UVA Batten student dies in Haiti quake

news-haiti-jean-charlesThe Newsplex has the sad story of the death of Stephanie Jean-Charles, who reportedly died of head injuries in the devastating earthquake Haitian earthquake at her family home in Port-au-Prince.


We are one world and we mourn the loss of Stephanie and all the others killed in this tragic event.

I am proud of the massive relief effort, led by our President, to help the Haitian people; I am sure Charlottesville citizens will be among those, to lend a hand, in this time of great need.

So sorry for all the devastation in Haiti. What a horrific tragedy and lets hope relief gets to those who need it in time. Makes me really thankful that we have created such a wonderful and rich nation that can help those in need with massive relief. Makes you wonder what would happen if those who want to destroy our culture succeeded.

On a local level if you would like to lend a hand, I personally know many of the individuals in this organization; they are a dedicated group of wonderful people. They are now taking donations for the relief effort.


sad, when disasters hit 3rd world countries its never pretty. With the poor housing and living conditions there I'm surprised there isn't a higher death toll. I was there once to help build a new school and I saw enough to never need to go back. It's the poorest place I've ever been. I saw a dead body laying on the ground for 2 days! I hope that the relief efforts are enough to help.

Building Goodness, as an organization, has been undertaking construction projects in Haiti for over 10 years and I am confident any assistance we give will be put to good use in this disaster.

Here is how they began ( from their web-site)

It started in 1997, when Lawson Drinkard convinced Jack Stoner, his good friend and contractor, to hop a plane to the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere--Haiti. Their mission was to assist the Comprehensive Development Project in the construction of a rural community center aimed at stemming the poverty found through the rough and deforested land. Moved by the dire living conditions and the indomitable spirit of the Haitians, Jack found the perfect place to unleash the talents he had accumulated over the years.


When I heard this I was devastated. She always smiled in class and was a classy woman doing her best to better her life and those around her.