Anyone know why this is so watched?

The Harrisonburg paper reports that a video of a Legend of Zelda medley in string quartet form has passed the millionth-viewing milestone. What next, a medley from Call of Duty?

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every generation has its losers and screwups ( two generations in this one story, but thanks to the internet we get to see more of them. I'm a big fan of the Darwin Awards.

I am today's youth, Gasbag, and I'm doing great, despite all of the violent music, games and movies, but thanks for your concern.

I spent so many hours playing the first Zelda, and have played it recently thanks to the magic of the Internet. Why has this video played so much? Maybe because the music is part of our cultural heritage now, and this is a beautiful rendering of it. This brings a smile to my face.

Funny you should mention Call of Duty.

With today's youth sitting at home playing violent video games, watching violent videos on You Tube, and composing their own violent videos to post on You Tube.... what chance do some of these kids have in life at succeeding at anything?

2,576,103 views as of this morning

props to the talent displayed in the Zelda video above, btw