Last week�s bank robbers nabbed

It was like the Wild West in town last week, with two banks getting hit, but both alleged bandits were nabbed by police over the weekend; Joseph Carroll Breeden, 32, of Gordonsville for robbing the BB&T on Pantops, and Garland Thomas Carr, 27, for robbing the Wachovia bank down near Martha Jefferson Hospital, which also involved the wreck of a police car rushing to the scene. Neither man brandished a weapon, with Carr using a note and Breeden simply demanding money. In addition, the Newsplex has a story about Breeden, a father of two, that quotes friends of the man saying they were “shocked” to learn he’d robbed a bank, and describing him as a "very calm, funny, friendly, reflective” guy.


Presumably for money.

The Wachovia robber turned himself in only after he was recognized and knew the police were coming to get him.

The FBI wastes no time in solving most bank robberies.

Did anyone ask them why they robbed the bank ?

Cell phone found in jeans pocket, left behind in black bag by the robber, near the scene of the crime. Is this how they found him, and how did they find the other guy ? If you're going to rob a bank --advice to robber , keep your mind on the task at hand, and take your cell phone with you. I guess this age of distraction is catching up with criminals as well.

"In August, a burglar in West Virginia broke into a house and stole some diamonds, but before fleeing the scene he decided to check his Facebook page. He forgot to log off. The victim discovered it on her computer when she got home."

I would think there were easier ways to get money --always thought it was difficult to rob a bank, apparently not.

They didn't catch Garland. He turned himself in. Haven't read that anywhere yet.

Did anyone ask them why they robbed the bank?

ââ?¬Å?Because”, Dillinger replied ââ?¬Å?that is where the money is.”