Casting call for True Grit remake at Live Arts

roostercogburnwayne75The Newsleader is reporting that Paramount Pictures and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen are holding an open casting call at Live Arts on December 6 from 1pm to 5pm to fill the roll of Mattie Ross, originally played by Kim Darby, in their upcoming remake of the classic John Wayne western True Grit, for which Wayne won his first Oscar for Best Actor. They’re looking for a 12 to 16-year old girl “possessed of true grit and plenty of determination” to play the young girl who hires U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn to find the man who killed her father. Apparently, it’s part of a nationwide search, as the Coen brothers want an unknown actress to play the role. No acting experience is necessary. Actors Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, and Jeff Bridges, who may play Cogburn, are reportedly being considered for roles. Auditoners are asked to bring a recent photo and only one accompanying family member.


Remember, only one of you can attend!

WWWWOOOOOOHHOOOO!!!!!! Go Tawny Sanford GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you are chosen!!! We love you!

My agent has asked me to audition for one of the featured roles. Funny, why wouldn't they simply hire locals rather than consider unknowns from other parts of the country??? Beats me!