Snap: Height of the squall

a-news-snow Shoppers brave the peak of the Saturday's snowfall at the Barracks Road Harris-Teeter. The National Weather Service issued a black-ice warning until midmorning Sunday with advance warning of a sleetstorm Tuesday night.

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That's because people are stupid.

I stayed far away from grocery stores on Friday and Saturday. My wife does 98% of the grocery shopping anyway.

I wonder how many pedestrians have been hit in front of Harris-Teeter. The people walk out the door and straight into traffic. They never look left or right.

The new grocery store at Target Center is the same. Out the door and straight into traffic without even looking.

Well. I will certainly agree with that. And I will go one step further to say the cops and courts are also stupid when they blame the motorist. But that doesn't help when your car insurance goes up because you ran into some student coming out of Harris-Teeter with 2 cases of beer and they failed to look for left and right for traffic.

Students are notorious for coming out the doors and stepping in front of moving traffic at Harris-Teeter. I saw one kid walk out the door while looking over his shoulder to talk to friends behind him, and he fell right over a car that was stopped in the crosswalk. And yes, he was carrying beer, as usual. Both 12 packs fell to the ground and burst open. Now we all had to keep sitting there while he gathered up 24 cans of beer from under and around the car. Ever since then I have wondered if UVA has a minimum IQ required for admission.