Snap: Mt. Chipotle

news-snow-thur-chipotleWhile public response has been criticized, private crews have made mountains out of snowhills, such as this peak near Chipotle restaurant in Barracks Road Shopping Center. Photographed at 9:59am Thursday, December 24.

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people never really walked down the side streets downtown, even tourists (unless they were walking from one of the few parking lots left), which is why anything on those streets folded and different businesses keep popping up, which is why the city keeps trying to expand down those streets with those expensive red bricks

wiperMan Low blow but thats the c-ville way isnt it ? Hi ya'll to your face then stick it in you back as you turn around.

Wow, Jeff Jim Jay -- what a bunch of negative nancys. I feel sorry for you. Go outside and take a breath of fresh air.

The barrack shopping center better beware . The "CITY" may fine them for having cleared the snow but not removed it to an environmentally friendly site.But then again they may pay for a five year study on how to do that! So just get a taco and a "LOCAL" beer and role with it.

You can get a local beer in this city at somewhere other than the brewery? Cville is a joke when it comes to getting local beers.

JAY C-Villes a joke anyway

Surprising we haven't all been fined for "Receiving snow without proper licences and permits". Would be a good way for government to gets its hands on more undeserved money to save government jobs at the expense of our jobs.

No need to feel sorry for us Sean. We live in the real world not tiny glass dome that surrounds c-ville and the county.You cant get fresh air unless you go over the hill or go east. Whatever this place has I hope they find a cure for it soon!

Sean, not being negative. Just would like to go out to dinner and be able to drink local beer. Usually I'm lucky to find a single Starr Hill beer on tap.

jay, every time i go to South Street, they seem to have a plentiful supply of local beer. jim s, please go find some fresh air, we'll all be happier for it.

jim s rocks! When is downtown getting a Chipotle rather than a 5 Guys? I'm somewhat surprised they haven't closed up shop yet.

cville owns, ya'll haters can leave anytime

5 guys is nothing but a bag of grease anyway

and downtown used to have a taco/burrito place where the box is now, btw

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wiperman you really think everyone is serious about this blog? Get a life have some fun .Then attack some personally face to face . not with the broken english, pig latin BS you just wrote.