Pool exposure: Meade Park masturbator gets jail time

news-onesty-bishopRule for exhibitionists: don't assume you'll get away with it.

Last summer, when Daniel Lee Bishop decided to masturbate in front of a mom at Meade Park's Onesty Pool, he probably didn't realize the woman was a probation officer who could retrieve file photos to identify him. Now Bishop, 46, is in jail for that crime–- and for violating probation.

Bishop was convicted and sentenced in late September to a nine-month active sentence for his August indecent exposure, and this month he earned another nine months because the deed violated his probation for an earlier crime.

"I've publicly masturbated 100 times," Bishop allegedly told another probation officer, Jeff Linnert, who testified January 13 in Charlottesville Circuit Court at the probation violation hearing that the number of admitted public auto-erotic episodes later shot up to "hundreds."

Because Bishop had been on probation for attempted grand larceny at the time of the Onesty Pool incident, his suspended sentence was revoked, and he'll serve a total of 18 months–- and receive sexual offender treatment upon release from jail.

Bishop is also ordered to stay away from city pools, and the prosecutor in the case thinks justice was served.

"You struggle," says Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Joe Platania, "with balancing protecting the community and getting him help."


the man need the lord who will see him though and help, not a 100 yrs mrs p.

I found his masturbation shows to be quite entertaining.

What to say that has not already been said here... Seems like a nice guy?

I guess the real question here is do you think he is more embaressed by this article or turned on?

hey no sympathy for the devil, thanks for rising to the occasion

Can't cite any specific examples, but have seen references to criminological literature that contends people such as peeping Toms often move on to things like assault. Seem to recall a case here some years ago where a rapist when apprehended told the police he started out with things like peeping in windows.
I am sure the UVa Women's Center or the Sexual Assault Resource Agency could come up with documentation. And there are numerous books and articles pertaining to sexual assault and violence against women. And yes, what the Meade Pool masturbator did, can be classified as such. Likewise that panty thief the police finally caught a few years ago.
Maybe its time I did refresh my memory by re-reading some of my own collection of writings on the subject. And maybe attend our Take Back the Night march this year.Have missed the last couple after being in regular attendance for many years(and actually being a speaker at one).

Lot of unanswered questions. The big one is, was there nudity involved or not? There's more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to masturbate.

If (putting on our sci-fi hats) there was an orgasm button that would allow anyone to have an auto-erotic experience at any time while fully clothed, would that be against the law, too?

he's a jerk he a jerk as the song says !!!!!

I don't believe it was enough. There is no Rehabilitation of sex offenders.With "Hundreds" of these incidents admitted to we can only plan on keeping our eyes open come summer 2011. He will offend again. We can only hope he doesn't get bored with this and move on to actually assaulting someone. I do not feel Justice has been served.

This fellow is not alone. You ought to see the number of registered sex offenders in Charlottesville VA area. Per capita , I think its kind of a high number.

I think that Mr. Callander's reply that justice has not been served on this "chester" is not totally correct. The 'masturbator' was out on a SUSPENDED sentence from the get-go. If true justice had been served, the masturbator would have SERVED his full sentence on his original offense. Charlottesville's judges are way too lenient. If they give someone a sentence, it should be served, not suspended. As for the 'sexual offender' part, go on line to the VA State site for sexual offenders, type in the zip for C-ville, and see just how many of the 'chesters' are floating around town doing what they please.

I agree Mr.Duke. However with him admitting to hundreds of these "Episodes" He probably started before the first "Sentence" was imposed.You don't just decide to go from trying to steal to public masturbation. And why is there no mention that he must register as a "Sexual Offender: upon his release? That SCARES me.

Maybe in jail somebody will introduce him to auto-erotic asphyxiation. In truth though, this is a big *yawn* so what? You see some guy doing that, just tell him "Is that all you got? I left my magnifying glass at home."

Our sex offenders per capita is not high..

Ah yes the last safe haven for the real "haters!" Let's just lump flashers in with baby-rapers shall we. All these "chesters" just floating around when they all should have been summarily executed!

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This person is potentially dangerous. Research has shown that individuals who engage in behavior such as this often go on to more serious, violent crimes. He does need to be removed from society, just as we would quarantine someone with an infectious disease.
Or maybe someone should just walk by carrying a hot mug of coffee and "accidentally" stumble!

I am He'll Go Blind Doing That

I say take away his toy!

Well I suppose if they gave him a choice on life in jail or neutering someone would complain...

but it seems to me those are the only two choices that keeps the public safe....

By the way.. the Judges around here are not too lienent, they actually nail people to the wall the first time they make even a small mistake.. sometimes costing them their jobs and their children.. I have seen it too many times. They waste taxpayer money when they could have just put things on a step docket and see if the person makes restituion and straitens themselves out. ( I am not talking about serious or sex crimes)

It's sad the victim didn;t have a taser....

.... and a pretty good aim. :)

They didn't give this guy nearly enough time.
Maybe Big Bubba will help him masturbate.

I don't see what the rub is? It isn't like anybody had a stroke! I mean really is it worth jacking him just for this? If he had gone to trial do you think it would have been able to beat it? I am sure he would have gotten off. Don't keep a brother down.. he was just trying to get a (third) leg up in the world. I am sure all his friends in jail are pullin for him...

Dang this is just gross. For the love of God, take care of business in the privacy of your own home.

ICK !!!!

Perhaps he should have just hung out (literally) by the Freedom Wall. Seems to me we are robbing him of his freedom to twiddle to his own tune.

So "Hollow Boy' says "research has shown" that people who do this go on to other more serious crimes.

Them's mighty big words there. Why don't you tell us about that research? You'd likely find a paucity of research supporting your claim..

Exhibitionists are usually a breed apart and what they do is, well...exhibit.

no prob.. i'll try and keep it up....

I am after all an old hand at it.....

what if your son did it would u call him the devil.

I totally agree. He should be be locked up for 100 years, to represent each time he had a "public auto-erotic episode."