Local tv station fear-mongers

The Newsplex has a story about alleged explosives found "near Meriwether Lewis Elementary School."  Hmm, the alleged site is 1385 Owensville Road, which Google Maps shows to be .6 miles away. That would have to quite a cache to create such an incredible blast perimeter.

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You haven't seen explosives till you've sat next to me at a Chinese or Mexican restaurant. ;-)

LOL.... this is who you need to help you with your resume.

Slow news days always bring out the best in TV newswriters......next we will hear about the attache tool case left on top of the parking garage gate mechanism.....oops!

Maybe they'll clean my garage next

Typical for them, sad to say. Starts at the top and squishes down hill.

Its a shame, I used to really enjoy their news, but they seem to have gone more tabloid and don't really cover the news anymore. Now that Beth is gone, there is no reason to watch.

Wow, Hawes Spencer is questioning someone's journalistic integrity?

And what was it the cops found while executing a search warrant againt the "juvenile school terrorists" not long ago? A small pack of firecrackers or some other foolishness locked away in a parents home safe?

I have explosives in my garages. One car has 24 gallons of gas in it. My SUV has 44 gallons of gas in it. :)

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