Snap: Starr Hill houses from train

img_3244Houses along Anderson, Page, and Albemarle Streets still sport their mantle of snow, as seen in this 11:14am view from Amtrak's Northeast Regional on Sunday, January 3.

–-the headline has been adjusted to give the correct neighborhood name
–original headline: "Rose Hill houses from train"


You are correct, cvllelaw, I believe the neighborhood is Starr Hill.

Sanp of the... day?

The romance of trains, as a 13 year old girl, I used to ride the Phoebe Snow, from Buffalo to Morristown N.J., to see my grandparents; no worry back then, just a note to the conductor, to keep an eye on our little girl and away I'd go, heading straight for the last car on the train--the smoking car, where I'd always find a friendly partner to buy me cokes and play canasta. Maybe, those days are gone, but if you are a parent, believe me, kids love trains and, if you can, hop aboard, you and they will have a ball, or better yet, let them ride alone, there's nothing like that feeling of independence and the friendly conductors are glad to help.

And remember Washington is a great train trip, there's nothing like the first sight of the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument as you cross the Potomac; fabulous place to take the kids, with wonderful free museums to keep everyone happy for days.

Right on time today.

Just being picky -- "Rose Hill", as a neighborhood, is actually the area on the north side of Preston Avenue, where streets like Dale and Charlton are found, rather than Anderson and Page.

Heard the whistle from my house, Northeast Regional, due to depart at 8:49 am today, left the station at 8:54--5 minutes late, not bad. With all the uncertainties of air travel: weather, security, canceled flights; I'm hoping trains will make a resurgence, not just for people, but freight as well.