Music review- The naked truth about Phish

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Legendary rock band Phish came to John Paul Jones Arena on Saturday, December 5, for the final sold-out show of their fall tour.  It was an appropriate setting, not least because Charlottesville has become a new center of sorts ever since locally based Red Light Management began repping them after their reunion shows in Hampton, this past March.

The four rockers opened with a jolting “AC/DC Bag” and pumped through a few more tunes before the phreak show turned into a streak show. Literally.

A few measures into “Ya Mar,” the band was greeted on stage by a dude in– you guessed it– his birthday suit. (And it should be noted that lead singer/guitarist Trey Anastasio didn’t miss a beat, immediately dubbing him “Naked Guy” after joking that the stunt “took a lot of balls”– and then busting into a unique and partially a cappella version of “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley,” which we can only guess was his subtle attempt to nickname this version “Streakin’ Sally!”)

Nuttiness continued well into the second set, which Phish launched with a 25-minute jam opening into their ever-popular, 20-year-old “Tweezer” and then seamlessly transitioned into “Light,” a new tune from their latest album Joy.

Other highlights included a cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Sweet Virginia” sung by drummer Jon Fishman (which, not surprisingly, prompted extra-loud applause from the C’ville crowd), and a deep and dark rendition of “Run Like An Antelope,” complete with a fitting 11th-hour sing-along chorus change to “run like a naked guy, out of control!”

And an out-of-control show it was, proving once again that Phish is back– but perhaps more in control than ever.


lalala....every band does not have a community in the sense we are discussing. Every band has a fanbase, yes, but that does not make it a community. We travel the country together, from show to show, city to city, making lifelong friends along the way. We help each other without question, without anything expected in return. It has been almmost 15 years to the day since my 1st Phish show and it is honestly the most life altering moment in my life. This band has shaped my life into the person I am today and I wouldn't want it any other way. How many Top 40 band fans have seen thier favorite band 72 times over 15 years in 15 states? Answer: ZERO because top 40 artists careers generally don't last 15 years, let alone 26 years like Phish. They are special weather people realize it or not.

I do understand the sense of community. Todd Rundgren does the same thing for his fans, but thankfully he can write great songs and doesn't jam all night. He did some of that in his younger days but grew out of it. Hopefully some of you all will too.

Ya it is a mix sometimes our community is grat. I heard a guy at syracuse yell annd push a security guard for cleaing the aisle. I greabbed him and told him he is giving us all a bad name. He told mehe hated the band and he would do whatever the f he wants. To all people likethis stay home you give us a bad name and we dont want you there anyway. Also stop throwing glow sticks at the band they dont deserve it. They put up with a ton of bs and we should appreciate what they do for usnot get drunk and abuse them. sometimes I would like to get real fans together a apologize to the band about the way we act. I know they understand that it si not all of us but they are just doing there job. How would you like it if someone thru something at yo while you were at your desk trying to work. they bring happiness its not like they play for 20 mins then slam the microphone down they give it all they can every time well almost every time. point being just be respectful

gotta say - it was the first time i had seen phish in 15 years - music was solid, but man, were the (young) fans intense. and often not in a nice way - lots of pushing and shoving . . . a muskity muck at JPJ said the phish fans were far and away the most disrespectful bunch that has come through the arena thus far - more drunk and disporderly then even the jimmy buffet parrotheads, and those cats are tough to beat. i was a little embarrased we weren't better behaved, as a "community!"

One Phish head's salvation

"I was addicted to a life where I had no responsibility," she said, "where everything was about the search for the next peak experience. It was narcissistic and hedonistic and ultimately empty. I had nothing to show for it afterward."

All experiences in life, for those caught up in the band experience, began to pale. The highs of the concert could not be replicated. And the band would often announce what kind of mood they intended to throw the listeners into on any given night, saying that the show would be "dark" or "light." The mood of those in each concert would vary with the music and lyrics played that night.

"The band takes over a crowd," said Megan Leff, 28, who works in advertising in Manhattan. "They throw everyone into a fury. You cannot move or shake quickly enough. Then, suddenly, they will have everyone fall and pretend they are dead."

But the slavish devotion to the band finally proved hollow to many who gave their lives over to it. They finally had to look within themselves and cope with the demons they once tried to escape.

