Les Yeux du Monde: Lydia Gasman and David Summer's "Philosophers and Painters"

David Summers, "Homage to Morandi."David Summers, "Homage to Morandi."
Lydia Gassman, "Anthropomorphic Brushstrokes."Lydia Gasman, "Anthropomorphic Brushstrokes."

Les Yeux du Monde presents "Philosophers and Painters," an exhibition of artwork by Lydia Gasman and David Summers, who are both renowned art historians. Gallery hours are Thursday-Sunday, 1-5pm and by appointment at other times. 841 Wolf Trap Road. 973-5566.

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The flower pots look like flower pots; the bottles like bottles. There's a bowl which though asymmetric, nonetheless you could envision in it a bunch o' grapes. All in a loose painterly style of which Giorgio Morandi might say "troppo reale" --a painting's being too real is only a shortcoming for those who can't or won't draw a straight line or render an accurate color. Like Morandi. But "anthropomorphic brushtrokes?" C'mon. Anthropomorphic is the attribution of human characteristics to the non-human. Abstract art of this sort is certainly dehumanizing. To the sensitive eye, inhumane. This self-indulgent fad should have been over in the 60's.