Auto wash open: Clean design, clean cars

news-carwash-redbull-stitchUniversity Car Wash on Ivy Road reminds us of something.

The University Car Wash on Ivy Road, which has enthralled Hook shutterbugs since it started going up, officially turned on its laser-wash technology December 16 to open for business and clean some cars as Car Lovers Car Wash.

The whole concept as to build something open and inviting," says owner Matt Bascomb, who says he knew the type of equipment he wanted to use, so it was just a matter of hiring Bushman Dreyfus Architects to come up with the design that makes it the perfect car wash for those suffering from claustrophobia.

"You can see out," says Bascomb. "If you're claustrophobic, hopefully you'd have a better experience with us."

The car wash has drawn a lot of attention while being built, but now that it's opened, it glows at night thanks to a translucent skin.

"A lot of people didn't know what it was going to be," says Bascomb. "A lot say it's beautiful."

Has anyone said it looks like a Red Bull can? "I haven't heard that," chuckles Bascomb. But he has been told, "It looks like something out of the Jetsons."

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Art Critic, it looks just as good as the monstrosity on the east end of the downtown mall. Well, actually, it looks better. It has some color to it. :)

I liked the sign they had out- something like "new building, still great service, same grumpy owner".

Not Thomas Jefferson enough for you locals?Man its just a car wash!

Modern, yes--attractive, no

They're not's as attractive as any other car wash. You're right- it's just a car wash- perhaps it should be "green" and then they would love it. Hey, how's that Prius workin' for you today?

This thing looks like a surplus Cone of Silence that was super sized for the military. Maxwell Smart would be proud.