. . ..

The www.findmorgan.com website has threads for many of these topics and the Blink on Crime website is doing an excellent job, especially in calling out theories/ideas that don't make sense. Hook is doing the best job with the reporting of this crime on a local level, so thank you for that, Hook!

So this is by far the most detail I have seen to date on this whole case, why has it taken so long to hear all of this??? I wonder if the police have missed MANY leads not letting these details out earlier.

What the collective Law Enforcement have done is created a perfect COLD CASE !

Sounds like we had a better chance with the psychics of finding Morgan than these ass clowns .

Forgot one LARGE PIECE of the puzzle. According to police Morgan at 8:48 spoke to friends inside JPJ. There was confusion originally with who contacted whom. We still don't know where Morgan was when the call occurred. What we were told was her friend asked her where she was. (they thought she had gone to the restroom) Morgan said she was outside (not clear if Morgan explained WHY she was outside) of JPJ. Friend said Morgan told her "not to worry, she-Morgan-would find a ride HOME". This FRIEND has remained in the shadows yet is supposedly a friend of Morgan's for long time. We have no idea how long the call lasted. The conversation and the friends choice to leave Charlottesville IN MORGAN's CAR without Morgan is troubling to many. We have no idea if the friends attempted to call and find Morgan before they left Charlottesville. Morgan's phone records have not been released.

Or maybe Roanoke is one of the friends.

mom of kelli - your post makes sense except for morgan texting the male friend. i assume LE knows who she was texting and have probably gone through her phone. if she deleted the texts, all LE would have to do is request transcripts of the texts from the phone company...i believe that's correct? sorry if i'm wrong.

here's something i find very interesting:

i follow the Web Sleuths site (really great source of info)
& yesterday i was reading a post stating the mystery guy that was driving Morgan's car that night---- was NOT inside the concert & that is why Morgan didnt have her keys and why her friends could not give her the keys.

it's always bothered me why LE has not said where exactly Morgans car was parked at the venue. if this is true, then that explains why LE has not said where the car was parked--- because it was not parked!

why they are keeping this guy's name a big mystery is also weird.
we know all the girls names- so why is everyone on the downlow about who this guy is? and who and what was said on the texts that Morgan was doing with another (or the same?) mystery guy?

now get this, i went to go link to the posts on websleuths about all this- and the threads are gone! what the heck?
it could be an internet fluke, but there were 20 threads about Morgan and now all i can get to is thread 8. all the rest after that are gone!


Morgan will never be found or known what happened to her until EVERYTHING comes out. the thought that a guy was driving Morgans car around town while she was locked out of the venue-- opens up a lot of options. was that who Morgan was texting?
as in- hey, come back & pick me up- i'm locked out.

was Morgan with this guy? did he come back and get Morgan and when she saw him on the bridge (if she was ever there) is THAT who she stuck her thumb out to when she saw her own car coming down the road to pick her up?

i'm not saying any of that happened, but it does open up new options to look into. the silence from LE & others is making sure Morgan will not be found.

Painfully , I agree Jane

I feel there could of been no greater betrayal to Morgan than to cloud the eye's of those looking for her .

If this betrayal started where I am feeling it did , I am thankful I do not have to live with the decisions to hide the truth in exchange for the Morgan so many wanted to find .

There was another body found more recently:
Also a picture of her tatoo for identification.


I think this needs to be said. There is a federal law (Suzanne's Law) which requires local authorities to enter Morgan's information into the National Crime Information Center because Morgan is under 21. Her dental records are part of what the file requires.

K Here is your Genie.. Steph..

Motive $$$

Taken from:

The page has been taken down..but if you cache it.. the page that used be says this:

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I truely enjoy doing this and each time I contact someone who has "passed over", it still amazes me and gives me such a good feeling when I am able to help someone get the answers the have been looking for or to just simply help to heal their grieving heart.

Not every reading will result in the connection that the client may be hoping for and if ever I perform a reading that a client feels was insufficient, Their fee will be 100% refundable. I do not "say" what I think someone wants to hear or simply "make-up" information. I am true to my work and my word and wish that each person claiming to perform was as honest.

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"if it were four random guys last seen with a missing girl, their pictures would be all over town, with people wanting to know their every turn that night. It seems to me the public is giving them a pass. I just want to know their every move that night. I want them to tell me what kind of condition they left Morgan in. And I want to know why they left her to fend for herself."

and why would it be AT ALL appropriate for four (I don't know what you mean by "random") presumably innocent guys to have their pictures plastered all over town and to be interrogated by total strangers as to "their every turn"? what on earth would make that kind of invasion of privacy appropriate?

imagine your son was among a group of people who were apparently the last to see a person who later turned up missing. your son tells the police everything he knows. the police decline to call him a suspect and treat him like any other witness. would you support plastering your son's picture all over town/the internet as "random guy who was the last to see so-and-so alive" and would you welcome the public's interrogation of him ("what was your every move? etc.)?

I asked these same questions (well, not the ninja one...LOL) in the beginning. To date I have received no answers. I cannot imagine a bunch of girls going to a concert, dressed out of their norm, did not take pics of each other, and/or a group pic. I also cannot believe that the arena does not have cameras all over (I will check the next time I go)and that there was not just one with Morgan in it. One more thing that I find strange is that every time I have been there cops have been all over the place, inside and outside. I cannot imagine if something was going on with Morgan that someone did not see something. Especially if she went outside and was trying to re-enter. Of course, I have not been to a concert of this kind. I am sure that the security was much heavier at this concert than the ones that I have been to.

Re: WestBerkleyFlats you = major douche
..cracking wise on a page devoted to a horrific crime.I hope you find your brains lodged somewhere in your body,cause they certainly aren't in your head,they must be lodged at the other end.

Congratulations Courtney- one of the better investigative journalistic features of the year.

I agree CC :)

CC...Name ONE reason why the case was reported that law enforcement did not mention Morgan's injury, whether or not she was intoxicated. Basic info that might have helped one of the 60000 people at the concert recall if the had seen Morgan.

No, the police never release EVERYTHING, but police with 1/2 a clue would release the basics.

There are other factors that made this case frozen. Law enforcement is just one third of the recipie. I hope your right CC but don't act like this investigation were stellar because it's far from it !

Way to go !! When I review what THEY said, you resort to name calling....I hope you're not classifying yourself as one of the "sensible people"..Childish is more like it.

Never the less, I see no harm in posting what I believed to pick up on. I think the main objective here is to help locate an innocent, probable victim of some sort....correct. Any lead, big~small~by a psychic~ or a witness, can't hurt...Not when it isn't used to be hurtful. I will not defend my stance on this any longer, for I didn't believe that this blog was to argue, accuse or ridicule.....And that is not my style. Good night.

I have offered to assist the Harringtons twice with the investigation, but they don't appear to be interested. There are certain elements of society that will not talk to law enforcement, as they are not "squeaky clean"... yet members of that group may well be in possession of useful information. Politics comes into play with high profile investigations as much as it does anywehere else.

I'm still willing to assist with the search and exert every ounce of the "Bulldog Persistance" that my company was founded on, but that decision is ultimately up to the Harringtons. As for Karen55, I have spoken with her and feel her sighting needs further investigation.

James Pollock
Bulldog Investigations and Security LLC
DCJS #11-6038

This sheds more light on Ms. Harrington's movements after she left the concert hall. I still don't understand where her friends were. Surely they know more than they are saying or we are being told.

If the super Elite Students had something to do with this, of course the cops won't question them.

Remember that fire fighter that got stabbed 40 times by a student in self defense, he spent like 2 years in jail. UVA students are royality and the rest of us are just helpless victims.

Takes the paper to release this? Charlottesville cops aren't to engaged are they?

If any of these reports are valid, especially the couple purporting to have seen Morgan leaving the arena in the company of 4 males, this raises the question of whether or not she was alone when she attempted re-entry to the arena, or were these individuals waiting around and took advantage of the situation. Hopefully, Morgan will be located soon, and all that is known will be able to become public knowledge and perhaps clear up some of the questions that are leading to rumors, conspiracy and other theories that have no basis in fact.

Stephanie Almaguer, I wish that you would talk to Art Harris.com
about Haleigh Cummings.

I enjoyed reading your blog. Hope they find the evil person that did this. He's a serial killer, and will strick again if not caught.

Who is Art Harris? As I said, I am not very "public" in this area. I will check out the site, for sure. I do feel as though this person has done similar acts in the past....but honestly, I do believe that this was his first murder. I think that it started out as date raping with drugs and it just wasn't enough this time....or perhaps, the others had no idea who he was and Morgan had actually seen and talked to him before and could identify him if left alive.... I will check out the Art website ASAP. Thank you.

Do u know Phil Jordan? He's a great psychic...

Some people, imo, do have this gift. Very few, but some.

Why do people persist in believing in magical thinking?

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW MORGAN! Quit jumping to your damn conclusions! I grew up with her brother Alex and their family. And the "9" friends that they refer to, yes, I know them very well also. So don't go judging the situation and jumping to conclusions unless you KNOW HER! Mental illness? What the hell!? There is nothing wrong with Morgan! I mean jeez! Come on people.

HooFan, I'm curious, why at the end do you say "what would it be like for a 20 year old, constantly having to hide "her" identity? Who are you referring to, Morgan? Why are you sensitive to the word "jerk"? Also, I'm from another state. I do not know Morgan or anyone from Virginia Tech for that matter. I'm merely a person who is praying for her, and offering my best advice for the "accessories" if they were to even be reading this. Why do other commentors keep jumping down other commentors throats when everyone has Morgan's best interest at heart, know her or not? Everyone is just expressing their opinion. I would rather not have someone reword what I say, but instead have their own original comment.

great job courteney ! keep digging.

If we are adding the UVA basketball team members to the list, has someone showed Ms. Parsons a photo of the three white male basketball players to see if she recognizes them? She wants something to identify with. I'm not trying to point the finger. It's just a thought. They say they witnessed her through friends, but they have not come forward to comment? Maybe even figure out who was getting married there and who the guests were? Surely the police have already investigated this. I'm no detective and I can come up with it.

Don't be so sure, Kat. To borrow another commenter's phrase: "the fox is guarding the henhouse" on this one. How can you have objectivity when the UVA police are investigating the UVA basketball team? Might I add that the latter pays the salary of the former. My sense is that if you are able to sleuth the names and give them to the police, maybe then someone will at least write it down. If anyone wants an investigation in this case, they'll have to do it themselves.

Her state of mind was obviously altered. If she was drunk enough, four young men "looking for a good time" could easily have taken advantage of the situation. Also, she could have had alcohol poisoning, and become unconscious or other. Not wanting to get caught, or get in trouble the young men would have left her somewhere, or disposed of her. Campus students should look for a group of four male students who routinely cut up and possibly look suspicious. According to another report, a woman who saw these men said one of the men had obviously very curly hair. How difficult would it be for you students at Virginia Tech to look for such a group of four (one with curly hair). Possibly you even already know this group. Do the right thing for Morgan's parents. Maybe something truly awful has happened to Morgan, but if they never know, they can never find peace and move on with their lives. If you are one of the four and you are living with the guilt, then turn yourself in if you know or did something to Morgan. You would come out looking a whole lot less like a jerk, than if you get caught first. This person or persons will get caught. There are too many out there looking for her.

"To my knowledge, there are about 5 of us in the entire US who are known to have psychic skill that has been developed to be useful/ accurate."

"Just as some people can run sub-2 minute miles and most cannot, some of us can do this."

Hilarious, a "psychic" who doesn't even know how many psychics there are or that NO ONE runs 2 minute miles!!! Why didn't you psychically check google on the latter one at least? And what? You're telling us that someone thinks you and a small handful of other people have some fantastic and super rare psychic ability and hasn't put you all together at the same time to study you as a group or have you work on something really important together?

Yes indeed, your "skills" are exactly like those of 2 minute mile runners, they exist only in your dreams. Please just stay out of the way and let people with real skills and training do their jobs.

sorry I need to correct myself. the concert was Metallica Sorry folks. It was a slip of the keys since this whole thing angers me.

I have to say- I just read a post by Morgan's mother on a discussion board and the overwhelming grief I could feel in her every word made me sick to my stomach. I honestly believed that by posting my "psychic" belief in what I "got" in regards to Morgans disappearance, would perhaps be helpful in bringing justice. I can not simply give up on doing something that could possibly help find a missing child and put the "bad man" in jail, but I can promise you this, from today forward, unless I am specifically asked to do so, my version of any further events or cases, will be reserved for LE. I sincerely apologize for anyone I may have offended. I pray for a happy ending.

If the female found under the Roanoke Bridge is Morgan, and I pray it isn't (and I hate that it has to be anybody), then Stephanie's psychic vision is in part correct. It takes a body, whoever it is, a while to drift from a bank area into the flowing water and then to discovery in a more open and public area. God bless whoever that person is and her family.

That's the problem with this case. All the information is so vague. How did the battery get out of the phone? A dozen reasons. Was it for sure Morgan was seen by all these witnesses? Maybe, or maybe not. Was Morgan drinking or doing drugs? Only the friends would know. How did Morgan get hurt at the arena? A dozen reasons. Why did Morgan not drive her own vehicle and why did she not have her keys in her purse? A few reasons. You see. It's almost like people have been given answers, but they really don't know enough to help. I'm not an advocate for saying the police should have to give up all the details, because the public does not need to know everything. It's just that people trying to help may need to know a little more specific information. It's what the "friends" know that we don't know. It's what the security guard at the arena (the one who would not let Morgan in) knows that we don't know. It's whatever information the basketball players who last saw Morgan know that we don't know. So on and so on. I'm sure this is more frustrating for Morgan's parents. I pray for them everyday. I pray for Morgan's safe return. May God be with them all this Christmas and in the months to come, if need be.


I never said a word about newscast!!! Most of you are just into arguing. I know how to stop the email, Dear. I choose to keep up with Morgan and it really is none of your business. So, keep your trap closed to me. I think you are quite rude, among others.

Kathy - This post is about commenting not newscasts. If you wish not to receive these comments in your email box, then do not check the box below that says "Notify me of any future comments by email."

What about Sylvia Brown? She has helped find many missing people. It plainly states in the Bible that there are people (called Prophets) that are given these gifts.
We should not be judging others or their thoughts. I am sure that everyone really wants to help.
Again, I say that if you find the psychics annoying then just ignore their posts. You really do not have to comment on any post.
Not trying to offend anyone. Let's just stick to the subject of Morgan and not veer off on tangents about what others post.
Has anyone heard anything about the girl that was found under a Roanoke Bridge?
Hey Guys, Have a Blessed Day!

Stephanie.. I completely agree with you, it's not fair for you to be treated badly when you are attepting to help. I have a ? for you.. You said you see the name Ivy? I see a ravine of some sort.. and I get the name Knoll. I've never been anywhere in the state though. There's an Ivy Rd really close to the Arena when you look at a map. Is it possible that's what you see? The street name?

Per dad, Morgan left home around noon and called him around 2PM from Harrisonburg with a safe arrival call. What did these supposed friends do for the next 5 hours or so until the concert started?

No police comment that says Morgan was IDENTIFIED outside of JPJ. Only someone matching her description. Big difference.


"Well, let me see”Š”Š”Š”Š.No, I did not say a thing about getting any answers from the people on here.
Why are you being such a smart talking jerk to me? And, I was not even talking to you.
If you are looking for another person to attack since Stephanie is not here, you are looking in the wrong place.
Have A Blessed Day!"

Did you miss NO ONE? No one owes you an answer to anything about this case. That means no police, no family, no basketball players or other witnesses, no one. BTW, when you post on a blog, you are"talking" to anyone with eyes and a computer who wishes to look.

Have a blessed day.

First Hoolarious, I never even remotely mentioned race. I could care less, what I want and obviously alot of other people do to is the basketball players, whom ever they are (we dont know because we have never been told) to be accoutable. Like I have said a couple of times already, not a big factor for you. To me it leaves alot of questions to be asked. I still feel like they are getting a pass from the public.
Good night all........God Bless


also, so you feel it would not be appropriate to have them all over the public eye, yet you seem to lament that this inappropriate invasion of privacy is NOT happening.

@Hoolarious -- I am asking very reasonable questions that stem from the statements of our law enforcement professionals. These questions are logical to ask, given how incomplete the information is. Tell us, Hoolarious, why are you so disinterested in what interaction the basketball players had with Morgan Harrington? Why do you insist that they only saw her but did not speak to her? Official word from law enforcement was that they "interacted." You must know something that we don't, for you to be so vehement in their defense. What is YOUR connection to UVA basketball, anyway? Are you on the team?

Good to hear from Steph A.'s "sister." spiritandtarotreadings.com was registered in the name of Stephanie Almaguer on August 5, 2009. Cached views of webpages from the site are available from October 2 and 5, 2009.

Yes, a long 30 days... lol

K.. Most know the truth here..

Clean-up! isle 7*

john - why are you assuming they have something to hide? if they were suspicious or their stories did not check out, the police would be all over them. nobody cares that they play ball; the uva team is not kentucky and there is little chance someone is withholding info to protect uva players. Im sure they have been checked out, including the 12 hours after their interaction with MH. quite frankly, the players are not that important and i doubt casteen is going to cover up anything, he hates sports.

Kudos, Sean. The Cav Daily is a worthless rag, and only makes candidness a priority when it allows racist cartoons onto its funnies page. It is simply a PR apparatus for the University leadership. Same goes for the Daily Progress (note the gigantic UVA banner ads on its front page). Have you noticed that their coverage has also been lacking?

UVA is a fantastic school, no doubt. But its leadership are a bunch of wimps too scared to address important issues head-on. Casteen is transitioning out of his role as president, but he is STILL the president. What say you, John?

When will UVA give a statement about Harrington's disappearance, the flawed policies of JPJ arena, the connection between the UVA basketball players and Harrington's disappearance, and the curious fact that several have left the team?

Why is it that UVA's athletic entertainers do whatever they want around here?

The student body and the community of Charlottesville are demanding answers, and we will not rest until they are forthcoming.

not sure if this is accurate but i thought i heard on nancy grace the "friends" did not report her missing 4 like 16 hours later....

quote: "....I need to express something here.

I totally agree that something is very strange about Morgan and her friends. Girls usually travel together and friends usually do not let another friend make a bad decision. It is very heart breaking that the friends did not accompany Morgan, nor try to find her later.

I hold them responsible in the fact that they were not dependable and responsible friends.

However, I think that publicly chatising them is not the right thing to do.

Why did you choose to publicly chastise them then?

You just did what you so strongly object to.

Why does the Daily Progress and all C'ville news outlets ALWAYS say that Morgan is from Virgina Tech as opposed to saying Morgan was last seen at UVA? They never meantion UVA - sometimes they say JPJ - or more likely C'Ville - but they ALWAYS say she was from Virginia Tech..... What's that got to do with anything other then always throwing VT's good name under the car. They just NEVER say UVA... Well people - wake up.... C'Ville (or should I say the University of Virginia) has a lot more devils in it's closet then VT... and the news should start calling a spade a spade..... STOP leaving people in the dark on how really dangerous C'ville is!!!!!

mom_of_Kelli...just read the article...banging my head against the wall as well...Thanks for sharing !

Waldo Jaquith - This is off topic, but to respond to your sarcastic rhetorical question:

Just because people who've used psychic abilities to win the lottery and win at gambling aren't loudly announcing it to the world doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

I'll let you read between the lines on that one in terms of my own experiences.

You gotta love arrogant people who assume that because they're not aware of something, then therefore it's obviously not happening. (eye roll.) It doesn't mean it's not happening. It just means you're not in the loop.

Enough of immature males who think they know everything, and back to the Morgan case.

dave - i haven't read that her friends have gotten lawyers from any credible source, only from comments on here or other sites. could you provide your source of information?

how exactly did they act crazy? no, they didn't come to morgan's rescue...but she told them NOT to. that doesn't sound crazy to me. and until you or someone else provides a source saying that these girls did indeed hire lawyers, i will continue to defend their innocence. i probably will even after i receive proof of them hiring lawyers. i don't believe they're involved in this case in anyway except for the fact that they were the ones at the concert with morgan. they're her friends, i believe that is their only relationship to this case and i will stand by that until they are proven guilty.

Last but not least.. an opinion from the 'Mother' of a Missing Child.. who was exploited in her grief.

