Ken Boyd bows out of chair race

news-water-supesAfter a Daily Progress article revealed that he wanted to retake the chairmanship of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, Republican Ken Boyd–- who is also seeking his party's nomination to become the challenger to 5th Congressional District Representative Tom Perriello–- has announced via press release that he's taking his name out of consideration.

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Ken Boyd is the best candidate to beat Tom P. next November, hands down. He should fight for that nomination until the last dog dies. Only Ken's own cowardice or laziness can keep him from that nomination.

It's up to you Ken. Play your cards right and you're in. Don't let us down.

Ken Boyd in Daily Progress article on why being chairman WOULD NOT distract from his Congressional campaign:
ââ?¬Å?In fact, that’s what my campaign people [asked]: ââ?¬Ë?Well, how much more time is that going to take you away from our campaign?’” Boyd said. ââ?¬Å?I’m willing to put in that extra time to do it.”

Ken Boyd in his press release on why being chairman WOULD distract from his Congressional campaign:
"Recently the Republican Party decided to nominate their candidate in a primary rather than a convention. This will involve significantly more time on the road meeting the people of the 5th district. While I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones, the primary will reduce the time I would have to be Albemarle’s Chairman of the Board of Supervisors."

Hey Ken, schizophrenic much?

Press release...
"It is unfortunate that this entire process has played out in the press and that some have tried to politicize the process."

Poor Ken. It's a shame when an informed citizenry gets in the way of a bald-faced power grab.

Hey Ken, maybe it's time to bow out of the Van der Linde lawsuit as well; don't think the people in the 5th will see suing a private businessman, with public dollars, to prop up a failing government agency as a plus, for a Conservative Republican resume.

Ken Boyd has not done anything lately except use his good ole boy roots, Lawerence Verga is the person who needs to lead us in the 5th and bring us back

If you think a California Real Estate developer is going to get a lot of 5th district votes, it's no wonder you would believe that Al Groh is the man to lead the Cavaliers to the promised land. We need a "good ole boy" in the 5th district.

Verga is going to bring us back??? to where the west coast,
That guy is just a rich developer who is trying to buy a seat in Congress. Verga is exactly who Periello wants to win the primary.