Halsey Minor farm auction re-set

news-halseyminor-inset-photoUpdate: A new legal notice pegs the make-up auction at 2pm on Monday, January 4.

Original story at 8:03am on Monday, December 21: Mark Giles, the holder of the million-dollar note that is the second mortgage on Fox Ridge Farm–- a Free Union equestrian paradise owned by netrepreneur, hotel-starter, and persistent litigant Halsey Minor–- says the inclement weather has postponed the planned foreclosure sale that was slated to take place at 10am Monday, December 21. Giles says that he plans to reschedule to a yet-undetermined date.

–Original headline: Weather postpones Halsey Minor farm auction

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Looks like proof that Mr. Minor is in big trouble, thought he said this would never happen but looks like it was about to--saved by the storm, guess he's got another chance.

What up for auction open land in this county? I cant believe it how could all the good Ole boy builders let this happen ? Lets see buy low then somehow have the government rezone it and sell high . Thus keeping out the riff-raf that want to move to shangrila oh! I mean the Kingdom of Albemarle . And remember to buy local no matter how much higher the price is. We wouldn't want to put our million-air land Barron farmers out of business would we

I realize that I have been confused over the years by "Hawes" & "Halsey, & that I have conflated some of the stories, real & scurrilous, told about the two. If I were asked to write a history, without notes, of the last few decades in Charlottesville, it would probably turn out to be a fantasy of my own devising, bearing only an accidental relationship to the truth. The Truth is Out There (I suppose).

Lest ye forget, HE can buy it back at the auction. Considering this is foreclosure on a second mortgage, there's little chance that he'd lose the house so quickly. The probability of anyone having interest to buy such a huge second mortgage is practically nil. And who would want it. It's useless until the property sells and probably a loss even then.

Furthermore, he currently lives on the west coast in one of his numerous palatial estates. Sounds like big trouble to me...yeah, right. You don't get that rich by not understanding how to manipulate the system. I'd say he probably knows exactly what he's doing.

Who knows what Minor will do? One thing for sure I would bet he is in the same mess in California as he is delinquent on all his property tax payments and he is a renter in the home he lives in now (according to real estate experts).

To Halsey, this is all a zero sum game. He really has no compassion for anyone. He loves Charlottesville so much that he is willing to wreck it and blame someone else and still think he is loved. My oh my he has some real issues. He could rehabilitate his reputation (such as it is) if he would just pay everyone and stop thinking there is an "Indian behind every tree".

Even though he is characterized as a replicant type personality, I totally relate to what he may be experiencing right now.

I believe what he says about the schemes used by real estate industry and also banking schemes are real, and I know how it feels to be trying to fight these issues alone.

I think that he will persevere even though he may have more unsuccessful results. How can so many ppl dislike this guy after reading about how he purchased the racehorse nobody else wanted?

I've updated the story now that the auction date has been re-set.--hawes spencer

You know you really? should'nt blame crazy people for the mess they make, after all they are crazy. Accountability seems to go out the window following your right mind. Poor lil ego maniac. Should have gone for the penile implant instead of that monstrosive mall erection. Fail.

Monday the 3rd?

The Royal Guard...good catch. It has been updated.

Dave McNair

Does it not seem odd that the Bank with the big lien is doing nothing yet Marc Giles is creating a public spectacle over a $1 mm which, don't me wrong, is a lot of money but when you consider Mr Minor gave Lee Danielson $7 mm to build the hotel and says he has spent $1.8 mm trying to get the FDIC to release the loan it would seem rather odd that a million would be a big risk to Mr. Minor. So why is Giles doing this? To prove that even though he isn't a banker anymore he still is good at foreclosing like the rest of them?

As for renting an LA house I know for a fact he has rented a small SF house near his kids since his divorce because he shares custody. Reverse look-up and google will get you there. Its no mansion but its close to his ex wife (again reverse look up and google). Does it make him insolvent because he lives in a small rented house next to his kids and not the big house he bought further away?

It just seems everyone here takes such a simple, reactionary view of things. I am sure all of this is far more complex than we give credit, including Mr Minor.

What makes him insolvent is he can't/won't pay his bills...nothing more and nothing less. It is no ones fault except Halsey's and he must "own" his responsibilities. Nothing more/nothing less...


Am I sick about reading the problems of Halsey Minor