Arirang restaurant up for auction

dish-airang0903Arirang Restaurant, the Korean place that replaced Ludwig’s Schnitzelhouse on Fontaine Avenue in September 2008 has closed, and the owners are auctioning off all their restaurant stuff on January 23 at 10am. A viewing will be held on January 22 from 1pm to 3pm. Click here for a list of what's available. Oh, it also looks like the building is for sale. $825,000 and it's yours!

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I am not surprised about this place. I also agree that Bamboo house is a great alternative, it has excellent Korean food and they are very friendly.

I wonder what is going to take its place.

Stick to what you think you know gasbag. If you don't like restaurants, fine. Enjoy the DiGornio's.

You have an utter misunderstanding of the commercial real estate market and the restaurant business. I really loved the misogynistic comment on the waitresses, though. Classy.

yeah, what Gasbag said....heh heh...

We like Korean food, so we ate there. It was obvious they would be soon out of business. Uncreative, boring menu pleasing neither visiting Koreans or adventurous Americans. Casual and sometimes sloppy preparation. Very ordinary veggies (like canned.) And not one member of the staff capable of a word of English!

Ask what a dish comprised, and after several minutes trying to be understood, they could only respond in Korean.

Asians aren't the only ones who think that anyone who ever worked in a kitchen can run a restaurant. Many, maybe most, "chefs" in Charlottesville were hired from a help wanted ad for a cook that said "No experience necessary." Well-known places like Guadalahara run that ad. I've seen it over their name.

The shnitz building was built in the 1970s by Hans Gerstl with the aid of German artisans. The family lived on the second floor and Hans and Maria ran the German restaurant below. No couple ever worked harder or deserved their resounding success more. All that work takes a toll and they died relatively young.

looks like it may be available for lease at $12 a foot, that's not awful where I live, don't know about values in the hook.

Anybody think this could work as a brewpub with $7.99 burgers etc? Or is C-ville brew-pubbed out? Or is the beer-bar market for that neighborhood adequately served by Durty Nelly's?

$825K, eh. Maybe the guys who bought Fry's Spring garage will buy it, put $500K in renovations, and rent it out for $15-20K/month...

Then those tenants can join the "race to the bottom" with the no parking "historic" pizza joint down the street.

For an overview of high rent restaurant biz, take a look at what's happened to the old Sloan's venue on Millmont St. since it went to the rental market. What I'm about to say has no bearing on the above mentioned business, but is a general point.. Of course one thing about the local restaurant business is: you can rent a space while "buying" the contained therein "business" with "owner financing". Then you can spend the next 2-3 years "slipping and sliding, peeping&hiding" while the landlord and former business owner hopes you'll perform so he doesn't have to get a new tenant. While doing all this you have access to lots of waitresses and a generous cash flow to put up your nose while your creditors lose.. The you bust out the joint and go on down the road..Gotta love Charlottesville with its army of wannabe restaurantier poseurs..

Not surprised by this... Arirang restaurant could not hold a candle to the Korean House in terms of friendliness. Bamboo House north of Cville is a neat (albeit unusual looking) alternative.