95 sheltered: Road conditions still treacherous

news-ivyroad1Ivy Road Saturday near Ednam at 9:37am.

The two Charlottesville-area shelters have nearly 100 people holed up inside, according to a morning release from Albemarle County spokesperson Lee Catlin, who estimates approximately 45 people at UVA's Aquatics and Fitness Center and another 50 at the North Garden Fire Department.

Meanwhile, Route 29 South remains a disaster with cars still getting stuck and rescue workers extricating drivers, according to Catlin.

Although the sun is shining, temperatures are still below freezing, and although most primary roads are "passable" according to Catlin, secondary roads remain "treacherous."

With thousands without power and many trapped at home, the National Guard has removed several people with medical emergencies from their homes, while officials have renewed their plea for four wheel drive vehicles to help move stranded motorists and emergency and healthcare workers. Volunteers should call 434-979-INFO.

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Mr/Mrs/Miss name, had that been an ordinary citizen they would have been arrested on the spot. Cops ar simply not being properly trained on the proper use of deadly force. You don't pull out a firearm on people throwing snowballs at you.

Had the gun went off accidentally, I am sure the cop would have claimed he was blinded by a snowball to the face and feared for his life. And his department would have sworn he acted properly.

I urge people with 4 wheel drive to call this number 434-979-INFO. Doctors and health care workers are desperate to get into the hospital, to care for extremely sick children and adults, and to relieve the workers who have now been on call 36 hours. Please help if you can !

O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!! thats whats wrong . The news outlets should check all the "millon dollar" roads and streets .Bet ya that there clean. And what? All the T.V. News readers got to work I Bet they didnt walk! And that VDOT guy whats up with that The same turn for 24 hrs Clean the mains the move on if youe dumd enough to drive then your domb enough to wait in your car til every smart person get plowed out .

Sorry abut the spelling I was beatin kids as I was typing .

I'll never understand whats going on in this town. The roadway in front of the main post office on 29 was plowed rather well and very passable. But a Jeep Grand Cherokee was abandoned and sitting sideways in the road blocking the two far right northbound lanes. Why is something like this not towed out of the traveled portions of the highway?

4X4 drivers can't hardly get around because of all the abandoned cars and trucks blocking the roads. The cop shoppes need to start towing this stuff off the public roadways.

Is the County now pleading for volunteers the same one that's wanted to shut down volunteer rescue (and fire) squads in the past?

Hey GSOE, here's a winter wonderland "cop shoppe" story from yesterday you might get a kick out of.


OK. I am originally born and raised in Maine. I have some gentle advice: watch the weather reports and deal with it and always expect the worst.