Snow slideshows: new one just added

Here's the Hook's latest slideshow of Charlottesville snow scenes. (FYI– the Newsplex is reporting that car-strewn Route 53 has finally reopened yet eastbound Hydraulic Road near K-Mart has been closed due to icy conditions.)

Monday afternoon (just added)
Monday morning
Sunday morning
Saturday morning

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You have to see it to believe it, thank you Mr.Spencer. I never would have thought, after 3 days, the main roads could still be this bad, even off the Mall. Think there will be some serious head scratching going on, when this is over. Hydraulic Rd. closed ? My daughter went to school in Maine, and I was there after a storm where the town was covered in snow, then ice, and not one road was closed; there is something very strange in the way they are treating the roads here.

this may help buffalo girl

VDOT should be ashamed. How much are we paying these people to ride around with their shovels UP and spraying no salt when they are traveling over roads with 3 inches on snow on them. I saw more plows with the shovels up than down in the last 2 days. Why would a VDOT plow truck EVER not use it's plow on roads that are virtually impassable? And how about all the cars that 48 hours after the snow ended are sitting halfway blocking major roads. Here's a thought: for all the morons who somehow found something else to do in the 48 hours since they abandoned thair car OTHER than digging out their car - fine them $2,000 each - so we can pay all these drivers to drive aorund with shovels up and no salt spraying for a couple more's snow people not lava. Go up to New England and take some much needed lessons.

Honus, you "don't care how we do it up north?" Well when you have to go fix the damage done to your car from these terrible roads that feel like they are plagued by potholes rather than ice, you are gonna care. VDOT needs to go to Maine and learn that you don't wait until there is a foot of snow to start plowing, and that you need to sand the roads. I have not seen any sand. It took me 4 hours to get home on Friday night ( a drive that normally takes 15) and all the way home I passed dozens of abandoned luxury vehicles, and stupid folks blocking traffic so that they could try to get their BMW's up steep hills to no avail. Such chaos does not go down in New England. Furthermore, the use of graders on these main roads is really amusing. If VDOT had plowed properly in the first place this would have never happened. I realize that we are in the south here, where things are a little more slow, but the overall slowness coupled with the lack of self-sufficiency, and the moronic decisions of VDOT is simply appalling. Also, we are four days out from the storm and some roads are still not plowed. That is simply unacceptable. God forbid if we had to deal with an emergency greater than a 2 foot snow storm. Virginia is not ready and Virginians are not ready if they include folks like Honus, who could stand to learn a lot from a northerner.

It's not surprising that they have have better snow removal equipment and techniques in Maine and Buffalo than here. We get storms like this about once every ten years. In New Hampshire, they have them every week from November through March.
So just wait a day or two and the snow will be gone. And we don't have to spend money on equipment that will sit idle 364 days a year.
And remember: we don't care how you did it up north.

It's not just the equipment . I doubt that sand and salt is all that expensive, especially when you consider the economic loss of people not being able to get to work, and the merchants that are losing their shirts, because people aren't eating out and shopping. This is called being prepared, and we do have ice and snow storms here. Where were our officials when this was happening ? If this storm was so serious, why didn't they take to the airwaves and warn people ? I didn't hear one elected official or our City Manager or County Executive rise to the occasion.

"The city also got more salt Monday after supplies ran low, Barrick said." reported at the Daily Progress

DC streets are clear.. we even had enough time left over for a big snowball fight...

It is pretty bad when charlottesville can't even outdo DC.

Too bad no one in Government is ever held accountable.

I smoked crack and got reelected. Twice (reelected I mean.. the crack I did like a thousand times)

Awesome galleries, thanks for braving the roads to take the pics.

The Sunday one doesn't seem to be working though.

@Dan1101: Thanks for the tip. Indeed, my link was broken. Now fixed.

Honus, I LOVE your post!