"I would not be who I am today if I had not done this," Ms. Senturia said. "But I know now I am not going to find what I am looking for in parking lots in other cities. I will find what I am looking for only within myself. It is easier to get in a car and think that the next show will give you fulfillment. It is harder to sit in one place and confront life."

phish is good but: good bad or indifferent i agree with the guy above who said the meters should have a bigger following. porter/nocentelli... good stuff... porter with anyone is worth seeing...

crazy how a black blues/funk band has a mostly white following.. i feel bad for them when i see em sometimes.. they must wonder why they don't see any black faces in the crowd.

and i feel bad for black folks who don't realise what a treasure george porter is. i know i sound like an a-hole for saying that but i don't fkkking care... more black people should listen to georgeporer and it's a travesty that they don't

anyone wants to reply they can directly to

Jerry Garcia once allegedly said:
"Our audience is like people who like licorice. Not everybody likes licorice, but the people who like licorice really like licorice."
I agree with FD above, and with Jerry. You're either on the bus or your not. Either way it's ok. For me. the more licorice the better.

Oh, man, brah. That was the Naked guy was totally epic.

The sound in JPJ was awesome, too. I hope they come back here every year. I'd like to hear a review of Charlottesville by the members of the band.

GREAT show! good review too man, thanks for putting my mug up from the front row, what an awesome night!

What is it about them that people like? I tried to listen to them and its just not good music. I'm not saying they're not talented but I just don't enjoy it and I like most all music. I've had Phish Phreaks (ucwatidid) say I need to free my mind....what so I have to be high to enjoy it? I could be high and throw cheerios into a toilet for 4 hours and think it was the greatest game ever. What does freeing my mind have to do with it? What is so great about them? I'm honestly intrested in your intelligent responses.

why does anyone like to hear these guys jerk themselves off and show off for hours...boring, learn to write songs, dudes!

Great review, TD. Awesome pics, to boot!

"I used to be all messed up on drugs, then I found the lord, now I'm all messed up on the Lord"
Cheech & Chong:
(Sometime during the hazy 70's)

Regarding the scene Garcia one said
" far as I'm concerned, it's like I say, drugs are not the problem. Other stuff is the problem. "

That's what I saw at the Phish show @ JPJ. Just sayin'

1stromoff center. Todd's fans do travel to many shows.

perhaps Deadhead "forgot" he posted that already at 6:22...why? no reason in particular. Just sayin

hey I respect the many good deeds Dave has done in C'ville and elsewhere, he is a man among men...but his voice is horrible and too much jamming for druggies.

Oh and for all you phish haters. Phish gives a good chunk of their ticket sales and online music stores to help all the communities they play in. They were in the top 3 charitable bands of their generation. So C'vill VA you better respect the band you hate because I bet they just fed half of your homeless population for the holidays!!

Kyle, The Waterwheel Foundation partnered with The Music Resource Center in Charlottesville for this show, so the kids have instruments, but the hobos are still hungry. Appreciate your enthusiasm.

I was phish skeptic but I saw them a few times years ago when they were The Dead jr. C-Ville weakly did a nice review where they pointed out the dead would jam between lovely songs whereas phish just jams; it's true their songs aren't particularly great. But they can play and the show at JPJ was really, really stellar. There was an amazing sound and a great performance.

If you don't like them, don't go to the show. But why post negative comments about them if you didn't go? Ok, you don't like them. Good for you. Move on to something else.

It seems like some people are resentful of their success. I saw P-Funk when they were here and as much as I love their albums, the performance was drugged out and lackluster.

Phish truly did put on a great show.

If don't enjoy drugs, you won't enjoy Phish--it's that simple.

You don't have to be high/use drugs to enjoy a Phish show. Don't judge the music off one brief clip on YouTube. If you really want to gain an appreciation for the art of Phish you have to see more than one show, listen to their tracks in your own time. As with any music, judging from ignorance is simply ignorant.

