Trey Anastasio to play the Jeff

news-treyanastasioThe legendary Phish guitarist chose Charlottesville to kick-start his latest tour.

Fresh off a year full of Phish tours, guitarist Trey Anastasio is starting the new decade off with a bam–- and a month long tour in February. After transforming the John Paul Jones Arena into a full-fledged Phish fanzone Saturday, December 5 (complete with glowsticks and a naked stage crasher), Anastasio returns to Charlottesville. This time, he and his Classic TAB band will take over the newly revamped Jefferson Theater, reported Rolling Stone Tuesday, January 5.

After wrapping up 2009 with four nights performing with Phish in Miami (culminating on New Year's Eve), Anastasio will begin his aggressive month-long tour Monday, February 8, in Charlottesville before heading up to Washington D.C.'s 9:30 Club the next night, then cruising to Philadelphia and Boston later the same week. Tickets go on sale through Starr Hill Presents on Friday, January 15 at 10am, but according to RS, an online request for tickets begins on Trey Tickets (a fan site) tomorrow, January 6, at 10am.

–updated 1:40pm Thursday, January 7: after confirming the date with Danny Shea of Starr Hill Presents, changed Saturday, Jan. 16 to Friday, Jan. 15 as the correct date tickets go on sale.



While the Jefferson's website says ticket sales begin January 15, a press release from Starr Hill Presents said, in big bold letters, that tickets will go on sale on Saturday, January 16. The media received this press release yesterday evening, and has not been informed of a change in ticket sale dates. So if the venue is saying one thing and the media is being told another, I apologize-- but when this post was written, the date was "accurate."


Ticket scalpers are terrible people.

People who would shut adult discussions down with name calling are terrible people in my view. Does that make us even now?

Rock is dead. Country just plain sucks these days. Hip-Hop, well enough said. Bring back DISCO.


After confirming with Danny Shea of Starr Hill Presents, the correct date is posted above. Danny acknowledged that there was an error in what was sent out to media and what the Jefferson posted. I felt it was best to wait for confirmation before changing the original post, so apologies for not editing it earlier. Thanks for being such an astute reader!


::loads iPod with Slayer:: Bring on the Hippies!

Pre-sale sold out quickly. I am glad I will be at this show. He is bringing a tight band with a full horn section. His solo music is not like Phish at all, more in the big band afro-groove vein of King Sunny Ade.


Easy. We hate because we love. Good music.

Anyone think this will sell out? People seem to travel a long way to see this dude for some reason, and I was thinking about buying some tickies to "help out" some of the fans who show up to town sans ticket but with too much of daddy's cash in hand. Good investment or no?

Just a note on whether or not a better guitarist would come to Charlottesville: DEREK TRUCKS, he was here and in my humble opinion is better.
Icenine: I love the video game goths they are my favorite....

Cool, Rick. You can stay home with some pepto.

You haters can name me one guitarist as talented as Trey that would play your crap area?

Yep, I think I'm going to listen to Revolver six times, eat a gallon of chocolate chip cookie dough, and save the inevitable explosion for the front door of the Jefferson during the encore. Rick, you in?

Maybe Rick and Jim can stay in together that night, listen to some "good music" and hate and throw up together.

Gag me with a dredlock! Another lame show...what about booking some female artists at this venue? Sharon Jones is not enough, spread the love to the lady rockers. The entire current line-up, aside from St. Vincent, are white guy bands with more dredlocks than minorities. And Davino, C-ville has greater guitarists than Trey. Jay Pun and Jamal Milner can riff circles around Trey any day of the week.

Glad no one depends on an article like this for something like . . . oh . . . accuracy. General Sale of tickets begins Friday, January 15th.

Talk to Red Light, Patsy. The many, many of the acts at the
Jeff(erson, rush ;) ) are managed by Redlight management, founded by Coran Capshaw, who also paid for the Jeff(erson). Cheap Trick, Trey, North Missippi Allstars, Drive By Truckers...all Red Light acts.

You know those hippies are having S- E -X too!

i agree with Patsy. more diversity in the shows, please. male, female, i don't care. just different music.

I hate hippies. get a haircut take a shower and enlist.

Dear Peter, Saw a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac, which read,
Jerry's dead, Phish sucks, cut my hair, might as well get a f**king job. While the above may be true. About you it should be said, Ain't no time to hate barely time to wait, all i want to know is where does the time go. As for showere, they may be over rated, and enlisting well.. it's not for everybody. G**dam* well I declare have you seen the light?

Ohh geez more hippies.

and drugs and long boring guitar solos

Luckily it's on a Tuesday night and I won't want to be out and have to avoid hippies.

This guy is so untalented....when he played Scott Stadium before the Stones, I thought we'd puke.

Damn Rick I forgot all about that. Just goes to show how memorable he was but then again I was on another level for that joint. I do recall the Stones playing Sweet Virginia!

kinda hard to avoid hippies if you're at the venue during the show Jim, but i guess you have it all worked out. I'll make sure not to slip on my way out.

It'll be worth it. :) Wear your boots.

are you guys joking?

He's one of the best guitarist of the last 25 years and the fans are more than just HIPPIES

this is a historic night for the Jeff

the jeff? is it really that hard to say the jefferson? why must we find short catchy names for every venue? i guess jefferson wouldn't fit in your teaser for this stellar piece of journalism. and jack, what is wrong with JPJ if you can't say the whole name? no wonder our kids butcher the english language.

The real name for JPJ should not be "The Jack".
It should be "The John".

I guess everyone has their cranky pants on today. I'd love to join in. I'm not fully convinced that Rush has an entirely firm grasp on the langauge either, judging by his sentance structure and lack of capitalization.

Find it, Rush. I know you want to.

I'm not so offended by the use of "The Jeff" but by the Hook staff writer Ms. Garcia's inability to spell the City of Brotherly Love ("Philidelphia"?!). For a short two-paragraph story, how long would it take to spell check the thing or just hand it to your editor for a good old fashioned proofread?

arpal, you seem to have found the irony in my post. i will also play your game: sentEnce, langUAge

Good for you! You found it!

No way. Scalpers keep fans from being able to see the show at face value. Total DB thing to do.

Look at that! Philadelphia is now spelled correctly above. Thanks, Ms. Garcia.

Stephanie, I see your explanation of why you posted the incorrect date for the general public sale of tickets, but are you going to actually correct the error in the article, or just continue to misinform??

This entire "blogpost" reeks of noobdom and hate. While both Phish and TAB are not for everyone, the distaste directed at having one of the most gifted and high profile musicians of the last 20 years opening up a tour here is just sad.

Also, regarding hippies, have you actually looked around town? Whole place is a cornucopia of wook. They're everywhere...not to mention those crazy dressed videogame character looking goths and the bedhead tightpants wearing hipsters. To hell in a handbasket with these young whippersnappers I tell you!

Long live the interwebs!!!

I would really like to see some real kick ass rock in this town again, but apparently Charlottesville is too freakin cool for true rock n roll.