Power out in parts of Crozet

More misery for some snowed-in Western Albemarleans: no power. Hook correspondent Lynn Jameson reports there's no juice on Miller School Road and in Cory Farms in Crozet, and that Dominion advised her it should be back on again around 8pm. Dominion's interactive website reports 2,133 outages in Albemarle County.

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WINA just reported that , as of 12pm, 891 residents still without power, dominion says will all be back online at 5pm, God willing

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Still people without power, Ivy area, Pantops, Scottsville, Earlysville, spotty but widespread.

Oh my god our brie will freeze with out power!That's OK we can keep warm with our local wine ! Buffalo girl are you from the B-Lo?

Get ready for your power to go out--NOW

This is were it gets scary. People will do anything to stay warm, including burning their house down. Ashes, thought to be extinguished, put on porches from the fireplace, are another common cause of fires.

WINA has been off the air since 8:45pm yesterday and is still off, due to a Virginia Dominion Power outage. Mr. Jefferson's home is also in the dark, as is Pantops, and the area near Albemarle High, where the WINA transmitter is located. As of 8:30am over 4,000 area homes and businesses are off the grid.

Your loved ones in Holkham aren't going to enjoy this photo shot this morning on adjoining Owensville Road: http://www.readthehook.com/galleries/g/digging-out-sunday#http://www.rea...

whats the VA guard going to do about the power being out take apart "Monticello" and use it as fire wood" The jeffersonian way" I guess.Oh I know what they're going to do Plow out the rich and famous of C-Ville so they can open some food kitchens and shelters (of course not on their property)NOW THATS THE "JEFFERSOIAN" way to do things around these parts!

My Sister, husband and two kids live in that area (Holkham Charlottesville, VA 22901) and they are without power still? This is serious. Get the frigging VA Guard out there.

Just think of all the carbon emissions that did not get released. A glorious day indeed!