Please read, bookmark and pass on:


Let's please remember to work together here for the purpose of finding Morgan. Blame is just a negative energy that is not moving towards that goal. Why did MH's friends make some decisions that so many Monday morning quarterbacks are criticizing? Because they are 19 and 20 year olds. The decision making part of their brains has not finished maturing. With age, our brains mature and with experience, we come to realize that bad things do happen. That is the basis for our decisions, but not theirs. Good grief, ease up and use your energy to move forward.

i also agree that she probably disappeared in the RV lot. it just makes more sense to me. i've only been to charlottesville once that i can remember, and i don't really remember much about the copely bridge at all, but someone on the findmorgan.com forum said that copely isn't very well lit. perhaps they didn't really see her, after all?

or maybe she was never in the RV lot and her purse was planted there? i don't know, just a thought. does anyone know if she was actually seen there? or did they just find her purse there?

I don't have any extensive investigative experience. And with what little training they give rookies in the cop shoppe academy, most of them couldn't find a can of pork-n-beans in a gallon glass jar. It takes many years of experience to become a good and competent cop shoppe investigator.

But in all fairness to the cop shoppes, this case is like looking for a needle in haystack the size of California. And to simplify it even further, it's like looking for a button you lost off a brand new coat. But the difference here of course is you know and can retrace the steps of where you had worn the coat last and could have lost the button.

Eventually, I believe one of two things will happen in this case:

1) An accomplice in whatever took place will approach the commonwealth with an offer of solving this case for them if he/she is granted immunity from prosecution. This accomplice might not get off as lightly as they would like, but 5 years in prison is better than 40+. Even if they are best friends in crime, one of them will eventually roll over on the other(s).


2) Just like in the DC Sniper Case, that one magical tip will come in that busts this case wide open. The odds of this happening are probably a little better than 50/50. And when and if that tip comes in, I would prefer to see Lt. Rader on the case. He's extremely good at what he does.

great posts!!

if we go on what LE has told us, we'd still be looking for a girl with a shirt that says "Panera" (as in the bread!) on it!

there is no way i think Morgan was ever on that bridge. i think that was made up to take the focus off of where she was really last seen at.

you're right Dakota, by LE's silence- theyve made this into a cold case.

i know from my own daughter's death, how badly LE can screw up a case. before that i thought LE rode in on white horses to save the day. now i know different. not saying that about all LE, just saying we should always question authority when it comes to life and death matters and when it comes to "justice"


Agreed , with so little information this case is not looking good for finding Morgan . The misinformation from the beginning is mind boggling and as time goes on it seems some serious questions will have to be answered by LE as to why public information was not cleared up early on in the investigation .

Sad situation . I hope for that magical tip to bring some closure to this family .

Thanks for the input

st. anger - i'm not very close to the friends at all (and kathy, i'm not one of them either). and you're right, i don't KNOW their thought processes, i don't know whether or not they had any involvement, etc. i'm only saying what i think, and i don't think these girls should be accused for something there is no proof that they did. i'm not claiming to know them well or anything, only stating my opinions like everyone else on this thread.

Lauren .

Agreed , Alcohol can bring on a wealth of emotions . I have felt from the beginning the Harrington's , Morgan's friends and Police have been hiding something with refusal to either not speak to the public or address Morgan's "condition" on the night in question .

AT this point I hope silence has not hindered the important information potential witnesses could have used to recall what they may have encountered that night .

The Morgan we are looking for from that night has completely changed way to late in the game . Dangerously late in the game .

I am clear on what JPJA would want to keep in the dark about that evening to protect themselves .

I am not clear on what the Harrington's and Morgan's friends are hiding .

I am really not clear on what would be worth hiding in exchange for the life of this girl .

Underlying mental disorder is sticking with me, add alcohol and were looking for an entirely different person .

that is beyond interesting about Mogan kicking that man.
def. goes along with the couple that said they tried to help Morgan
when she fell and they stated she seemed irritated by their offer to help.

as for Norma, the first account i read said she saw Morgan walking down the street. the second said she passed her walking up steps.
now this one says she saw her walking out of a room.

Karen55 first said she only saw the word "PENT" on Morgan's shirt.
someone on findmorgan.com told her Morgan's shirt said Pantera
and then Karen said she mispronounced it and she meant "PANT".
mispronouncing, i understand. but changing what she said she clearly saw......... it quite another.

and i'm pretty sure Karen said she didnt see the entire word on Morgan's shirt (as stated in this article) only the firt 4 letters which caughter her attention b/c of the phone her daughter wanted, which again, at first was a PENT something or other phone.

also, not only is Morgan not on video at the store, but neither is Karen55.

Why have the police not released the answer to the question: how much did she drink smoke or ingest? This is relevant in that it affects both her judgment and ability to resist. I had assumed one perpetrator for the simple reason that if there were two I would think that the second one would have grabbed the purse and cell phone instead of leaving evidence. Now I think perhaps the purse and cell phone may have been placed there on purpose after a horriffic crime in order to throw police off the scent.

I also think that it is not JPJs responsibility to do anything with an overintoxicated person but lock them out. (or eject them)

This situation should be a lesson to all young women who wander around drunk at concerts the corner and frat parties.... there are sick people who will take advantage of you. The written law may give you rights but unfortunately that same law has emboldened many nut jobs because they know society will coddle them if they get caught. (instead of bashing their head in with a baseball bat like in the old days)


I so agree with you...contact the PTA for all the High Schools within 150 miles, at least..both private and non-private..put flyers out in the gyms and ask parents who DROVE their kids to the concert and picked them up or waited...Did they see anything? It wouldn't hurt to contact all the small colleges also..In the summer time I drive two and half hours to go to a concert in Western WA...each way...sometimes three hours...sometimes I spend the night..local hotels and motels should be contacted...people come from all over for concerts, Canada and across the USA..Peolpe follow bands..the last time I saw Dave Matthews in WA, there were all ages of folk from all over the USA and Canada...this was a summer event..but for someone young that really does not mean anything.

and... "disorientated" is not a word

@Cookie- how do you know that Morgan's friend was inside the arena itself when the call came through? Perhaps she was outside in the hall or in the bathroom and was able to hear just fine.

Some of the posters here crack me up. I thank my lucky stars that you're not real detectives or police officers, because there would be a trail of botched investigations in your wake. I've never seen such a mish-mash of assumption and innuendo. The fact that most of you don't seem to understand that there's a methodology behind what info to release, and when and why to release it, tells me that you know nothing about the process of investigation.

Gasbag is right. Rader knows what he's doing. For all you know, the police have one or more persons of interest, and are sweating them right now. Idle speculation is one thing-- but the anti-friend, anti-police, and anti-Harrington witch hunts that some of you are on are ridiculous and harmful to those who actually know Morgan and her family.

My apologies if this has already been commented on, but how do we know these witness sightings, mentioned in today's article, are Morgan and not "Dee." Seems to me "Dee" who was identified as the girl in the video inside the arena, was also with 3 guys in black including her boyfriend.

It's interesting to see all of the well-meaning crackpots and rubber-necking amateur sleuths that these types of cases attract.

Stephanie, I agree with 2 things you have said. 1. Morgan was intoxicated/drugged. 2. She was lured outside. 3.The friends know more.

I think whatever lured her is stronger than what you've indicated. I say that because she had been looking forward to this concert for 6 months.

The person who has reported seeing someone resembling Morgan crossing the street said that the girl she saw was in the company of 4 males. In the WHSV story Dee from JMU says that she attended the concert with her boyfriend and 3 other male friends. That article does not say whether or not Dee and her friends left the arena during a time that would have put them on the street during the correct time frame.

Have the police officially stated that there is NO video survelliance of Morgan at the concert ? With all of the games, I can't keep up.

Any chance we can get the specifics as to how Morgan's belongings were found? I thought initially it was reported the items were picked up by someone crossing an area and turned into UVA police. Is this correct? Were her items turned in before or after the missing person notice was released on Oct. 18th? How did LE confirm the information was correct? I have scratched my head wondering why they omitted this info in the beginning? From where I sit, it would have made sense to put the location out there so they could hear from folks whether they too saw these belongings or better yet Morgan? And nail down a time WHEN her belongings showed up or if she was ever at the location where her belongings allegedly turned up. I also have wondered if the person who found them tried what most of us would and looked inside for id and attempted to reach Morgan or maybe someone listed as emergency contact? And I wonder WHEN they were turned into UVA police.

I also have wondered about the Blue and Orange World Series and if there is a connection between anyone who worked/attended that event and Morgan's last movements and where her belongings were found? Were the trash recepticles at JPJ and Davenport Field searched for her phone battery (if missing) or necklace?

And I continue to wonder to read where her purse, which was a backpack style, had a broken strap. Was the strap frayed, snapped, or cut? And we know her car keys were with her friend inside. What about her house keys?

I can't believe after a MONTH there are more questions! From where I am sitting, I am confounded by how much is being hidden. I understand there are times when LE has to keep some information close to the vest - but a full view frame of Morgan from that night or at all? A description that includes how she wore her hair and any jewelry that night? Her exact movements leading up to the concert, where her group parked, what entrance they used, where her seat was, and where she exited and attempted re-entry and when? Those all seem like points LE would want to put out to the public to generate leads. Yet for some reason, in Morgan's case, MUM.

Is there any relationship or connection between who found her belongings and those who claimed she was last seen hitchhiking? How can LE know if they don't release the names of who these folks are?

I have had so many problems with this case. And the hitchhiking scenario is just the latest oddity.

UVA police assuming the lead for a minute (Taylor Behl's mom hired an attorney for a very good reason!), not a peep from the UVA Police Chief or UVA Investigative Lieutenant, and initially Lt Rader deferring to UVA's Lt. Fielding, the University's PATROL Lieutenant during the first (and in my opinion LATE) news conference. And yet the UVA Lt. just stood there, did not make any statement at all or field any questions. That missing person blurb initially released says Morgan was NEAR JPJ, not AT JPJ. That bugged me then and it bugs me still. And then there is no mention of the concert. And no mention of JMU, the post concert destination for Morgan and her friends. Now we have her supposedly hitchhiking.

I have wondered from the start if Morgan was ejected from JPJ. I have wondered WHEN and WHERE the phone call exchange between Morgan and whoever was inside occured and if SECURITY was nearby. I continue to wonder why so many and so much are still in the shadows. Information has been released in a trickle fashion, much of it illogical to me, the only common thread seems to be Morgan ALWAYS is OFF UVA property even though her belongings were found ON UVA property.

Has anyone checked UVA police logs? Was Lt. Fielding front and center because the patrol division responded to a call when Morgan was ejected? I have so many unanswered questions.

I don't want to think badly of UVA... so far, though I can't see where they did anything right with this case from day one. And Morgan is still missing.

By the way, who is leading Morgan's disappearance investigation right now? And what role is the FBI allowed to play right now?

No, Lannie

I feel maybe her friends have not been forthcoming in all information they had at the time of disappearance. Also, I feel investigators, had they known Morgan's condition, i.e., really intoxicated/drugged, possible small cut and bleeding from fall, altercation with concert goer...these are things that could have rung someones bell so to speak. Yes, I'm sure the parents would like their daughter portrayed as the perfect young lady but maybe she was no different than a lot of us. I'm just blogging away, trying to pick other people's brains. No harm intended to anyone.

First, I want to acknowledge how tragic this story is. My prayers are with Morgan, her family and friends and I hope this story ends well. The Harrington family's pain and agony must be overwhelming.

That said, I wanted to state that, for me, from the beginning a troubling angle of this story is what happened at the arena. How did she end up outside? Having not been to this stadium before personally, is it that easy to seek the bathroom and end up out of arena? If so, why wasnt security more sympathetic to the plight of a single young female from out of town seperated from her friends? If there was cell phone contact with the friends inside, why not arrange with security to get the keys to her car back? I cant imagine Morgan or her friends not exhibiting a more tremendous effort to work something out. Maybe they did and it just hasnt been fully publicized.

I know in the excitement of youth often our judgement is off and we make wrong decisions - but I feel we are not getting the entire story.


If she were meeting someone.. there would be no need for her to stick her thumb out to passer bye's for a ride (as witnesses recounted).

To be certain of the purse.. we would have to know exactly when it was found, has this information been released? I don't recall hearing it was turned in, but rather found on the ground. Anyone know for certain?

Biggest question that hit me is "how could she be outside after going to the bathroom?" Does NOT make sense. The police should rule out if this is a problem at that stadium a (as it could rule out certain things) Gut instinct is that she went outside herself to meet someone. Her friends may or may not have know that she did this. She could have been to trying to "GET SOMETHING". Could have been drugs or promise of a backstage pass. How was the control of her anger? Was she a hot head? Could she have been so livid that she started a fight with that person (or anyone) that contributed to her death? Could she have seen something she shouldnt have or made threats? Hopefully she's not dead, but its not good after this long without leads.

Dakota wrote:
"I am really not clear on what would be worth hiding in exchange for the life of this girl."

I,too, wonder what exactly must happen before people feel they MUST be honest with how they represent themselves.

Dakota, interesting observation about the possible mental illness. It is a known fact that schizophrenia and psychotic breaks most often occur or surface in one's early 20's.

Morgan also switched schools during, or at the beginning of her senior year of high school.

I am praying daily for Morgan and her family. I understand that in these circumstances we all want to blame the friends, the parents, the victim. We don't want to think we would be "stupid" enough to get ourselves into a situation that would lead to a catastrophic event. But each and every person reading this knows that at least once in their lives they've done something really stupid. But most of us are lucky enough to escape harm.
Please don't look for reasons to blame Morgan. Whether she was intoxicated or not, she did not deserve to be victimized.

I'm sure the police are following every lead, and will not jeopardize the case to satisfy the concerns of the public, no matter how sincere they might be.

If you want to do something for Morgan and her family, just keep them in your prayers.

thank you, CJ. haha. :)

Total BS! You guys have no clue where this investigation is or whether it is cold or not. What's more, none of the armchair detectives who complain about the police's handling of this case would be able to do a damn thing to help even if they did know what's up.

There are pictures all over town and the news of Morgan's disappearance was made public as soon as the investigation started. You don't need any more information than that and the police almost certainly have their reasons for sharing or not sharing information as they see fit. The police are there to serve Morgan's and her family's needs first, not those of the general public whose morbid curiosity has gotten out of hand.

Courteney Stuart, the reporter of this article, I congratulate you on excellent investigative journalism, superb reporting, and excellent writing. Slop job reporting has become so commonplace that it is almost shocking to read such a well-done article. Submit your articles for Pulitzer Prizes and any other writing awards. I am also thrilled that The Hook allows decent journalism.

Keep at it. You are in the right profession.

I'll continue to take it as a given that we're all posting here b/c it's so horribly painful to us that Morgan is still missing, ie because of our empathy; and that since we're all really helpess here, there's a desire to do something to help as well as to control our environment, so this doesn't happen to -our- loved ones next time. But lets not confuse healthy speculation with unhealthy speculation.

Specifically, let's not even begin to fall into a trap of victim blaming here. She was 20 and at a concert. I assume she was drinking. Drunk, sober, angel or devil it doesn't matter to the law at this point and it shouldn't matter to our empathy. Victimization is victimization, be afraid of yourself if how much you care changes when a victim's character flaws or just plain humanity becomes visible.

I know you are interested in the drinking/drug angle because it might change motivations. Okay, but let's be clear about that. And then this: "I am not clear on what the Harrington’s and Morgan’s friends are hiding... what would be worth hiding in exchange for the life of this girl." Look, I'm sorry, but I question your motivation for going all conspiracy theory, and it is an absurd statement to begin with. What could possibly be the moral obligation of her parents, friends or police to coddle us and our want (not our need) for info? Her friends and family hiding info from the cops is an illogical, as well as a cruel, assumption to make. To speculate that all of her friends that night are so callous and self obsessed as to withhold info from investigators at this point is ludicrous. Even if it was a more serious situation and you're paranoid about it, you get a lawyer (or the cops get you one) you get immunity, and you relate the info. It wasn't made public to you? Of course it wasn't made public to you! What are you going to do, crack the case with it?

The police have a responsibility to find this girl, not address our wants whether they are from empathy, fear, or some ghoulish curiosity. Yes, they should tell us as concerned citizens what they can- w/o infringing on what is likely the early days of a long investigation. We'll know sooner or later.

I know it's your right to speculate on meds/psych but I don't get the relevance or evidence and I really don't get the need. It doesn't fit with the girl at findmorgan.com and you don't need a pre-condition or schizophrenic behavior to get victimized by a monster. I'm sorry if I'm skunking the party here but- it's not a party.

and thank you Joanie for saying this in 1/4 of the space.

Thank you Terrence. I get that, and I apologize for going overly vehement. I'm deep into research for different essays concerning sex trafficking right now. It sucks and I'm uptight and victim sensitive.

Morgan happened and personalized it. I want just one happy ending. Really really badly.

Dakota, victim blaming as in placing responsibility on the victim. But yes, I apologize to you specifically and unequivocally.

It's lame to go dogmatic on an open discussion board where people are trying to find ways to come to terms with this horrible, disgusting situation. I'm sorry.

Do you think it is a little odd that Dee happened to have mutual friends with Morgan, and they met up after the concert? Or, did I read it wrong?
All of this gets so overwhelming and confusing. I hate Morgan is missing. She is a young college student and we were all young once.....Yes, we more than likely partied a little, a lot, or too much. We made bad choices and decisions. But, we survived! We do not know anything for sure about Morgan, except that she is a person with feelings, she is someone's daughter, sister, friend, and she is once of God's Children.

Sorry about the dupe post.

Sean .

I don't feel you have any reason to be sorry .

I have to admit I would prefer to hear every absurd thought you may have , painful or not , if it leads to the slightest lead to bring Morgan home safely .

My fear with Morgan's case . The public packs up and moves on because nobody is talking .

I will take the dogmatic approach if it keeps Morgan's face in the public view .

It takes a mere spark to start a raging fire .

I must confess , Morgan missing has grabbed me by the heart strings , one theory I will not accept is victimization of a victim , pointless in this situation as their is nothing one could do to deserve what I fear has happened to Morgan . The monster that has done this is 100% responsible for what happened to Morgan .

By all means ....DOGMATIC !

Much success on your reaserch Sean ,


She had obviously been drinking, and was belligerent to the people who helped her up inside, the ticket takers outside, kicked and cursed at a guy, and most likely was mad at her friends, and her friends were most likely upset with her drunken behavior. If you have ever been outside of a bar / club / concert where lots of alcohol is ingested, you will see plenty of girls that act JUST like that. I've had to deal with my share of normally sweet girls that were belligerent, and had the most ridiculous ideas and requests, such wanting a specific kind of food at 2am or wanting to go to a theme park, etc and then passing out in the back of the car 15 mins later. In this state, I can see all of her decisions working. A sober person just doesn't make all those poor choices.

She had obviously been drinking, and was belligerent to the people who helped her up inside, the ticket takers outside, kicked and cursed at a guy, and most likely was mad at her friends, and her friends were most likely upset with her drunken behavior. If you have ever been outside of a bar / club / concert where lots of alcohol is ingested, you will see plenty of girls that act JUST like that. I've had to deal with my share of normally sweet girls that were belligerent, and had the most ridiculous ideas and requests, such wanting a specific kind of food at 2am or wanting to go to a theme park, etc. In this state, I can see all of her decisions working. A sober person just doesn't make all those poor choices.

quote: "We deal in absolutes,” says Geller. ââ?¬Å?We need to be sure that what we put out there is 100 percent accurate.”

Accurate is good. But eyewitness identifications and descriptions don't mean diddly squat most of the time. It wasn't that long ago a victim described a suspect as 20-ish years old Hispanic male, 5'4", 140 pounds, black hair and no mustache. A rookie cop obtained 6 photos from DMV records and laid the photos in front of the victim as a "lineup". All of the photos were of taller, heavier and older white males with gray hair and mustaches. One of them was picked out by the victim and falsely arrested by the cop shoppe. The judge dismissed the charge without the defendant having to utter one word in his own defense. The real suspect is still out there laughing at the cop shoppe's incompetence and ignorance.

Let's all hope and pray the Virginia State Police don't mess this investigation up like the other cop shoppe I am speaking of did in their case.

Moving on, I will say it again.... if two, three or more people were involved in whatever happened to Morgan, the case will eventually be solved. One of them will approach the state police seeking immunity from prosecution if he rats out the other participants. It's only a matter of time. And it's going to be quite interesting to see which one steps forward trying to save his own bacon first. When the others least expect it, the cop shoppe will be kicking in their doors late one night and the suspects will then learn their so-called "friend" has turned them in!!

