Cinema taco: New Mexican in the Jeff

dish-alexandstu1An Alex George and Stu Rifkin production, starring the Jefferson Theater and its new Mexican restaurant, named Cinema Taco, we hope...

While the name of the new Mexican place in Coran Capshaw’s the just-renovated Jefferson Theater hadn’t been decided by press time, sources tell Dish that ââ?¬Ë?Cinema Taco’ has become a favorite among the powers that be. Indeed, the new eatery in the old Innisfree World Artisans space beside the main theater entrance pays homage to the Jeff’s days as a cinema, complete with one of the theater’s old film projectors in the window and its popcorn warming case ready to keep fresh tortilla chips warm and toasty.

Former Just Curry owner Alex George, along with real estate agent and Nook co-owner Stu Rifkin, will be running the place for Capshaw, and they say they should be open this week, serving lunch Wednesday through Friday, and late-night during shows on Saturday nights.

“I did the design work,” says Rifkin. “Alex is the culinary genius.”

The extensive renovation includes a custom-built deli-style counter with a fancy warmer (to keep food warm and ready for a quick purchase) and a spiral staircase that leads to a full-service kitchen in the basement, serving the theater too. It’s a neat set-up; you don’t have to go to a concert to eat there, and you don’t have to leave the concert to eat.

“Numerous concepts were presented,” says Rifkin, “but what we wanted was hand-held food, to feed the theater crowd. Things like burritos and empanadas seemed perfect.”

Rifkin says they did a test run last Saturday, December 5, staying open until 1:30am for the Toubab Krewe show, and later served a bunch of folks with some serious munchies arriving late from the Phish show at JPJ that night.

“It was great,” says Rifkin, who mentions they offered a special CatPhish taco that night. “They were very excited to see food.”

As for George’s menu, one can expect things like a marinated chicken or grilled steak burrito, fresh juices, nachos, tacos with various fillings, empa±adas that will “fill you up,” Starr Hill drafts at $5 a pop, and Corona in cans.

Rifkin predicts the venue, which we’ll go ahead and call Cinema Taco because we like the name so much, will eventually be a much needed late-night food spot on the Mall, especially during concert nights.


umm empanada--new taste treat to try " An empanada is a Spanish and Portuguese stuffed bread or pastry, also known as "impanada" in Italy."--courtesay Wikipedia

Are the empanadas baked and not fried? at least not deep fried? baked ones rule..

Yes, but has anyone seen an image of Jefferson in their taco yet?

worst concert food ever...

I was there on Saturday/Sunday. The empanada was great and no food on shoes.

ps-Article correction- empanada shouldn't have a tilde over the n, the word does not use that (±) letter. I think you have just used a different Spanish word meaning clouded, dimmed, or tarnished.

Tried a taco from there last Saturday, it was horrible. Not recommended!