St. Vincent

Basically the reigning queen of indie-pop at this point (having apparently overthrown Natasha Khan or whatever), multi-instrumentalist songwriter Annie Clark sometimes coughs up tunes that are a touch darker than anything related to her former gigs as guitarist for Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan, which we realize doesn't exactly narrow things down a whole lot. Rather, consider that the twists and turns in her ambitious chamber pop arrangements led her to essentially recruit Pattern Is Movement to serve as her backing band for the last tour, where they ended up performing material which was recorded with the Midlake guys as the backdrop, both wrinkles in lineup and logistics which are somehow a fitting match for the thick complexity of her layer-cake orchestration.

(If you want free tickets, all you have to do is psychoanalyze her, which is easier than it sounds because our standards for competence on this one are extremely low. You're welcome.)

Swedish experimental electronic duo Wildbirds and Peacedrums open with tightly woven samples and percussion in the vein of Bjork or The Knife.