House-scalping Tsaye Simpson pleads guilty

The 17-year-old whose seemingly miraculous survival as he piloted a stolen car through an 85 mile-per-hour chase along residential Rugby Road before catapulting through an occupied house, has pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, which turn out not to be the first for the former Charlottesville High School football player, reports the Progress.


more then likely he'll just serve time till his 18th birthday and be out to do something even more dangerous.

Ranger Rick, as it turned out, nobody got killed. The outcome could have been quite different while running 85 mph through a college zone if a few students had stepped out into the street at a crosswalk.

To get a feel for this, get up on the Interstate and set your cruise control on 85 mph. Then visualize this speed in a 25 mph residential street in the city.

The local taxpayers dodged a bullet in this pursuit. They're lucky it didn't cost them millions of dollars over a stupid stolen car.

Right on brother! And the poor fleeing kid would bear absolutely no responsibility in such a case. I mean, he stole that car fair and square.

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Let's hope the friend who enabled the escape gets charged as an accessory. I suppose the cell phone records played a part in his eventual capture. having gone by there the day after and examined the scene I assumed several things: the perpetrator was a young male whose theft of the car was opportunistic, that he lived near the owners of the car, and that he didn't make his escape unaided from an unfamiliar neighborhood after "Mr. Toad's wild ride" through 2 rooftops and a treetop which left him upside down in a wrecked car 250 horizontal and maybe 60 vertical feet past where he ran through that guardrail.
That boy had million to one odds against survival. One could hope he learned a lesson....nahhh, probably not.

Poor kid. Shouldn't they just let him go since this was all the cop's fault? Ahem...