Charlottesville Marathon flattens out

news-charlottesvillemarathonIn an effort to lure more family spectators and create a faster, flatter course, the 2010 Charlottesville Marathon has changed its route to cover the paved portion of the Rivanna Trail–- twice. (Runners in the April 17 event will, however, have to exit the Trail before reaching the home of Trail-blocking, settlement-winning Shirley Presley.) It'll be the first time the course has been run along the Rivanna River, and a glance at the 2007 and 2010 course maps indicates less time in Free Union; more time downtown. Also new in 2010 is an 8K Road Championship with a cash purse of over $3,000, according to a release.


GEE Jim - who would you recommend we take the money from to increase the pool? --- Hospice, Festival of the Book, SPCA or any of the hundreds of activities in the area that rely on donations to survive. Perhaps the coaches at UVA could pony up, or maybe 3 grand in prizes is really not the insignificant amount you seem to think it is, especially when most of the participants run for the joy of it.

Dave ,Get with it will you. All the other things that rely on donations SPCA Hospice etc. will always get the check for someone who's dad die or dog got run over. The point I'm trying to make is the C-Ville is its own little shangrila. where every thing is perfect in every way .Where even the 70 years old ex professors look hot and the people don't mind spending twice as much for food as anyplace else just as long as they keep it local keep it rural and keep the outsiders OUT. When they tax the crap out of every living thing around here just so some rich a-hole can have a winery that's tax free that when guys like you will be saying that guy like Me were right .Oh buy the way will you pass the caviar Bro?

GEE 3 grand in prizes. That make me want to train, get in shape get ,a pair of short shorts! With all the cash in this berg cant someone come up with some real prize money? Oh yeah they spent it on those SAVE MACINTRE PARK signs. Think small live small . Why not put up a force field around this town ,that way all the cash stays in the old money families hands. Better yet how about a dome over the whole place , then they could bid on a super bowl . Da.