Capshaw signs Faith Hill

news-faithhillLast year, Charlottesville music management powerhouse Red Light Management signed country star Tim McGraw; now, the company owned by Dave Matthews Band manager Coran Capshaw has signed the star's wife, Faith Hill. CMT has the story.


And what is wrong with Capitalism? Not sure it was ever a secret......his ticket costs are at market price...Capitalism at its best! Long Live Capitalism- hey, that's why we, who have jobs, actually have jobs..C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-SM!!!!!

Sure beats "capitolism"........

I too, appreciate what Capshaw has done for this town, Dave too.

With Boyd Tinsley's participation in the Biscuit Run project now public, the capitalism of the DMB is no longer a secret.

The Crapshawvian empire loves to keep stuff "in the family" (if you know what I mean). Time to go listen to some hillbilly hoo-ey music now. Twang-diddly-ho, smoking weed while I...

Why all the hate? Capshaw has given us much more than he's taken- the new Jefferson, the pavilion, and Music Today are all major plus that no one else would or could have pulled off. This looks like a smart move for Faith Hill, who now has the same team that manages the Top Grossing Band of the last decade.

Cap chaw commin at chyall

if he could only sign up that pdoodle guy he could really thow a massive party.

I'd bet there'd be a fist fight or two.

Does she know about his shady past?

They also have the Top selling Country Artist of the Decade and number three top selling artist in all of music with her husband Tim Mcgraw. Only the Beatles and rapper Eminem sold more albums that Tim Mcgraw this last decade. So that is a pretty good group.

this is a smart idea for Faith Mcgraw. she and Tim also have the same agent. Tim has always said that Faith is a great business woman,he said that was something most people dont know about her.

so that's the reason tim recorded that song with dave matthews. they're such a mismatch and the music on that thing sounds like a death march. guess faith will be singing with dave soon too - that should be a real winner. my respect for the golden couple just fell a few stories.