Howard debuts 'Bass: the Movie' in California

news-jamiehoward-stillRemember those old television fishing shows–- the ones that aired on weekend mornings with long droning music and scant narration? Charlottesville filmmaker Jamie Howard does, and he's trying to reinvent the genre with a more cinematic perspective. news-jamiehoward-visageHe recently returned from the California premiere of his latest film, Bass: The Movie, which was previewed early this year via snippets on ESPN. Howard last appeared in the Hook in 2004 after bringing his first picture, In Search of a Rising Tide, to the Jackson Hole Film Festival. We photographed him in the lobby of the soon-to-open Jefferson Theater on November 17, a month after his film's debut. The film's not yet on DVD, but he's taking orders on his website.

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I recommend that seemingly unimportant detail be added to your articles. Your article was found off of the Yahoo front page news feed. The part about "...soon-to-open Jefferson Theater..." interested me. Unfortunately, a quick search on Google shows that there are many Jefferson Theaters. It took me four mouse clicks to finally learn that you are talking about the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA. Perhaps your reader base is in Charlottesville so you don't really care. However, if you would like your reader base grows by virtue of the Internet, little details will be nice.