Al Groh to head Georgia Tech defense

news-grohAl Groh will don white and gold next season with the Yellow Jackets.

After leading the UVA football squad to a 3-9 finish for the 2009 season and enduring "Fire Groh" signs painted across Beta Bridge, head coach Al Groh was unceremoniously dismissed after nine seasons. But the former Cavalier will be seen yet again on the sidelines of Scott Stadium in the 2010 season– although this time, his signature sweatshirt will be in Georgia Tech white and gold, reports ESPN Friday, January 15.

The former New York Jets head coach and two-time recipient of the ACC Coach of the Year award will take up the defensive coordinator position for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, replacing two-season coordinator Dave Wommack. Groh recently interviewed for the defensive coordinator position with the Miami Dolphins, but took his name out of the running after the Georgia Tech offer.

Groh reportedly received $4.33 million when he was fired after UVA's loss to Virginia Tech Saturday, November 28. Former University of Richmond head coach–- and assistant defensive coach for six years under Groh–- Mike London has been chosen to take up the helm as the next UVA head coach.


he dnt need any of our money thats 4 mill we can use for recruting i say we cut him off now

Wish him the best of love and luck. GT is luck to have him.

We got a great coach now at GT. UVA good bye... This is a very nice person and we are so glad he can help us out. WOW a team is made up of alot of people/coachs not just the main coach. Perhaps UVA fans need to think about getting rid of Littlepage. He is your problem. Two football coachs and two basketball coachs since he cam to UVA. Hello By Littlpage...

Why should he give any of his buyout money back? UVa knew what they were contracting for -- they signed their side of those papers. You fire the man, you pay up like you said you would.

Good for Groh. He's a good man, his players liked and respected him. I hope he does great work at GT. I hope we beat them, of course, but I hope he does well.

plus, it's a surefire way to lure the next choosy coach--"yeah, I really want to go coach at the school where they break their contract! that's the school for me!"

Zach, will you pretty please be our new AD?

I don't know which is more hoo-larious, Zach or Hoo-l thinking that people should engage in breach of contract.

Ga. Tech will will be a better team with Al Groh as DC.

First of all, "we" didn't pay him the buyout.

The buyout is reduced by the amount that he recieves from GT.

Here is the deal- the coaching clic is very close- from High School to the pros- you do poorly, you get released, you get another job- it is unlike any other profession anywhere, except in Congress and the White House.

Coach Littlepage is an excellent "manager". He is a real good person who takes all the hits and manages his team leaders very well. Certainly better than most for sure. His record is excellentand the kids on his teams are the best when it comes to understanding that athletics is just a small part of their lives. That is Coach Littlepage's goal, and he is very successful at that as well.

Hope he can sell his Glenmore home and be gone SOON!

GA Tech will regret this decision. Don't understand how it ever got made.

Do we get any of the $4.33 million back???????

STSM, lets just hope he does for their team, what he's for ours... very little!

I think that his Georgia Tech salary will get subtracted from the U.Va. buyout.

Why should he give any of his buyout money back? UVa knew what they were contracting for � they signed their side of those papers. You fire the man, you pay up like you said you would.

Well, his contract specifically says that the buyout is reduced by any compensation that he receives elsewhere for work as a football coach or consultant.

Out side of his coaching he is a wonderful giving person. Not very many people know but gives alot of his time and monies back to the c-ville community. We wish him luck on his new job..

What a great coach Ga Tech got. Stupid UVa, stupid UVa, stupid UVa. I work for the University and every day I have to say stupid UVa.

Yeah, consecutive 5-7 and 3-9 seasons were a sure sign of greatness.

You're right Zach... we should just throw contract law out the window... I guess since congress seems to keep doing it, everyone else should be allowed to too...

I said "stupid UVA" when I read that Chicago Boy works for UVA.

Groh will be an excellent DC for GT and they will be better for his presence. UVA always played good defense under Groh - the D unit was just on the field too much the last several seasons. He's a class guy and I wish him the best (except when he plays us).