Norris elected to 2nd term as mayor

news-norrisIt was widely assumed that City Councilor Holly Edwards, whom Mayor Dave Norris described as the "conscience of this City Council," would be the next mayor of Charlottesville. Instead, she declined her nomination by Norris, and tossed the mayoral ball back to him. "I thought you were my friend," joked Norris at tonight's Council meeting before he was re-elected unanimously to a second two-year term.

Edwards cited two reasons for not taking the nomination: "I believe the mayor should be an elected position," meaning by citizens, rather than fellow councilors. She also said she favored continuity in leadership. Edwards did agree to serve as vice mayor.

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Why don't they allow more than half an hour at the beginning of the meeting for public comment, who can wait 3+hours till the end. Every week many citizens are being turned away, and I thought this is a group that wants to listen to the public. They should be thrilled there is so much engagement and not discourage it.

Looks like Huja played the good soldier and fell on his sword in the interest of harmony.

Nancy, If you think that's a group that wants to listen to the public, then you haven't looked very closely at David Brown's face when people are speaking.

Of course, all of that was worked out before the meeting. The nomination and then the refusal was just theatrics in order to quash any accusations that Holly Edwards was denied the title.

Now, run an article on how clueless Kristen Szakos appeared when asked to respond to Matters from the Public. Her performance on Council will be very interesting to watch.

I wonder what really happened ? Last I heard Ms. Edwards was going to be Mayor. Her comments in the Daily Progress certainly seemed to indicate that.

You mean appointed?

I don't remember seeing his or Ms. Edwards' name on the ballot in November.

Council let Matters from the Public go until 8 PM ast night. Most unusual. It also held a pre-public hearing on the noise ordinance for Downtown Belmont. All, without objection from David Brown.


You should have seen my face when I just read your absurd comment.

Yes, the election was first but it took less than ten minutes, altogether. People have t sign up before the meeting starts, I think. The meeting lasted about two and a half hours and a couple of people spoke at the end of the meeting, too. I'd have to go to the city's website and play the meeting back to get the exact times.

Interesting, several people I know were not allowed to sign up by Jeannie Cox, even though they were there at 6:30pm. Are you sure they didn't start public comment late because of the Mayors appointment ?

Sweet Dee Brown I presume?

You presume incorrectly.

Rarely, but I do enjoy hearing people at the end of the meeting say that they were listening to the meeting at home and just had to respond to something that was said or done in the meeting. I think the main problem started occurring when one of the Mayor's decided to limit te first Matters to a half hour. I think it should run as long as there are people on the list, which is what would happen if Council was truly interested in airing public comment. Telling people to call or email says to me that they are trying to cover things up.

I'm not sure what happened. All I know is that several people who wanted to speak tried to sign up after the sheet had 10 names, and were told by Ms Cox, that they could not, even at 6:30 so they left.

@Nancy, did they come to talk about downtown Belmont?

No, other topics. I am in favor of having an hour at the beginning and no time at the end. Rarely does anyone speak then.