Supes pick Mallek for chairman of the board

news-mallekAnn Mallek is selected chairman of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors at its first meeting of the year January 6.

While Mallek, as former vice chair, traditionally would have been next in line for the chairmanship vacated when David Slutzky was not reelected last November, Ken Boyd made a brief run for the position in December, then remembered he was also running for the 5th District Republican nomination to challenge Tom Perriello in this year's elections and withdrew from pursuit of the chair.

New supe Duane Snow from the Samuel Miller District will serve as vice chairman.

Photo updated January 7


Isn't this woman a public figure?In the home of the brave and the land of the free aren't we allowed to criticise our elected officials ? What happened to freedom of speech and the press.The Hook pulling the hook on 6 of 8 comments stinks of "CENSORSHIP" This column shouldn't offer a spot for our comments if they wont be allowed.I guess THE HOOK will just keep taking their ball home when they don't want to play anymore .PS "THE HOOK" should stop trying to be hip when its not.

I think the question is whether it's possible or feasible to do zero-based budgeting. Charlottesville Tomorrow is probably reporting on what the new supes want to happen and Ms. Mallek is stating what she believes will happen.

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Who did delete them then????????????

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Dear commenters,
Personal attacks are not welcome and will continue to be deleted. (Sad that you can't think of anything substantive to say about your new chair.) --hawes spencer, editor

The Hook, like all leftist tabloids, knows what is good for us and will make us do it whether we want to or not. Is criticism forbidden here?? Is one required to be nice? No one has to like or be nice to anyone. all one has to do is obey the law

Criticise yes. But making fun of the Hat Store is way over the line Ms Crozetite!!!!

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There's a hat store in this town!!? I Must go there, of course after tea and biscuits and it must not be a chain of any sort.

I read the Charlottesville Tomorrow story , sounds like they will do zero based budgeting for this budget cycle, but when I heard Ms Malek speak on WINA she indicated they would not do this. I'm confused, are they or aren't they, going forward with this idea?

CAROL ! WHAT??????