Morgan, is missing, that has not changed. It was reported from very early on that her friends said she was going to look for a ride home, that has not changed. It was reported from very early on (maybe when the time line was released) that Morgan was seen talking with some people in the parking lots, that has not changed. It was reported from very early on that there was no evidence that she talked to anyone else in Charlottesville, that does not seem to have changed unless she did borrow a telephone from someone. Jane, you feel betrayed, why? Do you feel that her parents betrayed you because they portray Morgan as naive and innocent. A parents perception of their children is sometimes far different than the reality. It's called love. Do you feel betrayed by the people who are just making their stories public or do you feel betrayed by authorities who apparently have reasons for not releasing all information to the public? What have you learned here that sheds any more light on where Morgan might be today? From this story, it sounds like the appropriate authorities have had the information about the 4 males who were seen crossing the street with a Morgan look-alike since either the 18th or 19th, they have known about the reported sightings by the deliverywoman and the customer at Sheetz. It seems they have been investigating, and working to confirm or eliminate some of that information. Other leads and tips very likely are still being investigated. Morgan's story has aroused much sympathy and interest all across the country, would that sympathy and interest have been as strong if it was stated from the very beginning that she might have been on drugs or intoxicated (still only speculation?) Maybe not. Also, why does it come as such a surprise to anyone that she might have been hitchhiking, after all, she was trying to find a ride back to either Harrisonburg or Roanoke, if not with a friend, then obviously from someone heading in that direction. To me that is very close to the definition of hitchhiking. None of what has been reported should take away from the fact, a young woman is still missing. Regardless of her condition or whether she was hitchhiking, every lead needs to be followed and every piece of information, however minor, needs to be passed along. Maybe the most important piece of information released to-date will be the picture of the necklace.

Amen! I almost feel betrayed. I don't care if the kid drinks/drugs. That not for me to judge - I was WILD at that age. But, I feel all this info that has come out today could have moved the investigation in a totally different direction. I am also afraid that having mislead so many might have now created a disinterest in searching for Ms. Harrington. i.e., when the story re hitchhiking was released, I told myself no way would she have done that. I thought someone made it up or was hiding something. However, knowing she was so intoxicated/drugged, now makes me think that is probably true.

I have been reading this with interest and I cannot say how much of it is true and which witnesses have it right all I know is I have meditated on it as a Psychic and I see whatever happened to Morgan has also happened to a dark haired girl who be missing from this area or some other area.

Last night as I touched the story and asked questions about Morgan I see her and a woman with long dark hair featured on Missing Persons Posters hanging on an Arena Wall.

I am now surfing to see if I can find another missing woman who might have long dark hair, as this man could be a Hawk who looks for Prey then he makes them disappear much like a Chicken Hawk does who pounces on a chicken in the barnyard as he finds opportunity and takes advantage of it.

When these predators find their prey it can be an innocent child or a woman depending on which their penance is for, they are dangerous and hard to catch because they have no prior connection to their victims.
Anyone aware of a woman with long dark hair missing from the area?

Interesting -Does it change perspectives ? Could the ââ?¬Å?commotion” Morgan had at the entrance of JPJA have been with security, as she attempted to re-enter. Commotion , injury , missing patron and no video footage .

I cannot grasp the lack of footage at the entrance of JPJA . I am beginning to feel a mental disorder may be lurking in Morgan’s past . Bi-polar disorder mixed with alcohol can lead to dangerous and irrational behavior . The statements from the guy about Morgan’s aggressive behavior is laying on my mind . Could the friend’s silence be hiding a deeper secret about Morgan .

Could silence be speaking volumes

ââ?¬Å?We deal in absolutes,” says Geller. ââ?¬Å?We need to be sure that what we put out there is 100 percent accurate.”

This statement by Geller is absurd in this case .


Dakota wrote at 10:32 am: "I am beginning to feel a mental disorder may be lurking in Morgan’s past . Bi-polar disorder mixed with alcohol can lead to dangerous and irrational behavior."

Yeah, that's true, but her behavior also sounds totally normal to me for somebody on NO medication or drugs except alcohol. If aggressiveness weren't a direct side effect of alcohol, we wouldn't have the stereotype about the "angry drunk." And you know what this article reminded me of? Back in college, I also kicked a guy at a party once when he said something I didn't like. It seemed hilarious at the time to both of us, but if he'd been sober, I doubt he would have thought it was funny.

In other words, I don't think there's any reason from these new details to assume she was on medication or had a mood disorder or anything. Being denied re-entry to the concert on a cold, wet night would be enough to help turn a happy drunken mood into a mad drunken mood.

None of these purported witnesses saw her consume anything; nor has that been reported by her friends. There is no mention of what she had for dinner, what she had for lunch, or what she had at the arena. If she did consume alcohol that night, it is entirely plausible that the beer vendors inside overserved her, which would make the fact that the JPJ staff locked her out of the arena on a cold misty night, that much more deplorable. Stop blaming the victim and start focusing on why UVA has made no statement and has not announced any adjustments to their negligent practices.

Be careful not to jump to conclusions based on a few statements given to a news reporter. I am more inclined to focus on the official word of Law Enforcement, which states that the last people to see Morgan Harrington were two basketball players in a secluded knoll where their cars were parked. The only person who could comment on THEIR condition that night is missing.

St.Angry- THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR POST!!!!! I will tell you, once I started realizing that I could see, hear, & feel things that others either couldn't, or wouldn't.....I have not been very eager to share that because of the label and etc...etc...that can come with it. I have always just pretty much kept it to myself, family and close friends.....until recently when I decided I would give it a shot at trying to help families of missing children and try to make some good use of it. But after the post I received today on how ridiculous my ideas were (and they weren't ideas) and how I misspelled or used a word inappropriately, I have decided that perhaps I should find another way to put my abilities to good use. Even in my daytime job, I have an Oath and commitment to serve and protect the School, Staff and Students. Why would I ever try to say something or BS anyone over something as personal and heartbreaking as this is. Again, I do thank you and wish you well.

The following is taken directly from the Hook story above. "According to several sources, members of UVA’s men’s basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the grassy, tree-shrouded parking area before she was seen with her thumb out, hitching a ride on the bridge." I ask, where does it say that 2 members of the team were the last to see her? Comments are fine, but let's aim for accuracy.


I certainly would be interested in your post. There is no reason to not believe what you have written. I also have respect for anyone who has this gift. Thank you for sharing this information. I apologize on behalf of others who choose to blow off what they don't understand/believe.

Francis, ArtHarris.com is his blog. He is on Nancy Grace alot. He wuld like to get Phil Jordon to help...or any good psychic. Haleigh Cummings needs to be found badly. I hope that u will use your gift to help. I wish u the very best, and think it's terrific that u r useing this gift as a way to help. God's Blessings to u

I spent about an hour on the "Blink on Crime" tonight. Wow, that's a very active website. It appears to me that the authorities are closer than we think. Looks as though they are very focused on her circle of friends.

Just as some people can run sub-2 minute miles and most cannot, some of us can do this.

Ha, ha, ha! Fantasy Land.

correction to above, meant to write don't necessarily need to be released....

Hey, I am psychic, too. For real. My readings:

Haleigh Cummings was taken by the absconded sexual predator and he drove up north with her. He has her as his daughter and they are both doing just fine.

Morgan Harrington got into a white pick-up truck, possibly with a winch on the back of it. It was driven by a white man with sandy brown hair, possibly named Dan. They are also doing fine.


I just wanted to say it makes me happy so many people have been following this case. I am so sad and scared for this young girl. My daughter went missing a few months back it was the WORST thing I have ever been through she is 15. Long story short she had ran away and is now home. These parents are going through heck right now. I must say it was my daughters best friend that had ALL information about my daughter, I know her friends are not talking when they need to, even if the truth is not so pretty( drugs ECT) I hope and pray they find her soon.

I think less information is a good thing as far as media goes. If you report too much information, then the perp knows what or when to cover up, or when to "get out of dodge." You know.

The missing of Morgan is not a joke by no means. I wish that someone could predict where she is, therefore all missing people could be found before it is too late. I hope Morgan is alive and doing well!

...and the police and other sensible people will continue to ignore you and think you are a kook. DEAL WITH It!

From Brill's Content:

"These guys don't solve cases, and the media consistently gets it wrong," says Michael Corn, an investigative producer for Inside Edition who produced a story last May debunking psychic detectives. Moreover, the FBI and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children maintain that to their knowledge, psychic detectives have never helped solve a single missing-person case.

"Zero. They go on TV and I see how things go and what they claim but no, zero," says FBI agent Chris Whitcomb. "They may be remarkable in other ways, but the FBI does not use them."

Reality check you forgot to mention the lynch mob mentality that might have led to 4 basket ball players being hung from tree branches in the not so distant past.

So CJ, what happened to every one having a right to voice an opinion? Have you changed your mind so soon?

You're nothing but a ranting armchair detective angered at your own impotence in all of this and lashing out. Leave this to the professionals and stop your attacks on people who have done nothing wrong. You have no clue what you're talking about and if anything people like you make it even more certain that her friends won't say anything to the media.

Berkeley Flats: The public, including TV producers, is not told about it. And that includes you. To my knowledge, there are about 5 of us in the entire US who are known to have psychic skill that has been developed to be useful/ accurate. And we don't go on TV and talk about it. We don't put on public displays. We are not on talk shows. We don't have websites. We do not "offer" our services to the general public. We are anomalies, but we exist. Just as some people can run sub-2 minute miles and most cannot, some of us can do this.

I did not change my mind...you voiced your opinion...I voiced mine and will continue to do so...Rants, attacks and all...DEAL WITH IT !!

First kudos to Courteney Stuart for her reporting, this was an excellent article and you brought some information to light that I had not heard of yet. Keep up the investigative reporting!

Secondly you are very welcome Stephanie! I can empathize with not wanting to be labelled, but please do not stop using your gifts because of the disparaging comments of the unintitive. You never know what kind of effect your visions may have. Kudos to you for attempting to help the families of the lost! Quick question, do your visions come in dreams? All of mine have, but I believe everyone is different and also that everyone has some psychic abilities. However most either disregard them as coincidence or inner conscious thoughts or just totally ignore these messages or feelings.

In response to comments about your post, I can see how a "worker" would have enticed Morgan outside by offering to get her backstage or restricted access and telling Morgan is must be secret, then to tell her friends she was going to the restroom and then to come out and meet him between acts. I read on article (link from findmorgan site I believe) where a fellow from NJ saw Morgan & co. arrive and stated Morgan hopped out while her friends parked the car. Perhaps this is when the "worker" saw her and thought she was either solo or not in a close way with her friends and then planted the seed of temptation with such an offer. As far as trying to get back in perhaps Morgan had second thoughts after meeting the perp outside, specifically after he drove off in his car. The story of perp's g/f or g/f's friends at the show or perhaps saying they needed to go to another area in his car for special/restricted access or stating he was worried about coworkers seeing them could explain why Morgan walked off alone to meet the perp. If Morgan was already buzzed it would have lowered her inhibitions specifically interacting with or trusting someone she barely knew. Furthermore if booze/joint were offered in perps car and Morgan was already buzzed it may have made her less cognizant of perp not partaking and also of perp not taking her back to the concert until it was too late.

Interestingly I saw an article linked on another site regarding a young man who came into a nearby pub in a huff, asking for directions. The witness said the pub was closed or closing and the male ran out abruptly and the witness noted the behaviour as odd. Could this have been the perp in a panic after realizing what he had done?

Regarding the possible sightings I think they are interesting but I don't know how many of them are accurate. For example there was at least one female who apparently looked very similar to Morgan at the show and in the parking lot. Additionally I saw a video link posted on the findmorgan site from the "meet and greet" from the show the following night. There is a female in the background that bears resemblence to Morgan, but I do not think it was her.

Being a huge Metallica fan myself and knowing how incredible and energetic their shows are I can say with certainty that I would not leave any venue before they hit the stage unless there was an emergency. Tricking Morgan is the only way I can make sense of the perp getting her to leave.

I don't know if the answers will ever be found out, but I continue to pray for Morgan and her family, and for justice. I believe in the power of prayer, but even if you are not a spiritual person please take a minute to say a prayer for her and for them, and for the investigators to bring this perp or perps from the frayed ends of sanity to face lady justice.

SmilingGenie, you should be using your amazing "gifts" to help the U.Va. track coach identify the mythical people who can run sub-two minute miles. It would be just as productive as the use of psychics in criminal investigations.

Oh, and I always love when Americans steadfastly proclaim their right to say the most mindless things. Isn't that right guaranteed in the Constitution?

I think in the interest of stopping speculation and outright and veiled accusations, maybe more information should be provided about the basketball players who saw a female identified as Morgan in the RV lot. After all, these young men do not have the advantage that some have of asking not to be identified. There are a limited number of players on the basketball team. The name of the 2, 3 or 4 or more players do necessarily need to be released, but how many were in the lot? Were they using the U-Hall facility that night either for practice or working-out or were they simply using the lot to park their car(s) rather than the U-Hall lot because of the concert? Did they come forward with the information, or were they brought to the attention of law enforcement by other people who saw then in the lot that night? Most importantly, were they the ones who reported seeing someone who looked like Morgan hitchhiking on the bridge after she was in the RV lot, or were these reports from other individuals? If these young men aren't considered suspects in her disappearance, they shouldn't have to live under a shadow of suspicion cast by amateur cops. Even if questions posed here aren't answered, a statement should be made if they are considered not to have any involvement. Apparently, from what I have read, authorities have made a statement that the unnamed male who attended the concert with Morgan is not considered to be in anyway involved. Comments such as posted here about people who might only be witnesses providing information (one particularly offensive and since removed)could cause others to hesitate to become involved, either with information about Morgan's disappearance or in other incidents where information is solicited from the public.

First off I hope for a happy end to this nightmare for the parents. Now for my comment. Why did the friends not come out to get her? Its a concert! Even in my early twenties I would have left a concert if one of my friends needed help. Now I know Charlottesville isn't as shady as downtown Richmond or someother large city, but it still has a criminal element that tends to be ignored when living in a small town. The friends may know more then they are letting on to, and are just to scared to say anything. Or maybe both her and her friends just thought that nothing bad could happen to her in Charlottesville. When that happened sadly something did.

I hope and pray for her safe return.

Kat, I believe you misunderstood what I wrote. I'm not sensitive to the word jerk. If Morgan has been harmed by someone, I would use a much stronger word than jerk. As for hiding her identity. You should also notice that I said I do not think it is likely that Morgan left on her own. I wish that were the case, but it would seem that all evidence points in the other direction. Since no one knows for sure what happened to her, that still exists as a possibility, however remote. IF the best case scenario should happen that she left on her own, then if anyone knows that she did, it should be realized, her life will not be easy, no matter whether or not she wanted to just walked away. Like you, the main thing I wanted people to take from my post is that if you know anything about what happened, come forward. Don't try to protect anyone, no matter where the road might lead.

or their attorneys instructions!

the friends all need to be re interviewed and their storys checked against cell records exc.....unless they got lawyers by now

agree Rob.

now IS the time to question authority.

we had three different *state agencies screw up the investigation
into my daughter's death- and it was not nearly as complicated
as Morgan's case.

*South Carolina

Cat, I agree- As I noted in my last post....

You know what's interesting about "psychic detectives"? Apparently, one of the most famous ones lives in the Charlottesville area:

"When asked about working with Noreen Renier who lives just a few miles outside of Charlottesville Virginia, Lieutenant J.W. Gibson of the Charlottesville Police Department stated concerning the usefulness of psychics: "I would recommend police departments depend on investigations and scientific investigations�I'll leave it at that."

Lannie, you make a good point. In my experience, the local police are not very effective. I hope the VASP does what they are paid for. We, the community, form police departments to enforce the law. In this case, that means finding the person(s) responsible for Ms. Harrington's disappearance, and hopefully finding Ms. Harrington herself. So far there has been no arrest and there is no sign of Harrington. As it is the police department's job to rectify this, I think it is appropriate to ask why they have not made an arrest. As a concerned citizen who pays taxes, I expect results from our law enforcement professionals.

Kathy, with such a large community of readers, I doubt that every post is going to fit in perfectly with your personal preferences. Set up a filter on your email if you don't want to read other people's comments. This site already has a moderator, and they believe in free speech.

The body is believed to be a suicide and not believed to be Morgan's.
Let's all remember why we are here and keep the comments to this specific topic and not to belittle eachother.
Praying for Morgan.

Kathy, the problem with "psychics" is that THEY are not staying on the topic. They make the topic themselves and their bogus "gifts of prophecy." The signal to noise ration is already unfavorable, that's one of the reasons there is no solution to the problem of what happened in Morgan's disappearance.

If only information that was 100% certain came in, it would be a lot easier for the police to make some headway. It isn't that way though, and one of the biggest challenges the police face is to determine what is and what isn't useful information. Adding to the noise only makes that task harder and less likely to be successful.

Re: the bible and "psychics." Psychics are sorcerers not prophets, and you know what true believers do to witches.

Re: Noreen Renier

A number of years ago I attended a talk given by Ms. Renier at UVa.
Picking random people from the audience, she proved to have an uncanny ability to know specific things related to that person.
I, and those with me, came away quite impressed with her abilities.
(At the time, we lived in the graduate student housing immediately diagonal to U-Hall and across from the track field, before JPJ Arena was built.)

Stephanie, can you use your psychic powers or your position as a law enforcement officer to generate some information on what happened to Morgan Harrington, especially details of her interaction with the UVA basketball players, who were the last to see her?

OK so in one article I read her dad talked about her going to the Bonaroo Festival in TN which is a multi day campout partying festival.

In one picture posted online I noticed she was wearing a shirt from the All Good Festival a 4 day campout partying festival in WV.

Although she went to school there and knew the area she had someone else drive her car.

I still keep coming back to maybe she took something got too messed up got ejected from the arena.

Then she was reportedly trying to find a ride home and talked to basketball players and none of them offered to give a cute blond girl a ride home? Was she so messed up or behaving so erratically that they were afraid of her?

If you gave a girl a ride, or she hooked up with you or your friends and went to a party with her and then she stopped breathing or you woke up the next day to find her not alive what would that person do?? Would you call the ambulance and police or be afraid you would get in trouble??

I still think that rather than being abducted she either ran off or 0D'd and if the latter the people that she was with have not come forward.

One last thing.....CookieJar made reference to my employment as being "iffy" also...please see the link below- Thanks


I think this is the correct link....

Stephanie, go back to work. Right now. No one cares.

Seriously rob cookie jar and any others that want to pick on others-via comment section of a blog-ENOUGH!!
Worse than children!
grow up already!!

OP: "Interestingly I saw an article linked on another site regarding a young man who came into a nearby pub in a huff, asking for directions. The witness said the pub was closed or closing and the male ran out abruptly and the witness noted the behaviour as odd. "

That person was referring to Boyd Tavern Virginia, a crossroad's "communtity" about 13 miles east of Charlottesville: it is not a pub or tavern. There is a country store/gas station there, and other than residential homes scattered about, not much else. Very rural.


Did the UVA basketball players do something to Morgan Harrington? Is it true that they were the last ones to see her before she went missing? Are they the ones who saw her hitchhiking? Does their suspension have anything to do with the case?

What happened?

Yes, I had said I was done on this site- AND FYI- I postetd only ONCE after I said that- So when you pass 1st grade and can count, then make your comments.
SECOND- COOKIEJAR: Per the recommendation of some of my friends on the PD, (those who've been keeping up on this blog) I am posting again. They pointed out something to me, that was very careless, thoughtless, and down right vindictive.
I would like to say that you crossed the line with your comments this time. Those of you who thrive on putting me down for my original post, go ahead. But YOU took it to a completely different level when you referenced, on a blog that is about a missing girl, the area in which I live and the sex and age group of my children......for every mad, psychopathic, pedofile to read. As it was also pointed out to me, but I already knew- Revenge is a very powerful motivator - Especially against anyone in LE or that industry, period. Freedom of speech is one thing, but when you start outting personal information regarding someones home and family members, especially minor children- you’ve gone to far.
If any harm comes to my children, in any way, I can promise one thing, I won’t need psychic abilities to track the source- I am also reporting abuse of the site to the Admin. Whether you are removed or not it is up to them- You turned this site into a battle ground because you didn’t believe in something. I don’t believe in many things, but I don’t put people down whose opinion differs from mine. That’s the difference in maturity and immaturity. Don’t reference me, or my family again in your postings.

I just read my post from yesterday and I just do not understand why Kat had a smart comment to make to me. You sure do not show any sympathy, do you????????????

whats up with her friends,its like they washed there hands of morgan, not a single one on tv being interviewed? have they retained lawyers? something does not seem right with this group, when the parents are asked what about the friends they change the subject, an open mind must be kept to solve this including all avenues like her friends!

i hope and pray this basketball angle has no legs. that would be horrible for both schools and cause even greater animosity than already exists. any hope that she just ran away seem to be have faded away at this point.

I saw on another site (lots of unsubstantiated theories and opinions, but probably some fact) that perhaps verified witnesses and others with information considered to be credible have been asked not to give public statements. Would seem a reasonable request if LE has a person of interest or a viable theory, but are not yet ready to tip their hand.

