Let it snow? Forecast calls for it...

news-ivyroadThe white stuff may fall this Saturday, December 5– one to three inches of it, according to a local weather report at accuweather.com. But with sun and highs in the mid-40s called for on Sunday, it may not stick around long enough to cancel school Monday. Then again, recent memory suggests snow isn't actually necessary for a "snow day," so perhaps working parents should just start lining up their child care now...

–file photo by Hawes Spencer

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It's amazing how many friends I suddenly find I have once a little bit of snow falls. " Can you get your truck to pull my car out of the ditch, field, yard...." It's amazing how many are AWD SUV types of things. There I come with my 1 ton RWD dually - which is NOT my car - and pull them out in the same stuff they are supposed to be so great in. My car is a RWD too, with no LSD - wish it had one - and I did just fine. OK, the car is like, 2.5 tons, but still....

Yeah, a nice blizzard would suit me fine too.

First time I have ever agreed with ou gasbag....kinda choked up.

Sounds like you know this area well, Jim :)

Lowe's is most likely sold out of snow shovels already too.

Leafy, the surfaces are still too warm for any of the frozen precipitation to not melt on the sidewalks and streets. It would have to snow hard and fast for anything to last long on the streets and sidewalks. The piled up leaves will hold warmth far too long as well.

Maybe by Christmas Eve we will be cold enough to have some accumalation hopefully. But, it's been a long time since we have had a white Christmas. Lately it's been 45 to 65 degrees on Christmas Day. :)

I personally hope it's our turn to get several 12" to 14" snowfalls this season. Even they don't hang around long, but I pray we'll get one starting Dec 24, 2009 at 12:00 noon. :)

Now is a good time for volunteers with 4X4 vehicles to be registering with the local hospitals as well. Those employees want to and need to get to work.

When the snow settles onto the banks of leaves lining the city gutters and still awaiting trucks to come by and suck them up, it will turn to ice, and leave us with big, frozen composting berms. If the streets stay frozen, local youth will be able to amuse themselves with their snowboards by getting towed behind cars and getting some truly gnarly air by shredding up onto the ice berms. Can't wait to see this on YouTube!

I recall the blizzard of 1996 well. It wouldn't hurt my feelings if we had the same thing on Christmas Eve this year. :)

I have an image on one of my hard drives somewhere from the 1996 blizzard. It shows my sheriff's office vehicle in the driveway. The snow was so deep you couldn't even see the large 5 point stars on the front doors.

A few days later we had doubled up in the cars to get some work done. And of course the plows had piled the snow up even deeper. The kid with me stepped out out of my car to walk to somebody's front door on business. He attempted to step over the piled up snow. He went down and we never saw him again for about a month! :)

I heard they had already canceled schools for Monday and Tuesday and the local grocery stores are out of bread, milk and sterno based on the prospect of a flurry.

Shoveling snow is half the fun in a large storm.

great.. maybe I can shovel some snow and feed my family.

Re: Duncan...

Sounds like story ideas for your Crozet television buddy; Where Mindless News Comes First.

Speaking of shoveling snow for money, I remember the Jan. blizzard of '96 when I was living on Douglas Ave. and this poor guy was going around offering to shovel sidewalks, driveways, etc. He looked sort of rough with an old thin coat and shoes that weren't suited for slogging through the snow. If you recall, it was like 3 ft. or something like that. I said, "Man, there's no way one guy with a shovel can dig out that driveway." He looked pretty dejected so I let him do the front sidewalk for a ten spot.

i agree with "Gasbag". i wish we can have a white Christmas as well. however i wish it would start on the 23rd and end on the 1st. ;) however as we all know,charlottesville doesnt seem to get very much snow precipitation.

Rush to the store now, snow, sleet in the forecast, and plan for the kiddies to be home tomorrow. Better yet plan to go skiing--snowshoe is open 19" of snow to date.