Hey swietz, 6:22 seemed like a really pregnant moment in time, so when it happened again at 7:13 I felt as though I've been there before. sort of, like some sort of transcendental place in this thread. It's really just like a Phish show, that I might or not have experienced one time before, maybe twice. Gotta go now it's just like deja vu all over again... Just sayin'... again. But it's really all of the other stuff that causes the problems again and again. So, as hunter once said:
"It's a hand-me-down, the thoughts are broken
Perhaps they're better left unsung
I don't know, don't really care
Let there be songs to fill the air"

@ Onthe1
---Phish: you either get it or you don’t. For those that don’t, I feel sorry for you.

commenting on Onthe1's statement

thats exactly it... there's no need to even go into it with people who just hate it always ends up getting no where bc they are all so close minded.... if you let it, it will come to you, and you're life... will change in the way you feel about music

This chain is really emotional and at times very awkward, but I cannot pass by a discussion of music...

@ Notajambandfan. Here's the thing, it's totally fine to not enjoy their music. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And you are correct in saying that they are "talented," BUT very incorrect in saying that, "it's just not good music." Yes, music is subjective, however, when the vast majority of experts in any field approve and respect a 'development' (or a piece of art, for instance; in this case music), and that development is included in the cultural domain to which it belongs (i.e. it is something of permanent significance), it is safe to say that it is 'good,' at which point the burden is on us, the listener, to figure out why it's good. I mean, Phish is leaving a trace in the cultural matrix, and that is a highly noteworthy accomplishment. To say that, "it's just not good music," is silly. Now, there are many arguments one can make to this point, and if you do so, I will be more than happy to reply.

@ Kyle. Your statement about Phish regarding them making up their music, ââ?¬Ë?on the spot,’ is a bit deceiving and not entirely true, and it seems you are trying to educate people properly about what is happening on stage so I am going to elaborate on your statement. Phish has a basic framework that they are working with (songs, chord progressions, etc.). So yes, various parts of the show grant more creative freedom than others, and many of the solos are made up as they are playing, but as good as these guys are, if they were to go into a show and makeup everything on the spot, the Phish we know today would not exist.

@ Listener7. "The masses prefer blandness and have since the ancient times?" Uhmmmmm ”Š. HUH?

@ Tellgend. What kind of music do you like?

@ Lalala. I could not agree more with what you had to say”Š

If you're seriously, genuinely interested in why people love Phish, I'd be happy to share my own experiences and perspectives. But saying "it's just not good music" implies that you aren't really all that interested or sincerely curious. I'm not going to try to convert everyone, but if you just want to understand why hundreds of thousands of intelligent peers follow these silly noodling hippie types all around the country, I'll do what I can. :)

C-ville fans got a great show, definitely a fun time even if the setlist was a little standard for this tour. Good review, too.

not just Phish but the whole genre of drug promoting jam bands

The masses prefer your bands bro ask my dad about your bands and he will tell you all about them. phish has been around since the 80's playing clubs then theaters then arenas. You make me laugh. Lets see a show together and if you listen rather than hear you may understand. Remember every publication both big and small says phish is the best at what they do not just me and certainly we respect your opinion it is just that an opinion so keep it to yourself and go to the meters page or article and tell all the music writers how they Jam and they will laugh in your face. Also i have plaed every insturment since I was 7 and trust me the booys from phish know what they are doing so maybe grow up go see george clinton scream into the microphone and Jam out hahahhahah P funk jams hahaha

Hey all I can say is type from a blackberry from the plane and see how your spelling is hahah. Eat a Peach Mofo's haha I love you all

It's cool with me if you guys want to listen to Phish. I'm not taking your ticket, I'm just selling it to you for twice what I paid for it.

ahhhhhhhh C'ville, the land of way too many middle and upper class white boys playing the blues badly...

Everybody just calm down and take a schwill.

Good Call Sammy good call Just hate scalpers and apparently so does everyone else

I loved the show and love phish, but I cant wait to hear this "allmand bros" bad that Kyle is talking about. They sound NUTS!!!!

