BizBrief: T&N Printing gets forestry certification

news-tandnprinting-fsc T&N Printing has just earned certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, the leading non-profit watchdogs for the sustainable forest movement. T&N owner Lynwood Napier says the certification took effect October 26 and makes his the first Charlottesville print shop so certifiied.

"It's a good thing," says Napier. "They monitor from the guy cutting the tree all the way to the end user."

As detailed in Jared Diamond's 2005 best-seller, Collapse, the FSC ensures that trees are harvested without needlessly destroying wildlife habitat, water systems, or contributing to worldwide... collapse.

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Go Root!

Congratulations, I hope the Forest Stewardship Council makes sure that none of the 54,000 trees, in the 100year old forest at Ragged Mt., that our Water Authority plans to clear-cut to build a new dam, end up at T&N .