Wheelchair man disconcerts coeds

Police have received reports about a man in a wheelchair who has allegedly harassed women at UVA, the Cavalier Daily reports. "We were alerted he was harassing females near Alderman Library," says Lieutenant Melissa Fielding with University Police. "He was issued a trespassing warning that bars him from university property." Charlottesville Police also received calls about the man from sororities in the Rugby Road area. "He was asking for some place to stay," says Lieutenant Gary Pleasants. "The officers who talked to him weren't overly worried but he makes people nervous." Pleasants describes the man as black, age 24, with several ponytails.


Don't hate the player, hate the game.

God forbid the coeds should be forced to deal with someone different than them - disabled AND homeless, that's just too much for their little brains to handle...

20 year old girls have nothing to worry about on the grounds do they?

The 85 mph pursuits probably have him scared to death when attempting to cross streets now too. :)

I heard he wanted to leave but was afraid to get run over in the crosswalk...