The community has changed from 1.0 to 3.0. A: no one travesls to see todd. B, When did everyone get so Master Headie. C, I love know it alls that think phish sucks. If they sucked so bad then please tell me why they were the most influential not just band but of any music in the 90's acording to your pop crazed douche bags at rolling stone. Phish melts your face trey is the best guistarist of our generation, Page rocks a piano in a "rock band" fish is so UNDERatded its Pathetic and Mike is one of the most talented people this world has ever seen from music, art movies poetry and he does way more then play the bass. he also does a hell of a job playing the banjo. Do some research. Phish in 8 short months went from seling out 7,000 people theaters to selling out MSG in 8 short months they earned everything they get and they give so much back to their community that in its self should get them props. Douch bags that hate will always hate bc their mind is closed to those that dont hate love ya and to those that are indifferent love ya too its just the cloed minded people out there that ruin it for everyone

@rmw EXACTLY RIGHT! Of course not everything is made up like yem guyute divided sky but during solos or type 2 jams is what I meant. i like good solid discussions and in the recent 3.0 of phish scalpers just really get under my skin and piss me off. I think some people come on just to get under the skin of fans. If you were at Albany night 2 the 7 below into ghost was one of the sickest jams i have seen them do in a long long time. Phish isnt for everyone but you dont see phish fans going to other sites just to bash their fav band. Most of us listen to all kinds of music not just phish and can appreciate what they do. Heck I just listened to the MGMT disc and kinda liked it. Kudos to all here

I detest extended guitar solos/jams. I've heard and played way too many of them. I had hoped that died with Foghat and Wishbone Ash.

The Dead pioneered the jam band crap and it's all about the drugs. Drugs are not good.

Been seeing Phish since 1994, plain and simple, they are the best band around, they are the most unique band around (no one does what they do, there are many imitators but they are the originator. The dead were not the same, the dead worked with Americana and countryish rock and developed a unique niche for exploritory jamming, But Phish is high energy much more complicated composition) To the haters, it's not your fault you are unable to digest Phish, you've likely been force fed top 40 crap your whole life and never thought to break out of the mold and explore music on your own. Phish changes peoples lives the scene develops people into good kind hearted people. Sorry you guys have no sense of community in your life and can't understand the value of a communal expierience through trancendental music.


You're one of the low percentage of smart ones. Way to go.

LOL @ Todd Rundgren community. Seriously you must not have any idea what it's like to be a part of a tent city of 80,000 people in the far reaches of this country, that is community. Limestone easy drive from any direction!!!

to understand the community go to this site from A NON FAN!

Every band has a community, a fan base. It makes no sense to compare that effect to Scientology, which demands strict adherence to a prescribed set of behaviors. We've already seen here that music communities are diverse and eclectic in belief and behavior.

P.S. Dave Matthews Band is not a jamband.

TO Notajambandfan. I think when people say open you mind I dont think they mean drugs. They mean go to a show and take in the moment at the moment. If you understand music they are making up music on the spot. It is like a comedian going on stage and not practicing his joke. Each show is a whole new experience. I dont do drugs and never had and to me it is about how they rarely take a break they jam on one song and lead right into the next just by listening to each other. Really when it comes down to it you have to see a few shows live to understand what is going on. They play songs inside of songs called teases which they may or not play during that show. Really bro or sis to each their own and it is not for everyone. Just know the music is being made up on the spot which is much different thatn say R Kelley who does the same songs in the same order oevery night without make a change to the setlist. Phish is like a blank chalkboard you never know what they are going to right on it. And honestly this isnt me just saying this their guitarist is one of the best ever (acording to rolling stone and guitar mag) Hope this helps. Always happy to help someone new.

I personally loves me some drugs. Espec-silly those twinkly types! I still can't figure out why anyone would like Phish.

I've never been able to figure out why lame groups like them get such a rabid tour hopping following while a band like P-Funk which would blow them out of the arena and which ought to appeal to the same sort of fan doesn't have hordes of P-Funk heads touring around. What about the Meters, Neville Bros., Chuck Brown or Maze? Any of them could outjam damn near any of the popular jam bands but the frat boys have never even heard of most of them.

Listener 7 you are dead wrong A frat boys like Dave Mathews 2 rolling stone called phish the most influential band of the 90's 3 the bands you mentioned are all good but dont even come close to the live experience phish puts on and i have seen them all. 4 they play together listen to each other and feed off the crowd. Go to a show or 10 b4 you make ignorant statements like that. I write for a large music mag and trust me phis is by far the best jam band to ever live. I lived thru the dead the allmand bros and nothing compares to the live show Chuck Brown couldnt keep up with phish on his best day you really need to get over the fact that a band you dont like rocks so many people

Kyle, if you are a writer then thank god for editors!

You're a music critic, with statements like "they play together listen to each other and feed off the crowd"? Wow, thats some awesome band that does all that. Do they chew gum while they do it?

