Snap: High climber

news-ladderclimberA workman with Dodson Glass reglazes the upper part of a window at 10:08am Friday morning, January 15 at an office of the Southern Environmental Law Center on the Downtown Mall. (Ladder falls cause approximately 160 annual deaths, according to statistics cited in Consumer Reports.)

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Wasn't that Jim Knight the doctor who was working at his church?

At least he's not on the ladder, talking on a cell phone.

"Forget Gum. Walking and Using a Phone is Risky."

Another wonderful urban scene by Mr. Spencer. A study of contrast, dark and light, shadows, angles, textures, and the wonderful arched window and single human figure. Definetly a winner !

160 deaths huh. And I climb a ladder 10-15 times a day for 15 days straight so I hope Im not on my last......runggggg...!!!

I forget his name right now, but there was a local preacher killed recently in a fall from a ladder here in Charlottesville.

If you compare that to deaths caused crossing the street, maybe we should all spend our days on a ladder.