DMB top touring act of the decade

news-dmbPollstar has named Dave Mathews Band the highest-grossing touring act of the decade. The band grossed $529 million and sold 11 million tickets, about 6 million more than Celine Dion (second at $522 million), U2 (sixth at $391 million), and the Rolling Stones (fifth at $426 million). Not bad for a bartender at Miller’s and a group of long-time local musicians who got their start playing a rooftop-party on South Street.

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Bad Company did it on their own.....

But I for the life of me cannot figure out why people around here bust on Coran Capshaw so much, he has poured lots of his money into the local economy and had REPEATED success within the music business. I don't know him, have never met him, but the people that I know who have done business with him and know him socially say he is a decent guy.

and just for the record... all the talent in the world won't get you anywhere if you just play in your mothers basement.

There is plenty of credit to go around, don't deny him his due.

Merry Christmas...

Bottom line DMB would be DMB without CC. CC would be nothing without DMB. Just like he was before. Just a not so slick convict.

Thank you Harry but I already know that I am right. Jealous? Hah! Of a blow sniffing manslaughtering rich kid who only did 4 years for taking a human life? Did I question his talent? No. Harry did I say you said anything? No. Did I state facts with my opinion which is also a fact that what Dave and Carter have is easily recognizable as extraordinary talent if you have half a clue you can hear this. Gomer what an unknowing dipstuff if you have never met or spoken to CC do you really have a clue what you are talking about? Bad mouthing implies lieing. I have told only the truth. Paid his dues huh? You really think 4 years for killing someone in a drug deal gone bad is paid dues? It does not matter if Spongebob manages DMB they will be a huge success.

Thanks Gomer- it does take more than a talented group of musicians and songwriters to make it- I think the Beatles, Elvis and even Sinatra (who??) had agents who pitched them to the proper people. Even Ms. Swift found the right promoter, even though he had been let go from Capitol (I think).........but he knew the right people and had a few bucks to get the job done- if not, she may still be roaming the streets of Nashville with mom looking for a gig.

Have a great Christmas celebration............New Years too.

Your're right- but, someone else would have picked up on them. They did get together and together, are the best in the world when it comes to making money.

So, why are we arguing. Have a great Christmas and New Years celebration.............

really: what is wrong with you? Is your jealousy so strong that you need to begrudge someone who is living the american dream?

So what if he screwed up... he paid his dues and went back to work.

You are so quick to bad mouth him and question his talent.

He repeated his success.... ever been to bonaroo?

People that think like you are what is wrong with America...

He did not win the lottery, he knew a good thing when he saw it and jumped om it. Are you perhaps a frustrated musician who hasn't been "discovered" yet?

Maybe if you were in his shoes DMB would have suceeded anyway. In fact they probably would have. But look at all the people he hassigned since. Look at the empire he parlayed his earnings into. He deserves more respect than the locals around here give him.

Maybe he should build a hi rise hotel, default on the loan and sue everybody in sight. Would you respect him then?

Hey right Nice driving Capshaw. You really steered the boys in the right direction thump thud. All the marketing in the world will get you no where fast unless you have some raw talent which the drummer and guitar player/singer have extraordinary talent. Give credit where credit is due to the band, not the slick convict.

I thought this was about the success of DMB. Entertaiment moguls.

Toot Toot! Although as much as I would like to put a negative spin on this. Damn! They beat out the Stones and Celine. Get em guys! Finally some good and statisticaly informative DMB news.

This band seems pretty cool. Good story. C'ville not bad.

Marketing, marketing, marketing..................good job by Mr. Capshaw.

No one said the band didn't have talent........all I said was that without a marketeer, whatever band you might have in mind, makes it to the top of a huge pile.

I would think that without the monetary backing, the marketing and some sort of "slick convict", that no one makes it to the "big time".

Let me think of some other band that may have made it to the top without being promoted by someone- Anyone? Anybody?

Heck- Billy Joel did it on his own. DMB is a great success story with plenty of credit to go around for sure- without DMB, Capshaw is not in the business, without Capshaw, perhaps DMB is doing something else. Who knows? Who really cares..........

He deserves the respect a manslaughtering convict deserves.

ohh and Merry Christmas!

Think again. It's about worshipping the rich. God money Ill do anything for you...