Rob, I could accept your premise of the fox guarding the hen house if the only law enforcement agency investigating were the University Police Department. I wouldn't agree but I would accept that it might not be a good idea. In addition, the Charlottesville Police Department, the Albemarle County Police Department, the Virginia State Police, and there are even reports that the FBI are involved, which I think is sop if there's evidence or suspicion that a kidnapping has occurred across state lines. This shouldn't be about suspecting that different LE agencies are trying to protect anyone, but it also shouldn't be used as a reason to throw out what could very well be baseless allegations either against a group of young men or an entire police department. If there is even any hint that people who saw her that night are involved, be it basketball players or anyone else, then all law enforcement agencies have a duty and responsibility to investigate these individuals. Just because we haven't been told every move of LE does not mean they are not doing everything they can to find Morgan. If all of us posting here are so concerned about this young woman, then I believe that people sworn to look for her are more concerned. As long as this case is not solved, the very real possibility exits that it could happen again to another young woman either here, somewhere else in Virginia or even another state.

Stephanie- I hope that I am wrong also- And I have no desire "to prove" my ability- my only argument has been that I didn't want to be put down or ridiculed for only trying to help. That is what this site is for, correct? That being said, I would like to try and explain how I get information and what lead me post what I did, where I did..... First, they don't come from dreams. I usually don't even remember my dreams. I discovered some time ago that for some reason, I was able to communicate with those who have passed away. Not like, sitting and talking to them, but it's as if I could feel what they felt, "hear" what they had to say, and see what they wanted to show. I do not call that a psychic. I kept this to myself for a long time (well, myself, family, and friends) But the more it got out (by family and friends, who were amazed at the things I could tell them and knew about those that have passed away- that I'd never met before) the more I was asked by mere acquaintances if I could contact their grandmother, or daughter, etc....Most of the time, I was hesitant to do so, but usually I would. However, when someone would start asking me things like, "When will I get married" and stuff like that, I wouldn't have a clue and who am I to answer such questions re: the future anyhow. Therefore, I came to realize, that when I began getting info. on a particular person or subject that I was concentrating on, it was because death was involved. Does that make sense?

Anyway, as I stated.......I decided to try and see if I could put this to use for the greater good and see how it would go....and believe me, I was very hesitant. But knew in my heart, that what I would be doing was for nothing more than to TRY and help.....I decided on giving it a shot on trying to help locate Missing Children.......Unfortunately, when children go missing, 9 times out of 10 - They will be found dead. As I stated in my original post, "One of my greatest fears is my children being missing"
I do believe the devastation from that would be more than I could handle. And dead or alive, I had rather know then be in the dark. I also indicated that I actually work full time as an Officer for a School District and am around teens all day.......I am dedicated to serving and protecting and would NEVER intentionally give out the wrong or misleading information regarding anyone, on purpose.

That being said, I decided to just go to the Missing and Exploited Childrens website and start there....which is where I found Morgans missing persons poster. It was one of the first ones I saw and I was drawn to it, along with 3 others I have been working on. I simply printed a few of the missing childrens "posters" and concentrated on only one missing child, including Morgan, one day at a time. I investigated nothing, googled nothing, etc....etc....(I didn't want anything I may read or see to enter or jade my thoughts) until I had completed my "reading" in full. The other's I only sent my information to the Police Department handling the cases. But with Morgan's, I saw all the blogs and just all the un-answered questions, and persons who really cared, etc...and against my better judgment, after emailing my info. to the VA State Police, decided to post on a couple of blogs. If Morgan wasn't dead, I do not believe I would have picked up on anything at all. HOWEVER, that being said...........I did, ONE time, have a Detective from NJ get my name and number from another women who actually does this kind of stuff for a living (not missing persons, but readings) He was having a difficult time locating a missing college student and was open to anything at that point. I gave him all the info. I could get on the case, including directions to where I could see the girls body, wrapped up in what looked like a carpet, etc..etc... Anyway, long story short....directions were followed (and I have never been to NJ......or even 1 state further away from my home state for that matter) and what I described to him was found, BUT, it wasn't the missing college student he was searching for, but the body of another women. Why that happened, I don't know. Maybe his missing student isn't dead, but this women came through instead -to be finally found. Yes, I know it sound crazy and I can't explain how or why I can get what I get.

But I will tell you, I hope and pray from the bottom of my heart, that Morgan is found alive and well and myself called a fraud or fake, rather than have to have her parents go through anymore pain and suffering by having to identify her remains.

All I ask, is please do not put me down for trying. Whether you believe in what I can do, or you don't believe, you can at least believe that I am only trying to help, as everyone else is. Thanks-

Rob, to each there own- Judge less be judged. At this point, I am over any comments you or anyone else have to say about me, or anyone else like me. What I do has to do with believing in something bigger than you or I. The same way many of us believe in God. I became an Officer for the same reasons, basically. Believing that I could help make a difference...and I know that I have or I wouldn't continue. I honestly believe, what comes around, goes around....Whether it be our action or our words. I know and believe in everything I say and do and hold very high moral standards. I hope that you can say the same. I have been extremely honest in each post, and very patient with the criticism. From what I can tell, most on here have stuck to giving advise and comments on they believe may have happened to Morgan, but after a review of your postings, you just seem to want comment or criticize. I can guarantee that the suspect in this case is keeping tabs also.....probably someone like you, criticizing me....and that's not a psychic statement,but a COP statement- Hummmmm...?

I hope that the people who are encouraging "psychics", and the "psychics" themselves understand that all they're doing is creating false hope. Never, not once, has a "psychic" ever helped an investigation in any way. In fact, many "psychics" have pushed investigations in the wrong direction, which can partly be blamed on the police for giving them the time of day. For example, a "psychic" said Jaycee Dugard was definitely dead, which we all know is not the case.

The father of Genette Tate, who disappeared in 1978 said:

"We discovered that the work of the psychics was not just ludicrous and laughable. it was sinister and evil....None of it ever led anywhere except to despair and disappointment, misery and confusion."

Please understand you're doing more harm than good.

yes, but if she OD'ed or had an accident late at night with a bunch of guys, you are not talking about career criminals that have the means to dispose of the body, if they live in aprtments or housing near campus. she would be local and would have been found by now. a bunch of frat boys or players are going to screw that up easily.

rob, I think the answer to both of those is a big no, considering that the psychic powers in question are non-existent and the law enforcement officer claim is at least somewhat suspect.

Any updates on the body found in Laurel, MD today? All I can find is that there was one, and it was gruesome, but not details re: gender, etc.

It was a man...around 45 yrs. old, I believe.

Dear all,

Please limit your comments to constructive criticism or discussion of the article under which you're posting. If anyone engages (or continues to engage) in off-topic posts or personal attacks, we'll delete the posts. If the comment section on this article ceases to serve as a legitimate discussion forum focused on the issue at hand-- Morgan Harrington's disappearance-- we'll turn the comments off.

Carry on, but with civility, please.

Courteney Stuart

Has anyone been able to confirm that the woman on the Lawn was not Dee, the JMU student who's been confused with Morgan? Has LE spoken with Dee about that? Or to find out if she was the aggressive woman outside the arena?

im believing the newspaper woman on the lawn and the story about the men walking with morgan. the stories are VERY VERY similar. the police should follow up with mrs parson,and find out what door she came out of on the lawn. i think that would lead to alot of evidence.

Hi, maybe I've missed info. but is it possible that Morgan herself, never got to C'ville and the concert? Maybe something happened along the way and those friends dumped her? Maybe they dumped her purse etc... Who can say that she was ever really there? Did she herself call her "friends" or did they use her phone and say she did? Just an idea.. I dont understand why these friends arent shouting from the rooftops?? Also, being a woman..We dont go alone to the bathroom at concerts and we never wouldve just left her outside.. we wouldve gone outside even if it meant missing that concert.

Yes, a resource is a resource no matter what source it comes from. Closed mindedness will not bring Morgan home. It will take an open-minded thinker to figure this one out. I have asked this before, but I'll ask again. Has anyone questioned whether or not it could be one of Dan Harrington's patients? Let's pretend we have this guy as a patient. He is not thinking straight. He saw a picture of Morgan in Dr. Harrington's office (this is purely speculative, but I'm thinking outside of the box here), and he asks Dr. Harrington if that is his daughter. Dr. Harrington says "yes." Right there the perp has enough information about her to go on. She's possibly bumped into this person before. He's been stalking her. He knows her every where about. He's befriended her on Facebook or Myspace under the guise of being a student. He knew she was going to the concert. He knows what car she drives. He waits in the parking lot or he has his own tickets. Is there video of a guy seemingly alone from the JPJ arena surveillance cameras?

Stephanie, I wish I could comment on your questions, but I am so afraid of the retaliation from such. I have never posted on blogs before, until now, and do not know exactly how they work. Is there a way to contact someone privately? I do believe that another search will be conducted - and it will cover the areas from......I believe starting at Skyline Dr., up through Grettoes (sp?) and then down, through all the woodlands, towards the Ivy Creek areas......I THINK......

Also, is there a way to edit a post that I submitted? I would like to remove the graphics I put in my original....there is no need for such and is, I am sure, what offended most....and change my user name. I realize changing name at this point is probably useless.....but, I just would like to do so anyway. Thanks

I'd like to know how someone posted graphics in a comment. That's a new trick for sure. Are we on the same blog here?

I agree with M that I wouldn't feel unsafe at JPJ using the bathroom alone, but from my own experience and observation of a lot of other females, it seems that we usually do leave our seats in groups. Part of the reason the ladies' rooms are usually crowded. I don't think it's always for the sake of safety, but just part of the social time. I find it more odd than going alone the fact that one friend said she kissed Morgan on the cheek when she left. To me a peck on the cheek between friends usually denotes a greeting or goodbye. But then, the kiss might not be all that unusual, just not something my friends and I usually do.

cat - How do you know he does not have pictures? Do you work there, or are you a Police Officer? If so, that's at least one theory down, and 100 more to go. I work at a Mental Health Facility myself. I sure would not say that all mentally ill are capable of horrific crimes (not to say that is what is going on), but some are. Thank you for the info.

Is everyone aware that there is a candlelight vigil this Saturday night at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time for Morgan. Anywhere you are, light a candle for her and for the Harringtons. For further information go to the Virginia Tech website. thttp://www.vtnews.vt.edu/campus_notices/campusnotice

Also, can we make an effort to make this site about finding Morgan rather than posting our bios? It would be more helpful.

-sigh- no, frank, you didn't simply ask if there was a statement from the U. you assumed that their "contact" was actually "involvement" and wanted to know if there was any official statement about their "involvement." you assumed involvement. involvement with a crime means having something TO DO with a crime, not simply being a witness or simply seeing the victim before someone else does something to her.

What a great idea. I think in front of UVA's JPJ arena, right along Emmet St. there across from the Econo Lodge, would be a great place for Charlottesville people to gather! Who's with me?

Good idea, Rob. For those working Saturday night, maybe we can also meet there at 2pm with candles?

Stephanie wrote: "You said you see the name Ivy? I see a ravine of some sort.. and I get the name Knoll. I’ve never been anywhere in the state though. There’s an Ivy Rd really close to the Arena when you look at a map. Is it possible that’s what you see? The street name?"

I think we all know how easy it is to look up online maps, Google Earth and even pictures of places we've never visited.

Right now, when I think about most of these psychics, I'm getting a vision of words like bunk, fraud, and fake.

Never mind, I've answered my own question -- this is from today's Daily Regress:

Authorities have also repudiated reports of a link between Harrington’s disappearance and the departures of two players from the UVa men’s basketball team.

Sources have said that some members of the team saw Harrington that evening.

Sophomore center Assane Sene was recently suspended for the first three games of the season for ââ?¬Å?conduct detrimental to the team,” according to UVa, and senior forward Jamil Tucker has taken an open-ended leave of absence from the team.

ââ?¬Å?These actions are in no way connected to Morgan’s disappearance,” wrote UVa spokeswoman Carol Wood in an e-mail.

@ Frank: "involvement"? is that not a bit loaded of a term? You're saying that you know they were "involved" in her disappearance? is everyone who says they saw her on that night "involved" in her disappearance?

if it was your child who told the authorities that he had seen Morgan on the night of her disappearance, would you be happy that total strangers were saying your child was "involved" in her disappearance?

@Hoolarious - I'm just asking if there was a statement made by UVA about the fact that basketball players were the last ones to see her. We know that the players interacted with her that night -- the question is, how, exactly? That's what I mean when I use the word 'involvement'.

Bio - I work in Public Relations as a graphic designer/illustrator. I graduated from Ole Miss with an art degree. I have three beautiful children, and a wonderful husband. We live out in the country. As a mother, I have come into my own. I have a better understanding of human emotions. I live in the United States of America, and I am grateful I have freedom of speech, as long as it is not hurting anyone. I'm also grateful I have the freedom of prayer. I will pray for Morgan and her family continuously. I will also pray for all the wonderful people on this board who care about Morgan. Peace!

In regards to the destination called Ivy; there is also a place called Ivy Creek Natural Area off of Hydraulic Rd. It would be about a 10 minute drive from the Copely Bridge. I hope that Morgan is alive and well, but I know that the stats are not favorable. Perhaps a search of Ivy Creek Natural Area is in order, if it has not already been done.

I am so sorry that this sad story has happened and I pray for her safe return and comfort for her family and friends.

I want to begin by saying , God Bless & be Everpresent with Dr. & Mrs. Harrington , who are in a daily living Hell. No parent should ever have to endure what they are going through!

Courtney , many thanks to you for an excellent article that puts things into perspective for us who have all been so concerned about Morgan , yes those of us who are strangers to this family & to this campus , but who care. People from around the world are talking about "What happened to Morgan". they know it could be my daughter & relate to that thought very well.

One thing that seems to be similar to this case are the parallel circumstances of The Natalee Holloway case. Natalee Holloway was from Birmingham AL & went missing in Aruba while on a high school graduation trip. The case was somewhat "solved" because the answers were there, but evidence was "lost" , destroyed sometimes in front of searchers (Fred Golba a witness to this), so Legally , it was covered up & corruption & evil won the legal game.
The thing that stood out to me was what both Dr. & Mrs. Harrington have stated , "None of this makes any sense" ... Those were the same words uttered by Beth Holloway Twitty , the mother of Natalee. In both instances these parents heard of behavior by witnesses that was totally out of character for their daughters. Both sets of parents knew that something was wrong , terribly wrong .

The Harrington's know their child better than anyone , and they know Morgan's weaknesses as well as her strengths. They know of her core values & how much she has to draw from the experiences & the values they gave to her for her entire life. If they say this does not add up , Believe Them !

One thing in Natalee's case , it was determined by investigations that unknown to her a drug had been placed into her drink , some home-made concoction of Liquid X or perhaps GHB. This happens to
young women for the purpose of date rape. It begins to take effect quickly , so 15 to 30 mins the person who has ingested it begins to feel the ill effects of it. Some of the symptoms would be urinary frequency & urge , rapid & thready pulse, sweating , dry mouth , dizziness, nausea , headache (vascular), confusion , unsteady gait. I believe that Morgan got up to walk to the restroom but once she was up the dizziness hit her full force.
Morgan was seen inside the arena taking pictures by a couple who watched her from a distance because they were afraid she would fall while taking pictures. A few seconds later , they saw her fall. they offered help , asked "are you okay" and she just looked "stunned" and stared at them without saying a word , and continued to walk past. There was blood on her face. I do not know who else saw her inside with blood on her face , but surely someone did.

You always hear don't leave your drink unattended in a bar. Well you cannot have an open soda in a venue without a lid on it because someone could easily slip something into your drink with out being seen. Kids do this for a Joke , even to Strangers they do not know ! They do not realize the harm that can come to another person as a result of this.
GHB is a hypnotic agent that is banned in the US , but is still manufactured in other countries & smuggled into the U.S. being a hypnotic agent , a person is easily led into dangerous situations & appears to be compliant. BUT , another thing about GHB is that often a person is very easily angered & they will become physically aggressive. That adds up to the altercation at the front door , and also her running over to the gentleman who says she approaced him.

To me , this case is similar to Natalee's because the behavior was so unlike the person all knew & loved . We do know who Natalee got into the car with , so we need to find out more about after the parking lot for Morgan . Her posters /flyers need to be up in the truck stops. perhaps a trucker saw her. She is beautiful & would be hard to miss ! Maybe a truck driver saw what type of car she got into.

My thoughts & prayers continue.

To add a positive note to my earlier post ...

Morgan went missing in the USA. We all care & want her to be found.

Natalee went missing in Aruba & she did not stand a chance because they did not want her to be found.

Let's pray for Morgan to return home safely !

Veracity - I don't think anyone is saying Morgan did this to herself. We are just saying, or at least I am, that she may have not been thinking clearly for whatever reason, and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This could happen to anyone. As difficult as it is for people to understand, there are people out there lurking around looking for a victim whether they are of sound mind or not.

Me and a friend were on our way home from New Orleans one night, no lights and very late at night. When out of nowhere a man appeared in my headlights in my lane of traffic. We swerved to miss him. My car slid sideways I don't know how many feet, and we landed in the median. In the mud. We saw this person walking towards us. I was glad he was okay. I almost got out of my car to make sure he was okay. My friend stopped me, and said, "go, go, go." My wheels spun in the mud, but finally broke free and we were off, but going the wrong way. We drove back to an overpass to get back going in the right direction, and we saw a police officer with a beam of light looking through a patch of woods in the median. We knew who he was looking for, but for whatever reason we just kept driving. The next day my friend heard on the news that an escaped prisoner was ran over and killed on the very Highway we were driving on and near the city we turned around in. True story. Initially we wondered if he was trying to kill himself. Upon hearing the news the next day we knew that he wanted our vehicle. He could have killed us. If my friend, who had more street smarts than me, had not been with me he would have definitely hurt or killed me when I got out of the car to check on him.

My point is, we can all speculate (I'm guilty of it), but there are the facts, and there is a missing girl. We all want to talk all this out, because it is all we feel like we can do to help. We can pray though.


Please know I was NOT thinking of you at all when I posted my last post. I am so thrilled you and your friend were and are safe. WOW. We each have to do our best to be safe. Following missing person cases as long as I have, I have a heightened awareness and I could spend a lot of time posting all sorts of stuff but the NUMBER ONE right now is FIND MORGAN. PERIOD.

I have spent the day trying to figure out why Corrine Geller, the Virginia State Public relations rep. is not on the ball with making sure correction stories ran throughout the state over the last two days! May also need to run outside the state too. I am still investigating this latest STUPID ODDITY.

Apparently the WORLD views a particular paper as THE PAPER of CHARLOTTESVILLE - pitiful considering the HOOK has done a FAR SUPERIOR JOB of reporting Morgan's disappearance. The really rotten thing is this OTHER paper haven't even kept the phone numbers straight much less shown an ounce of real effort to try and do what we expect papers to do. I have tried to reach the reporter, the crime reporter no less, unavailable! The best I could do was leave a message on the publishers voicemail. THIS CRIMESTOPPER PHONE NUMBER should be front and center. And the Virginia State Trooper number should be for the investigators NOT THE PR REP!!!! I have to wonder WHERE IS the PR firm the Harrington's hired! As horrible as I think it is to even have to consider such a move, I had hoped it would really turn up the light and get some real investigative reporters to Charlottesville who WILL NOT give the VSP a free pass or simply feed the public whatever they say as the gospel. There is a reason we have FREEDOM of the PRESS. It is to help keep us honest and alert. THANK YOU COURTENEY for your diligence on Morgan's disappearance. I hope you will not relent until she is found! And I hope, and I pray, and I am trying to get some folks somewhere to join forces with you to help FIND MORGAN!

I have read every single comment on this site and i will say only this.Tragic as it may be without intention morgan has created something quiet beautiful by her dissapearence...She has formed alot of wonderful friendships amoungst so many of you...The love and respected i can feel thats flowing between each and every one of you is so beautiful..You all speak with such kindness and respect to each other i find that so beautiful...Here in the united kingdom all i ever here is negativity,nastiness and critisism spoken amoungst the public through the media...What a breath of fresh air...Long live the people of America..A wonderful example of unity and friendship amongst their brothers and sister fellow Americans...In times of troubles they do not turn against each other but unite...Id prefere to be state side any day...

