Sayonara, Sally: Thomas gets celebrated at C.O.B.

news-sallythomasCounty exec Bob Tucker, School Board Chair Brian Wheeler, and Supervisor Ann Mallek celebrate a smiling Thomas. (Click for slideshow of Supes.)

Elected officials, county staff, and media turned out to celebrate the 16-year career of Sally Thomas, the woman who was elected to the Albemarle Board of Supervisors as a write-in candidate in 1993 and who retires this week. Thomas was lauded by her colleagues December 14 at a County Office Building reception.

Brian Wheeler, a journalist-policymaker wearing his chairman of the Albemarle School Board hat, thanked Thomas for her role as his "mentor," while other attendees praised hard work, studious preparation, and commitment to the community and her constituents in the Samuel Miller Magisterial District.

Though some of Thomas’ work appears to be suddenly unraveling these days– such as putting growth in the growth area (if a massive south-of-town subdivision Biscuit Run conks out) and building a giant reservoir (again, if Biscuit Run conks)– voters have known Thomas as an eager enforcer of the ââ?¬Ë?neighborhood model’ for development.

Even while greeting well wishers, Thomas stopped to take a reporter's question about Biscuit Run, which exemplified Thomas' commitment to "smart growth" but whose developer now appears eager to cut his losses and donate the land as a state park–- in an effort, Thomas says, to obtain tax credits.

"It's too bad" says Thomas, "It was our most thoroughly developed neighborhood plan."


TGSG = Thank God she's gone!

Is it really that difficult to find individuals that both care about the environment and the taxpayers pocketbook in this town ? It will be interesting to watch the new board. Not caring about the cost of the water plan was a glaring blind spot in Ms. Thomas's final days. I doubt if this type of arrogant disregard for taxpayers will be tolerated in the future.