Snap: Waste Management

news-norecyclingwastemanagement Working through the situation, Waste Management employees collect garbage at 8:19am on Wednesday the 23rd of December on Second Street NW.


At least the city is getting their trash hauled away. Out here in Lake Monticello, I haven't seen the Waste Management (contracted hauler) in eleven days.

Lake Monticello is right down the road from Van der Linde, you can take the trash there yourself, or go to Van der Linde Recycling's web-site above and hire a local hauler; bet they're more reliable. I've heard Dixon and Time Disposal will go right to the door of people who need help--pretty cool !

If you want a greener shade of green for your own trash hauler; go to Van der Linde Recycling's web-site and click on preferred haulers; there you will find who is truly committed to the environment. You too, can become part of the movement to show this city that it's residents don't have to support a system, that sends our trash to a landfill, in trucks, near Richmond. Let's support a local businessman trying to do good. No more city stickers for me !

I'm sick of these huge businesses running over the locals --no more city stickers for me, I'm going with a hauler that recycles with Van der Linde, just talked to one today and it will actually cost me less, and I won't have to sort stuff out anymore. And, I will never vote for anyone who supported this stupid waste of my money on this lawsuit. What idiots !

Unfortunately, the green color of the truck belies the lack of environmental consciousness of this company, and the collusion of the City Council in signing a 5 year agreement with a company to landfill all the city trash; when nearby is Van der Linde Recycling, which is able to recycle trash without sorting.

Ironic, as well, in the building to the right sits investigative reporter Dave McNair, who is hard at work, bringing this story to the public. I just hope they are reading...

"Meanwhile, our elected officials have continued to commit taxpayer money to a government-run Waste Authority that is operating steadily deeper into the red and has yet to come up with a long-term plan for continuing to offer waste disposal and recycling services. In addition, elected officials have continued to voice support the RSWA's lawsuit against Van der Linde, in which they allege that he conspired to bilk the Authority out of more than $1 million in tipping fees before he opened his facility. The lawsuit has already cost the money-losing Authority $340,000 in legal fees with the trial date still at least six months away."

We are fortunate enough to have our waste picked up by a company that uses Van der Linde Recycling. We have always recycled but many of those in this subdivision haven't. Now, with Van der Linde taking all the waste, everything from everybody is being recycled - there is nothing that goes to landfill. This is certainly great for the environment. And whatever is non-recyclabe goes to JMU and is burnt for providing electricity for the whole college. I have heard Peter Van der Linde speak about his facility and I am impressed by the amazing technology that makes it all possible and his courage in stepping out to use it,

Not real sure why it is being said that the trash collector has not been seen in the Lake Monticello area in 11 days. I know for a fact that the trash has been collected in that area every day, except 12/21, 12/22 and 12/25. It is true that they are behind due to the snow and ice, but they have been there every day, including Saturday. Might want to check your sources before printing misleading information.

Hi Chuck,

My name is Julie Newman and I work with Waste Management. I’m sorry for the missed collection in your area and would like to help. We are happy to look into this situation for you. In the meantime, please e-mail us at with any further details or concerns.



The truth is the truth. If Waste Management was out at Lake Monticello they skipped my section-9. Hopefully they will be here in the morning (wednesday 12-30-09) or it will be fourteen days and counting for us. That isn't nice at Christmas time and I'd like a credit on my dues bil1!

Dump WasteManagement ! Get Lake Monticello on board to recycle and get better service Deborah. People all over the community are realizing we can get more reliable, cheaper, and environmentally sound trash service by switching to haulers that use Van der Linde Recycling at the link above. RSWA doesn't deserve our support, not only are they suing a private businessman; to put their competition out of business, but they don't recycle your trash, it goes to a landfill, and costs you more to boot. If you want to send a message and get better service, switch now and get everyone else to do the same.

I live at the Lake, and they have come...they were even working on Saturday due to the snow days and holiday.

I think they do a great job. Compared to Albemarle County we have it so easy in regard to recycling--you can fit a lot of items in the tub, you don't have to sort it, and they pick it up weekly. I can't believe Alb County does not have curbside recycling--so many more people would recycle if they could do it curbside rather than take it to a recycling center.

But Lake Resident, did you know that your household trash does not get recycled. Now the haulers that take trash to Van der linde are recycling everything, Waste Management is not.

you can see who is recycling your household garbage under "preferred haulers" at this website

At least 1 Lake Resident has it right. Just because you don't see the WM truck go by your house, doesn't mean they weren't there. It just means you didn't see them. I would think the people who are sitting around complaining about WM, would show a little appreciation that at least they are attempting to pick up the trash and recycling in the snow and ice. Not every street is clear. Those same people would be the first to complain if one of the WM trucks hit there vehicle or worse, struck a person, while attempting to pick up trash. They need to ask themselves, "is it worth the risk of human lives"? Maybe these people need to think about that before they judge others.


WM does take the recycling for the Lake to vander Linde and has nothing to do with where the trash is taken. They are under contract with the Lake to take the trash where they are taking it. It is not their choice.

It is pretty obvious that you are a vanderlinde insider and really don't know what your talking about. You just want to bash Waste Management.

Every time I put out my trash I think about all that could be recycled and isn't, because, of the trash deal the City made with Waste Management that sends all city trash to a landfill. As soon as my sticker expires I'm calling a hauler that uses Van der Linde --it makes no sense in this day and age to bury trash in the ground when it could be going to a nearby recycling center.

Thanks to the Hook for educating me about this issue.

I am an Albemarle County resident and not affiliated with any of the companies or local governments involved. From my perspective, it's pretty clear what's going on with the lawsuit, as described in some of the other posts. I'm offended that my tax dollars (via the County's financial support of RSWA) are being spent on this lawsuit, while our County budgets are facing limited funds. This waste of resources must stop. If you agree, use your consumer dollars to voice your opinion on this issue - use a trash/recycling company that uses the Van der Linde recycling facility. The full list of companies that use the Van der Linde facility is here:

WM, please clarify this . Why can't Waste Management take the trash from Monticello to Van der Linde ? My understanding is, it would be cheaper, and all recycled. Then you could charge Lake Monticello residents less.

Why are you taking Monticello trash to Allied, where it is sent to a landfill near Richmond, instead of doing what your truck logo says " the green solution" and get it recycled at Van der Linde.

Did the people of Lake Monticello tell you not to use Van der Linde ?

people. what eye see here is the old hand is quicker then the i trick.they have everyone voicing there opinions but nobody actually seen what happen to the ball,its calld corperate greed at its finest,they could care less where the trash or recycables end up as long as its green ($$$) at the end of the road.did you ever stop and think why our company motto is Think Green ? Whats Rule number 1 ? Never Say No To Cash..We are a fortune 200 hundred company with 2 of our own fuel sucking jets for lobbying,back and forth to china and we shoud care about your trash ? if you dont like it get somebody else to haul it to our lanfill and we still win. oh and here is a free 1..Never Under Estimate The Other Mans Greed.