County water board gets new appointees

The Albemarle County Service Authority, which sells water to county customers, has two new members on its board. Marvin Hilton, a retired engineer, is new Supervisor Duane Snow's pick for the Samuel Miller District, a decision Snow says he didn't make until the morning of the January 6 supes' meeting. In the Rio District, Supervisor Rodney Thomas appointed attorney Dave Thomas, who is no relation.

Out are Liz Palmer and Don Wagner, both of whom shepherded in an innovative four-tier pricing structure that rewards conservation, and who urged candidates in last fall's Board of Supervisors' race to sign a pledge supporting a controversial community water supply. Rodney Thomas did not take the pledge.

And on the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, which supplies water to Charlottesville and Albemarle, Supervisor Ken Boyd will represent the county on that board, succeeding Sally Thomas (no relation to the previous two Thomases). Boyd also sits on the Rivanna Solid Waste Authority.

Pledge takers corrected 3pm January 7
Updated January 8


Is he a ratepayer ?

Neither Palmer, nor Wagner, paid water bills. It only seems prudent that those voting for these rates, also have to pay them. Does anyone know if the new appointees are ratepayers ?

Any relationship between Rodney Thomas and his appointee Dave Thomas? Does this position entitle one to a salary of some sort? Just curious...

The headline should "Water board new county apointees"

I wonder if the ACSA will be as dismissive of public opinion as it has been in the past.

Rodney Thomas isn't related to Dave Thomas- or Sally Thomas.
Dave is a lawyer in town and an active republican- not sure if those are two good qualities but whatever.