Why exactly do I need to get over the fact that I wonder why the masses prefer blandness? That's been happening since ancient times.

I don't do drugs and I love Phish. I guess I love that they are freakishly intelligent, classically trained musicians. There are people who are attend shows for the "scene", but there are many people who attend because their music journeys and changes with time and environment. Most modern, popular musicians aren't complex enough to have that.

Just as we can look back at great artists and point to "periods" in their artistic lives (from Bob Dylan to Picasso), we can already look at Phish's history and see periods. It's pretty exciting to think about...during this tour, many have said they recognize a return to "Type 2" improvisation that characterized part of the 90s.

Do I think about all this during a show? Hell no. I'm just enjoying the ride and all of its twists and turns while trying not to pay too much attention to a few of the morons who overindulge.

But hey, some people like their music in 4 minute, digestible bites that don't challenge them. Some people don't like songs without words and therefore can't get into a lot of music (from Phish to jazz to classical). Some people need lyrics to make complete sense and don't see the voice as an instrument (I think Zappa as a great example of someone who used voice/lyrics as another instrument, but Phish could be seen in the same light). You don't have to like them. If you are a musician, though, you should be able to listen to the band and recognize that they are extremely talented musicians.

Lalala Perfect exactly what people need to understand well dont need to but you are exactly right. To each their own and if they dont want to experience something new then that is ok too. You took the words right out of my mouth

Kyle You are exactly right the person that thinks the meters and p funk are a jam band are morons but it is their opinion if they think a 5 minute song that sounds just like the cd is a jame

To think that the Meters Jam they are great but Jam? and P funk should have a following as big as phish. I have seen them 4 times and all 4 shows were almost exactly the same good luck to those who think that they are just close minded but it is ok we dont want them at phish shows anyway bc they are just taking my ticket

Listener you are an A hole. First of all real fans NEVER PAY MORE THAN FACE VALUE. I paid exactly $27 for my albany show which is half of what is was worth. If you are into scalping you will end up in Jail. That is something else you dont understand about real fans we are smart much smarter than you. My friend works for ticketsnow and they ate more than half of their inventory last tour. When you do sell your ticket for double the price you are just ripping off some kid that worked super hard to see their fav band. You will be in hell that is for sure. Hope you enjoy being the douche that you are. Me and my friends have never paid more than face for any band and if we couldnt find a tick we just didnt go bc supporting people like you is exactly what is wrong with the economy. Why dont you pick up a book and get some knowledge maybe the helping friendly book read the book but you are way to dumb can you even read? Way to rip people off bro its called karma when you want to see Metalica I hope you pay $100 plus wait they charge that anyway while phish charges for ALL seats 49.50 whether 1st or last row you my friend are a moron. I bet you have no friends. Ok I have a deadline on Joe perry. Keep scalping and karma will bite you in the butt

If you havent noticed you are way out numbered her Listener. Go back to you moms basement listen to the beach boys and leave us alone. You are not welcome here especially if you scalp. Oh and it is obvious that your drug use has really clouded your sense of judgement because you have no clue about kindness, music, or live shows. If all you have in life is to post negative blogs go get your taco bell uniform and work the midnight shift because that is all you are god for. You make this country worse in every way. Scalping way to ruin everyones good time. Oh and these guys are all right p funk is great but if they jam then so does my grandmother!

Boyd Tinsley is supposed to be classically trained, but he's freaking god awful as a fiddler. Down Boy Down and the Boyd Tinsley Band were practically unlistenable and he still hasn't gotten any better, but jam band fan boys don't even seem to notice that. Damn, if classically trained is all it takes, then you guys must love Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmstein.

Phish: you either get it or you don't. For those that don't, I feel sorry for you.

