Flood warning: Weather Service predicts more rain

news-rainfall-universityavenue-mikedillardMike Dillard of UVA's Facilities Management unclogs a leaf-choked storm drain at 8:50am on University Avenue.
news-rainfall-universityavenueThe rush-hour lake on University Avenue didn't slow everyone down.

With over five inches having already fallen and more still on the way, the National Weather Service issued a flood warning for urban areas and small streams in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

The rainfall slowed rush-hour traffic on University Avenue as a workers with UVA's Facilities Management pitched in with a rake to unclog a storm drain whose blockage created a temporary lake near the Snyder Tennis Courts on the busy thoroughfare.

According to hourly measurements at the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport listed at the Weather Underground, as of 11am Charlottesville received 5.02 inches of rainfall since midnight.

While the Weather Service indicates that no flash flooding is expected, the flood warning remains in effect until 1:15pm with particular concern expressed for Free Union and Crozet. The Weather Service points out that most flood-related deaths occur in automobiles, so drivers are cautioned not to drive through flooding streams over water-covered bridges.


That's a UVa employee in a UVa truck. You'd be much more efficient if you could actually read.

And someone already did-"most flood-related deaths occur in automobiles, so drivers are cautioned not to drive through flooding streams over water-covered bridges."


Dang, should have dredged that darn reservoir, could have taken advantage of all the rain.

The left picture is a prime example of your "not so well spent tax dollars" at work. A lazy city employee standing inside a city truck while trying to clear a drain. The employee could be much more efficient if he would get out of the truck and do it right.

city employee, state employee.... same thing. :)

They tried to FORD a creek in their Jeep? Like not even on a road, but actually just driving across a creek?

birthday flood---awesome!

Guess the, we're running out of water fears will be put to rest --temporarily --bet they aren't selling enough water this year to meet expenses, rate rises on the way, or maybe just dipping into their $38 million dollar slush fund. The stupidest thing about the water plan for me is this ridiculous energy dependent uphill pipeline, and the City allowing 50,000+ trees to be clear cut in a park. Didn't the City just get an award for being GREEN --well, with their dam/pipeline plan they should get the award for the project with the largest carbon footprint. How much electricity do they think it will take to pump the 3rd largest river in Albemarle County uphill 350 feet over 10 miles or more ?

Water managers I've talked to just laugh when they are told about this. Maybe the Hook should call some pipeline experts and tell them about this --may get just as many laughs and rolling eyeballs as they did with the $200 million + dredging estimate.

That ford is on a state road. Yes, such things exist. Technically I think the state road ends at the ford and restarts 40 feet later across the creek.

The bottom of this ford is smooth rocks if I recall. Other fords are paved with concrete. And it is often pretty high, halfway up the tires at least.

SUV Pulled From High Water After Being Trapped Near Batesville story at WINA

"A family of four was rescued early today when their SUV became trapped in high water in southwestern Albemarle. It happened shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Burchs Creek Road near Dick Woods Road north of Batesville. A man, woman and two small children were in a Jeep Grand Cherokee that tried to cross rushing water that was flowing over Burchs Creek Road. The engine stalled and the SUV was eventually pulled to safety. The family in the vehicle was Matthew Birdsall, his wife Sarah, and their two young children. Several firefighters and rescue personnel responded, including those specializing in deep-water rescue."