Big time: Charlottesville company heeds Call of Duty

news-shredhed-callofduty Inktree Inc. owners Eric Braun and John Keefe were a part of the largest launch in entertainment history: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Since launching their Shredhed product in 2008, Charlottesville entrepreneurs Eric Braun and John Keefe have seen demand soar for their product–- a multi-faceted trapper-keeper style folder printed with sheet music. But in a Hook cover story last month, Keefe hinted that the versatile folder was about to hit the big time with a non-musical product–- what Keefe referred to as "one of the most anticipated video games of 2009."

He wasn't kidding.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 detonated launch records for any entertainment medium on release day, November 10, raking in $310 million in American and the UK alone. On one day.

Keefe and Braun's product–- also dubbed The Big Fold–- is part of that history, thanks to its inclusion in the expanded "prestige edition" of the game, which includes a strategy guide as well as the duo's three sided folder offering laminated maps used in the multi-player game.

Keefe hopes to see the Big Fold appearing in future video game launches, calling it a "perfect fit." But in the meantime he and Braun are enjoying the Call of Duty success.

"It's very exciting," he says.


way to turn a positive story about a local business into a forum for political mudslinging people. congrats go John and Eric!

"Blaming Obama is like blaming the musicians on the deck of the Titanic for the sinking ship."

No, if Obama were on the titanic his idea would have been to drill another hole to let the water out.

Don't forget to give Obama his cut so he can give to all the people who didn't invent anything.

Tax rates were set by Bush as was the oncoming debt crunch. Blaming Obama is like blaming the musicians on the deck of the Titanic for the sinking ship.

But that's pretty off topic. It's awesome that these guys are so successful with their new idea. Just the kind of 21st innovation our country needs.

Trainwreck try to consider the facts first and find some help with where the hostility is coming from that you feel in your heart and then maybe you can begin to understand whats really troubling you.
Blaming Obama for the rain will drive you insane~peace out.


Obama wouldn't drill a hole in the other side to let the water out...

He would be too busy throwing all the old people out of the life boats to make room for people too lazy to swim.

Go Obama, Go!

I'm one of those who would be lazy to swim!! :)

trainwreck, I don't think Obama has been giving anybody anything. All I hear now is whining and moaning from people that didn't receive some sort of promised check from him once elected. It's almost as if Obama bought votes.... for free! :)

Great idea guys ! good luck .

As for the jokes . you should be ashamed to make me belly laugh on a Holiday .

OMG throwing old people overboard and drilling holes .

Sounds par for the course