The date rape drug angle makes a lot of sense, Frances. When I was living in NYC a number of people I know, all women, had horror stories concerning small amounts of alcohol, as in just a few drinks, that had them falling over, vomiting, passing out, and experiencing walking blackouts. No man I've talked to in NYC had a similar experience. I was witness to one of these cases, and it was terrible. No way to prove anything was added to their drinks, but all of them highly suspected it. It does sound as though these kinds of drugs might be cheap enough for people to use in random pranks.

people are still talking about JPJ and the bathrooms? please get over it. she and her friends were fried out of their minds, something crazy happened and morgan was hurt. I bet it might have been an accident. this story will come down to their behavior and actions, not the bldg or some nasty security guard or some random bball player. the girls and their activities caused her unfortunate demise.

They do not usually keep the victim they spiked their drinks with this stuff or kill them, do they? This world is so messed up and there are so many mean people. God Help Us All!
Did anyone see her parents on the news tonight? It absolutely breaks my heart.
I just want them to find this beautiful girl. And, I want them to find whoever took her and punish them to the max.

I was hoping that there would be some news today on Morgan. I cant imagine how her parents must feel. My sister went to UVA and has lived in C'ville for over 25 years. She has never said she felt unsafe there. very scary. Back to Morgan, I just wonder if she ever really arrived at the concert.. Maybe her friends dropped her off to meet some guy? and they dont want to admit it? We've all done stuff , that looking back we cant believe we did. Also as close as we are to our parents ( and I have always been extremely close to mine) we still do things that they wouldnt like and we'd never admit to. That doesnt make anyone deserve bad things. I know people have thought that they saw her at the concert, but did they really? I just wonder why the friends arent on tv talking about it?? In cases like this, relatives and friends are always being interviewed.. how odd that we hear nothing.. I know LE is working on it.. but they work on all cases, and we still hear from witnesses.. just my opinion. Maybe we'll have good news tomorrow.

That's interesting Couteney, at the Springsteen concert beer was for sale way past 9:30 --I bought several after 10pm and others kept going back for more after 10:30 pm . New policy ?

quote: "Beer is sold in a specific area at JPJ until 9:30pm."

That's discrimination. If they are going to serve beer,they should serve mixed drinks and wine as well!

I'm going to request a refund on all my Taylor Swift tickets!!! :)

Veracity, you make plenty of solid arguments. For the sake of her parent's sanity, I hope they do not turn out to be true. I also hope that the trash has been gone through a dozen times and yielded something useful. I wasn't aware of the Behl case.

I hope that bureaucracy and politics muddling LE investigations is the exception. (mom_of_Kelli-- I completely understand your reason to doubt this... peace and Grace to you and yours.) Veracity, I think there is still good reason for holding most cards to the chest, and it relates to something Steph A. wrote, though it has been argued plenty here already.

I assume Morgan has been abducted, and serial criminals are known to obsessively troll media and police reports. They think evading capture is a sign of intelligence but LE, of course, is at a big disadvantage from the start. I can understand where releasing info might help people recall facts, but it's probably more useful that any advantage LE has over the pathetic tool responsible for this is kept tight.

I also hope said pathetic tool disproves this label by allowing Morgan to return home safely or by surrendering. At no point can a man not awaken and save himself from himself.

Kat- I want you to know I'm not chastising you here- you're just fine in my book. But Mom_of_Kelli was being sincere when she said "painful case" and I think her joke was meant to defuse tension btw members (specifically you and Cat, but also in general given the venomous direction this forum was going) as much as just defuse tension we all feel over the case. From what I see, it does not appear to be an insult against either of you, in fact I think it was meant to be warm (again, to defuse). If you review her other comments they'll provide further insight-- and even more so, her name is a link: click on it.

Kat, I'm completely with you on feeling awful about that girl who was found, Cassandra Morton. I've thought about her a lot, especially in context that upon seeing just the headline "body found not that of Morgan Harrington" my first feeling was relief- as if whoever it would turn out to be would somehow be worth less than Morgan. On one hand it's understandable. Like MarieMarietx, every morning I check the news hoping there will be some good news on this case. Of course I feel anxious when something comes up like that. On the other hand it's disturbing. I don't want to be relative with my active empathy. I don't want to see "bombing kills 20" scan the location, see it's Pakistan and feel immediately desensitized. It happens to everyone- it has to, to an extent- but it's something worth fighting against.

I've read some really out of line comments criticizing people's interest in Morgan's case on other sites; out of line trying to counter what they see as lack of balanced empathy with their own form of the same; and ignoring how much Morgan's publicity has to do with tireless efforts by her parents to keep her story circulating. There are over 778 thousand people who go missing every year- a sobering statistic, right? Obviously most of these turn out to be mistakes or are quickly found, but that leaves a lot of missing people of all races whom we hear nothing about.

But regardless, it is still true that when black women go missing there is usually (not always) very little attention paid them, and the poorer they are, the less we hear about it, and when these parents try to get press they are often not successful. And part of the problem is these stories don't sell because for a majority white population it feels foreign to many- not intentionally, not because of a lack of empathy- but disturbingly, because many are desensitized. I'm not accusing anyone on this site, and I obviously have no way of knowing the racial backgrounds of people on this forum, but I am accusing myself, and I think it's worth bringing up.

So please, I'm not trying to bait a racial debate or offend anyone, and I'm certainly not trying to take anything from Morgan's case- but even though a lot or most of you on this forum are local, we're all still here because we care about these things both specifically and in general, so it seems fitting to throw it out there.

I am not from around that area and had a question for you locals.
Is abductions and murders common to Virginia? I know every place has their share of violence, but I have noticed over the course of many years there seems to be a lot of abductions in VA. Is it b/c is so close to DC? Or is it b/c VA is more in mainstream media than the past. I understand that other cities or states probably have more volume but wanting to know if Virgina has more than usual lately or if it has been a common occurance.
Sorry for sounding so naive but I come from a small town and have lived in large cities and I have never heard of so many abductions sexual predators and murders coming from a single state than I have heard about Virginia.
I don't mean to belittle VA either, just wanting to know what is "normal"? It may be even b/c its not as advertised around here as much as it is there...just a thought.

Veracity-I just want to clarify one point of your post. I do not believe there was a game at the baseball facility on the 17th, therefore it would have been very dark. Perhaps that is not what you are asking, but rather would trash receptacles have been emptied between the 16th, the date of game 5, and Monday, the 19th, the date of game 6? Even though I've been to several baseball games, many, many basketball games and concerts at U-Hall and several basketball games and concerts at U-Hall, I did not realize until this story broke that there was such a lot as RV parking. From the maps posted it seems to me people might actually walk through that lot on the way to Davenport field.

from VirginiaSports
Game 5: Orange 3, Blue 2, 8 inn.(this game was played Friday 10/16 and reported on 10/17)
Game 6: Monday, October 19, 3 p.m.(rescheduled because of rain on 15th)
Game 7: Tuesday, October 20, 6 p.m.
notations in () are my own comments.

one small change to the above in the interest of clarity, I meant to write, several basketball games and concerts at JPJA, not at U-Hall (as most already know, John Paul Jones Arena replaced U-Hall as the basketball arena for the University in, I think 2006.)

Laurenââ?¬â?I moved to Charlottesville a few years ago. It’s a beautiful town, progressive and energized, and I absolutely love it here. However, the longer I’ve lived here, the more I do start to pick up on a real thread of violence woven under the fabric of bucolic Central Virginia. There are numerous unsolved murders in the state and around the Virginia area. Many have been high profile casesââ?¬â?in 1996, two female hikers were murdered along the Appalachian Trail around the same time other women either disappeared or were nearly kidnapped along Route 29ââ?¬â?and many cases have involved women or children. However, I’m not sure this accurately represents Central Virginia so much as the country as a whole. Statistically speaking, in cases of violence, women and children are often targeted. There have also been many cases involving UVA students over the years, and there seems to be a perception (which I think has credibility) that Charlottesville, UVA, or both want to sweep this issues under the rug. It doesn’t help that many of these students came from affluent homes and could afford the best legal team money could buyââ?¬â?just search for the case of a UVA student who murdered a volunteer fireman. But I am certain most universities and their towns are exactly like this, and of course money often rules when it comes to justice. The media certainly plays a part in this, but I think the Harrington family has done everything correctly. From all that I know, you absolutely must keep the case in the news and pray that it will trigger some kind of memory or tip.

Thanks NotALocal for your observation!
When I went to the VSPD website it just seems so many wanted people or adbuction cases.
I am sure that is the driving force behind the media. For where I live...its fatal car accidents. Seems to be so many, but maybe the media covers it more b/c that is what is thrived on.
It's appalling to see so many missing person cases.
If only we lived in a violent free world.

Ok, so i had the opportunity to read about the UVA student and the fireman. OMG. Now I see it all! 3 years for killing someone!???? This is why so many violent crimes in that area...b/c people can get away with it!!
I hate to say it but the LE there sounds like a disgrace.
If thats the same people working on the MH case...sorry to say but it doesn't look too promising.
What an embarrassment and outrage!!

About Morgan's purse, has it been confirmed whether or not there was any identification in the purse? I thought I had read, maybe just rumor, that her wallet was in the purse but no identification.

CJ, I participated in the searches a few weeks ago and one of the things we were told to look for was a digital camera. So any photos taken of Morgan that day may have been on the camera. I agree with some of your frustrations with the investigation, but I do think, with all the other photos released of her, if there was one of her available that was taken that day it would have been released unless there was a really good reason not to. And I know other people have said the same thing, but the investigation's goal is to either find Morgan or find her body and bring the killer to justice. Not to satisfy your curiosity. So if you've heard about some of the tips out there but don't know if they've been ruled out or not, there may be a very good reason why that information isn't being released.

I do not think we have more abductions, murders, etc. here than other places. But, I do think that we are a little slack on actions and protocol. Being a University City makes it seem like we have more crimes, I think. Of course, the University has had a lot happening in the last few years and it is very sad.
People can just be very mean. And, that is people everywhere. Our world is not a safe place. Unfortunately, I do not see a change for the better coming. I am afraid things are only going to get worse. It is very heartbreaking when we cannot protect our children. The kids cannot go anywhere and be totally safe because there are perps lurking everywhere. We have to find a way of punishment for these perps that makes a huge statement that they will suffer for their crimes. Not just slap their hands and throw them in prison for a short time. Being in prison is no punishment. They have a roof over their heads, heat, air, food, television, computers, etc. I have read many times where someone killed an innocent person and served less than two years. This is not justice and this is not appropriate punishment. They know this. And, this is very, very sad. Now, of course, all of this is only my opinion.
I am praying for Morgan, her family, and friends daily. The rain really upsets me because I think about her being in the rain. After a month I tend to think that she is dead. But, I hope that she is alive.
I have such a hard time understanding how nobody can find anything. It just drives me crazy!
I will be lighting a candle on Saturday at nine for her.
God Bless Everyone.

about your last statement, lauren...you have to remember that when someone is charged for a crime, they go to court, where they are sentenced by a judge. the fact that that man only got three years for killing someone (which is not right, i agree!) is not up to LE.

and veracity, you said, "So police had her purse around 8 AM on SUNDAY MORNING and it took her parents filing a missing person report after Morgan didn’t show around NOON in Roanoke?" missing things are turned in all the time. receiving a missing purse is NOT a sign of someone missing. i've lost my purse at wal-mart before, that didn't alert anyone that i was "missing." the only thing sketch about her missing purse that i can see is that her cell phone battery was missing. perhaps LE thought the owner had dropped the phone on the ground earlier in the evening, picked it up and not noticed the battery had fallen out, put the phone back inside the purse, and continued walking...that is, if they even went through the bag (which i'm sure they didn't until the missing person report was filed). it's simple as that. there is nothing phishy about a purse being turned in to lost and found.

STEPH A. I would really like to hear your thoughts.. Please email me at beanbugd@yahoo.com This is a tempory email I set up so as to not be giving out personal info to everyone on this blog. I will from there exchange information with you so we can have a discussion without anyone judging or threating anyone based on their opinions. I hope to hear from you :)

I don't get it... if a female friend that I knew had been drinking, were to call me an say I can't get back in, and that I will find my own way home, which by the way is in Blacksburg!, and I had the keys to her car that we all drove in... I am pretty sure I would have to go try to find them even if it meant that I too would not be able to get back into the concert. That is something I can't figure out! Not that they had anything to do with her disappearance, but I would say they didn't help her not disappear!

From Roanoke:
LE/Judge/system/jury--regardless of who sentenced him--its seems to be not working. 20 times of stabbing someone and now that man is free? ouch!
Here where I live a kid accidently shot his brother--he got 20 yrs.
Points need to be proven.

Sounds like politics play a very important role there.

hmmm...the purse finding and missing person report does sound strange. perhaps the friends told the parents that made them suspicous?

Steph A,

I, too, would like to hear your thoughts. I am sorry that others have made you feel wrong for just trying to help. I do not have the gift, but believe that some do. People who do not believe that there is such a thing are egocentric, as they believe that if they can't understand it or have it, it must not exist. They also do not realize that info does not present itself as a movie, but as snippets that have to be put into context, which is not that easy. Do not feel badly for trying to do what you believe is the right thing. We are all just trying to help find Morgan.

lauren, i agree with you. points DO need to be made. i guess it has everything to do with whether you can afford a good lawyer or not. with this man being a student at UVA, i have no doubt that his parents could afford a good lawyer. which is why he was only sentenced to three years. it isn't right by any means, but it's life and life isn't fair. bad people get away with bad things, while small accidents are punished too harshly.

and lannie, i believe her ID was found in the purse.

Peanut, it makes me wonder what will happen to the person who has morgan if he is a UVA student and has parents who can afford to hire a good lawyer. that's why it was brought up, i believe.


If you are referring to the firefighter/UVA student, the students parents were/are wealthy. They managed to get prior incidents of rage suppressed, so the sentence was passed without all of the info needed to assess the situation. It was a blow for most of us in C-ville. But, let's get back to helping find Morgan.

Mr/Mrs/Miss From Roanoke (and others, that blade cuts both ways. A lot of innocent people receive justice because they have the funds to hire a good attorney.

It seems like people feel intimidated about discussing the poor way this case is handled. There's no need to shy away from the TRUTH !

One of the primary reasons this case is frustrating is because unlike the thousands of missing people, Morgan's case had media exposure. This exposure is a powerful tool in getting the information needed to solve the case. When you see LE fail to utilize this tool it's frustrating. Again, no one expects them to release everything...but a photograph of Morgan AT THE CONCERT that night would have been nice..A picture of her purse might have been helpful as well. Confirmation/elimantion of her being at the convenience store the next day a plus ! The list is endless...The hitchiking theory is absurd...Morgans brother was nearby that night..but she didn't call him, she opted to wander off and hitchhike ???!!

At the beginning of this case I've seen the parents do interviews and their vagueness and protection of the friends is frustrating. For example, Jane Velez Mitchell asked Mr. Harrington point blank if Morgan had a history of drugs/alcohol. He did not answer the question and instead discussed the wonderful summer they had.

The games the friends are playing speaks for itself.

As far as the racial aspect, I know that if Morgan were black, her case would not get the attention it's gotten...But in this case it doesn't matter because of the secrecy and games.

I hope Morgan is home for Christmas..I have not given up hope.


You make a good point, but the situations are very different. I hope that Morgan and the perp are found soon.

gasbag, you're right. sometimes it's difficult to see it that way, though. and it would be miss, by the way.

and peanut, yes, the situations are different...but it can have a similar outcome. i just feel strongly about this case because i went to high school with morgan harrington, and although i didn't know her very well personally (i only met her a few times), we share mutual friends and i hate to see some of my friends going through what they are because of this. i don't want whoever did this to her to get away with a mere 3 years in jail if he's done something terrible to her.

No one wants the perp to get away with anything, except the perp. C-ville is very invested in this emotionally and want this to end (and to end well). It torments many of us who do not know her, I can't imagine how family and friends feel. It must just be days of putting one foot in front of the other...

Lannie, during the second news conference I believe Lt. Rader explained Morgan would not have her id with her. He said this in response to someone from the media who asked about her purse.

From Roanoke - I see where you are coming from. Obviously I agree NOT every missing purse turned in means there is a missing person on the other end. However, how does anyone know? I am not simply looking back with greater awareness. I have followed missing person cases for over two decades.

I am truly curious what UVA's policy/procedure is for good reason. Since the item was NOT found IN JPJ it would not have been turned into the Arena, right? But there was a concert the night before, right? So lots of folks from out of town in the city.

When a person goes missing, time is the enemy. Please try to understand this. IT IS SO CRITICAL. So someone turns in a purse at 8 AM Sunday morning - the report does not mention a cell phone by the way and the specifics as to the phone could be important and its condition, as well as the possible condition of the purse itself, raises the bar in my opinion.

Do the campus police id the person who found the item? Does whoever found the item have to sign something to attest to where they found the item and when? At the time this item was turned in there were how many missing purses at UVA? There had been a purse snatched from a car the very day of the concert right?

So, when someone turns in a purse with ID to UVA police - exactly who and where at UVA received this info I think is important- but also important what are police supposed to do? Did they do it? Do they normally look inside to see if any id and contact info is there and attempt to reach the person? If I found a purse that is exactly what I would do before I turned it in and I would tell the person who and where to go to get it back. Before the police even had this purse, did this happen?

If LE did try to reach Morgan around 8 AM and tell her the purse had been found and could be picked up whereever, whom did they reach? Begs the question, did they reach her roomie, her parents, or Va Tech? If they had taken that step, it could have potentially shortened the window from when Morgan was last seen to when the report was done, right? IF the person who found the purse tried to reach her, that could have shortened the window even more possibly.

Think about that for a minute - that would be at the very least allowed folks who came in for the concert to know before they checked out of their hotels, right? Looking at it from UVA police perspective, that track could have opened up the opportunity to get Morgan's purse back to her before she left town or determine if there was something more to this than carelessness.

Or does UVA have a policy/practice whereby they just stuff the items in a box with a wait if-they-want-it-bad-enough-they-will-find-us attitude? With what we know now, and from where I am sitting it is not simply what we know only about Morgan's case, it is very important for LE to do specific things when a purse especially one with id, etc, turns up. I am just wondering if they did it.

The missing person case was opened according to UVA police log at 1:40 PM. That is over 5 and a half hours later. I think we can do better. I am not resigned to just dismiss the way UVA handled the purse. Not only are there the questions about the specific effort made when they first received the item BUT there is the fact they had it from 8 AM, opened a missing person case at 1:40 PM (where?), wrote a missing person release and COMPLETELY neglected to inform the public of the purse receipt, where it was claimed to have been found, who found it, its condition, etc.

I think it mattered THEN. I think it matters NOW.

I think that purse if included in the original published missing person release would have sent out RED FLAGS to the general public. Even men understand women do not walk away from their purses. The attitude of the community would have been WAIT a MINUTE, SOMETHING is WRONG!

If the information had been included in the press press conference,days later, it would have sent out red flags too. In both of these cases it also would have allowed independent collaboration and possibly helped police during a critical phase create a correct timeline and secure good leads. Instead, we listened while Lt. Rader asked from the podium for her friends to "take an interest"!

The actions of the UVA police is clearly relevant specific to Morgan's purse. And looking forward (which many University campuses have already done because there are students missings whose wallets or purses were discovered), I find UVA's actions very confusing,disjointed, and still murky.

I would also add one thing. There is a scene in an old movie abour perspective - if one closes one eye and holds a quarter close to the open eye, their view is skewed. If the quarter is moved back, then the view is greater. I would argue when a person goes missing, it is critical to have the greatest view possible and not to subscribe to the skewed view out of loyalty, stubbornness, apathy, or fear.

My heart continues to wish for a good result with this case.

veracity, i see what you are saying. but as someone who has witnessed first hand the effects this has on some of her friends, i have to have faith in the UVA police, the state police, and everyone else involved in finding her. perhaps they're not answering your questions because that's what they think is best for the case, and i have to respect that as they know more about finding missing people than i do. but i do agree that someone (whether it be the person who found the purse or LE) should have tried to contact her and let her know that her purse was missing. however, if i found someone's purse, i would not go through it. when i lost my purse in wal-mart, i got it back, but my camera was missing. i don't like for people in know to go through my purse, let alone a total stranger. so i will respect the privacy of the owner of any purse i ever find.

and about the last thing you said (about perspective and whatnot), i agree there. if the friends she was with at the concert, or anybody for that matter, know something they're not telling, they need to get over it and fess up. morgan's life could be endanger, or she could already be dead. they owe her parents closure, whether she's alive or dead, they would want to know.

From Roanoke

You mention meeting Morgan a few times . Would you have any incite on Morgan's "person" . Looking at the erratic behavior it appears Morgan chose for whatever reason . Does Morgan's movements on the evening of the Metallica concert fit with the Morgan you met . I am going to be bold and say no it doesn't . I also understand this could be difficult to answer , if so ;don't.

