Familiar Strangers now on DVD and download

news-film-familiarstrangersA year after its release, Familiar Strangers, the Charlottesville-produced and Staunton-filmed movie that won festival and audience acclaim–- and even briefly bounced James Bond from the top spot at a few theaters–- has just been released on DVD and download.


Saw this at the theater, and totally enjoyed it. Grateful that this sweet, compelling story made it to the screen. Heart warming, without being sentimental, and funny in a sad, but, oh so human way.
Not to be missed !

This is for Jenny. Jenny, the distribution copy of Familiar Strangers that you would get from any of the commercial outlets has subtitles. Search the web and you will find it from a lot of outlets at varying prices. Buying Direct from the producers you would receive a first edition copy which, though it has some extra stuff, does not have closed captions. If you already got a first edition but need a production copy, let me know = barry@cavalierfilms.com = and I will see that you get it.

I'm disappointed that it doesn't have English Captions or Closed-Captioning. I have a severe hearing loss and would love to enjoy this movie, just like regular people. Now I'm sad that I have a hearing loss...

Glad it is out! Saw this in the theater and its the kind of film you can give as a family gift. And its made here which Im proud of.