@tellgend it certainly is not all about drugs I have seen phish over 70 times and never have I done any kind of drug. I am straight edge and so are a lot of fans. So yes a lot of fans go for the scene but I would say even more go for the improv and wonderful unexpected music that is phish. They cross genres they do more than guitar solo I have a feeling that the people that think it is all about guitar and drugs have never seen a show but your opinion is welcome. Just dont scalp your ticket miracle or sell it for face value. I love you all back to Joe Perry and my deadline. Go see Aerosmith if you want to see a bad show. They had their day but drugs have all but killed steven tyler

I think when phans say community they mean exactly what 1stowcenter said. 80k people in the florida everglades waiting in line for 20 hrs and not getting mad about it. Actually what happens is people start to talk and gather and play music and form their own city. Right now there is no other band that could get 80k to show up for just one band. In 98 i think we were the biggest city in Maine. That is the community we fans are talking about. Not grilling in the lot b4 a show but showing love for one another as we travel from city to city giving rides money or whatever is needed so that person can make it to the next show. New fans may not understand this yet but if the band stays on the track they are on they soon will To understand phish you really have to go to a show and a festival. You will never get them by listenting in your car or at home. Todd Rundgren is a great artist and has a community but people dont follw them from city to city running into the same people at every show. You make friends in New York then you will see them in Indiana and they will greet you with warmth and love. It is hard to explain you just really have to do a tour and meet new people because the people you meet at a phish show will become your friend for life because you will see them 30 other times. best wihes to everyone happpy holidays and whether you like phish or not keep listening to livve music because it truly warms the soul. Also at a Phish show you are all welcome to check it out. I got a little mad because of the person that was talking about scalping. there s no place for that and that is why tickets have skyrocketed in recent years. If we all stop bying from scalpers or stub hub or whomever then it will make music a much happier medium. Keep it real buy from phish or the person on the lot that has an extra for face. See You in Miami!!

Overheard at the Phish Show. The names have been changed to protect the geezers.
Q: What did the PhishHead say to his amigo when the weed ran out at JPJ?
A: This music sucks! JK
Saw a sticker on a Cadillac
"Jerry's dead, Phish sucks, cut my hair, Might as Well get a F***ing job"
Anyway I had a High Time living the good life, so try to remember.
"Let there be songs to fill the air."

Funny how much like Juggalos (ICP fans) Phish heads are. It's the exact same thing about "community". Scientology is a "community" most of us with any sense don't get either.

Jerry Garcia once said that the Grateful Dead's music is like black licorice, either you love it or you hate it.

I think Phish's music has a similar polarizing effect on listeners. I happen to love Phish, but I could easily see how others might feel differently. That said, it's hard not to admire Phish for their D.I.Y. ethos and uncompromising artistic vision (Phish's music is very much like punk or indie in spirit).

Georege porter is great but the sense of community is not there like you said. I have been to see him/ them many times and they just dont get the following they should. The reason phish does is because they go out on a limb every night try new things and hell even jump on mini trampolines while playin. They played chess against the crowd they have secret language this all helps to the community aspect of phish the " what is going to happen next" both theatrically and musically. Porter is great but he doesnt seem to care about community he cares about playing great tunes then going to the next gig and playing a lot of those same tunes again. Like jerry said either you love it or hate it. My girlfriend hated phish then she went to her first show this year now she cant get enough she was amazed how nice everyone was how everyone shared when it rained 5 people offered her their rain coat. You just dont see that at any old concert.

I can relate to the article above. I found drugs and alcohol way before I found Phish. I didnt discover the band until I had gotten sober 9 years ago and have attended many shows since. I wouldn't say that I've become addicted to the shows by any means, but i can appreciate how someone like me when i first found that booze and drugs did the trick could key in on the scene. Today I definately find the whole experience cathartic. I drank and drugged for oblivion. The communitas I experience at shows keeps me in the present, and I love my life today and that I can look foward to the 1 or more shows I can get to next time they are on the road. I feel particularly blessed that I can have the experience I do at shows, because I know not everyone can get down with Phish and I feel like they are missing out. Perhaps they find this experience elsewhere...I hope so.

"I used to be all messed up on drugs, then I found the lord, now I'm all messed up on the Lord"
Cheech & Chong:
(Sometime during the hazy 70's)

Regarding the scene Garcia one said
" far as I'm concerned, it's like I say, drugs are not the problem. Other stuff is the problem. "

That's what I saw at the Phish show @ JPJ. Just sayin

Legend, so you're saying people do Todd tour? How many? You never read any articles about the throngs of Todd fans flocking into cities. They must be very discreet.

heh heh, gotcha buddy :)

this is the worst music review i have ever read. stick to shooting photos and leave the reviews to someone else not stoned on spacecakes and sans urine stains on their underwear from their apparent over-giddiness.