Buzz- Worn in, but not out: Local punk rockers return to post-hardcore history

worn_in_redWorn In Red brings back the raw intensity of Virginia post-hardcore music.

Hard-working hardcore punk quartet Worn In Red brought together guitarists Joe Lusk and Brendan Murphy, bassist Matt Neagle, and drummer Brad Perry in 2007, all previously acquainted from their various punk and rock bands in Richmond and Charlottesville. In fact, it was from local punk predecessors like Four Hundred Years and the Sleepytime Trio that they all learned about the creative release of their chosen art form.

"It's cathartic, this music–- it's an outlet," Neagle says. "We play crazy pissed-off music, but we're still goofballs. If it weren't for this kind of stuff, I'd be miserable."

Guitarist Murphy agrees. "Most people have no clue that there are bands like us–- I wish they knew about our sound."

Fortunately, someone did have a clue–- following a set at The Fest, a punk rock festival in Florida organized by No Idea Records, the label came forward to offer its support. It would be another nine months of hard work and constant conversations with the label's management before the band was ready to move with In The Offing.

"This record is the end result of a lot of hard work," says Lusk. "We've played shows where it's just the other bands and their girlfriends in the audience."

But the scattered handfuls of fans, Perry says, are likely to be, well, hardcore.

"Although there's frustration about the venue situation and apathetic audiences here," he says," I love what we've created."

Worn in Red releases In The Offing on Saturday, November 21 at Random Row Books. The show starts at 9:30pm and a donation of $5 is suggested.


Fort Reno is a great song.

Worn in Red has been around since 2004, the current lineup since 2007. Also, this was the 8th year of The Fest.