As expected, Minor refiles against Danielson

news-halseyminorrefilesAt least some of it isn't redacted.

As expected, internet titan Halsey Minor has refiled his lawsuit against Lee Danielson, the developer of the stalled Landmark hotel, and the company that financed it.

The amended lawsuit was filed Friday, December 11, in Charlottesville Circuit Court, and like the previous suit, it alleges that Danielson colluded with the lender to intentionally sabotage the project. Danielson has called the allegations "fantasy," but to the judge who'll have to hear the arguments, Edward Hogshire, the whole thing is a "nightmare."

Unfortunately, it's not particularly good reading, as 25 of the 46 exhibits are sealed, and there are 44 redactions which render the 50-page fraud and breach of contract complaint practically incomprehensible. Many of Minor's various pieces of litigation include Protective Orders, rendering certain information, such as personal financial records, confidential.

Less murky, perhaps, is the fact that the headquarters of the plaintiff, Minor Family Hotels LLC, aka 2800 Ridge Road, aka Fox Ridge Farm, is slated to hit the auction block next week unless Minor cures the alleged million-dollar default in advance of the planned December 21 foreclosure sale.


Just turn it into a really big Sonic. Charlottesville needs one!

Mr. Minor must be on a nice cocktail of "crazy"....why would Mr. Danielson want to "sabatage" one of his dreams in a recession, or at all?!

Mr. Minor-I suggest you stop beating a dead horse, face your multiple lawsuits, and leave your ego in a box far far away. Oh and please throw away the key to the box, as no one respects your explosive, egomaniac behavior.

I hope this judge has some of the good liquid stuff waiting at home, he's gonna need it after this hearing (shoot, maybe even before!). :)

Hey Mr/Mrs/Miss ser, you forgot..... "during"!

A long winded trial like this, with oodles of boring evidence, will probably be enough to drive the judge to drinking right on the bench! :)