MY feeling are something was WRONG and it started inside that arena causing Morgan to move away from what ever was wrong .Something , anything to shed some light on WHY Morgan did the things she did . I those "friends" would reveal Morgan's exact condition , state of mind and motives or theories to WHY Morgan's ended up outside of JPJA .

I am leaning away from a pied piper ( long term/online ) as today's technology would have uncovered a trail of some sort of activity of Morgan and a possible POI after this much time has passed .

What are we hiding and why ?


kat, they may think the body found in west virginia is morgan, which is why the harringtons have turned over the dental records. i guess we'll find out.

We need to consider the fact that the state police won't publish case facts for every nutjob to restate. I find it interesting that all of the sightings can clearly describe Harrington, but fail to give anything about others! That might help people! Irregardless, if anybody feels they have information, give it to the investigators. No detail is ever unwanted.It's why we pay a professional when needed.
Faith and peace for the Harringtons.

I hate to make this observation, but is it just a coincidence that the Harrington's turned over Morgan's dental records to the police. Then at the same time the burned body of a person is found in Monongahela Forest in West Virginia, and dental records are needed to identify the person. Prayers for all.

To Kat
I was wondering about them bringing the dental records. I do not know if that is normal or if it is just asked after an unidentifiable body is found. I was not aware of the burned body in West Virginia.
I hope and pray they find Morgan soon and some closure comes for the family and friends.

A psychic is no more than a normal person giving credence to imagination, or dreams.

They don't help, then 'hinder'. They cause families to follow leads "that never lead anywhere" Wasting precious time and resources.

Their images of pain and suffering that are given to the family as 'clues' or a special message from God, are downright evil in nature.

In the Christian faith..God/Jesus dwells within, it does not take a special permit to have hope, faith or to be intuitive.

If their is a God, and ââ?¬Ë?if’ he were to give answers, he would speak clearly and precisely, he would NOT use a psychic as a messenger, and use such inadequate information.

He clearly states ââ?¬Ë?do not’ use those who proclaim to be mediums, why would he then ââ?¬Ë?use them’, that "would make him a hypocrite".

Science does NOT support the validity of psychics, visit the James Randi foundation!

dakota, i only met morgan a few times at school. because it was in a school setting, her behavior at the concert does not match her behavior when i met her. this was some years ago, though. she was a junior in high school, so it was about four years ago. however, i always got the impression that she was a smart girl with her head on straight. i knew she was into a few things that some people might consider "bad," but nothing that would cause her to act the way she did at the concert. i agree with you. i also think that her behavior may have been caused by some date rape drug.

Stephanie Almaguer:

Reading your blurb...caused more questions than answers. It is totally inaccurate so far against known facts.

Your description of what happened after the fact is cruel. Most of us know what happens to some that go missing..

Your post is 'exactly' what I am trying to relay in my post.

If you feel your imagination is accurate..put on your boots and go follow your own leads. Please stop leading people through your imagined pain of someone else.

She may very well 'be alive' Now go dream about that.

I agree that whatever happened started inside the arena. And, there are people that know what happened. Just my opinion.

From Roanoke

Thank you for your reply . I agree , I feel something was out of the ordinary inside that arena . I can't say I would agree on "date rape drug" , too fast acting and I feel she would not of moved away from the safety of friends with a sudden onset of effects caused by a date rape drug . I feel a sudden stressful situation would have moved Morgan to the comfort of a friend . UNLESS the stress was the friends or a friend .

You mention the word "bad" in Morgan's behavior . I can think of little that would be "bad" in the behavior of a 20 something free spirited girl attending college . If I am guessing, your idea of bad may be recreational drug use . I don't find this behavior a leap into the criminal world at all . Though some would .

But it would make better sense of possibilities of Morgan's behavior/movement on the evening in question . Speaking of incite , FROM ROANOKE would you have any incite as to why Morgan Changed schools in her senior year .


dakota, i have no clue why morgan changed schools her senior year. a friend told me that she did it because she didn't live in the correct school district, and her parents were paying tuition for her to go to a roanoke county school. but the news has mentioned "the harrington's ROANOKE COUNTY home." so what my friend told me can't be the actual reason. some say it was because she got in trouble with alcohol or something of that sort. but i don't believe this to be true either. she was an education major at tech. i'm also majoring in education and it's foolish to major in education if you have possesion or underage drinking charges because it makes finding a job next to impossible after graduating college.

Stephanie, I will email you ASAP and Peanut, I would be glad to include you as well, if you would like to set up an email for that purpose. Thanks

Just the facts,

You are being mean and that is uncalled for.

To Aristotle
You sure are rude. Now let the people have a debate over you.

I didn't intend on being mean. My intent was to get her to stop posting 'mean hurtful' imagined scenarios.

My apologies.

I looked up Ms. Officer after reading her post's, and also viewed her photo, I believe she is wearing a weapon in it. I wonder the school she works for, do they know that she 'while awake' hears voices..and thinks she is communicating with the dead? She is protecting children at her employment?

Interesting... ya think?

twoforks, i don't think morgan had a tattoo. if she did, it probably would have been mentioned in the description. tattoos are a good way to identify someone. sooo i don't think the body you're talking about is her.

Just The Facts,

People have asked for prayer or said they will pray for Morgan. No one has opposed the writing of this. Some find prayer effective and powerful, others think that prayer just gives false hope and is a waste of time (it "hinders", in your vernacular).

Please show some respect for differing viewpoints. There are obviously some reading this blog that appreciate the thoughts of a psychic.

just the facts, that's none of your concern and it doesn't relate to morgan. to quote the yellow box under the comment box, "People say the darndest things, but if they use language stronger than 'darn,' if they use ethnically or racially disparaging language, or start comparing people to Hitler, they may find that we've deleted the comment. Ditto for most unverified information, potentially libelous statements, AND ANYTHING OFF THE TOPIC. To avoid spam, all comments containing more than one URL/weblink are placed into a holding tank for administrator approval."

i believe whether or not pyschics are a reliable source of evidence in an investigation is not directly related to the topic, which is morgan harrington. i believe your statements are quite "libelous," as well.


You do go around advertising, as I have found you on the internet all over the place!..and also posted your 'graphic' hurtful opinion on other pages 'within' this same blog! So it's bologna you tried to edit it.. it is in fact an 'exact' copy and paste, of what you wrote here. And you wrote it twice on here..once it was removed!

I will make sure that it is okay with your employer, I would not want to hear about a security guard with a gun.. shooting 'voices' in a school where there are children.

I will copy your post and forward..no worries though right? They promote your psycho babble? We will see...

Would someone please prove to me that she ever ARRIVED at the concert?

Cop 101 says begin at the last verifiable known location of the victim. Doesn't appear to me they have verified anything. Just taken the word of her so-called friends and a lot of mistaken sightings.

Is there any interest at all in Harrisonburg?

Last night at nine my husband and I lit a candle and he said a very caring and precious prayer for Morgan and her family. I pray daily for them.
So many things are said. Who really knows what to believe? I am in hopes that the police have someone they are watching. To think that there are really no leads at all makes my heart heavy.
I am a little disturbed about the look alike they interviewed and the friends. It just makes me wonder.
May God Bless Everyone.

Lk Tucker. I do recall ALL of the folks you mentioned, and more. I would argue they did NOT vanish just like Morgan did. I would argue each case is unique. I would also argue that time and deployment of resources widely varied as did community notification and engagement for each of these cases so it would be wrong to lump them together to simply dismiss or minimize Morgan's disappearance, or anyone's for that matter. Let's take them in order:

Brian Shaffer, 27, 2006 - Columbus Ohio - he was a med student, out with friends at local bar, (spring break I think?) definitely OFF CAMPUS. Reported missing over 48 hours later. THAT IS CRITICAL! Police release last known video of him going up an escalator to the bar; friends with him that night, fiance, and family all do interviews to try and explain every move they witnessed or had knowledge of that night for Brian and every peep they had from him to try and generate leads. He vanished in an URBAN area and police could not do grid search because of privacy laws.

Maura Murray, 22, 2004 - she was traveling along Route 112 (rural route) in New Hampshire around 7 PM on wintery March night and had a "minor" traffic accident. By the time police arrived she was not there. (of note, there was snow on the ground!) LE DID NOT SEARCH FOR HER or even issue an immediate BOLO. Even though witnesses who called in the accident id'd a young woman at the scene. The BOLO went out after 12 PM the following day and only through police channels, there was not the public notification we see in some cases today. I don't recall a search for a long time. Authorities even refused to immediately take a missing person report from her family. That was common unti very recent - departments could wait 24- 48- even 72 hours to TAKE a report.

Michael Negrete -18 yrs old-he disappeared from his dorm room at UCLA in the wee hours of the morning Dec. 10, 1999! He was a freshman. He disappeared before upgraded student security/key cards and improved electronic dorm/campus security existed, and before cyber forensics was part of many police forces or available through task force operations when a person disappears. It was and is one of the most odd cases. I can't recall if the Sheriff took the case later or just when the missing person report was generated and who lead this investigation and searched for Michael. In fact, I don't really recall a search at all! This happened when many media outlets and police departments operated with PRIVACY first instead of PUBLIC SAFETY FIRST and I don't recall UCLA doing much to try and solve this case. They were more concerned about tamping out fears and image problems. Because he was "an adult" and a "male" the media did not seem at all interested for too long in my opinion.

Justin Gains -18, 11/2007 went to bar called Wild Bill's in Gwinnett, GA. Justin lived in one Atlanta county and disappeared in another. (I happend to live in GA when this happened and recall all too well begging media to cover this disappearance!) He tried to get a ride from various friends, all of whom refused to pick him up from the bar. He was last seen in the parking lot around 2:30 AM. His mom THE NEXT DAY was concerned because he hadn't come home, she spent a lot of time first calling friends and then called police. (In this regard there is a similarity to Morgan's case but not specific - there is a life lesson in there for all of us! CALL POLICE FIRST, call friends next. You can always call police back and tell them you found the person. You can't get the minutes back if the person is not found!) The media coverage of this young man's disappearance was next to nothing. And many of the facts were confused. Some reported he was an UGA student, others he attended a Gainesville school. I don't recall any searches. I recall a lot of apathy because this was a MALE, he was last seen at a BAR, and he was witnessed to appear drunk, some folks seemed more concerned about his upbringing than the fact he disappeared! Of note, while I lived in GA I learned the GBI has a facility filled with unidentified remains and I believe it was the same county where Justin was last seen (there are many counties in GA, GA has more counties per acre than any other state)who actually went to court to be allowed to hire a forensic scientist to work in the GBI office and deal only with their cases because there was such a backlog of cases some were being dropped because of time statute limitations.

And finally Josh Guimond,Nov. 2002-Collegeville MN- he was 20, the same age as Morgan and he vanished on a campus and he was also not dressed correctly for the weather - he was alleged to have been at one dorm playing cards at St. John's and supposedly on his way to his own - only a 3 minute walk around midnight - instead he vanished into thin air. He didn't have on a coat, he wasn't wearing his glasses/contacts. To my knowledge the campus at that time had no security cameras or keycards for students. And the school was more like a Va Tech campus than UVA campus. Collegetown and Charlottesville are not similar. Everything on Josh's case was based on eyewitness statements, I believe. The Sheriff's department took the lead on the case. The University seemed to really care about finding him but the media really didn't seem to care and there was that troubling PRIVACY issue the family had to battle.

I think what we SHOULD be concentrating on at this moment are the specific movements of Morgan leading up to the moment of her disappearance, the specifics of her purse/belongings, and exactly where, what and how the police have done to try and find her.

Wow Veracity, that is a lot of info! You must work in this field. It is very sad that in so many missing cases the people who should be "Johnny-On-The-Spot" drops the ball.
I have thought about how Dr. and Mrs. Harrington appear to the public. My reaction to their appearances is questioning. I am not judging, at all. So much control just baffles me. Today I found out that Dr. Harrington is a Psychiatrist. To me, this sort of explains their total emotional control in public.

PK, I think I have to agree with you on most points, accept maybe thinking that the disturbance outside the arena was created by Dee. I say that only because I don't think it's clear when she and her friends arrived. Even though it's been speculated, I don't believe there has been any confirmation that they left prior to the end of the concert, rather it seems more that there is evidence they were inside during the Metallica portion of the show. It's my belief that many of the reported sightings haven't been ignored, but rather have been eliminated by LE because they have been able to identify the young lady(ies) involved, be it Dee or someone else. If that is the case, I don't think these young ladies' privacy should be invaded by having their identities released to the public. I believe LE knows more than they are releasing, and that withholding of information is for very specific reasons. We all think there are so many holes in the friends' account of what happened that evening, but I think LE either has the full picture, or they are working to get the full picture. If we all think we can recognize holes, then people who are trained investigators certainly can note holes and inconsistencies. If Morgan did arrive and initially enter the arena, then I don't believe the friends could have anything to do with the disappearance. Perhaps we don't have the full story on what they or Morgan had planned for that evening, but I really don't believe that is something the public needs to know. If they are truly her best friends, then I have to believe the authorities know everything that they know from that evening. For strategic reasons LE might not feel that it is in the best interest of the investigation to release that information to the public. None of us know, but it's very possible there is someone they are watching for just one slip that will give them the information they need to bring this mystery to a resolution. Being human, I would like to know everything there is to know, but this isn't a crime novel where we, the outside observer, can have insight into the supposed victim's actions, every step of the investigation, and actions taken by whoever is responsible for the disappearance. This is real life, not a 2 or 3 hour read, moving smoothly from the beginning, to the middle, to the conclusion.

It sounds like the woman causing a rumpus outside the arena may have been Dee. Apparently they were similarly clad and look alike. Or someone else entirely. Don't know if she and her friends knocked a few down before the concert or not, or if Morgan maybe stepped out to meet someone, or just to score or something (lots of ppl do that, especially at clubs and concerts) but whatever... It's not really important. It's known there was a no reentry policy, which the concert organizers confirmed and I'm sure that wicked her off and bummed her out plenty. The cops seem fairly certain she attempted to get back in, then called her friends and told them she couldn't. They also seem as satisfied as one can be that witnesses correctly identified her trying to thumb a ride on a bridge. It's hard to say how it all fits together, things never play out the way you think they do.

I've heard many times that eye-witnesses accounts are the least effective method of ID-ing people. Plus lots of girls dress as she was dressed, apply make-up the same way, and look similar to her. So there will be a lot of call-ins like that.

I'm in the camp that doesn't see any reason to think the friends are withholding anything from the cops. Likewise re mental illness(?) By accounts she was a pretty steady individual; transparent, and not unpredictable. There may be info the cops aren't releasing to the public but that might be deliberate so they can proceed more effectively and/or not tip off perps.

Just the Facts.....First, As far as advertising, I mean....like advertisement as a "professional psychic". I copied and pasted the same readings to a couple of boards all within a few mins. of each other.....Then AFTER THE FACT, wanted to remove the graphics, but couldn't. Furthermore, you are arguing over something that was asked not to do anymore on this board. And lastly, I will personally give you my bosses email. But if not, you can go to the school website below- I have no problem at all. You are unbelievable. I don't walk around "hearing voices" or seeing dead people! This is something I do in private upon concentration. Why do you feel the need to put me down because I believe in something and you don't? I did nothing wrong by giving my opinion, other than being to graphic....and if you will read several post up, I even asked for others advise on how to edit the postings. Never the less, do what you must.....I am sure you're mindless efforts to contact my boss will help find Morgan and comfort everyone else also. Why can't you people leave me alone? I quit posting, except to reply to simple request made by two people on this board for my email.....I just don't understand the vindictiveness and extreme hatefulness of some. I copied and pasted your couple of postings regarding my employment and this posting and went ahead and sent it to my bosses.... I'm am sure that they are going to question your motives as well, seeing as though my personal life and work life are two separate entities.


What about the UVA basketball players? What did they see? Why have several left the team? The community deserves an answer.

Sean- Well written and to the point!! It's amazing how things are so quickly brushed under the rug when there is a chance that it could bring down a powerhouse.

Jim- Absolutely!! When I was a teen my parents didn't have a clue as to what I was really up to. Yes- they thought they were 'on top' of my game however I covered my tracks extremly well. I had a 1 on 1 conversation with my mother knee deep on drugs and pulled it off remarkably well. Now a mother of 2 girls I have said "There's not a thing they could do that I would not find out"! I know I will EAT these words. It's a part of growing up. Some get away with it and others get caught. Some are angels- most are not. I for one in the publics eye was a goody goody- I beat my own drum but experimented with both alcohol and drugs at an early age. We can guide our children- teach them right from wrong- smother them in Love and show there are 2 different roads to follow (right or wrong) but in the end the INDIVIDUAL (the child) will come to the fork in the road and decide which way THEY (not the parents) want to go. I am lucky. I experimented- did STUPID things- but came back to the 'right' destination.
Yes Morgan may have decided to be the 'sneaky' child just like I was. I'm sure I'm not the only one! However Morgan DESERVES to come home. She has to come back to that 'right' destination. UVA needs to start answering questions. Put it all out on the table and let all of us dive in head strong to bring her home safely. Lets STOP with the 'Cover ups! and Most of all- the bashing of one another!! Do it for MORGAN!!!

...I'm with you cookie. I'm really disappointed in LE.

This is circulating on Facebook. Charlottesville's candle lighting will take place on the sidewalk across from the Econo Lodge on Emmet St. in Charlottesville this Saturday at 9pm.

This posted today on Virginia Tech website.....Lighting The World With Candles for Morgan Harrington From: Kenny Jarels, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Lighting The World With Candles for Morgan Harrington On Saturday, November 21st, 2009 at 9:00 PM EST - Let's Light a Candle to Bring Morgan Home Ple...ase spread this to as many people in your email lists and your personal networking sites!!!!! Saturday, November 21st 2009 at 9:00 PM EST - people all over the country and as far as we can spread this message will be lighting a candle - thinking of Morgan - Praying for Morgan and her family.


Prayers to the Harrington's and their extended family and friends. I believe that I have followed this case because I am a metal head and a mother. I remember how excited I was, how many overly intoxicated patrons I encountered and how high the energy was leading up to, during and after the concert.
I have no information regarding this case and I have no insights but I do have a question or 2 and wonder if anyone would comment.
1.) No video of Morgan anywhere, at the arena or anywhere in the surrounding area.
2.) There is at least one other female going to the concert that dresses up just as Morgan did.

Are the police positive she entered the arena at all? Are they sure that all sightings of Morgan was actually her?
All information regarding witnesses state 'someone fitting Morgan's description' ~ is it possible that she was not even there from the start?

I consider these questions only because the stories from the 'friends' and the eye witness accounts creep me out.
Being in a large arena ~ I would NOT leave my friends without having someone with me...I would be too nervous of losing them.
Maybe I am too naive.

Heavy Metal band and the color black go hand and hand. I can only imagine how many younger blond girls were there with black shirts, black minis and black boots.
Morgan's pictures definitely show a lovely girl but in a large crowd ~ she would be just another face. There are many beautiful faces in the younger crowd.

I just wonder if she ever made it into the arena. I do not believe it is that easy to mistake a bathroom door and an exit door.

I post because I used to work with predators and had to get inside their heads so I could protect the innocent from their evil.

I have noticed that just about everyone has labeled the potential monster that has taken Morgan as "HE". I have felt from the beginning the if there was foul play, females were involved...I fear for her because I have seen first hand the incredible brutality that can suddenly appear in females that only moments ago seemed perfectly harmless.

God Bless the Harringtons and Morgan. If she is alive, I hope she is surrounded in white light and found soon.
Peace to everyone here.

To Steph A

I'm sorry you feel so attacked. I wish people would stick to the subject on here. Psychic ability must be very intimidating to them.
Personally I believe in the power of prayer. If you are lending your prayers to the safe return of Morgan Harrington and sharing the common thread of unease and pain that I believe most parents feel with this case...you have every right to be here.
I hope you can find it within yourself to ignore individuals that have fallen from the true nature of this blog in order to bash you personally. They may feel that they are doing everyone else a favor but honestly...it's old and has nothing to do with the horror of Morgan's current situation.
Peace and Light.

I was scanning over a few posts on Blink.com...Several people have indicated that Morgan's ex-boyfriend worked security that night..have any of you heard this before ?

Thanks, Rob. Here is a link to the event:


That was a threat, and you shouldn’t wait to request his removal, Steph A. So, I’m right behind Branwen up there, but I am asking you to pls stop encouraging them. I can tell you're a kind lady and I'm sorry to see you get beat on like this but you just can't let yourself be emotionally provoked on discussion boards, because you are always going to lose against self righteous emotional vampires like Just The Facts. You can't win, b/c you can't change their minds or affect them, and when you feed them, you encourage them to escalate their attacks. I hope you stay, Steph. Just no more feeding the blood suckers, okay? And you HAVE to ask admin to get your full name and other info off these boards so creepos can't cyberstalk you home- which is, I'm sure you'll agree, pretty disturbing behavior given the subject of the board we're on. I am going to write admin about removing that info myself, but I’m sure they won’t do it until you confirm it’s what you want.

