NWS revises snow forecast upwards--UPDATED

Now 22-26" predicted. (Already 13" fallen in Western Albemarle.)

5:52:am Saturday update: Western Albemarle has at least 17" on the ground, and the National Weather Service is calling for more–- as a low-pressure system centered overn Cape Hatteras continues to unload moisture on the region. A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 6am Sunday, with the heaviest additional snowfalls not expected to slow until mid-afternoon Saturday, as the low-pressure center moves east of the Delmarva Peninsula. Happy sledding!

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Yeah, it looks pretty lively downtown--almost makes me want to walk down there.

Global Warming!

why do the global warming deniers always come out of the woodwork after a snowstorm? idiots.

You can see via the webcam that Christian's Pizza is open, noon on Saturday. Awesome!

It looks like we may beat the record if this keeps going-all we need is another 10" on top of the 26' and we'll be there

ââ?¬Å?January 28, 1772: This storm was named the ââ?¬Å?Washington and Jefferson Snow Storm” since it was recorded in both of their diaries. The storm left near 3 feet of snow from Charlottesville to Winchester to Washington. It was the greatest snow anyone could remember at that time and remains the unofficial record to present day (official records begin in 1872).”


They are not saying that the globe is not "warming", what they are saying is that it is a natural phenomena, not caused by "us",(or the U.S.)- get it?

The Hook webcam aimed at the mall is beautiful tonight. I can hardly wait to see what it's showing in the morning when I get up. :)