Snap: Snow began at 3:55 downtown

news-snowAnd it looked like this at 5:12pm.

10:31pm update: The snow is now about 11" deep, and the National Weather Service is now predicting a two-day total accumulation of 20-25".

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Surely the snow will still be on the ground on Christmas day--Mancy, you may get your white day after all! Another storm may be on the heels of this one on Friday or Sat! Have a Merry...

Those of us in warmer climes are watching all this without one hint of envy! It's beautiful, but we're so glad it's you and not us!

Look at the webcam, what a difference from this pic at 5:12pm, looks like several inches have fallen already.

We went out this afternoon with a tape measure and the snow piled on our patio measured 22" deep. Took some pictures. It was still snowing though at that point so there was about another inch accumulation afterwords.

I'm surprised they got the downtown mall so well plowed or shoveled. Wonder how they did that? Did they use an actual plow? Or did that many people show up with shovels? If so, where'd they put the snow?

Pickup truck with a plow on front.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, please Santa.