Stop the hatred- the arguing- the pitiful belittleing crap! Psychics vs non-psychics. Anything and everything is wanted- needed- yearned for. We all need to be 1 with this!! ONE!!! Its all for Morgan- period! Stick to the basics. BRING HER HOME!!

Since this event happened with the Morgan disappearance it has been my greatest desire that she be brought home safe to her family. I began to visualize about this and felt that I saw these events happen and most of all hope my nightmare would not be truth. I regret that I posted my visions, but I feel comfortable to know that all visions or nightmares are not real and the truth is revealed in daylight. I hope this did not upset others and wanted to delete my posting.

I was unable to delete....and then received this reply on this site:

Just The Facts- November 19th, 2009 | 5:17 pm

I looked up Ms. Officer after reading her post’s, and also viewed her photo, I believe she is wearing a weapon in it. I wonder the school she works for, do they know that she ââ?¬Ë?while awake’ hears voices..and thinks she is communicating with the dead? She is protecting children at her employment?

Interesting”Š ya think?.........
........I will make sure that it is okay with your employer, I would not want to hear about a security guard with a gun.. shooting ââ?¬Ë?voices’ in a school where there are children.

I will copy your post and forward..no worries though right? They promote your psycho babble? We will see”Š

(First- No weapon....not sure where he saw that)
This is a threat and I don't deal with sick creeps. You think you can send responses that threatens my job and my livelihood...bring it on, you coward. I am a valued member of my school staff and have worked in my job going on 2 years. Terrorism is not permitted on this site and I will see you are removed if you send me another post.

The Bible strongly warns people not to consult mediums and spiritists for the truth, but to inquire of God (Isaiah 8:19). Clearly, if those who practiced these arts have any power (beyond being great deceivers), it is not a gift from God (as some falsely claim). The Bible condemns and forbids these practices several times (Deuteronomy 18:9-14; Isaiah 44:25; Jeremiah 27:9; 2 Kings 21:6; 23:24). Divination and Spiritism were despised practices of the heathens (Ezekiel 21:21; Isaiah 19:3; 1 Samuel 28). Scripture says that one of the reasons King Saul died was "because he consulted a medium for guidance" rather than God (1 Chronicles 10:13-14).

Mom_0f_Kelli reading your post made me cry, I just needed to share that with you.

Frank, I don't disagree with you that a definitive statement from the basketball team could end at least some speculation. I hope you and others can also understand the position these players would be in if they went public. With all of the speculations here (some so offensive that they have since been removed) they would be constantly under scrutiny and suspicion, perhaps for something as innocent as exchanging comments about what an awful night, what are you doing outside the concert, or on Morgan's part, can you believe they won't let me back in, could you take me back to Harrisonburg or Blacksburg? Maybe there was more to the conversation that the public shouldn't know. If there is any suspicion at all of involvement, I don't believe they are off LE's radar screen. Let me put out an idea for speculation. Let's say the young man who is currently "working through personal issues" was one of the players in the parking lot. No knowledge of this fact, but as far as I know, no one else posting here has any inside knowledge. The insinuations have been that he had some kind of involvement or knowledge of what happened in the RV lot or on the bridge. Isn't it just as open to speculation that he is so devastated because they didn't do more to help with whatever issue she was working through, that he feels so overcome with guilt he can barely function? Do I believe what I've just written, probably not, but without any evidence to the contrary, it's just as plausible of an explanation as the players' involvement in the disappearance. I know sports teams usually become a close knit group, but if there is any suspicion that the players in the lot were involved in Morgan's disappearance, is it really likely that the other team members are keeping quiet to protect them. With the team members having not been identified, all are subject to speculation. Now that fact alone is a reason that I would like to see the players step forward, not to subject themselves to public suspicion, but to take scrutiny off the other members of the team. I hope and believe LE is thoroughly investigating all leads, and will follow where ever they may lead regardless of where that might be. My prayers to Morgan and her family for her safe return, or for a resolution to what happened.

brother T.K, not everyone believes the same things you do. i for one am atheist, and i do believe in visions and whatnot. when the short girl's (i can't remember her first name, and i'm almost positive that her last name was short) body was found near a pond? a lake? some body of water a few years back, a friend of mine had had a dream that a girl's body would be found near a body of water just days before she was found. she didn't know who the girl was or where she was, but she had that dream and other similar dreams as well. you don't have to believe in the power of psychics if that goes against your religion, but don't argue about their powers on here as it does not relate to morgan harrington. same goes for the psychics. this isn't the place to discuss views on religion, psychics, mediums, etc. and this isn't supposed to be a war between psychics and those who don't believe in them, we're here to talk about morgan harrington, what happened to her, and other things related to her. let's all do our part to keep the focus of this thread on her, and not whether or not psychics are real. no, steph should not have made her post so graphic, but she realizes her mistake and that's what matters. so let's get back to morgan, okay?

Interesting read . Note the conflict of interest the writer is referring to is an employee of "the Hook" and is also one of the witnesses in this case . Now ,delivery person does not meet STAFF requirements in my book , but I understand the concern .


Anyone notice Miss Steph tried to get everyone to click into hack site?

Don't click on that link she left!

Good Morning All, I see we still have the little verbal wars going on. What a shame! I just do not understand why people cannot resist making comments on others posts. And, I cannot understand why The Hook allows this.
I have not seen any updated news on Morgan. Have any of you?
I have emailed all my contacts asking that they light a candle tomorrow at nine. Most of my contacts are in NC and SC, but I have plenty in VA. So, I am hoping that we will have lots of candles burning from my part of this world.
I pray today and everyday for Morgan, her family, and her friends. I carry them close in my heart and my prayers.
God's Blessings To Everyone!

why is everyone questioning LE just because they aren't making everything public? guys, if LE made all evidence and every answer to every question public, there would be no way to tell the difference between real testimonies and false ones. we all have questions that we want answered, but sometimes unanswered questions are what's best for the case. they are trained to handle things like this.
they have talked to the basketball players and the friends morgan was with. just because it's not public doesn't mean it hasn't happened. these people are students in college! i don't know how many of you go/have been to college, but it's very time consuming. the basketball players are probably disturbed that they were the last to see a missing girl, and morgan's friends are grieving because they don't know where their friend is. these things are probably already taking a toll on their school work alone. i see WHY they don't want to go public with their testimonies.

"I asked these same questions (well, not the ninja one”ŠLOL) in the beginning. To date I have received no answers."

Kathy,the thing is no one is obliged to answer your questions. You like everyone else here are a random voice on the internet, not someone who has anything what so ever to do with this investigation.

The people who DO have something to do with the investigation most likely have their reasons for proceeding as they have done. You are certainly free to apply for one of those jobs if you think you are qualified. I suspect you will need some training before they take you seriously no matter what.

Well, let me see.............No, I did not say a thing about getting any answers from the people on here.
Why are you being such a smart talking jerk to me? And, I was not even talking to you.
If you are looking for another person to attack since Stephanie is not here, you are looking in the wrong place.
Have A Blessed Day!

Kathy, thanks for your esponse to my questions. Do not let the negativity of CC get to you.

As far as my post, CC, I realize that LE has reasons to keep information hidden, and stated that in my post. This being said, I still find it unfathomable there has been NO, ZERO, ABSOLUTELY NO evidence that Morgan was in Charlottesville. I have had some experience working with LE as a consultant, and am pretty sure that if they had photographic evidence, they would make public the information that such eveidence existed, even if they didn't release the evidence itself to the public.

I am not saying that Morgan did not "involuntarily" vanish, just I don't beleive Charlottesville had anything to do with it.

Well, I do wish you would be more accurate. Carol Wood used the word "disappearance" not the word "case". Naturally, the players have nothing to do with Harrington's disappearance (at least we hope), but she did not speak to the question of whether the suspensions are related, generally, to the Harrington case. Perhaps Carol Wood should clarify the difference?

Frank, do you know what "irony" is?

When someone suggests that you are arguing by insinuation rather than evidence, and then you respond, "You must know something that we don’t, for you to be so vehement in their defense. What is YOUR connection to UVA basketball, anyway? Are you on the team?", well, that's it.

That's irony.

Sean Cannan, aren't you the guy who is obsessed with the idea that UVa women are having sex?

Sean Cannan, THANK YOU! Don't even get me started with "the ombudsman" -- google him, it's faster. I am so grateful for THE HOOK to stay on this story, first and foremost demonstrate they CARE, and really do what we expect media to do, update the community and investigate stories to help the community understand, evaluate, and respond.

When a person goes missing, TIME is an ENEMY. And the more facts that make it to the community/public, the wider the net is cast to allow citizens to help CLOSE the mystery time gap.

I hope we have learned to NOT behave like we did during Chandra Levy's case. THINK ABOUT IT. IF the media and the public had held the police accountable at the time. But instead media outlets ran with stories about tangient matters and tried to weave tales instead of drilling down on the SPECIFICS OF CHANDRA's movements that night. Remember the video was lost because LE forgot to ask for it before it had been taped over. ANd LE's famous front page search of the Park - CADETS lined in a row marching arm in arm through the park. WOW looked great, BUT later LE had to confess, well... we didn't look in the ravine area because it was "so remote"... COME ON FOLKS.

I agree with WHITE HAVEN - WHY and WHEN she became "separated from her friends and found herself on the outside of JPJ" is HUGE.

I agree with so many others - WHERE IS THE SURVEILLANCE FILM. I have been asked about it since day 2. Now I am worried it has suffered the same fate as the Chandra Levy case! Courtney said in an earlier story that the 7/11 folks were not even approached for several days. TROUBLING to me. And remember Chandra vanished in 2001- over eight years ago. WHEN was the FBI called into Morgan's case? WHAT FBI agent? I believe those who made mistakes in Chandra's case have all retired! Surely though in Oct 2009 ALL LE knows to collect tapes right away. Remember Lori Hacking? How about Carlie Brucia? How about Annie Lee? I could go on and on...

I have lived in resort communities and college towns, both are notorious for trying to HIDE the bad to PROTECT image. That simply is unacceptable when a person disappears, isn't it?

And I have worked for decades to try and HELP create laws that help us find missing people quickly, hopefully safely returning them to their loved ones. One of the advances made allow LE to USE the media to help solve missing person cases. Yet here we have a case where it appears LE and some media are more concerned about IMAGE than doing the best they can to help FIND Morgan.

At least that is how it looks from where I am sitting. I hope I am wrong. I hope they are on the heels of solving this mystery and finding Morgan. Until they do, I WILL ASK the QUESTIONS. I won't sit by and ASSUME LE is doing it right this time. Some cases I follow, like Somer's in Florida for one it is EASY to feel LE is doing all they can, even before she was found.

And for the reason, I personally don't believe there is such a thing as SATURATION when it comes to missing people. It is an immediate public safety issue that warrants concerted effort until peace can be restored.

Frank, if your comment about being accurate was directed at my last post, the content in parenthesis was directly from the Newsplex website story dated November 17th titled
"One Month Later: Search for Morgan Harrington Continues."

I do want to ask, if you (not directed at you Frank but everyone posting here) were the basketball players, probably no older than Morgan, would you want to be identified? Let's say the unthinkable happens and she is never found, the young men who either saw or talked to her will, in some minds, always be viewed as suspects. Reading just the article here, it seems that most who thought they even saw her have declined to be identified. I think it's easy to undersand why.

Ms. Parson is certain of her sighting but is frustrated that LE will not let her identify the men she saw. This article states that if there were an already existing photo, or if she could identify them in a public setting action could be taken. There are 16 young men who can very easily be eliminated or identified by her, as the case may be. Pictures of all 2009-2010 basketball players can be found @ VirginiaSports.com, select basketball and then select roster and click on each player's name. Other than the two players who are currently not playing (but are still listed on the roster page) all players can be seen each and every scheduled home game. Not exactly anonymous individuals, hidden from public view.

I do want to add, I have no connection with the University, am not a season basketball ticket holder, so other than their height, I would not recognize any of the basketball team away from the basketball court. I want the truth to be discovered about what happened to Morgan, but I don't want a witch hunt.

April, my apologies to you -- I should have made reference to the poorly worded bit from the Newsplex.

I don't think a witch hunt is in order here; however, I think the public deserves to know some more details, other than telling us that some basketball players were among the last to "interact" with her. If they had anything to do with some crime, which I hope that they did not, then their privacy is the least of my concerns. The UVA athletes are representatives of UVA, perhaps their most visible ones. All affiliated with UVA, and all citizens of Charlottesville have a stake in their reputations -- this is why I think there is so much interest in the questions about the ball players.

We are all puzzled as to why some players would be reported to leave the team in the same time frame as other reports stating that ball players were among the last to interact with Harrington. The question is simple: were those suspended from the team also those who interacted with Harrington? If so, was there something about the interaction in particular that led to the players being suspended?

These are very reasonable questions, and many people agree that the community deserves answers.

I am sorry mom_of_Kelli for your loss as well. As a mom of two d's I worry about their future. As well as I should. May God give you comfort and strength as well.

Stephanie- You said Ivy and the other Stephanie said Knoll! Both Ivy, Va and Knoll,Va are off the interstate heading from VB to C'ville. I do believe its the same exit ramp. My god- What if this is the place? What are the chances of 2 'psychics' seeing (or feeling) the same place? But do you see anything else in the Ivy/Knoll area? Its riddled with creeks, woods, ditches. Do you feel how far out? Crazy as it seems guys but hey Ive seen crazier and I'm not a psychic. Put your minds to use and lets bring her home. Prayers to all.

Your friend gets a ride home hours before the concert is over. She's not there when you get there. You what? Go to bed? Her dad calls the next day. You what? Answer and say "she got separated from us and said she would get a ride home but she's not here"??? Dad says what? "OK, bring her car over here"??

COME ON. Is there any searching going on at ALL in Harrisonburg?

In response to Veracity's post around 4 today- you asked many of the questions I've been wondering about. I just read the initial article from the 15th and most of the comments since then. Here's my take.
1. I drank and smoked in college and so did my friends...we just didnt broadcast it to our parents. My parents wouldnt have been shocked but many of my friends parents had NO CLUE. It didnt make them bad parents nor did it mean they were bad kids- I mean come on...it's college.

So there are too many holes in the police stories to count. This either means they A. know nothing or B. Know everything but have to stay silent bc it could jeporadize the case.

Im a single female in my late 20's in Little Rock, Ar. Last year when our news anchor Ann Pressly (same age/neighborhood) was brutally attacked (the word brutal doesnt even begin to describe it) in her own bed- the entire town was shocked, sad, outraged, and scared. We had a predator walking our streets.
Investigators kept a tight lip but horrible details/rumors were everywhere.
I think it was over a month that we knew nothing. It was widely known there was a significant amount of DNA at the scene.
All we knew was that whoever it was used her debit card at a gas station across town after the attack. But the cops said the serveilance footage was too grainy and you couldnt see the person. Then there was a gag order put into place. We were all so mad that they hadnt link anyone to the DNA yet- we were scared they were botching the case.
-Finally a news conference arose and they had a suspect. They found him and last week he was sentenced to life in prison.

My dad later told me that they in fact the gas station footage was NOT too grainy as they had reported. They DID have a photo- but no clue who he was. If they hadn’t been tight lipped- he could’ve run etc. For whatever reason-they thought talking about it would hurt the investigation.
My point is: I hope and pray that this is the reason we aren’t getting anything out of the police in Morgan's investigation.

Look at it this way:
We aren’t hearing crucial key information from witnesses you KNOW they interviewed right off the bat.
You mean to tell me that they didn’t interview every single person working the entrance gates? And that there is zero footage of her leaving the arena or anywhere else in the vicinity of the concert? Maybe its just me- but something tells me that we aren’t hearing the important info we want because it would jeporadize the case. If this isnt the case...then we will absolutely have a case of blaming the cops. Im not saying this is what is happening- but that it’s a possibility. The number of people who dont even know Morgan researching this case speaks volumes and I have no doubt that this type of communication will one day be what saves someone’s life.
Either way- not hearing anything yet scares me and makes me think its not a rescue mission anymore. But I’ll be damned if I let that possibility affect my hope and prayers that she is found alive. We all need to remember Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart. We can bring Morgan home!

Sometimes, no news is good news.

Based on independent witness accounts, investigators are confident that Harrington was hitchhiking for a ride while on the Copeley Road bridge. If anyone recalls seeing a young woman hitchhiking that night on or near the Copeley Road bridge, then they are asked to please contact police by phone or e-mail.

Heads up...Issues w/Jane Valez Mitchell will be updating Morgan Harrington, along with Britanee Drexel in an effort to keep the cases from going cold.

I totally agree with your post -havefaith.

I believe the friends are silent because they know why she left the arena. I think she got a text from some who told her to meet her outside (may be promising he back stage passes or front row seats). She kissed her friend goodbye as in "wish me luck." They know who she was going to meet.

Also other missing persons case have do multiple ground searches. As far as I can tell they've only conducted one. I think it is because they know more circumstances surrounding the disappearance than they are letting the public know.

I pray for the family and friends involved....and pray that Morgan comes home soon.

Two other things:

The purse......
The purse is questionable because it was turned in Sunday morning.
I can't imagine hundreds of people walking by it on the the way to their car; which leads me to believe it dumped there after the concert.

Is it possible she was meeting someone up on the bridge for a ride.
There was a concert going on -- if someone picked her up they may have had to pay to get in the lot. She could of said we'll meet up by the bridge. She could have recognized the person picking her up and just stuck her thumb out (as a joke).


You say you are a christian.. dark and light cannot dwell in the same place! Did you know you can be saved.. and not filled with the Holy Spirit?

Did you know.. If you 'do' have the Holy Spirit..that if you dabble in the things that God forbids.. that the Holy Spirit..will flee? Leaving you.. all clean for those you dabble in..to come live in?

Nor...Saying your a Christian..does not make one so!

As Christians.. we do not need anything other than 'prayer', we are each given gifts.. they are for 'all believers' in Christ.

If you are separate from God ..he will not give you 'gifts'.. if you are experiencing a gift, and you do not give God the glory.. then you can be certain.. you will either lose your gift..or it 'wasn't from God to begin with.

Each of us in the Christian faith, who have been baptized..are filled with the Holy Spirit, it is for 'everyone' not for a few selected.. who claim to have it from being passed down to their family... You cannot inherit Christianity, it is through personal acceptance.

I 'have' the Holy Spirit, and I know that it works through 'faith'..NOT through tarot cards, or stars.. or crystals.

I also have 'human intuition', which comes from being 'human' and also the gift of discernment, it is God/Jesus given ONLY. And that gift is free!

Anyone can be saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit!

Now, I didn't want to put my religious rant on here.. as I am sure their are other faiths reading this board. My apologies for taking up space.

About your smell of flowers.. you smelled in it a funeral home and knew someone was going to die.. is the same as me standing in the ER and knowing an ambulance is coming.. no offense..

I am also a PI and I can tell you FIRST hand.. psychic's HURT families!!!! Their horrible images of what they imagine..and writing those things on a public board are EVIL.

DO you know these families sit and pour over each post..hoping.. praying.. wishing.. crying... and then come across one of those post's filled with non-sense.

We are human.. we are 'able to see' things in our mind's eye.. we can imagine what we think..that is 'what makes us human' and for some to come on here..and put those images out there are HORRIBLE.

I can also recount for you "DOZENS if not HUNDREDS" of families that have been contacted by psychic's.. selling their wares.. to only come away in a heap of tears, less any money given!

Do you know these families.. 'cannot work' soon after a loved one goes missing? They have 'limited resources' to pay their bills, and to have a psychic come along and 'relieve' them of cash at such a barren time.. is beyond evil..it's cruel!

I can tell you first hand.. how 'horrible' it is for these families to sit and listen, and ultimately be let down over and over again! that I cannot scream it LOUD enough!!! Even when it's done for FREE.. it cost's the families 'Emotionally'

These families are contacted over and over again.. from every different psychic that has a pc or a phone.. it's unbelievable!

I suggest "ANYONE" that thinks they are 'above God' to have had some sort of dream..or feeling..to either..

Go put your boot's on and check out your own 'lead', or send it to law enforcement.

Do not bother these poor innocent families..

I am so sorry for going off... but, there has never been "ONE" who has even come close to solving a missing person case. NOT ONE!

I have been a PI for over 20 years.. and specialize in Missing Persons.. and I can tell you "Psychic's" hurt families.

For those of you who dabble and claim Christianity..

please 'read your bible'

and again.. I am sorry for taking up so much room on this board.

The Bible strongly condemns spiritism, mediums, the occult, and psychics (Leviticus 20:27; Deuteronomy 18:10-13). Horoscopes, tarot cards, astrology, fortune tellers, palm readings, and s©ances fall into this category as well. These practices are based on the concept that there are gods, spirits, or deceased loved ones that can give advice and guidance. These ââ?¬Å?gods” or ââ?¬Å?spirits” are demons (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). The Bible gives us no reason to believe that deceased loved ones can contact us. If they were believers, they are in heaven enjoying the most wonderful place imaginable in fellowship with a loving God. If they were not believers, they are in hell, suffering the un-ending torment for rejecting God’s love and rebelling against Him.

So, if our loved ones cannot contact us, how do mediums, spiritists, and psychics get such accurate information? There have been many exposures of psychics as frauds. It has been proven that psychics can gain immense amounts of information on someone through ordinary means. Sometimes by just using a telephone number through caller ID and an internet search, a psychic can get names, addresses, dates of birth, dates of marriage, family members, etc. However, it is undeniable that psychics sometimes know things that should be impossible for them to know. Where do they get this information? The answer is from Satan and his demons. ââ?¬Å?And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15). Acts 16:16-18 describes a fortune teller who was able to predict the future until the apostle Paul rebuked a demon out of her.

Satan pretends to be kind and helpful. He tries to appear as something good. Satan and his demons will give a psychic information about a person in order to get that person hooked into spiritism, something that God forbids. It appears innocent at first, but soon people can find themselves addicted to psychics and unwittingly allow Satan to control and destroy their lives. Peter proclaimed, ââ?¬Å?Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). In some cases, the psychics themselves are deceived, not knowing the true source of the information they receive. Whatever the case and wherever the source of the information, nothing connected to spiritism, witchcraft, or astrology is a godly means of discovering information. How does God want us to discern His will for our life? God’s plan is simple, yet powerful and effective: study the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16-17) and pray for wisdom (James 1:5).

Looking into the crystal ball... I see... Psychics...

Tall men. Very tall men. Clarivoyants, unto themselves... Who can perhaps tell us... Using their gifts of perception... what happened to Morgan Harrington.

Seek thee the basketball players, for they hold the power... They alone are the ones... who hold the answers.

from roanoke...I'm glad you're not done...despite the attacks I've received when I've questioned certain aspects, I'm not done...I'm looking forward to the day when this thread will celebrate Morgan's safe return !! Until then I think we can all agree to disagree.

Mr. Dred, that's because the Daily Progress is UVA's bosom buddy. Objective reporting is not their strong suit, so to speak.

I know that this sight is for Morgan, but I dont think her mother would mind me telling Mom of Kelli, I am sorry about your daughter, I looked up your site and your daughter was very pretty, and I am so sorry for your loss. My brother had an alcoholo problem and was murdered while he was drunk. He was the kind of guy that would help anyone. I am hoping we all hear some good news about Morgan soon. I feel so badly for her parents.. I will be at work and I'll think " How can they even function day in and day out, worrying about her?" I hope that they know that there are so many of us out here thinking good thoughts for them and worrying right along with them. I hope everyone has a nice Saturday.

sorry I spelled sight wrong.. its site. Dont want to offend anyone.

To Mom Of Kelli
I am sorry for your loss. Your daughter was beautiful. God Bless You In Every Way.
And, May God Bless The Harrington's In Every Way.

I was wondering if maybe she was drinking a little and perhaps fell off the the bridge she was seen on, on to a train, and could be anywhere from that point on. I am praying she is still alive and OK. I lost my dad Dec. 25, 2007, and it is still not easy, I think this needs closure, one way or the other!!!!!

Regarding the missing digital camera. I read on a girl's blog that she was not allowed to have photos inside the concert she attended which was Metallica, but it was in Ottawa, Canada. Does the John Paul Jones Arena have a policy about cameras, and will they take them up to give them back later if they do?

Me and my bloopers..."...that she was not allowed to have a camera at the concert she attended which was Metallica..."


Concerts/plays generally prohibit taking pictures or making recordings...

So, maybe LE should check with JPJ arena for Morgan's camera. Maybe they already have.

That is one of many theories that has been thrown around on that site. There is no prove whatsoever that she had an ex that worked for security anywhere. Be careful, you may be in the next theory. lol

yeah right....Thanks...and no, I don't want to be in the next theory, lol..

LE is just now telling us about the RED camera?

good job LE. maybe they will tell us what else they know AFTER
Morgan is found. makes perfect sense????

face it. LE is either way over their heads on this case
or some friends of Morgans have parents in LE are making sure all the details do not get out. IMO

? -- If the red camera detail had been released when she first disappeared, and I was out hiking a week later and found a red camera, then I realize it might be a tip in the case and can let authorities know. The longer they wait to tell us, the more likely it's buried under snow and decaying leaves, or got washed away during heavy rain, and any evidence (fingerprints, etc.) on it are gone. The memory card is probably also trashed, so whatever photos were on it that may have held clues would be gone forever. However, people who participated in the searches a few weeks after she disappeared were told about the red camera, so it wasn't a complete secret.

^^^ Yeah, that must be it derrr.

It's been said a hundred times already, but law enforcement doesn't owe Joe Public every detail. For some reason people think that they're supposed to be "in" with the full inside investigation as if they themselves are part of the detective crew. Even if the camera detail had been released, how does that change anything? Now you "derrr" would have one more detail to the story...and?? And then what? What would you personally do? I don't get it.


Form these pictures it looks like her best buds got over their grief fast (including the girls she went to the concert with).
How sad for Morgan and her parents.

ilvcille...thanks for sharing !

one report described Morgan's father as stating that friends waited for Morgan after the concert for a "significant amount of time" then eventually went home when they didn't see her. What contradicts is the police report which explains that one of Morgan's friends (inside the arena) received a call from her telling them she would just get a ride home. Why would friends wait a "significant amount of time" if Morgan had told them she was hitching a ride home? Wouldn't the friend, who recieved the call, have told the others? It doesn't make sense.

Karen..let's just say the friend who received the call didn't tell the other friends..Which, does not make sense but let's just say it happened that way....Why didn't any of the friends confirm Morgan's safe arrival home ? Why did the father have to call the friends the next day ?!....I've said it before and I'll say it again...The story from beginning to end is FISHY !

Okay, I agree I think the friends know more that what they are telling. You don't buy a tickets and tell everyone you are so excited about a concert to get there and leave? Also, the basketball players interesting to know what they said of where she went when or if she left them???????

Shame on Morgan's friends! Why is no one condemning them? It sounds as if she was out of her mind, and neither left the concert to make sure she was okay? She didn't have her own car keys, a friend inside did, and they seem to have not been at all concerned.

PLEASE explain to me how they left IN HER CAR having not heard from her since 8:40 pm? And how was it her father who figured out she was missing THE NEXT day at 12:30 pm? What were they thinking?

This may have been something Morgan had done before, but still, you never leave your friend in a town not your own. She may have been someone who made a habit of disappearing like this, but her friends did her a disservice by not pursuing her whereabouts that night and leaving with her car. Shame on them.

Shame on Amy and Sarah -

People have condemned the friends...The problem is, the parents won't. They have gone on record asking the media and the public to leave the friends alone. Their request has not stopped the general criticism of the friends but it has given some people pause. No matter how things shake out, what the friends did was inexcusible and APPALLING !


I understand your "score card" except the point you gave to UVA..please elaborate.

Kat we don't "know" that they are not responsible...All we know is what they would have us to believe...Morgan was looking forward to a concert for 6 months and left just before the act she wanted to see and "wound up outside". The friends are saying that she called them..We are to believe that she didn't say "bring my ticket stub" or "bring MY KEYS TO MY CAR" ...she says "I'll get a ride home" ?!! The friends silence fuels scrutiny....I think the parents don't want to believe that the friends story and actions are fishy.

I'm not saying the friends have done something criminal...Their actions are saying it....As much as I hope Morgan comes home safely, I hope the friends have told the truth...the WHOLE truth.

why do you all spend so much time pointing fingers at (most likely) innocent people? i've seen the parents blamed, her friends blamed, morgan blamed...the list goes on. it's pointless. think about this, will you? perhaps the reason her friends didn't hand over morgan's keys was because she was intoxicated. perhaps they thought they were being better friends by preventing her from driving under the influence. another thing: i go to public bathrooms all the time without my friends. why make my friends miss out on something fun just because i have to pee?

just because amy and sarah are not speaking to the media doesn't mean they aren't talking to LE. in fact, they were probably the FIRST interviewed, the FIRST to be ruled out. i haven't said anything negative about you all trying to solve this case so far, but STOP pointing fingers. it's not helping in the least. actually, the fact that her friends are under so much scrutiny from the public is very discouraging, and probably doesn't give them the desire to be interviewed by the media at all. honestly, if you want answers, stop placing blame...maybe then those who are afraid of scrutiny will come forward and speak to the media. her friends probably eat themselves up from the inside out for their mistake, every day. they have to live with the fact that their friend is missing, and if they had done just one thing differently, morgan would still be here. have any of you ever lost a loved one in a tragic way? i mean, they died unexpectedly, not from being sick or old. well, i have. i lost my cousin a few years ago in a car accident. he was a rebellious teen, and he jumped out of his mother's car while they were in an argument, and was hit by another car going 55mph. for months after his death, i blamed myself. i thought "if i had just talked to him and tried to correct his behavior, he would still be here." my entire FAMILY blamed themselves for his accident. and that's what the friends are doing.

the friends aren't to blame for morgan's disappearance. if they were, they would be under the eye of LE. if you guys are upset because LE isn't releasing any new info to satisfy you, that's one thing. but stop blaming the friends. they're going through enough and trying to make their lives as normal as possible. not sure how many of you have ever been to college, but it's very demanding. they're probably already struggling with schoolwork as it is because of this. why jeopardize their grades more by having pressure put on them by the media? and maybe not talking to the media is in the best interest of the case. you don't know what's going on behind closed doors. i've said it before, i'll say it again: it isn't YOUR job to solve this. it's your job to be concerned, spread the word, participate in volunteer searches, etc. it's LE's job to solve the case, follow leads, decide what to release to the public, and what to keep a secret. you don't know their intentions, so stop acting like innocent people are the bad guys.

with that said, i'm done with this thread. every post is the same: bashing on LE for not giving you the answers you want, the friends for not speaking to media, and the parents for supporting the friends' (and perhaps LE's) decision to not talk to the media. it's all so negative and truly unhelpful.


the friends actions that night and to date have been far from normal

every blog and news wire has them down as the "friends" please give us a break with friends lke these who needs friends

dave - i'd like to know how their actions have been abnormal. is it because they aren't answering your questions? do they know who you are? do you know them personally? i doubt it. so they have no reason to answer your questions or anyone else except LE's.

and i guess i'm not done with this thread after all.

from roanoke...I do agree with you. The family and friends are living a real life nightmare. Some words on this post would hurt them even more. I know that Cindy and George Anthony are NOT the class act that Mr. and Mrs. Harrington are, but look how they were ridiculed and hurt further than they were already due to unnecessary harassment and name calling. If I were the "friends" I would have stop reading posts a long time ago.

why do her friends need lawyers then

Noone knows whether or not her friends would ever want to cause Morgan harm.. None of us know that about our own friends.. Human beings are very complex.. and add perhaps drugs or alchol, whether intentionally digested or not.. and human behavior is altered. We cannot say that the friends Did or Did not do anything.. Because None of us on this board know!! Only the friends and perhaps LE and the parents know.. but I dont really think the parents have any information.

Why do people "assume" that Morgan told her friends not to come and rescue her? How does anyone except the friends know that? We dont know that.. We only know that the "friends" have said happened... Just because someone says it doesnt make it real..

mariemarietx - so if your argument is that nobody really knows what happened, why do you seem to be arguing for the team that thinks the friends are responsible? Why do you assume that the friends are not telling the truth? I believe what "from Roanoke" is saying, that until there is "evidence" then all the speculation about the friends is nothing more than harassment. We have a saying in America, "Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law." LE, who has all of the information, is not holding the friends accountable. Why? Because they have no reason to.

Oh brother, negative energy? You must do yoga.

Most of you are missing the point and are making arguments stupid people make. It is not about guilt or innocence when it comes to the friends. Of course no one believes they directly caused her disappearance. It is not about causation. It's about what a reasonable person would and should do when put in the same situation. Yes, they are all adults, and Morgan made her own decisions that night. A reasonable friend would have left the concert, stayed with her, and not ever left Charlottesville in her car without her. The friends did not cause her disappearance, but their failures may have contributed to the already bad set of circumstances that developed that evening.

I am not surprised to hear that "From Roanoke" is connected to this group of friends. It was obvious from the vigorous defense of Amy Melvin and Sarah Snead.

From Roanoke: I would advise against attending concerts with those people you call friends. If you get hammered and wander off, they have shown that they won't care enough to come find you.

P.S. Shame,

I don't do yoga, but you may find it helpful. Can't we just try to be helpful? Do you want to be helpful?

Roanoake your pretty defensive there. I wonder how close to the friends you actually are. Its true that you can't judge a book by its cover.

I imagine I am bit older then you and have known people in my life who have gone off and done some things I would have never expected them to. Sometimes people do things that there own family would not even expect.

Just because you are friends of a friend to me that doesn't mean you know how someones thought processes work inside their brains. You only know what they tell you.

Maybe I am jaded from meeting too many two faced people in my life, but you live what you learn...

Ugh another stupid response.

No one is accusing the friends of anything. No one has said they ACTIVELY CAUSED her disappearance.

They PASSIVELY stood by and FAILED to do what most reasonable people would do: look for their friend, not leave Charlottesville in her car, sound the alarm the next day when no contact had been made since before 9pm the night before.

From Roanoke, it is obvious the friends had no involvement in a direct sense. It is also apparent someone should be saying they screwed up by not staying with her. These inane conversations about how "no one can know," and "they already feel bad enough," are pointless. They failed to do the right thing for their friend. They should be ashamed. The end.

Shame on Amy and Sarah, it's you who should be ashamed of yourself for ranting and spewing your accusatory bile at people you don't know, based mainly on your own fabrications about what did, didn't, or should have happened.

If "inane" applies to statements from anyone, it would certainly apply to your own. What happened between Morgan and her friends is simply none of your business. The end.

so here we are close to two months later and nothing at all has changed. i didn't think there could be a state more inept than Texas, but thank you Virginia for proving me wrong. i have been following this out of curiosity and am amazed at how little is known. this chick is gone. LE isn't doing anyone any favors by no information ... if that is their stance. by this i mean, " if we don't release any known information, maybe we will catch someone making mistakes." okay, after two months the trail is cold and no one outside of the parents could care less. the friends obviously don't, they probably are getting "counseling" and are moving on with their lives to the next great party. doesn't the CIA reside in Virginia? thank God i don't have a daughter ...

... who lives in Virginia.

this is everyone's business.

Hi Mom_of_Kelli, I read your daughters myspace page, its a lovely tribute to a lovely young woman. I'm so sorry she was taken from you like that.

I have heard different stories about where Morgans car was parked too, but I thought that I had just missed the news reports as I live in the UK.
It seems to me that for the handbag/purse to be found in the parking area Morgan would have to be taken away by surprise or dare I say by force. I wouldn't go off hitchhiking if I'd dropped my handbag on the ground, I'd pick it up and take it with me. Also I wouldn't get in my car with my friend (the male driver you mentioned) if I'd dropped my bag either.

Is it correct that Morgans home was a long drive from the JPJ Arena? If so, do you think she would be trying to hitch a ride all the way home or is there a major train or bus station around there she could have been heading for?

I guess if the unnamed person in the group was a suspect the police would be analysing Morgans car for any evidence and making arrests. But I do agree that its strange for them to only release certain facts about this.

Thanks for letting us know all of that mom_of_Kelli. As far as the purse not being with her...if you could be in an altered state of mind, or just simply forget you put the purse on top of the car. The driver would drive away, and eventually the purse would be blown off onto the road. It doesn't explain the missing battery though.

Going back to the fact that there was no video footage of Morgan at the JPJ arena. Could JPJ be covering something? It seems to me that the video was not checked right away, or at least not reported on right away. She did get angry with one guy at the door. Could he have possibly accidently hurt Morgan, and now they are all covering for him and the publicity of the arena. Metallica is heavily interested in this case since she is a fan. They would not want to harm any future profits. She was seen hurt at the arena. She could have been found later by an employee of JPJ. Just speculating of course.

Kat -or anyone that knows..

Did law enforcement CONFIRM that there is NO footage of Morgan at the area or have they yet to comment on the content of the video footage ?

Maybe Morgan wasn't acting peculiar due to drugs or alcohol etc., but perhaps she may have suffered some sort of head trauma in an altercation of some sort. She did reportedly have blood on her chin and could have been pushed or shoved and severly injured herself.

All I know for certain is- God I hope they find her soon. And I hope whoever may be responsible for her disappearance is found and held fully accountable. This has to be a nightmare for her parents. there are no words to describe such an act towards another human being. It's incomprehensible.

CJ - in regards to JPJ video footage:

"Police have reviewed surveillance camera footage from the John Paul Jones Arena and surrounding area, but Lt. Rader said Wednesday that nothing has come of that effort."


6th paragraph in the "story" section.

On the Facebook group "Help Find Morgan Dana Harrington," people have posted links to youtube footage of the opening act that they think shows her, and have questioned whether the people around her could be persons of interest. I hope that investigators have seen the footage. But I don't know how it'd be of much help. Even if it is her (all I see is a very fuzzy, small outline of a person with long blonde hair and a black shirt who is facing away from the camera) the footage was taken before the point where she is said to have left the arena. And the people near her are equally unrecognizable; I don't think I'd recognize them if they were my own parents.

Kat...Thanks for the info !

M -I had heard that the you tube footage was of a girl named "Dee" -Someone who looks remarkably like Morgan.

Was her cell phone battery ever recovered?

Ok I had surgery on Tuesday and Ive been out of commission for the most part of the week. I am so surprised and pleased to see how productive the board is right now. No fighting! ; ) Stay on this path! If someone's opinion angers you...let it slide! Lets keep up the good work!

I hadn't heard either if the battery was found, but thought i read that the phone and the battery cover were found... seems to me that if the battery was not found its likely someone removed it, I wouldn't pick up a cell phone battery I found lying on the ground but i guess someone may.

If the battery is removed from a cell phone it stops pinging, so if she was abducted, that is a possibility. Or... it could have just been dropped, thrown or fallen off the top of the car...


I have been singing the same song for the longest...you summed it up in one note: "vagueness". Since Morgan's disappearance, more media attention has been given to cases that have been more up front. Susan Powell and the missing 4 year old boy are just two examples. Are the police telling everything ? No...But they are releasing enough to keep the story out there...There have been several excellent questions with regard to the battery, purse, cell,Morgan's car, basketball players etc. There is only ONE question that I would like the answer to...WHAT LURED MORGAN OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA OF A CONCERT SHE HAD BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR 6 MONTHS ?!!

CJ - and the answer to one of these questions (and somebody has a answer, and I don't mean the perp), would help solve this case.

not only is all of this not adding up, but if she had blood on her chin when walking out why didnt her friends go with her, it had to happen in the arena so someone had to see what happened for her to have blood on her chin. as well as they met some guy from harrisonburg who accompained them who isnt being said anything about why? as well as she possible was spotted leaveing a room from the campus. they wont let the woman do a police sketch of the guys she saw the girl who she thinks morgan was with, what could it hurt? and as far as her friends who's to say they aren't in on it they evidently aren't saying something they know and are takeing her being gone very well considering they are out partying and stuff already. but what doesnt add up the most is that its the most famous arena in charlottesville it has to have camera showing who all came in and left, but yet she wasn't seen on any of them cameras, thats kinda hard to believe especially since she tried to re-enter 3 times and wasn't allowed back in

M and ? - I think you both make very valid points. I can fully understand both of your frustrations. Not that you needed, me, a perfect stranger to validate them. A horrible thing has happened, and anyone who hears about this tragedy surely wishes they could help. If nothing else good comes from this tragedy it is a good lesson in knowing "it takes a village..." We all need to help watch each others backs. We all need to put safety first, and not our own selfish wants and needs.

The person who saw a girl at a motel (possibly Morgan) who was beaten, and obviously in some sort of distress should have called the police to help her. Regardless of who it was. If we would all just get more involved, and have less of a "it's none of my business" attitude, then a lot of lives could be saved.

Remember, if you post a tip to the police, you can do it anonymously. You do not have to give your name. No tip is too small or too big. Sorry to sound like Dr. Seuss.